Simple Ways You Can Clear Your Mind In a Chaotic Environment

Chaotic environment

Have you ever felt that your body becomes more tense and you feel more irritated when your environment gets chaotic? Loud car honks, unruly kids, and even a hectic office can turn your energy from calm into stressed or agitated in just a few seconds! When these instances happen, your body is sending signals that you’re not in a good environment.

This study on the environment and depression states that the physical space you’re in can have alarming effects on your emotions and mental health. Factors like noise can make you feel more stressed. So whenever your environment becomes a source of that stress and anxiety, you can try to care for yourself and find a sense of calm with these tips.

Connect with a Friend

The special people in your life can instantly improve your day and make you feel better! Our recent post on dealing with the ups and downs in life emphasizes that it’s important to stay around with people who contribute meaningfully to your life. These meaningful people can offer support and help when things get chaotic and tough in your environment.

If you need someone to cheer you up, why don’t you pay a visit to your co-worker or call up a friend? Discussing your current situation or maybe talking about happy memories can make you feel more relaxed after!

Take a Break

You can properly regulate stress by having enough time for rest and fun activities! So when you feel super overwhelmed with your noisy neighbor or demanding coworkers, find ways to give yourself some peace from all the chaos.

One thing you can do is to stop your work and take a quick break! You can step outside or even eat your favorite comfort food. You can also relax by taking a nap. Find a cozy spot and plug in some noise-canceling earbuds so that you can release some of your worries and stress.

Try Wellness Practices

When things get stressful, it’s important to care for your body by doing healthy wellness practices. These simple activities can make you feel relaxed after a few minutes. But over time, these good habits can have profound effects on both your mental and physical health.

If you feel stressed at work, try to stand up from your desk and go for a walk. This simple exercise can recharge you during the day, plus it can clear your mind from all the stressors in your workplace. You can also try taking deep breaths in your space to disengage from distracting and negative thoughts. Spend some time doing breathing exercises to deactivate the fight or flight response in your body, and enter a more relaxed mode.

Change Your Current Environment

If your environment is becoming a huge source of stress, it may be helpful to listen to your body and to find a more peaceful place. It’s important to learn how to draw your boundaries, especially when things become detrimental to your own well-being.

But if moving to a new home or workplace is not possible (or necessary), you can try adding changes that can improve your environment! According to this article on ergonomics, workers can make their space more conducive for work by adding ergonomic accessories that can boost productivity. For instance, acoustic desk screens can give you privacy for rest and reduce noise within your workspace. You can also decorate your space with plants, since caring for these can make you feel more calm and comfortable! Consider investing in these items which can give you greater peace of mind in your environment.

Your environment has profound effects on your mental health. When things get tough, try making changes with yourself or your environment so that you’ll feel more relaxed and calm.

Written by Annica Claire Kirk

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