The Power Of Forgiveness

Who among you hasn’t trespassed before?.Why not forgive your friends trespasses and live like family?. For in doing so you will feel the Lord’s blessings in your life.

Show forgiveness in life
When your friend offends you and come back to say “sorry”,forgive him.

Understanding Forgiveness In Life As Christians

To live as a Christian is not something so easy and no one should take it lightly, the cross you should carry and follow Jesus Christ is heavy,it takes dedication, faith and love to follow the steps of Jesus Christ.

The bible has a lot of moral lessons for us and all these lessons teaches us to live Godly lives which at the end will yield reward for all righteous men in Christ Jesus.Today’s biblical lesson is about forgiveness; there is a saying that goes like “to err is human,to forgive is divine”.

In life, we are all vulnerable to mistakes because we are all imperfects. Surely,a time will come, a friend,family member,colleague, coworker, stranger will offend you and the bible says when this very offender approaches you and ask for forgiveness you should forgive him. No matter how big the trespass is.If you fail to forgive your offender,God  too wouldn’t forgive you your trespasses (Matthew 6:15).

The Temptations And It’s Forgiveness In Life

The life we are living is full of annoying people who will often step on your toes,push you to the wall to react to their obsessions. They will provoke you through many ways but if you are a Christian, the bible is your source of guidance and it says you must forgive that person who has made you furious.

Retaliation is not needed,instead be sober and forgive your friend who has offended you when he approaches you and ask for forgiveness. The bible  has made us understand that no matter the number of times he offends you,when he comes back and ask for forgiveness you should forgive.Jesus stated that this way;

“Then came Peter to him,and said,Lord how oft shall my brother sin against me, that I forgive?, till seven times?.Jesus said unto him,I say not unto thee seven times:But, until seventy times seven”(Matthew 18:21-22).

The above teaching from Jesus Christ will make a lot of Christians open their mouths in dismay, because they cannot count that huge amount of times a friend would offend us for as to forgive to a certain number.

It is actually unlimited times.The main idea here is to forget about unforgiveness.It is hard though,but that is what should show the world that you are a true  christian.

When a friend offends you, forgive him,when he slaps you,turn the other cheek for him too.That is literally hard but you must apply that in your life.Don’t hide hatred in your heart… long can you hide hatred in your heart?,a life time?.Be meek and forgiving for your reward is in heaven.

“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherent the earth”(Matthew 5:5).

Forgiveness in life should become the hallmark of every Christian, although sometimes it is so hard but for the sake of God forgive so that God too will forgive you your trespass. Is there anyone who has offended you bitterly that you want to retaliate?.

Today’s biblical lesson from African Paradise World is reminding you to follow the instructions in the bible and forgive your friend.In doing so your father in heaven would be glorified and he will bless you for your meekness.You have the natural feeling of getting angry,there is no sin in getting angry,but the bible says;don’t let the sun set on your anger.Forgive and forget. Amen.

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