5 Things The World Needs Now | Who Will Provide?

5 Things The World Needs Now | Who Will Provide?

As a fellow human being have you ever thought of what the world really needs to become a better place for you, your children, and the next generation?. There is something happening and it affects you.

Things that explain what the world needs now for a better livingWhat does the world needs now? It needs a lot of reconstruction; that is from human behavior, intelligence, culture, relationships, and more but here I have filtered them to present to you the 5 most important things the world needs now.

I feel privileged to share some basic facts that would put everyone reading this post on his/her feet. Should if a survey is conducted about what the world needs now – millions to billions of people will come out with diverse views; of which some will surely speak nonsense. You know why?. Because they are insensitive to the real pains and suffering people are going through in this world.

Before you go any further, I believe you must also know about what COVID-19 has taught the world. It is time we learn our lesson and prepare for the worse.

This world is full of narcissists, greedy, opportunists, liars, evil and violent people. Without you being like any of those evil guys — you ought to join the millions of people striving hard to make the world a better place.

We are one people but never acts as a human race. New problems keep on cropping up making this world an unsafe place for the weak, poor, women, children, the uneducated and sick.

It is all about creating a conducive environment for every single being living on this earth. Look around; ask yourself some important questions. When will genocide end?. When will stereotype end?. Can we live in peace? love? and as a unified community with diverse views? (tolerance). This seems impossible.

In this article, I would share with you my heartfelt concern about what we should give to the world now. Yes! it is my concern to drum it up for everyone to know. But before I talk about it, I believe there is something more. Do you know one of the incurable crises facing the world is poverty?.

Literally, I don’t mean ‘poverty‘ is incurable. But our leaders have decided not to end it. It is very possible to end world poverty over and over.

According to a report from Oxfam International, world billionaires made so much money in the last two years(2017) that they could end the world’s extreme poverty 7 times.

It is estimated that there are about 2,043 billionaires living among us. New ones emerge every now and then. Visit “time.com” to read more.

There are other stakeholders, governmental bodies, NGO’s that could make it relatively cheap to end world poverty. The poverty line for poor people is known to be those who live below $1.90 per day.

What does the world need now to put smiles on the faces of such kind people?. It is sad to know that almost half of the world’s population live in poverty. This is unbelievable. Don’t forget to read my article about why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. This inequality has never been abridged.

Considering What We Need Now

Let me then tell you about what the world needs now. If we would be humane to each other irrespective of our racial difference, beliefs, financial status, etc. this world will be a better place.

1. Love

Love is the foundation of the generation of our human race. There is no way we can ignore the power of love and live in peace. If our leaders really do love us; then they should do more than they can to eliminate corruption, suppression, exploitation, and misallocation of resources for political gains.

Love can help create a beautiful world
Love is the answer.


We as an individual must also show love to each other. If you love your neighbor you wouldn’t deliberately harm him, steal from him, conspire and do anything that brings violence, hatred death, etc. There is a saying that charity begins at home. Let’s start from where we live before we touch the other corners of the world.

2. Collective Planning For A Happy Life

What do I mean by collective planning? Where does it fits into what the world needs now?. I believe this is one of the simplest remedies for making this world a better place. We have political leaders, religious leaders, business leaders, and distinguished individuals or activists who are dedicated to promoting the standard of living of people.

Proficient Leaders are what the world needs now


The world needs the amalgamation of these people in fighting for the requisite conditions for a better ‘standard of living‘ for everyone living on this planet – Buying food, clothes, and paying bills shouldn’t be like a tug of war for us. If you and I can afford all our basic things the pressure to steal for survival will reduce drastically.

If our world leaders will have an in-depth thought about creating a world a better ‘standard of living’ production and development would also increase at a staggering rate.

3. Peace

It’s a heartbreaking fact that our world spends a huge amount of money on waging wars. They invest billions of dollars in sophisticated weapons. The question is WHY?. That money alone can end world poverty by providing food, shelter, water, shelter, education, etc.

Some time ago I published an article explaining that “we don’t want peace that the world gives.” There is nothing like perfection in mankind’s attempt to rendering peace in this world. Civil war, genocide, and all sorts of anti-peace movements are common. To make this effect we have to take another look at the first point about what the world needs as long as this article is concerned.

Again, the understanding of simple situations will surely ward away anger, quarrel, fight, war, etc. I know international organizations such as the UN and others are doing their best to ceasefire in war-torn countries.

If we could sleep without fear and panic anywhere around the world then we shall say this planet is a peaceful abode for everyone.

Let not forget this is the only planet that fully supports “life.” It is amazingly beautiful. Consider the beautiful trees, flowers, water bodies, landscapes, fruits, and other foodstuffs, the air we breathe, families, friends, co-workers, and loved ones.

None of us is willing to lose a loved one in wars, fights, or any evil thing that disrupts peace. It’s unfortunate few countries are really enjoying what we call “peace.” Never forget, the Devil is the author of confusion and so long as he has his people among us achieving an absolute peace is impossible.

However, the world is undoubtedly coming to an end. Yes! we are at the end times and so all these evil incidences fulfill prophecies from the Bible.

4. Education

Just as we all know; education is a key factor in providing what the world needs now. Education is the key to success. According to UNICEF, almost 1 billion people entered the 21st century without knowing how to read a book or sign their names. If the literacy rate of this world is being programmed to increase; millions of lives will change. The Bible has said; “lack of knowledge my people perish.”. Bear in mind that God is the source of Knowledge. Look out for him and you will find him.
education to civilize the entire population

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”
—Kofi Annan

5. Sensitization

Creating awareness of the dangers of our perilous activities could also help save our planet from the high rate of degradation.

As greedy and unconcerned businessmen exploit the land’s natural resources, they gradually deplete the ozone layer through activities of industries. We stand the risk of facing global warming and other environmental disorders.

There must be an intensive sensitization about the health hazards associated with exposure to industrial chemicals in our environment.

Alerting the public(innocent people) about the menace of pollution would help decrease the mortality rate of the human race.

The Most Important Thing This World Needs Now

Well, I have already talked about 5 things the world needs now. But let’s think about the one who holds this earth in orbit. I believe many Christian believers will find God in the point that talks about love. Because God is love!.

We all need the light of the world to help us live in peace, love, and help each other while we keep faith in God high.

“So realize that the LORD your God is the true God, the faithful God who keeps covenant faithfully with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations, but who pays back those who hate him as they deserve and destroys them. He will not ignore those who hate him but will repay them as they deserve!” (Deuteronomy 7:9-10)

Now look around; the emergence coronavirus(COVID-19) aggravating the pains and sorrows people are already going through. What does the world need?.

There would be a lot of different answers but at this juncture, I want to emphasize ‘the most important thing.” God hasn’t caused us any trouble. It is our own transgressions that bring us troubles.

It wasn’t a long time ago that I was browsing through a certain forum and someone raised a question that he is beginning to believe in God. And in his view; science is failing to cure this deadly virus which has halted social and economic activities.

Financial constraints, fear, and panic are making a lot of people depressed. This has made the intake of antidepressants high.

My friend, let us not be weary in prayers. This world seriously needs God. That is why many different countries found it important to declare nation prayers day.

Let all keep on praying the prayer for health and God will heal this world. He works in many ways to save those who love and believe in Him.

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  1. When you find the solution to education, that you know is the absolute cure to ignorance…tested and proven…who do you contact? I have created workbooks, lesson plans, movies, toys, etc…since my 2018 discovery. Help the world needs this…especially now in 2021…it can be taught over television. FYI, I have it copyright…I will sell if for twenty-million dollars, if necessary.

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