Understand The Kind Of Influence Your Name Has On You Now

The effects of your name might be positive or negative so watch out on the kind of name you call your children. There should be a reason behind every name. Think about why people often give their pets  lovely names

In life,try to understand the effects of your name

Grasping Some Basic Understanding On The Effects Of Your Name

Does your name has any effect on you?. This is more like a controversial question. Since we are diversified in many ways including culture, beliefs, religion, and lifestyles; People have different views concerning the effects of names on people.

People don’t just give out names out of nothing. The effects of your name must convey a good message or positive vibes. Parents hardly give names that mean sorrow or afflictions to their Children.

Names often come with first names and surnames. We commonly use the first names in our daily lives. It is that which in most cases people will call you with.

Currently, the most common surnames in the world are, in order, Lee (or Li), Zhang, Wang, Nguyen, Garcia, Gonzalez, Hernandez, Smith, Smirnov, and Müller.

The effects of your name might have a positive or negative influence on you. It might be a psychological or social effect. The question to clear any doubt is why are certain names prohibited and others are accepted?. Sure, there is a reason.

The Influence Of Culture And Languages On Names

There is an unknown number of languages in the world today. Names from all these languages have meanings. Let me say, some are fortunate to have traditional names in addition to their official names.

China, for instance, has literally run out of names because of their huge population. There are about 93,000 people called Wang Tao alone, the China Daily newspaper once said.

Names commonly mean something positive or inspirational. There are names that mean courage, inspiration, success, hope, luck, beauty, wisdom etc. All these are positive reflections some names depict.

In African culture, parents often name their children after notable people in the family. Those people might be grandparents, aunties, uncles etc. But if that uncle or whoever had unethical behavior, then nobody would name his child after him. Let’s say the uncle is a notorious liar,armed-robber, thief etc.No no, they don’t want that to perpetuate in the family.

Now, let me ask you; Do you know the meaning of your name?. Your parent did not give you that name without any meaning. You must find out the truth behind your name. Is your name having any effects on you?.

Let me help you find the meaning of your name and examine your life, does it reflects any part of your life?. I did find my name “Anthony” and it means “Highly praiseworthy”.Find yours using “Meaning Of Names” and fight it against your conscience.

How would you feel if you find out that your name means “failure” or “calamity”?….Would you be sacred, disappointed or happy?. Believe me, you would never feel comfortable and I wouldn’t be surprised to see you run to change your name ASP. Why? because your name would likely have negative effects on you.

Are There Any Effects Of Your Name?.

To give you a straight answer, I will say “Yes”.Unarguably there are very respectable names that everyone must acknowledge. Such names are often Royal names or sacred names.

From bible viewpoint, there are certain names known to be devilish so no one would ever name his children after them. Why?. Because the original name bearer lived an unethical life. For instance, no one would ever name her daughter after “Delilah“.The truth is, this name “Delilah” has been a curse since she brought down the strongest man ever to live.

To conclude it all, there are effects of your name. There are forces moving around us every now and then. These forces can simply use your name(ie. if it depicts calamity) against you. Remember that there is power in the tongue, so let people mention your name for good reasons.

Don’t forget to share this post if you find it helpful. Let your friends, families and loved ones know that their names have an effect on them. Yes, there are effects of your name.

Now, let’s make it fun. In the comment box below; tell the world the meaning of your name?. Does it have any effects or reflection on you?


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