The Tragedy Of John The Baptist – He Was Beheaded For Righteousness Sake.

The truth is an abomination unto the wicked man so he hides behind his evil deeds to destroy the righteous.God will judge and punish them so.

John the baptist beheaded for no good reason
Illustration: Bronze sculpture of John The Baptist

John The Baptist Beheaded For No Good Reason

John The Baptist beheaded:Today’s lesson from the bible is from the book of ¬†Matthew 14:1 – 12. The whole chapter talks about the death of John the¬†Baptist. Before I begin, let us remind ourselves who John the Baptist was.

Who Was John The Baptist?
John The Baptist was the Elijah Malachi prophesied about to come and prepare the way for the Messiah.(Jesus Christ). When you take your bible you will see that Malachi is the last book of the old testament and right after that, the book of Matthew that fulfilled the prophesy of his coming.He was the messenger who baptised Jesus.

John was a special man in the eyes of God;Jesus said among all men born of women, there is none greater like John the Baptist.(Matthew 11:11).This unarguably makes John the Baptist the greatest man of God ever to live.

Now, after knowing something briefly about John the Baptist, let us go straight to the life he lived. John the Baptist was a righteous man,he prepared the way for the truth, the life (Jesus) and the way, and in all his life, he lived in the truth.

People questioned him to find out if he was Elijah but it was clear enough that John the¬†Baptist¬†was not Elijah but rather he was having the spirit of Elijah.The bible doesn’t teach about reincarnation and so every Christian must note that.

King Herod paid John the¬†Baptist’s¬†righteousness with death.This tells us that,Christianity is not for sissies, it takes real men like John the ¬†Baptist¬†to proclaim the truth and defend it with their lives.

In our world today,when you speak the truth,you become an enemy, and it is nothing new under the sun. After reading this post,you will find out that Christianity is not a joke and so you should surely carry your cross and follow Jesus even unto death.

When Evil Men Rule…

King Herod,used his political power to snatch the wife of Philip being a brother to John the Baptist.He imprisoned John the¬†Baptist¬†because he rebuked him for taking Philip’s wife(Herodias) from him.He actually spoke the truth but he got himself arrested.He had wanted to kill him but he feared the crowd because they love John the¬†Baptist¬†very much.

When it was the birthday of Herod,his daughter danced in front of him and he became impressed so he made an oath to do whatever her daughter ask of him.Sadly,the mother instructed her daughter to¬†ask¬†for the head of John the Baptist in a platter.That request was unbelievable but Herod had made an oath and so he couldn’t break it,although it grieved him but he had no choice than to ask for John the Baptist’s head.What happened next?. John The Baptist was beheaded.

So he sent ¬†and had John beheaded in the prison.His head¬†was brought¬†on a platter and given to the girl,and she brought it to her mother.” (Matthew 14:10-11)

Sometimes, I ask myself why some people could be heartless like that, they don’t mind shedding innocent blood for their amusement.Anyone who does that is a son or a daughter of the devil.

The devil hates truth and righteousness,he is the father of lies and so he¬†incites¬†people like the mother of Herod’s daughter to perpetuate evil against righteousness.

Today,there are many people like Herod who are using their power, money or fame to steal people’s wives.That is greediness and¬†devilish¬†attitude or character.God will surely punish anyone who sheds innocents blood or commits adultery without repentance.

In the old testament David did a similar thing by taking the wife of Uriah the Hittite, Bathsheba.After doing this he planed the death of Uriah and surely Uriah got killed(2 Samuel 11:15). However David became remorseful of his sins,he prayed and repented.

When you are righteous in life, keep it up although your enemies will fight against you but know that God is with you up to death.He has special reward for all righteous men and punishment for those who kill innocent people because of their social status, money or wealth,they will have to face the consequences and the repercussions of their evil doings.

I welcome all contributions,comments and feedbacks.May God be with all righteous men who defend the truth. Amen

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