How To Obtain Wisdom From God

Wisdom is precious than silver and gold,those who seek for it wholeheartedly find it.

How to obtain wisdom from God
How to obtain wisdom from God

Wisdom is available for all of us,but not all of us have obtained it.Wisdom is very precious and those who value it get it.Wisdom is not taught nor learned. You don’t have to expect getting wisdom from school, or any educational institution. There is difference between school knowledge and godly knowledge which is true wisdom from God.God has not hid wisdom from us,those who want it get it.In this Post, I will talk about how you can get wisdom from God and how it can manifest in your life.We need wisdom to handle difficult situations and make right choices all the time to bring success and happiness to us.True wisdom is from above but not the craftiness of men with earthly knowledge.

“But the wisdom that  is from above is first pure, then peaceable,gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of  mercy and good fruits,without partiality and hypocrisy”(2 Peter 3:15).

The search for wisdom is to get happiness in life but if you search for it at the wrong place, you will never meet it.The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom(Proverbs 9:10).So for any of us who have made it a good point of obtaining wisdom from God as a serious matter, we must fear him by obeying his command and carry our cross and follow him because it is him wisdom emanates and he gives it freely to anyone who ask for it deligently.We must listen to the word of God,read the word of God and put it into action. Humble yourself and God will raise you higher with heavenly wisdom.

Solomon has been known as the wisest man ever to live. His wisdom surpassed every knowledge of men.This attracted many people like the Queen of Sheba to  visit Solomon and test him with difficult question to see,if truly he was full of wisdom.

“And she said to the King,it was a true report that I heard in my own land of thy act and thy wisdom”(1 Kings 10:6).

King Solomon demonstrated the wisdom in him by answering difficult questions and judging wisely. A very good example was when two prostitutes approached him over a dispute about their babies.They sleep together in the same room with their babies. The Bible indicates that they all gave birth at the same day.Few days later,One woman’s baby died, she exchanged her dead baby with the other woman’s living baby during the midnight. When she woke up in the morning to breast feed her baby she realised that baby wasn’t her’s, the other woman has exchanged her dead baby with hers.As they  presented their case to King Solomon, he ordered for a sword.

“And the King said, divide the living child in  two and give half to one woman and half to the other woman”(1 King 3:25).

The moment the real mother of the baby heard the command,she pleaded that they shouldn’t kill the baby, instead they should give it to the other woman. The other woman also said,thy should divide the baby so that none of them get the baby alive.The king found out that the passionate woman was the real mother of the child and so he ordered that the baby should be given to her. His judgement spread through Israel and people marveled at his immense wisdom.

Now let me share with you how you can Obtain Wisdom from God.

The first thing is to fear God and then as you get close to him open your heart for him to come and live with you.God is awesome and all-powerful. If you give him all your attention by glorifying his greatness, he will bless you before you even ask for it.The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Be hungry  for the word of God day and night,value it with humility,ask and it shall be given unto you.Solomon asked for wisdom and God listened to his prayers by giving him wisdom through dream.(1 Kings 3:11).King Solomon was a mere man just like you and I but when he diligently sought for wisdom from God he got it.He was not born with wisdom, he took the step and truly he obtained it.”If any of you lacks wisdom let him ask God(James 1:5).

The word of God is full of wisdom, Jesus is the wisdom of God and God created the universe with wisdom.When you make reading of the bible a habit, automatically you are acquiring wisdom. But you have to be dedicative by meditating on it day and night, let it be a lamp unto your feet and unto your path.

To get wisdom of God, get close to Jesus, the son of God. He is the essence of wisdom.He is where wisdom emanates.Many traveled far away to witness the wisdom of Solomon. He was full of wisdom, but the greatest wisdom is Jesus Christ himself.”…..and behold a greater than Solomon is here”.(Matthew 12:42).In proverbs chapter 8 going,the bible gives the attributes and power of  wisdom.When you read through, you will find out that this wisdom the bible is talking about is not Jesus him self. Here the bible personified wisdom. This kind of  wisdom is what God gave to Solomon when he asked for it in prayers. If you find it difficult to understand,just ask me in the comment box and I will explain it to your basic understanding. By the way,the above picture is a silhouette of myself. Hope you like it, feel free to share.

In summary, wisdom is a heavenly gift that God is ready to give to anyone who diligently seek for it. If you want wisdom, fear God,ask him,read the bible and get close to Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and life, if you get close to him you will never fail.You will get wisdom to live a successful and a happy life.But please use your wisdom wisely, do not cheat, else God will bring you down because he hates hypocrisy.Wisdom doesn’t follow any instructions,it manifests itself in people without being so hard on themselves. It is clear to see from the way they talk and make decisions. Pray to God today and everyday and he will make you wise. Who doesn’t want wisdom?.We all want, so let’s put God first in everything we do and we would be one-step ahead of obtaining wisdom. Amen.

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