Why Yearning For Perfection Is Useless And Dangerous

Billions of people are struggling to reach the highest point of life.They really feel desperate,you might be one of them.It is a dangerous thing to search for perfection in everything.Mankind cannot be infallible,it is natural and so you can’t defy it.Accept the fact that you can’t be perfect and you will be one of the happiest persons in life.

You cant be perfect in your life
Your target for success might fail but you can still make the best out of your life

You Can’t Be Perfect Nor Can You Always Be The Best

It shouldn’t surprise you to see people dig their own graves early on something positive they want to achieve.Everyone want success but not everyone will get it.It is a plausible idea to set brilliant goals,work assiduously to make it perfect but with caution.

Each and everyone of us want to reach high on the ladder, probably Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory in psychology is the best illustration to help you;the highest level being “self actualization.” is what almost everyone want.Anyone who fails to realize that imperfection bonds with man has a very big problem.

Enjoy Being A Temporal Loser In Your Life Journey

Today,the main point I want to share with you is simple. Bear in mind that, you can fail in one or two endeavours and still be a winner.You can’t be perfect; Your plans wouldn’t always go as you have wanted. After all,it teaches you great lessons in life.

Consider all the numerous goals you have;goals concerning your,family,marriage, job, school, future etc.You can’t always see things happening in the right way.Why?.Simply because you are not perfect.There is a saying that; “practice makes perfect.” We also truly know that “nobody is perfect” in our world except God.

So is this a contradiction?.I don’t think so,because there is always something beautiful in our human nature; the enthusiastic step for making a difference in life despite all the setbacks you will face.You won’t get a 100% success in your daily routines. The ups and downs rather make you stronger and smarter.

Muhammad Ali is widely known as the best boxer ever known in history. He was a warrior, a winner and inspirational. Despite all the glory heaped on him as the best boxer in history, he had his own flaws.He lost some of his competitive matches but that didn’t rob him of being the best boxer ever known in history.You can’t be perfect;You can’t always be the best at every moment you find yourself but you can be a winner or taste success in the long run.

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”

Donald Trump

Trumps quote reminds me of one of my oldest articles which explains why failure is a good thing.A bit satirical but has  strong inspirational message for everyone.No need to worry when things seem wrong or totally wrong.

Dangers Of Always yearning To Be The Best

Nobody is perfect

There are people who easily feel worthless if their plans fail. They become extremely disappointed and lose hope to pursue their goals. Uh oh,why hurt your own feelings?.Yes!, you were born to win, you were born to be the best but being the best doesn’t exclude failure or setbacks. They are all part of the journey to success.

Doctors have made it clear that having insatiable taste of being the best in all things at all times could harm your health.

♦.You might end up having heart attack.
♦.Depression might set in and send you to your early grave.

My dear don’t stress too much on things you can’t mold to attain your preferred shape.There is always another way.You can’t always be the best at something so accept the truth behind failure and success.Never forget;You can’t be perfect.

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