How To Make A Long Distance relationship work Like Magic

It is a plausible idea to find every means necessary to figure out how to make a long distance work.

It is very simple to learn how to make a long distance relationship work
Understand how to make a long distance relationship work. When love is real, there is no place too far.

The Truth Behind Long Distance Relationships

In a human institution, relationship differs from casual, intimate and professional levels. There is nothing to worry about if you know how to make a long distance relationship work effectively. The driving force here is “love“. Yes!, love cuts across all relationships existing in human institutions. Out of love people try to maintain a relationship that is 100 to 1,000 or more miles away.

Whether it is marriage or courtship, once in a while you will find yourself distant apart. How can you make your relationship stable in situations as such?.

This world is so big but technology has turned it into a global village. The strategies of abridging long distance relationship are fading away. People rarely use snail mail to write love letters, share gifts and communicate as well. The internet and its numerous apps do it in seconds.

Time To Learn Something New On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Today, I would share with you some interesting facts about long distance relationships. How does it work? how can you maintain it? and how you can achieve your target?. Stay attuned.

Just like I said earlier, human relationships are built on “love“. If it is not romantic love then it is agape love. Long distance relationships may exist between two lovers being married or unmarried. It could also be amongst family members, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Which one is your take?. In this post, I will talk more about romantic love that leads to marriage.

Why Long Distance Relationship?

People find themselves in long distance relationships for many reasons of which some are not their ideal choice but situational challenges.

Several statistics conducted by experts indicate that, almost everyone has felt or been in a long distance relationship before. ie. if not romance it is friendship or family relationship.

College students, workers (especially those in the military) often find themselves in long distance relationships. The geographic location of their workplaces distant them apart. Others find themselves in such kind of relationships for fun like one night stand so it doesn’t matter how long it takes to see each other. It is not intimate so there is nothing serious about it.


To be in a long distance relationship, there must be a target. When the love is genuine, it is likely that relationship will succeed its target. It could end in marriage with children that make a lovely family. If the lovers in question are married already, they can adjust till the time comes to stay closer again.

The fact is, long distance relationship might not work well for everyone but others succeed by perpetuating the love for eternity. In this incidence, each lover has a role to play. The person in question must look out for tips on how to make a long distance work, adopt and implement it to safeguard his/her love.

Such kind of relationship must always have a definite plan. Ask yourself. How long do you want to endure that long distance relationship before you finally come together as a couple?. There must be a financial plan, ways to avoid the pain of solitude, Is it an open relationship or not?. There are a whole lot of factors to consider etc.

How People Choose Long Distance Relationships

Since we are living in a technological world. We are privileged to use many different ways. Here I will discuss with you the most popular method millions use to find love at distant places that potentially end in something more or less.

♦.Online Dating
Millions are searching for their soulmates who thousands of miles away via online dating sites.

According to Online Dating Magazine, there are more than 2,500 online dating services online today in America alone. In addition, there are 1,000 new online dating services popping up each year.

Despite the huge number of online dating services housing millions of people, there is a slim possibility of finding a genuine partner.

♦.Social Networks
Millions use their social media accounts and chat apps to find potential partners at distant places. The likes of Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Kik, Badoo etc. You may even find forums or groups that share ideas on how to make a long distance relationship work.

Understanding How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work And The Risk Involved

Just like I always say; It is good to take a risk in life. Anyone who joins an online dating site to find a partner either within the same geographic area or not takes the risk of losing time or money. Scammers are everywhere.

From the African continent, con-artist from Nigeria has defaced the image of genuine online singles in Africa. This is the hardest truth which is a bitter pill we must all take. I am a proud African who will never hide the truth. Fake slay queens everywhere, “yahoo boys” everywhere, sex traders everywhere, liars…..

Due to the risky nature of finding a lover via online dating sites for long distance relationships, I don’t like recommending sites to people. But today, I will recommend and  .There are success stories out there. You could be one of them.

Why do I recommend

It is one of the best dating sites in the world today. They have a high-security level to control scammers and other offenders.

However, some countries in Africa and certain countries are exempted from signing up.

Why Do I recommend

“Afroclub” is an interracial dating site that scrutinizes new members before accepting them. But bear in mind, none of these sites are 100% secure. Scammers are always coming out with new gimmicks. If you are unsure about the authenticity of an online lover, contact me via the contact button and I can help you out.

Scammers who register without their true identity get busted. Find a list of these fake profiles on their safety page.

If you are a genuine African lady, you will likely find a soul mate mainly from Germany. In fact, most of these guys lack proper understanding on how to make a long distance work. Thier thoughts are often on how to satisfy their libido. Few of them have a genuine intention, find them.

Honestly, most of the guys there are perverts. I mean they lack moral standards. There are exceptions though. Just be vigilant. Let the techniques on how to make a distance relationship work be part and parcel of you if your lover is far from you.

Sorry that I couldn’t recommend any Christian dating site. It is so hard to figure out but I believe there are good ones out there. Christians should never forget that God is capable of choosing the right partner for you. Pray and trust him if you really want that.

How Can You Manage Long Distance Relationship?.

Here is the case you love someone so much but could hardly see your love, touch, smell his/her physical presence.

I believe the most difficult task in long distance relationship is to keep it lit always. Here, I will share with you some of the best ways to make a long distance relationship work by letting it serve the ideal propose it was meant for. Yes!, there are better ways on how to make a long distance relationship work. Perhaps no one has told you about.

1.Genuine Love
If the supposed love is genuine between two distant lovers, it will surely awaken the goals, feelings and the chemistry that make potential lovers yearn for each other’s companion irrespective of any challenge.

2. Positive Mindset
Making a long distance relationship work demands constant planning to meet current situations without causing pains to anyone’s feelings. If both of you prepare your mind to wage through all the challenges, it will surely end up perfectly well with your long distance relationship.

3. Communication
Many believe regular communication is the most important thing in maintaining a long distance relationship. What if I tell you I bet to differ?.

Before any future elaboration, I will insist on the fact that, “genuine love” is the most important thing in every kind of relationship. The meaning of true love alone will teach you how to make a long distance relationship work like magic.

God has all the answers on how to make a long distance relationship work. Just ask him in prayers. The Bible teaches us what true love is all about in 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 ;

“Love is patient, love is kind, it is not envious. Love does not brag, it is not puffed up. It is not rude, it is not self-serving, it is not easily angered or resentful.”

When love is pure there is no need to be jealous nor bear the burden of frequent communication. I suggest keeping a clean heart toward your distant lover.

I prefer making you miss me occasionally. Please, I don’t mean cut off communication in a long distance relationship. You can moderate it and keep a clean heart toward the one you love.

4.Kisses Through The Power Of Kissenger
A couple of years ago, I heard a group of college students was working on a project that turns fantasies of kissing into reality.

Today, this device is available for long-distance lovers. It has been designed like a phone cover that fits into the phone’s dimension.

How to make a long distance relationship work. Kissing your distant lover through kissenger bridges the distance between you
credit: Imagineering Institute “Long distance love-kiss through kissenger”

How does it even work? .The device fits the mouthpiece of your phone, sends a direct signal to your lover who is also using the kissenger. It uses internet data for transmission of the exact lip movement(synchronous).

The surface has sensors to make you feel the reality of kissing. Both of you feel the actual lip touch in real time. Some will say, this is madness. What do you think?

What if I tell you I’ve been using it and it’s very cool…..uh oh that’s a joke. I guess anyone who is in a serious long distance relationship would be dying to have one.

This is some of the weirdest ways technology is being used to abridge long distance relationships. No one knows their next technological device to teach people how to make a long distance relationship work. Whether you think it’s good or bad feel free to share your opinion in the comment box below.

To sum everything up, I have outlined some of the best ways on how to make a long distance relationship work. It is not always about romantic relationships. However, this entire post is mainly for romantic lovers.

Distance lovers might be married couples who are staying far apart for particular reasons or unmarried people who also fall into distance relationships who also try their best to bridge that gap.

It takes genuine love, patience, understanding and constant strategic plans to cope with daily challenges. LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP WORK BUT NOT EVERYONE. For those who believe in true love never give up. Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones if you find this article helpful.

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