51 Sadness Quotes To Help You Deal With The Toughest Moments With Hope

51 Sadness Quotes To Help You Deal With The Toughest Moments With Hope

You are not alone in your struggles in life. It’s perfectly normal to face challenges like the loss of a loved one, disappointment, broken-hearts, failure, etc. May these sadness quotes inspire and remind us that this world is not a perfect place.

What saddens the heart may likely leave behind some valuable lessons. Life is a journey with ups and downs. Therefore it is necessary to condition yourself for the sad moments by feeding your mind with things that will remind you that pain is inevitable in life. You can find more sadness quotes from Bible anxiety quotes,or quotes about depression. In all, you will realize that —you are not alone in this battle. Everyone sucks lemon at a point in time. The one with a positive and strong mentality comes out with genuine hope.

Remember, that being sad for whatever reason holds a hidden treasure; let the tears flow down your cheeks to water and refresh your weary soul. Cry it out and feel healed afterward. The future is still bright.

“One doesn’t simply grieve the loss of a relationship. One grieves the loss of the possible future, as well as the wipingout of the past.” —Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

Today I have a collection of sadness quotes for anyone looking for some inspiration to cope with the bad side of life. I believe before you finish reading these sad quotes, you will be encouraged to know that you are not exceptional in this struggle. Let it go and put on some smiles.

Inspiring Sadness Quotes For Encouragement

Happiness vs sadness quote

1. “The word ‘happiness’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” —C. G. Jung

2. “Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.” —Kahlil Gibran

3. “The world was built to develop character. We must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward.” —Henry Ford

4. “I wanted Jesus in ‘A.D.’ to be very, very, very human – to have those qualities of vulnerability and doubt and pain and sadness and loneliness. Once the resurrection happens and we see that Jesus has risen, it’s almost complete, right? It’s all about the joy and the smile and the happiness and the closeness to the disciples.” —Juan Pablo Di Pace

5. “You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” —Jonathan Safran Foer

Being strong to cope with sad moments

6. “I am strong because I know my weaknesses. I’m alive because I’m a fighter. I am wise because I’ve been foolish. I laugh because I’ve known sadness.” —Unknown

7. “The arrogance that says analyzing the relationship between reasons and causes is more important than writing a philosophy of shyness or sadness or friendship drives me nuts. I can’t accept that.” —Alain De Botton

8. “When most people think of Woodrow Wilson, they see a dour minister’s son who never cracked a smile, where in fact he was a man of genuine joy and great sadness.” —A. Scott Berg

9. “The essence of romantic love is that wonderful beginning, after which sadness and impossibility may become the rule.” —Anita Brookner

Sadness is an ocean quote from —R.M. Drake

10. “We must understand that sadness is an ocean, and sometimes we drown, while other days we are forced to swim.” —R.M. Drake

11. “When Whitney Houston died, I felt great sadness. My sadness, of course, was about our collective loss – when you listened to this nightingale sing, your body would drop into a chair, your head would tilt-up, a small smile would creep across your face, and inside you knew that there was a higher power somewhere: gifted, beautiful, spiritual.” —James Belushi

12. “There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief of deep contrition and of unspeakable love.” —Washington Irving

Respond to bad things quote from Walter Anderson

13. “Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.” —Walter Anderson

14. “Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future.” —Swami Sivananda

15. “Don’t Make Assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.” —Don Miguel Ruiz

16. “Sadness flies away on the wings of time.” —Jean de La Fontaine

17. “Beauty is the disinterested one, without which the ancient world refused to understand itself, a word which both imperceptibly and yet unmistakably has bid farewell to our new world, a world of interests, leaving it to its own avarice and sadness.” —Hans Urs von Balthasar

18. “I actually think sadness and darkness can be very beautiful and healing.” —Duncan Sheik

19. “Sometimes life throws something to us that makes us laugh, sometimes life throws something to us that makes us cry, but whatever life throws at us we have to stay strong to fight it so as to appreciate our living.” —Unknown

20. “I’m just human, I have weaknesses, I make mistakes and I experience sadness; But I learn from all these things to make me a better person.” —Unknown

More Sad Quotes To Help You Feel Loved

Even the greatest men to live on earth have had their share of sadness. You can learn from some of their lovely sad quotes shared with the world.

Relief quote —Abraham Lincoln

21. “In this sad world of ours, sorrow comes to all…Perfect relief is not possible, except with time.” —Abraham Lincoln

22. “Tears are God’s gift to us. Our holy water. They heal us as they flow.”
— Rita Schiano

23. “The arrogance that says analyzing the relationship between reasons and causes is more important than writing a philosophy of shyness or sadness or friendship drives me nuts. I can’t accept that.” —Alain de Botton

Sad quote by Christina Rossetti

24. “Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.” —Christina Rossetti

25. “Talk happiness. The world is sad enough without your woe.” —Ella Wheeler Wilcox

26. “You mustn’t smile when you lose. You have to be sad like other people. You have to win every game.” —Eden Hazard

27. “Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.” — Albert Smith

Quote about sadness in life

28. “Ten years ago, I still feared loss enough to abandon myself in order to keep things stable. I’d smile when I was sad, pretend to like people who appalled me. What I now know is that losses aren’t cataclysmic if they teach the heart and soul their natural cycle of breaking and healing.” —Martha Beck

29. “Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.” —Euripides

30. “Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” —Paramahansa Yogananda

31. “Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway.” —John Wayne

32. “Most friendship groups will have someone who starts a new relationship, and you just don’t see them for four months. And that’s always kind of sad, almost like an inverted breakup. I guess the ideal situation is that whoever the new partner is can be subsumed into the friendship group.” —Dan Smith

33. “Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.” —Washington Irving

34. “Sometimes you got to laugh through the tears, smile through the pain so that you can live through the sorrow.” —Unknown

35. “Don’t be sad, don’t be angry, if life deceives you. Submit to your grief. Your time for joy will come, believe me.” —Alekandr Sergeyevick Pushkin

36. “She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short.” —Brian Andreas

37. “Live life on your own terms. Let everything good or bad, happy or sad make you strong and that’s that.” —Unknown

38. “When you’re sad you must smile; When you’re happy you must laugh; When you’re weak you must stay strong.” —Unknown

39. “Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.” — Antoine Rivarol

40. “I think faith is incredibly important because you will become overwhelmed with what’s happening and you will have waves of grief, but when you turn to your faith, I believe God will give you waves of grace to get through it.” —Joel Osteen

41. “There are many reasons in life which make us cry, but it’s better to show life you can smile more than it makes you cry.” —Unknown

42. “The sad news is; nobody owes you a career. Your career is literally your business. You own it as a sole proprietor.” —Andrew Grove

43. “Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don’t know how to laugh either.” — Golda Meir

Sad Quotes Wrapped In Love

Here are some sad quotes and their relationship with love. Love helps deal with any pain or sadness in life.

44. “Kindness is a wonderful way to let another struggling soul know that there is still love in this world.” —Unknown

Lovely quote about sadness quote

45. “I can still love an ex as a person, regardless if the breakup was bad. I would never wish anything negative on them. It takes more energy to hate them than to wish them well.” —Ashley Greene

46. “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” —Proverbs 17:17

47. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” —Romans 8:38-39

48. “Love kills, love deceives, and if placed in the wrong hands love can be very painful, yet and still we search far and wide for it.” —Unknown

49. “It’s time to let your tears wash away the old pains and experiences. Put on some smiles and let go any grievances in your heart.” —Unknown

Sadness in love and relationship quote

50. “Sometimes we must undergo hardships, breakups, and narcissistic wounds, which shatter the flattering image that we had of ourselves, in order to discover two truths: that we are not who we thought we were; and that the loss of a cherished pleasure is not necessarily the loss of true happiness and wellbeing.” —Jean-Yves Leloup

51. “Life is difficult for everyone; everyone has bad days. Everyone has trouble in their life because it doesn’t matter how rich you are: Sickness and trouble and worry and love these things will mess with you at every level of life.” —Domhnall Gleeson

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