Abuse Of Power – Suppression In Life

Have you ever been mistreated in life because of your lower class level?. Worry not, for  your reward will come from above.The Oppressor will see you rise like the morning sun and feel ashamed.

Suppression and bullying in life is not good
Suppression and bullying in life degrades our generation

Life has it that, we can never be equal so there are rulers and salves,the privileged and less privileged,the stronger and the weak, employer and employee, the rich and the poor. Together they make one community or one world.The disparity between these class of people sometimes  result in oppression and exploitations.

How Suppression And Bullying Are Operating Around Us

Each and every one of us will certainly fall within one of these classes of people but in this very post, I will like to highlight and talk about some of the mistreatment the less privileged,slaves,and employees go through in life.

How would you feel if your employer is very hard on you and never gives you space to breath?, would you feel good if your master overuse you because you are his slave?,how would you feel if the privileged exploits you because you less privileged?. The feeling is a very awkward one,but here is the case you are subjected to his rulership.You don’t have a say and you can’t negotiate for your welfare or  anything better.

There is this very political quote that says “power corrupt but absolute power corrupt absolutely“.People who show tyrannical attitudes are known as wicked men and many people don’t like them.

They infringe on people’s rights without a second thought. Life seems unfair to the oppressed, his wishes are to break free from bondage but that happens to be a mere dream,nothing is not changing and nothing has changed.

So is this how life should treat some of our fellow humans?.Modern day slavery has taken in many forms that are not seen by many people because it has been modernised.

The rights of women are often restricted, children are forced into hard labour, girls are prostituted against their will.Suppression is killing the innocents. It is my concern to raise awareness about the plights of the less privileged in our societies.You too have a role to play to end this kind of discrimination.

Rich men are always getting richer and poor men are also getting poorer. In view of this the rich man will never befriend a poor man,instead he will befriend his fellow rich man.

Eliminating Suppression And Bullying In Life

The disparity becomes wider now and then, I and you have a role to play to abridge that gap to ensure respect for humanity,tolerance for humanity and equality among humanity.

If you are an employer, slave master, or a privileged man,give respect to your subordinate, treat your slaves fairly good and respect them as humans.We all want to make the world a better place.A world free of  suppression and intolerance.

I hate to see people exploit the less privileged. Some people are hard to change because of their character traits, and the only thing you can do is to pray for them for God to help them change for better interpersonal relationships.The bible says,even if you are a slave, work hard all the time, not only when your master is at sight for the Lord has a special reward for you. One love,one world.

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