26 Awesome Bible Quotes About Beauty

Bible Quotes About Beauty

By looking through the scriptures, you can see how God’s creation is blessed with beautiful things ranging from humans, animals, tress, cities and more. Several Bible quotes about beauty reveal the differences. This earth is full of beautiful things. However, the word ‘beauty’ differs from individual perspective. God also sees beauty in a way that … Read more

10 Simple Ways To Show Kindness With An Inspiring Story

Ways To Show Kindness

Humans are naturally made to show love and care to others. Today, find the several ways you can show kindness to anyone anywhere. Such a virtue comes along with uncountable blessings. Don’t miss it. Showing kindness is a praiseworthy virtue every human must demonstrate. Oh, even our pets (eg. Dogs, cats, etc) do it. What … Read more

God Is Not A Genie To Fulfill Your Wish — Trust Him With Patience

God Is Not A Genie - Alladin magic lamp

To understand how the Lord answers prayers and intervenes in the affairs of believers must not be misconstrued. It’s time to know why God is not a genie to fulfill your wishes and crazy fantasies. Living for Christ Jesus doesn’t exempt you from going through difficult situations. Understanding how He loves and cares for us … Read more

53 Inspiring Motivational Quotes For Men

Motivational Quotes For Men

Here are 53 motivational quotes for men who desire to grow in mental strength and overcome any obstruction against their businesses, households, jobs, marriages, careers, and more. Motivation is needed to boost productivity and achieve greater success. If you need motivational quotes for men, then you are at the right place. Sadly, the beginning of … Read more

Understanding The Finger Of God And How It Works

The Finger Of God

The Lord rules over everything with a cemented history of displaying great power, signs, and wonders among his people and other nations. The finger of God does greater things now and forevermore. Have you heard of the phrase the “finger of God?” It’s recorded 4 times in the Bible. Several Christians and even non-believers use … Read more