Too Short Life Is Too Short – A True Story

Believers should keep praying hard for “too short life is too short. Day and day out death takes our loved ones away with its forklift. This is not the will of our heavenly father. God want us to live long to worship him and enjoy the fruits of our labour.But why are we dying off too early?

too short life is too short
Saying goodbye:Too short life is too short

Too short life is too short:A man’s lifespan used to reach 500 years and over in ancient days.But,today as new generation emerges, lifespan of mankind has shortened. We barely reach 70 years in this 21st century.Too short life is short to allow us fulfill our dreams.

I dedicate this post to anyone who has lost loved ones from 2017 to the beginning of this year(2018).Death is undoubtedly, the saddest thing on earth. It is death that made Jesus Christ weep.He has power over death so he brought the dead man(Lazarus) back to life.

In the same way will he bring back our loved ones to life when he comes back.May the comforter, the Holy Spirit comfort any bereaved family and all those going through death anxieties.The lose of a loved one is so painful.So painful that Jesus himself wepft for Lazarus’s death.

There are many cases that cause our deaths.We can control some of the causes.Eg.,negligence,accidents,diseases and sickness etc. We need not to let it become an oversight.

However, there is no way mankind can find antidote to death. We can only prolong our lifespan through proper nutrition, self care, and avoid other preventable causes that are getting out of hands.

The Focus Point – The Shocking Story

Too short life is too short.Sometimes, people like me sit down with great thoughts about death and how cruel it is.There is one thing that has pricked me to share my feelings with the world.

Already, I have published a number of posts about death, good side of death and why you shouldn’t be afraid of death.

Just before the beginning of this year,I scheduled to meet a friend’s son on something personal. The boy is about 16yrs old.He was looking great when we met.

Just in a week time,the father called on the phone saying; ” His son has passed away”.Ah ah!, how possible?.A mysterious death, a beautiful soul is gone. It was so hard for me to believe….too short life is too short.

Inquiring about his death, the father said; His son had some rushes on the skin. So he took him to the hospital. He was given some injection and not for a long time the son passed away.

This doesn’t sound logical to me and many others. So death can take any of us away any moment?.

This boy’s death was unbelievable. Should we blame the Doctor or the devil?.

The devil doesn’t have anything good for us.He has been yearning for our pains and sorrows. But with Christ in the vessel, we will never fear.

Prayer can do us a lot of good.Prayers can break any unforeseen calamities that our enemies have conspired against us.In view of this I’m urging believers not to cease praying, for “too short life is too short”.

Thank God each day you wake up.For his grace,blessings and love has brought you this far.

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