How Can Experience Be The Best Teacher In Life?

Having enough knowledge in life opens up new doors for people to succeed. It takes a lot of commitment and endurance. Who doesn’t want to be successful in his career? job? field of study etc? Your knowledge would prove that experience is the best teacher.

Experience is the best teacher
The best teacher you could get is ‘experience’ it is highly needed to help solve problems that many cannot solve

For anyone to gain experience in life about anything, he or she must have the first touch of something to know how things really work. Is it safe or not safe when you do it this way?; the experienced man would ask himself and find the perfect answer. Get to why we say experience is the best teacher and strive to be the best in everything you are doing.

Experience in life has been a formula for separating the skilled from the unskilled, the competent from the incompetent, and scout out who would show proficiency at a particular job or task. When your Boss is in need of a subordinate, he will surely choose the one who has some of these qualifies:

1. Worked for many years

2. Well vexed in the nature of the job

3. Higher academic qualification

4. Other proficient quantities

You can’t easily attain such a level of the position. Unless you go through a lot of training to gain more experience… Stay humble and learn from both your predecessors and contemporaries.

Knowledge comes from experience:

“Information is not
knowledge. The only source of knowledge is an experience.”
– Albert Einstein

The Meaning Of Experience Is The Best Teacher

What is the meaning of ‘experience is the best teacher?.’ We may need a direct definition from a dictionary. But that wouldn’t be enough. There should be much more enlightenment for us to better understand this popular proverb.

Job interview
During a job interview, you are required to prove some level of experience. This becomes an advantage for you.

It actually has a direct meaning that should be understood by anyone. Isn’t it about dexterity in life? Yes!. When you are knowledgeable about a particular job, task, field of study, or a project you become someone we call “the experienced.”

Your knowledge would be required often to help make things simpler, efficient, and productive. That person knows how to be resourceful for people who need his help.

You can actually find that kind of person in almost every job or profession. They happen to be the pivot of change. They are valuable and helpful in their profession.

Understanding The Concept Of Experience Being The Best Teacher

This very proverb or phrase has been popularized by our modern generation. Because it resonates well with our thoughts and expectations.

Historically, the first related phrase is believed to have come from the Roman Empire during the reign of Julius Caesar. It was first documented as “Experience is the teacher of all things.”

Over a period of time, similar Proverbs have been recorded which actually offer the same meaning.

Today it is not really clear, who this proverb about experience as the best teacher is credited to. But a record of the exact phrase or Proverb: “experience is the best teacher” was recorded in the ‘Widow Bedott Papers’ by Frances M. Whitcher.” So in one way or the order, we can credit it to him. However, the meaning is the most important thing we must focus on.

Now, we also have this quote about experience being the best teacher from John Peterson. He said:

“Experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons”
—Jordan Peterson

Experience is the best teacher quote from Jordan Peterson

Before you gain experience in life or in a particular field of work, it means, at least you have tasted failure before. Failure teaches us a lot of lessons so I keep on iterating that everyone must never fear failure.

There are good sides to it. Without failure, you wouldn’t know the true path to what you are looking for. So when you set off next time… you won’t get lost.

In an attempt to make this very topic clear to my readers, I recommend the other version for you. It is about “human experience meaning.”

To gain experience in life, you must take a lot of time and work hard to master or specialize in a particular field of work or study. The more your experience or dexterity increases, the more your value also increases.

There is something extremely important you must bear in mind. If you really want to accomplish greater things in a particular field of study or work; You must be proactive in searching for knowledge. What do I mean by this?. Knowledge is power!.

If you do not learn from somebody who has gained much knowledge in a particular field of life; you will find it extremely hard to make it. If you have experience with a particular subject in life; you earn a lot of respect. This tells us why knowledge is power and why you must search for it.

Sometimes, knowledgeable people do not open up their secrets, experiences, and other gems for running a successful business or anything that relates to your interest. Knock at their doors,  search for them, and learn… Indeed the best teacher is ‘experience’ and it will always be.

Let’s take, for example, a doctor, engineer, teacher, lawyer, etc. who have worked for many years would surely receive a greater salary because of the level of knowledge they have in the field of their work.

In addition, people like our parents and grandparents have a lot of experience in life so they always get good advice for us. This alone explains why people say the best teacher is ‘experience.’

They have tasted the salt on this earth for long, and so they know much about a lot of things. You can’t cheat on them. They know more than you think, just like the saying; ” You can’t teach all dogs new tricks“.

Making It Part Of Your Life

Getting experience is not always about your work, but sometimes when you get introduced to something new. Your first encounter becomes the beginning of your experience.

It is a blessing to learn new things every single day in life. You end up increasing your knowledge and lofty goals.

When someone fools you for the first time, that becomes a lesson of experience for you and so I don’t think you will let yourself be fooled for the second time. You have learned your lesson already. And that teacher who thought you is the experience you had.

In order to acquire a particular knowledge in life about any field of work for a professional reason, you would have to pay.

An example is attending, school to acquire knowledge on a particular field of work. Getting experience in life is always free, but for professional reasons, you have to pay. Some have much value to exchange for some amount of money. This is how and organized institutions that impart knowledge do.

Conditions that teaches us lessons always give us the experience to move ahead in life. If you are an expert in something, then you are valuable enough for people to pay for your expert services.

You may not pay for a dime for a service if you can DIY. It means you are the real guy with some level of knowledge.

There Is No  Success Without Failure

If you really want to enjoy the blessings within a particular subject or job, then be willing to fail. It takes failure for people to become accustomed to something they do in life.

The teacher who is teaching you about how to do anything in life has failed more than you. That is what gave him the knowledge to show you the best way you can be successful at something.

Practice makes perfect so keep on failing at something without feeling ashamed. The only shame is if you don’t learn any valuable lesson from your failures.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Company failed several times in life. I wonder if there is anyone who has faced too many rejections than Jack Ma.

Failure increases your expertise in life

Any successful person you see out there has gone through a lot of failures. You may need to learn from their life experiences and you would be amazed at how they made it through.

At the end of your lessons, you must learn how to avenge your failures with success. This will help increase your chances of getting whatever plan into reality without much hustle.

You would, therefore, believe that the best teacher is the experience you gain from doing something. Whenever failure becomes part of the whole process; you learn some valuable lessons for your next attempt.

Consistency Brings About Expertise – Experience Is The Best Teacher

When you keep on doing something over and over again, your subconscious mind programs it. So whenever you go out there to do it, it becomes very simple for you.

Being consistent about something in particular brings experience to you

The reason is that you have gained enough knowledge about that particular thing. Like someone who is capable of multi-tasking at the workplace. The brain has automatically programmed the whole process involved in executing a particular task. They are already on your fingertips.

There are a lot of benefits to that being able to use your expertise in a very special way that makes you unique, efficient, and a trusted person. You would gain:

1. Respect

2. Trust

3. Credibility

4. Reliable

5. Increased in value

Become The Best Teacher

If you really want to enjoy the benefits of being an experienced person; then take yourself through the following:

1. Learn new things every single day.
2. Be ready to fail while you pursue a particular goal.
3. Let every failure motivate you to move forward.
4. Be an open-minded person by learning from other views and experiences.
5. Be willing to share what you know with others. It is a psychological fact that the more you share; the more you increase in knowledge and experience.
6. Never think you know it all, so be humble
7. Stay updated on issues that are important in your life.
8. Teach your children what you are good at, so that they can continue your legacy or learn something valuable from it.
9. You can only be the BEST, not PERFECT so don’t strive for perfection.

To master your field of interest or work for a profitable life, you have to spend a lot of time to master it well. Respect to all experienced people in any field of work or services. Kudos to you and keep it up. But don’t forget to share your experience with people.

Our next-generation needs to perpetuate the good things our today’s professionals are doing. They are actually helping in shaping the future with everything hidden in their minds and bloodstream.

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