The Truth About Fear Is The Mind Killer Quote

The Truth About Fear Is The Mind Killer Quote

The mind is a powerful tool that controls the entire human body. Frank Herbert then said; fear is the mind-killer. It’s time to revive your thoughts for a positive change.

Fear is a state of mind that clouds one’s ability to progress and make the right decisions. It’s a silent killer that has effects on your heartbeat, body temperature and even metabolism. It stampedes success, happiness and beautiful goals. Frank Herbert, a science and fiction writer said fear is the mind-killer in his novel called “Dune.”

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” —Frank Herbert

In this post, I would like to explain to you how fear kills the mind’s ability to function as the powerhouse of making life worth living. And I will center everything on Frank Herbert’s lines; “fear is the mind-killer” which appeared in his book Dune. It’s more of a psychological battle that needs to be handled critically.

Fear is a natural emotion that sends a negative signal from the brain to the body. If one is controlled by fear, he is likely going to suffer a huge loss in life.

What’s The Meaning Of Fear Is The Mind Killer?

This means whenever fear is allowed to dominate and release negative thoughts and impulses into the human body, it leads to wrong choices, directions, failures and even death. It then kills the person’s beautiful goals.

Fear is the mind killer quote

Fears could come voluntarily or involuntarily but nature has given man the ability to control them. How you choose to control your thoughts and impulses is your own cup of tea. The sad truth is —no one can reason for you.

Relating The Mind’s Ability To Planting Seed

The mind is like fertile soil and fear is like a seed. When planted, it will germinate and multiply —hence creating a noticeable effect on one’s behavior.

Those who maintain positive attitudes towards negative situations are the ones who succeed in life. Fear has shut down the beautiful dreams of millions of people.

Having a business idea is about taking risks (eg. Investment). However, if you allow the fear of failure to sets in, that startup will collapse.

Your Mentality Can Kill Your Dreams

There is a story about a man whose brain’s negative impulses caused his death because he feared he will die in a way his mind conceived and it happened so.

In 1964, one headline that became popular was “Man Freezes To death In Refrigeration Car.” This unbelievable story baffled a lot of people but left behind a very good lesson about how we allow fearful or negative thoughts to infiltrate our minds.

In the story, a man named Nick Sitzman got trapped in his refrigeration car. The car door accidentally slammed on him. He died in the long run and when found, there was all physical indication of frozen to death.

But wait… something weird changed the story… The refrigerator unit was found switched off and the temperature was in no possible means of reaching freezing point.

It then appeared that the man feared that he would freeze to death. This negative thought sent all the physical symptoms to the body.

His mind produced what he allowed into his thoughts causing physical symptoms. He produced the physical effects to create hyperthermia that froze him to death; An autopsy revealed!

Someone with fearful thoughts

Again, there was a similar story that says a man got locked in an unplugged freezer and died being frozen. He thought of himself freezing to death and that became a reality for him. He died! Today fear is still killing thousands of people because it first hacks into the brain and produces detrimental physical effects.

Where In Life Fear Destroy?

As Frank Herbert quoted that fear is a mind killer, —we can agree with him for several reasons. If the mind is dead or weakened, the results are very detrimental to the person in question and those around him.

In our social lives, we are often challenged to make crucial decisions involving extensive use of our reasoning power. Before an action takes place, it means it has been conceived in the mind. In one of my articles, I talked about mankind’s deepest fear. It revealed how phobias get controlled by whatever they are afraid of.

There are different sectors of our social lives that easily get destroyed by fear. Here I will cite a few examples.

1. Relationships

As social beings, we constantly engage with people around us or far away through technology. It’s unfortunate many relationships or marriages break down because of fear and doubt.

I know a few people who used to think and believe their partners will leave them. This kind of fear breaks the harmony, love and trust that are necessary for maintaining a relationship. Because of the preconceived idea that the relationship might break… The mind also processes that and it becomes like a nightmare that later comes into reality.

Afraid of breakup in a Relationship

Being in any form of relationship (friendship, dating, marriage, etc) and holding the belief that it wouldn’t be fruitful due to fear —you literally accelerate the process of break up. There’s a proverb that says, “as a man thinks so is he.

2. Job or Work Places

Here is another sector where people often feel uncomfortable for various reasons due to fear. Allowing it to dominate your thoughts will produce visible signs in your performance at the workplace. Believing that, you can’t perform well at the workplace and so allow the fear of being sacked, demoted, etc linger in your mind would certainly happen to you one day. Because you have already opened the portal of exit for yourself.

3. Schools

In colleges many students allow fear to kill their dreams. The mind needs to be fed with positive energy. If for whatever reason, a student allows fear to control him, his performance in school becomes abysmal.

There might be subjects or topics one might deem to be difficult. But being positive and hopeful could bring good results. Fear on the other hand is fueled by negative thoughts. And this has created problems for many. They easily give up and accept failure as something inevitable.

4. Entrepreneurship

Here is a risky venture that many young entrepreneurs run away from. If you are afraid of taking risks, then don’t even think about being an entrepreneur. Has no one told you profit and loss are part of doing business?

It takes people with a strong and positive mindset to run a profitable business. Get away from the fear of failure and believe in your lofty goals.

A Look At How Fear Kills Effective Prayers

Although, Frank Herbert’s “fear is the mind killer” quote might not be in the light of religious beliefs or practices but it is worth talking about in this dimension. Because fear itself cuts across almost all human activities.

The devil uses fear to control people. Even scientific research says when one tries to connect with a higher intelligence and the right communication is not delivered, it wouldn’t be perceived in the right sense.

The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that connects with the supernatural. In this case, if you are a Christian and you say a prayer by doubting, the subconscious mind processes it as doubtful communication (lacking faith). Fear drives away faith and its power to move mountains.

The Bible has shed more light on how to say an effective prayer. Jesus said “if you believe” it shall be answered or given to you.

In summation, fear is the mind killer quote meaning teaches us valuable lessons about life and how to stay positive, alive and hopeful in every circumstance.

Those who live with a strong positive mindset are all at an advantage over the fretful ones. Never allow fear to kill your mind because it is the powerhouse that helps you take charge of your choices and direction in life.

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