Experience Is The Best Teacher

Experience in life opens a lot of new doors for people to succeed.It takes a lot of commitment and endurance. Who doesn’t want to gain experience in life?.

Experience is the best teacher
Experience is the best teacher in life

For anyone to gain experience in life about anything, he or she must  have a first touch of something to know how things really work.Experience in life has been a formula for separating the skilled from the unskilled.

Before you gain experience  in life or in a particular field of work,it means,at least you have tasted failure before. Failure teaches as a lot of lessons so I keep on iterating that everyone must never fear failure. There are good sides of it.

To gain experience in life,you must take a lot of time and work hard in addition.The more your experience or dexterity increases, the more your value also increases. Let’s take for example, a doctor,engineer,teacher etc.who has worked for many years would receive greater salary because of the experience they have in the field of their work.

In addition, people like our parents and grandparents have a lot of experience in life so they always get good advice for us.This alone explains why experience is the best teacher.They have tasted the salt on this earth for long, and so they know much.You can’t cheat on them.They know more than you think,just like the saying; ” You can’t teach all dogs new tricks”.

Getting Experience In Life

Getting experience is not always about your work,but something’s when you get introduced to something new.Your first encounter becomes the beginning of your experience.

When someone fools you for the fist time,that becomes a lesson of experience for you(experience is the best teacher) and so I don’t think you will let yourself be fooled for the second time.You have learned your lesson already.

In other to gain a particular experience in life about a any field of work for professional reason,you would have to pay.Example is attending, school to acquire knowledge on a particular field of work. Getting experience in life is always  free,but for professional reasons, you have to pay.

Conditions that teaches us lessons always give us experience to move ahead in life.If you are an expert in something, then you are valuable enough for people to pay for your expert services.

To master your field of interest for a profitable life, you have to spend a lot of time  to master it well.Respect to all experienced people in any field of work or services. Kudos to you and keep it up.But don’t forget to share your experience with people.

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