“…Thankful For All Of Those Who Said No…”: – Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein: I thankful for all those who said NO.

“I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.”

– Albert Einstein

This simple Quote from  Albert Einstein sends a powerful message to everyone who becomes needy for something.

In Life we are interdependent on each other but what happens if your Brother, sister, friend, coworker, etc. refuse to help you?.

I believe every single challenge in life tests our readiness for success. Einstein is right to say he is thankful for all of those who said  “no.”

There is nothing painful than disappointment. When everyone says “no” — Don’t worry; God is ready to take care of you. Those who refuse to help you with your needs are actually redirecting you to the right place where you can find exactly what you need

After all, you would be grateful and say “I am thankful to all of those who said no.” Some of you guys out there really need to psych yourselves up.

There is something bigger residing In you. Believe in yourself so that no one crawls into your life and belittle your ambitions. It Is good to ask for help; But when you get “no” as an answer — be thankful just like Albert Einstein.

Now you have to do it yourself and yes you can!. The mind is a powerful tool. Fill It with positive thoughts.

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