8 Things To Inspire You Forget Your Excuses And Make Greater Achievement In Life

8 Things To Inspire You Forget Your Excuses And Make Greater Achievement In Life

Anytime you think about being happy and successful, —prepare to move beyond your weaknesses. Here comes something inspirational for your soul —things that inspire people to live a life full of happiness.

As humans, we share a good sense of belongings. That is our true nature from creation. We are social beings and mostly attracted by visuals that intrigue or touch our emotions in whatever way. Many things inspire us to take certain steps into reality. And here I want to discuss a few of them with you.

I have already talked about some of the things that inspire me to keep moving forward. Now, I want to take a broader perspective. Most of the things that trigger our emotions to demonstrate our humane nature are simply awesome.

Things That Inspire People Around The World

1. A Good Friend

Having a friend who is just like a brother is something worth talking about. Take a quick look into your friendship circle. Do you have any? Having a handful of friends who inspire you to unleash the best in you is a blessing from God.

Being around positive-minded people, in general, would have a positive impact on your life. It’s a beautiful thing to have people who inspire and motivate you to climb higher the ladder of success.

If you ever find friends who are genuinely inspiring, then I will say you are blessed! Why? Because there are too many snakes in the grass. In our world today it would be very difficult to find loyal friends that the Bible taught us about.

2. A Happy Couple

Here is another interesting thing that inspires us. Marriage is a beautiful thing. This is the first institution God established in the garden of Eden. Everything about it was perfect until mankind sinned against God.

Now, I want to tease many of you out there with the oldest couple in our world today. But before that, let me throw more light on the beauty of finding your life partner.

Many dreams of it but never get close to it. You might be a little jealous if you see a happy couple out there having fun.

People rarely find peace and happiness in their relationships and marriages. Let me say, some are graced with happy marriages. Seeing a young couple having a lovely life together is simply beautiful but that doesn’t inspire like seeing older couples. They send an inspiring message that —true love exists. But who can find it?

Let me then talk about the oldest couple and probably make you a little envious…

Take a look at the photo below:

Oldest couple

Julio Mora and Waldramina Quinteros have been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest couple. They are retired teachers living in the north-central part of Quito being the capital of Ecuador. The man is aged 110 and his wife is 104.

Their marriage has lasted for 79 years. Last year(2020) they took very good care of themselves amid the pandemic. They are still aging gracefully and telling the world that true love exists and they have never divorced.

3. A Smile And A Cheerful Heart

As I keep on talking about things that inspire, I can’t forget to say something about the power behind a smile. People who barely smile portray a disapproved lifestyle. A smile from you can inspire someone who is going through difficult moments.

Smile to inspire

Have you ever noticed this psychological trick? Even if a stranger smiles at you, you reciprocate that. And I believe that will trigger your happy hormones to flow through your mind and veins.

A smile can cheer someone up and help reduce some stress. It has its own therapeutic benefits. I do remember talking about it on the ‘Medium platform.’

May we learn how to wear beautiful smiles in the house, at workplaces, and anywhere we find ourselves.

4. Kindness

This is one of the divine responsibilities that lights up the spirit of people. An act of kindness isn’t always about dashing out money or material wealth. Say some encouraging words to the one who is grieving or feeling down for whatever reason.

If you can dash out some money or material things to people in need, then you are inspiring them to be hopeful in life. Once in a while, you have to try doing some random kindness. Buy something for someone. The person could be a friend or even a stranger. This is what makes life beautiful.

5. The Compassion To Help

Showing love in some instances might be very challenging. Because there are people who have been rejected by their own families, friends, and loved ones. There are homeless people almost everywhere, poverty is killing many people, and diseases and sicknesses are sending people into their early graves.

Do you have that passion to help someone who is in dire need of help? Would you do anything you can to help and inspire someone who is fighting for his life or a better life? Let me tell you a heart-touching story of a young boy who won the hearts of thousands of people.

Now, take a look at the photo below:

Things that inspire

His name is Oscar Saxelby-Lee, a five-year boy from Worcester. Oscar was suffering from rare cancer and after a desperate plea from his parents; 4,855 people queued in the rain for several hours to find out if they are the right match for this little boy with cancer. The doctor said — only three months to find a stem-cell match that could save his life.

Oscar’s smile and the huge number of potential donors renewed the hope of his parents. You may question yourself why life could be cruel like this to such a young innocent boy. The record-breaking of thousand of registrants was inspiring. People have the passion to help and inspire those in need. I pray you too become one of them.

6. Nature

All around us, we could feel the beauties of nature. It sends a thousand messages of inspiration to us on daily basis. The landscapes, the sun, moon, stars, animals on land, in the sea, and the air inspire and intrigue us with how they were meant to be.

I recently talked about the inspiration nature gives us, you can read the whole article here: “inspiration from nature.” Now, take the metamorphosis of a butterfly for instance; it tells you that little beginnings make greater endings. You might have an ugly beginning in your life or start-up, but with endurance and determination you will come out with flying colors just like the butterfly.

Nature inspires artists, designing companies, and many individuals to be creative and hopeful about the future.

7. A Hero/Role Model

Here comes one of the commonest things inspiring thousands of people. Having a hero or a role model is a praiseworthy idea. You are certainly moving through a particular path that leads to your targeted destination.

A woman thinking about things that inspire

The truth is, someone has moved through and beyond that path. This person could be your role model. He could be the reason why you are pursuing a particular career, living that life you are living or chasing those lofty goals.

If your role model has reached that level of success, you too can reach there and even make greater achievement. However, there is a caution to choose role models wisely.

8. Motivation From The Handicapped

Sometimes our lives are given hope by people with disabilities. There are a number of them who look beyond their disabilities and do the unimaginable. Their brave act happens to be some of the things that inspire us. Imagine someone like Jessica Cox who has no arms, yet happens to be a professional pilot.

If you have never been inspired by a physically challenged person to swallow your frivolous excuse, then let me introduce you to Nick! He was born limbless but he plays soccer, does skydiving, motivates people, and does a whole lot of things.

Finally, there are other things you too can share online to inspire people. Yes! You can also be the reason why someone smiles or hopes for a better future. Together we can encourage each other and make the world a better place.

I believe this piece of content has lifted your soul. There are many things around us that supply us with constant inspiration. There is hope for everyone alive. Be unlimited and you would be happy, successful, and proud of yourself.

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