Who Is Reba McEntire? Career, Marriage, Christian Religion And More

Who Is Reba McEntire? Career, Marriage, Christian Religion And More

Today, it’s interesting that I’m taking a personality profile from Reba McEntire. If you are a fan, I believe you will love this piece of content. She is a renowned Christian in country music.

Such as this has a bigger influence on our world. She wields a larger knife that can harvest a lot of souls for Christ. She has close to 3 million fans on Instagram and 9 thousand on YouTube. Reba said she can’t imagine living life without Jesus.

Who Is Reba McEntire?

Reba McEntire is an American country music singer, actress, songwriter, and businesswoman.


Reba McEntire was born on March 28, 1955, in McAlester, Oklahoma, U.S. She was the third of four children born to her parents Clark and Jacqueline McEntire.

As she started growing up and discovering her talent —her mother helped her and her siblings to form the Singing McEntires, which played at local events and recorded for a small label.

Career And Achievements

Reba McEntire is well-known in the music and movie industries. She is often referred to as “the Queen of Country.” In the music industry, she has sold more than 75 million records worldwide.

Reba McEntire has a long history in music dating back to the 90s.

In the 1980s, McEntire’s music became popular through several top ten country songs such as “(You Lift Me) Up to Heaven”, “I’m Not That Lonely Yet” and her first number one “Can’t Even Get the Blues”.

In the same ’90s, McEntire ventured into acting. She got featured on TV programs and acted in other movies. She played a role in the 1990 film “Tremors.” McEntire has won many awards.

She also played the role of Annie Oakley in the Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun in 2001.

Is Reba McEntire Married?

McEntire has gone through different relationships and breakups since 1976. She finally started dating Rex Linn in 2020 during the pandemic.

She has been unsuccessful in a couple of marriages. McEntire first married Charlie Battles in 1976; She got divorced in 1987.

She moved on with her life and in 1989, she married her manager and former steel guitar player Narvel called Narvel Blackstock. After a beautiful wedding, they got separated after 26 years of marriage.

Reba and Narvel had a wonderful Wedding Day celebration.

And then again McEntire moved on to have a relationship with Anthony “Skeeter” Lasuzzo in 2017. In 2019, they got separated.

McEntire is known to have a child called Shelby Blackstock.

Finally, she found Rex Linn in 2020 and started dating again. Rex is a film and TV actor. As of 2020, Reba McEntire’s current partner is Rex Linn.

What Is The Religion Of Reba McEntire?

Reba McEntire is a Christian who has a strong faith in God. She has shared her faith publicly with her fans and everyone.

Reba McEntire wearing a Christian cross

McEntire has explained the basis of her faith through different interviews. She believes it is necessary to let others know about Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God’s salvation plan for humanity.

In an interview with the Christian Post, she said:

“I can’t imagine living a life without God in my life,” “He is my best friend, He’s my buddy, He’s the one that I talk to when there’s no one around. I talk to Him when people are around a lot too. He’s my confidant, He’s my advisor, He’s my director. I just don’t know why you wouldn’t want that in your life. He’s just like a bodyguard, He is your protector.”

Reba McEntire has released one gospel album, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope. She further explained that her relationship with religion is “special, very sweet.”

The country music star seems to be successful in life but she says prayers often to show her gratitude to God.

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