Do Not Stop Praying – Get Your Prayers Answered.

A Christian living prayerless life is like an empty barrel that makes noise anywhere at anytime. Prayer is the greatest way of getting close to God and it is very necessary in every Christian’s life.Is there something you really need in life?.Don’t worry,just pray to God.Tell him exactly what you want,have faith and surely he will answer you.This article […]

8 Reasons Why Music Is Good For You

Music has a lot of benefits in our lives so it worths for everyone to know and make it a hobby Who doesn’t like music?.I guess almost everyone reading this article likes music. If you are a music nerd then stay cool and read this piece of information revealing why music is good  you. In the first […]

Self Motivation Skills Everyone Must Know About

Self Motivation skills are very important in everyone’s life because through that you can move mountains that you never thought you could. So far as you are an inhabitant on this planet,you will face challenges and some would be beyond your strength, but whatever the case is you have to learn about “Self Motivation skills” […]

Why Marriage Divorce?

Marriage divorce is a guest that finds itself in marriages uninvited. Read this article to find out the major causes of marriage breakdowns. God first instituted marriage in the garden of Eden and since then marriage has been a natural institution that follows certain ways and governed by simple rules.Marriage is the union between a man and a woman […]

The Good Samaritan Lesson

The Good Samaritan has the message of genuine love toward our fellow humans.It teaches us about hospitality.Read to find out why we must learn from this parable. This story is one of the most popular parables in the Bible.It actually explains the basics of what Christianity entails(love).Many of us got to know about the Good […]