10 Simple Ways To Show Kindness With An Inspiring Story

10 Simple Ways To Show Kindness With An Inspiring Story

Humans are naturally made to show love and care to others. Today, find the several ways you can show kindness to anyone anywhere. Such a virtue comes along with uncountable blessings. Don’t miss it.

Showing kindness is a praiseworthy virtue every human must demonstrate. Oh, even our pets (eg. Dogs, cats, etc) do it. What about us? Do we even know the ways to effectively demonstrate kindness? May we light up the lives of people we meet in our daily lives with genuine love and concern. This virtue is one of the best things to make the world a better place. Anyone who practices it enjoys a lot of blessings from the Lord. It’s an instinct that also nourishes the soul when exercised rightly.

In this post, you will get to know some of the most simple ways to show kindness to the people around you. In addition, I will cite a captivating story about kindness which will inspire you to be zealous in showing your love and care for humans and even animals. Before I begin, let’s grasp the meaning of kindness.

The dictionary defines kindness as:

“the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.”

I strongly believe that, before you finish reading this post, you will be more friendly and generous to the people you meet (even strangers and animals).

There is a saying that charity begins at home. Being raised in a family, you will surely experience how your parents and neighbors show kindness to each other.

Sadly, not everyone would have that privilege —so it’s imperative for such people to learn the simple ways of showing kindness. Not only such people but anyone who loves to dynamically show love and express it in action.

Simple Ways You Can Show Kindness

Be Willing To Offer Something To The One Who Needs Your Help

As a human being, you must try your best to be of service to people. Develop the urgency to help someone who needs help; Even animals have that feeling of being generous to their kind and humans.

My late granddad used to feed birds and lizards in his backyard. I also remember a friend of mine who used to feed birds around his workplace. They show up early in the morning expecting to enjoy my friend’s benevolence. And that was an awesome scene to behold.

Now below are some of the ways to be a kind person:

1. Show Love

Love is the mother of all the types of kindness you could ever think of.
It is the greatest kind of virtue anyone could show. Anyone who doesn’t know how to love others looks weird among humans. Be a loving person, not the one who repels people with hatred.

Love bridges racism, and eliminates hatred, fear, jealousy, discrimination, etc. It is good to love all kinds of people with a pure heart. Look at those who always demonstrate love to people in their families, neighborhoods, workplaces, public areas, and more. They look awesome and blessed.

A kid showing love to his little brother

A loving heart opens new doors of opportunities for you and brings in blessings and special people you might never expect to come your way. It’s about being friendly to people you meet when going up the stairs of life and again being friendly to people when moving downstairs.

2. Smile

Let me tell you that a smile has the power to heal and lighten up someone’s life. It’s a medicine for casting out anxieties within yourself and others as well. According to scientists, a simple smile has a lot of health benefits. This is also a product of love.

Try to smile often and send a good message of hope, peace, and goodness to people around you. It doesn’t cost a dime to show your beautiful smile to people you know —including strangers. A simple smile can help someone forget his worries hence triggering the happy hormones to put him in a good mood.

3. Random Kindness

Once in a while, you can give a stranger a gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive gift. Oh, you can just buy a bottle of water for a stranger you met on the street, pay for someone’s dinner in a restaurant, pay for someone’s lorry fare, tipping, etc. Giving in general, has special therapeutic benefits to your soul and body. The “feel good” hormones are released to make you happy after dashing out something freely from your heart.

4. Surprise Gifting

Here, you can occasionally send gifts to the people you care about. This is a special way of showing kindness to the people you already know. Gifts that come to us from the people we know and trust leave us in great joy of celebration. The person could be a family member, your son, daughter, mother, father, friend, boss, etc.

There is no need to always wait for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, etc. Send greeting cards, inspiring messages as SMS, souvenirs, groceries, etc

5. Encouragement

Sometimes a little kind of good words you give to someone can be a great treasure to him. Life is full of ups and downs. Someone might only need your encouragement to overcome emotional distress.

If you ever figure out that someone you know is facing challenges like job loss, health problems, death anxiety, marital problems etc, go in and speak encouraging words to his soul. In situations like these, material gifts can not heal much like good words of encouragement. The Bible even says:

“Anxiety in a person’s heart weighs him down, but an encouraging word brings him joy.” (Proverbs 12:25)

You can spend enough time with anyone going through anxiety or depression. Your presence alone can heal such a victim. So be ready to be of service to the people around you. It is not always money that brings hope, joy, and happiness into the lives of people. This is a simple way to show kindness to people

6. Money

Most often, when there is any topic of showing kindness, our mindset swiftly turns to money. There are several ways to show kindness and money is just one out of thousands. Yes, of course, money is powerful, it can do a lot of good. King Solomon once said that —money answers all things; That sounds controversial but we must understand it contextually.

If you have enough money in your pocket or bank account, why not give some to those in need? Giving out money in the form of charity has been one of the secrets to the success of several rich men today. Why? Because they understand that it is a divine responsibility to help the less privileged with their money.

The Bible says there are more blessings in giving than receiving. You necessarily don’t have to be filthy rich like Elon Musk, Benard Arnault, and Mark Zuckerburg before you give charity or dash out money to people in need.

As a human, be ready to support anyone who needs financial help if only you can. Don’t turn a blind eye to it, don’t give to only those you know; be open without being biased.

7. Be Involved In Fun Making

Truly, “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Sometimes, the best way to show kindness is to take the people you care about out. There are several places you can opt-in for. Take a look at the 7 things people are doing to enjoy life.

Places like amusement parks, beaches, restaurants, tourist sites, etc, Schedule a day to step out with your family, friends, kids, co-workers, etc to go out and refresh yourselves. Site-seeing alone can do the magic of relieving stress from you guys.

A lady having fun while out with friends and a dog.

To a larger extent if you can afford to travel far away to a different city, state, or country, then it is good. Let your kindness be felt by the people around you and this is a spectacular way to do it.

8. Volunteer To Help Your Community And Neighbors

You may volunteer to participate in community projects or help someone do his laundry, mowing, and any other cleanup exercise. Be willing to offer your service to your community and beyond. It’s simply beautiful to show this kind of attitude. It demonstrates genuine love and selflessness.

You can decide to babysit a friend’s kid, take care of the aged/handicapped, wash a friend’s car, water his garden, etc.

9. Share Your Goods With Others

Is it too big to ask you to give one of your clothes to the one who doesn’t have one? To show kindness to people who need material help —just look out for the material things you have and be ready to dash some to those who need them but don’t have or can’t afford. For instance, you can donate some of your clothes, shoes, soaps, food etc to those in prisons and orphanage homes.

Ways of showing kindness
Again, within your family or community, you can find people who need the things you don’t use anymore or have in excess.

Be ready to allow your kindness instinct to be at work. Share and share everything you have but don’t necessarily need them again. It’s sad to see some stingy people keep food items and other material goods in their store rooms until they become non-usable —then trash them. This is an inhumane attitude.

10. Sponsor An Event

You may choose to sponsor your favorite radio/TV program that benefits your community. You can also sponsor brilliant but needy students in your local area. Just examine some of the events around you and decide which you can sponsor or promote. Eg. Cycling, talent shows, marathon, quizzes, church programs, etc.

The Kindness Story With Moral Lesson

There is a heart-touching story about kindness that talks about a certain rich family and their neighbor’s poor family. Very often this poor family will knock on the door of the rich man and ask for help ranging from money, food, and other services.

The rich family was full of generosity and so felt happy to be a blessing to the needy.

However, something felt wrong in the hearts of the rich man and his wife. They reasoned among themselves and thought, it didn’t seem fair that always they are giving (making them feel superior or bossy)

In fact, they were rich to the extent that, they needed nothing from the poor neighbor.

In order to let the poor also feel loved, worthy, and needed, they intentionally asked them for salt. That needy family provided it with a great sense of joy and relief in their hearts. At least they have also been helpful to someone.

This idea kept their friendship strong for several years. One kid from the rich family asked his mother, why they already had salt yet went to the poor neighbor for some.

The mother replied it was necessary to demonstrate humility, and love and let their neighbor understand that nobody is so big, perfect, and all-sufficient.

The moral of this story about kindness reveals to every human that, kindness shouldn’t be forced. It should always come out voluntarily.

You don’t need to be begged before you show kindness. Be willing to demonstrate that to anyone wherever you find yourself. Little things like this make the world a perfect place.

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