Fact file:Know Why You Should Be Generous:The Hidden Blessings Behind Generosity

In a world of seven billion people with different, social and economic backgrounds. To understand your divine responsibility is to know why you should be generous.

Why you should be generous
Know why you should be generous to people and even animals

You must know why you should be generous to people and even animals
Why you should be generous. There is no one perfect and sufficient in life. We need each other’s help occasionally. This is why you should be generous to people. Your little help can make a sad soul smile with hope.

In life, there is a natural law called “cause and effects“.This simply means whatever you do have some level of outcome. If you put a smile on someone’s face by being generous — A time will come that will make you reap the fruits of your generosity. Just like in the saying, “what goes around comes around”.

Religiously, people learn the principles of giving and how it is necessary to show generosity. The reward attached to that is beyond measure…

Showing kindness takes in many forms.It is not about only money. Generosity has no limit. If you have a big heart, your kindness will surely be huge.

Now, let’s face the truth. Our fingers are not the same. But they are all fingers and important to us. Some look taller than others. We need each other to live a comfortable life. Some people are lucky enough. They were born rich, talented and strong. These kind of people are those who should show much generosity. If you are one, know why you should be generous.

Help the weak, help the poor, show love and comfort those in distress. Occasionally, you can show a random act of kindness. Let people feel your impact as a benevolent person.

When we talk about knowing why you should be generous; It is not only the rich and the strong. The poor should also show some level of generosity. How?. Remember, “a smile” is also an act of kindness. Love and compassion are the greatest kinds of benevolence in life.

If  You Know Why You Should Be Generous Then Try Doing These Acts.

There are seven billion people in this world. A lot of them need help from you. Be generous by visiting orphans and widows. At least you know their conditions and how sad it is. There are many orphanage centers around us. Donate to help cater for the needy.

Buy something for your friends or anyone at all. It necessarily doesn’t have to become anything big. Even just a bottle of water can bring a lot of happiness into someone’s life.

You can also show love to people in prisons. prisoners always have good stories to share. You can visit them personally to share heart-touching messages with them. Donate to them in the form of goods. Goods like foodstuff, clothes and other useful materials like soap, body creams etc.

The Benefits/Reasons Why You Should Be Generous To People

This normally has religious edification. There is much truth in giving. This one needs faith, understanding, and willingness. The greatest reward for being generous is blessings. Physical blessing and eternal blessing. Your blessings will become visible for everyone to see. That is if you show love, compassion, and kindness to your fellow human.

Your wealth and happiness will multiply. You will have abundant grace and blessings from God. Your job, family and your plans will be successful.

In addition, your generosity will help you to live long. You will enjoy a long life with happiness. Life will always smile at you. Even in your old age.

One secret behind why you should be generous is; God made the rich, the poor and disabled. They all have souls and are equally important to God. You showing kindness to them is a responsibility with a lot of blessings.

You are blessed with strength. You have all your body parts functioning perfectly. Why not help the physically challenged?. Why not help the poor, sick, orphan, widows etc?.

You are privileged to help them. Be generous and you will always be the happiest person in life.

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