Know Why Respect Is Important In Our Lives

In life respect is reciprocal,respect is earned but not bought.Give it to everyone and at least everyone will respect you back

Respect is important in our lives

Respect is important in our lives

Respect is the honor or the value we give to someone’s life.It is one of the moral values that is highly cherished by societies. Most often we hear that respect is reciprocal and so we all deserve to respect and be respected. I feel honored to share with you how important respect is in our world today.The young,old and aged ought to show some level of respect to each other. In any case that someone refuses to respect others, he or she too would lose respect from others.

I will definitely begin with self-respect because it is the immediate level every individual must consider  giving respect to others or expect respect from others.In one of my early posts,I talked about why we are characterised by different behaviours.If your character is socially acceptable it means you have a good level of manners which includes self-respect.Every individual must  esteem himself or herself. If you are valuable to yourself definitely you will be valuable to others.So how can you even gain respect?. Make sure you are always on point, let people see you as someone who is humble,decent,responsible and with courtesy and all these would show in the way you talk,walk,dress and interact with people. If you are notorious, my friend forget about been valued by others. Your family friends, church members, coworkers and even strangers should have a good thought of your total appearance as someone who respect himself  or herself.You can’t eat any how in public or talk any how in public and think you are sending a good message about yourself to the world,you lie bad.So in order to make sure that you have self-respect be courteous and decent  in the house or anywhere you find yourself. And remember that respect is earned but not bought. You can mess around with people in your inner circle and the outside world and think you can find yourself out to command respect?,it will not work. It is simple like the saying ‘garbage in garbage out”.

Secondly, after you have shown your self  some respect,you have to respect others too.Give respect to anyone you come across in life.Yes, I mean everyone,don’t be bias.Respect the young and the old.Although in our societies some people command a lot of respect than others and that is factual. Maybe you are wondering why I am saying some people command a lot of respect than others. We have to be honest here; will you give respect to a noble man and give the same respect to a notorious and arrogant man?.Hell no,because the notorious man has lost self-respect in his life so the value of his reputation has reduced drastically. If care is not taken, no one will give respect to someone like that,not even kids.But for humanity sake I would like everyone to show some kind of respect to all folks of people simply because they are living souls,God created all of us in his own image.

The Misconception:
Here I would like to emphasise on the  deviation of the true meaning of respect. Some people think when they become  fearful, it means people are showing respect to them.Let me tell you the truth, anyone whose character has made him fearful to his families,friends and communities is just an outcast, when he is out there its like a landslide. Nobody would like to get close to you because you don’t respect your self and don’t respect others too.You virtually become a lion in the midst of  sheep.They will all run away when they see you around,not because they respect you but because you are dangerous and fierce like a wild animal.In bible times, Cain was feared by those around him because God cursed him for killing his brother Abel.He wasn’t respected a bit.Instead people saw him as a lion among sheep.They need to run away from him.If you are planning to strike terror into people’s heart to gain their respect then I’m sorry for you.You need to humble yourself before people can embrace you with the respect you are yearning for.Respect is earned so you can not use short cut means to earn anyone’s respect. Be polite to everyone in your house, family, friendship circle ,work place and other institutions.

The Most Extreme:
Today,our societies respect certain people more than others, the respect increases to the extend that,the person is idolized. Well,personally I see that as inappropriate. For instance, there are certain personalities like Pastors and Prophets who  are seen as gods by their members, they obey every command they give, a Pastor could ask a church member to eat insects chew grass bow down to him and so on and so forth.And you will see the church members panicking to execute the command given to them because they have super kind of respect for the so-called man of God.This is the most extreme kind of respect anyone can give or receive.As for those who are fearful; as I talked about earlier, they drive people away because they are notorious and fierce but for people like these kind of Pastors and Prophets they are like honey Combs that attract bees.They are full of sugar-coated words and miracles.

In furtherance, noble people like presidents or head of states and their cabinet command a lot of respect because they occupy the highest positions in the country. Who are you to Stand on the way of your president when he or she is moving with his entourage?.The government will incarcerate you for;

 1. Showing disrespect
 2. Breaking the laws

They actually earned the respect of the country through the ballot or Royal inheritance so you must show a greater kind of respect. They really deserve that so give them the respect.If you commit  libel against them then get ready to face  the law.

Another class of people who command a lot of respect is our aged. Our parents and grandparent have seen almost everything in life, they came to this planet before you, they know what you don’t no,no matter your academic qualifications. give the elderly a lot of  respect, because life has already given them respect by holding them on earth for several years, life has blessed them with many years so acknowledge that they have earned a lot of respect in life so don’t be ungrateful to them,Respect and support them when they need your help and at least if they have nothing to offer, they can bless you with their mere lips and it shall be well with you.

I do respect my self a lot,this is not-self conceitedness, it is the value of my life and so you can’t take it from me.I do show everyone respect but when you piss me off with your deviant character you would hardly earn that kind of respect I had for you. So to all my readers let us respect ourselves and respect everyone too.Did you find this post helpful?. Let me know in the comment box and don’t forget to share.

Is The Love Of Money The Root Of All Kinds Of Evil In Life? (Timothy 6:10)

In life,we all need money to buy almost everything we need but how to earn it plunges many people into destructions

Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil

The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil

Money is calling,who doesn’t like it?.How powerful rich men can manipulate people in this 21st century is beyond my imagination. Money speaks and justice is denied, money speaks, and the wicked is made righteous, money speaks and kids become adults and adults become kids, money speaks and the prudent becomes wise and the wisdom of the wise is nullified in the face of men,money speaks and  people forget about their financial problems.These are few of what money can do in our modern world making people idolize money on the face of this earth.

Today’s article from the bible will teach us about money and how God want  Christians to handle it.Most at times people misquote the original verse in 1 Timothy 6:10 which says:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil; which while some coveted after,they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves  through with many sorrows”.

I want all believers to take a good look at the above verse; it is the “love of money” which is the root of all evil,but not “money”.Money is not a bad thing but if you wander from your faith and love money,then it is like idolatry. Money has become your god.Jesus said you cannot worship both God and money.

“No man can serve two masters;for either, he will hate the one and love the other… cannot serve both God and money”(Matthew 6:24).

Money is not the source of all kinds of evil,the only thing that is the source of all evil is sin(Romans 5:12).God has many special gifts for us when we worship him well.He said we should ask anything in his name and he will do it.Solomon asked for wisdom and God gave it to him,in addition to wealth which made him the richest man ever to live.He blessed him with riches. So for anyone getting rich is not a sin but if your wealth drives you away from God and righteousness then you become a friend of the devil. Jesus said it would be difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.And the question is why did he say this?.It all began when a young rich man approached him to find out how he can gain salvation.Jesus told him to follow what is in the word. He replied that he has done all what the scripture says. He was so proud of that, but Jesus told him to go and give out his wealth to the poor,get back and follow him.This rich man found it insane to do that. What did Jesus say then?.

“Then Jesus said unto his disciples, verily I say unto you that a rich man shall hardly enter into the Kingdom of God”(Matthew 19:23).

Jesus said this,because many rich men have idolized their wealth and have wandered far away from the grace and love of God.If you are a rich man and you think your money can save you without fearing God,O I tell you the truth you lie bad.

Some people are greedy enough to cheat, kill and destroy innocent lives to amass wealth for themselves, all because of the love of money in their hearts.The devil has incited them to destroy and be rich.In this very 21st century, everyone seems to find any means necessary to earn money and be rich to fulfill his or her fantasies;building mansions,buying luxury cars,own huge properties and satisfy his or her sexual desire anyhow he or she want. The youth today don’t mind sacrificing their friends,parents, strangers or parts of their body for spiritual money.They only want to be rich so they consult demons and spiritualists to gain direct access to huge amount of monies.This kind of evil thing is very common in Africa.It is termed as “blood money”. Youths are having deals with the devil.After a couple of successful years, they become fed up, because the money-god will demand for sacrifice occasionally. Some have bitterly regretted for chasing money from the wrong direction of life.Failure to perform the sacrifice will result in your death.What does the bible say to those who are hungry for quick money?.

“Those who want to be rich,however stumble into temptation and a trap and many senseless and harmful desire that plunge people into ruin and destruction”( 1 Timothy 6:9).

The devil doesn’t give anything for free, if he promises you the world never mind him because:

1.He is the father of lies(John 8:44),he will promise to make  you happy,rich and healthy.

 2. He will not fulfill his promise in full and make you pay for the little thing he has done for you with your life.

 3. He will reject you when you need him most.

When the love of money drives you to amass wealth for yourself, will you carry them along when you die?,will  your money even save you from dying?. Why then would you allow the devil to deceive you to love money but not your creator.Your life is precious than money.

“Truly,every man goes on his way like an image;he is troubled for no purpose;he makes a great store of wealth and has no knowledge of who will get it”(Psalms 39:6)

I always say the devil is not wise.He is a liar, a crafty liar who can lure you with world pleasures to sin against God.If you are a believer, I will implore you to be on guard and you will know all the crafty devices of the devil.We came to earth naked and in naked shall we go.

If you want to be rich, have patience and use the right way.Invest in something profitable,work hard,save for the future and gradually God will bless your hard work. When you use the right channel to be rich  God will bless and protect you from enemies.

He has said; “The silver is mine,the gold is mine  said the LORD of host”(Haggai 2:8).Yes off course he created everything in the universe, if you will humble yourself and get close to him with all your heart and mind, he will never forsake you.He will make you rich by blessing you.When God makes you rich don’t be selfish,open your hands for the needy and anyone who genuinely needs your help.For more money you give,the more your blessings increases. I understand many rich men do give to charities and that is a good thing.Be content in whatever you have and wait for the lord for his time is the best.

In summary,do not let the love of money drive you to sin against God.Money is good for everyone but don’t be greedy,don’t fight for it with your life because any moment from now you can die and leave everything behind. What have you done to your soul for owning the world and losing your precious life?.

How Bad The Media Influences Us In Life?

The media in our days cannot be detached from us,but have we even noticed the harm it is giving us in life?

The media affect us

The media affect us

Everywhere we find ourselves, the media is there.The media reach us in many ways through graphics, magazines, radio,TV,internet and social media. We can’t live today without feeling the impact of media in our lives. But the question is; does it do as any good?.Yes it does but why would it demoralise us and our children?, and control the thoughts of millions of people?.We live in a world where the media has gained power over reality. When the media says “Yes”,millions of people grab it within few minutes, when the media says “No”,millions of people grab it within few minutes. Even when truth is sometimes reported falsely, people still grab it very quickly. This makes the media a very dangerous and powerful tool in our societies today. I do care to share my thoughts on some of the pressing issues in our societies today,because if we keep on keeping mute, it will one day plunge us into a world of chaos and lawlessnes.If it doesn’t affect me,it might be my children, family or friends. It is a matter of concern. Let us educate ourselves on how we can handle the media in a way that it will not lead us astray.

My aim of writing this very post is to make it known to you how dangerous the media could be,despite all the many advantages. Let us consider the following aspects of media  that derail us from life.

They are one of the most influential people in our world today. They are the role models of millions.Our societies learn from them, our youths and children learn from them.The musician is always seen looking flamboyant in our televisions, their dressing,display of wealth and their entire lifestyles makes our youth and children  mimic them.There is something hidden from us and some of these musicians have come out to show the truth. Not all the cars you see them driving belong to them,not all the fashion they show describe their real lives,not all the behaviour they put up in video clips are real so if you are a kid or youth and you are impersonating them,them I’m sorry for you.You might think they are extraordinary people when you see them in your television but in the real sense,they are simple and normal just like you and I.When  you are a kid or youth and you copy them you become a puppet which is being manipulated by almost fake people.It is only few who might own everything they display on our screens.It makes people envy their looks and lifestyles. So our youth develop strong taste of quick success simply because he or she has been enticed by the outlook of a musician he or she likes so much.

Celebrities:Actors & Actresses/Movies:
How do they also have bad influence on us?.Today,I want to tell you that most of the beautiful women seen in movies are half unnatural.Why am I saying this?.They might mislead you to feel inferior but most of them are not even real. How funny it sounds, fake celebrities driving real people into a world of fantacies.Know that half of their beauty is easily wiped out with simple towel,they have make-ups all over their face with fake hairs on,artificial nails on and to a larger extend surgery to correct their beauty flaws.I want to tell you that, they are not special than you.What you see through that glass isn’t all that real so my dear do not copy them.If you do so you are imitating something fake that will make you fake to your friends,families and loved ones.Do not let the media control the way you live your life.The video you see is full of editing but in life there are no editing buttons or control buttons to exaggerate your appearance. Whom are you going to impress?, me?,your friends or who?.

There is a story about a little boy who watched Superman on the television and after the movie, he felt like he was superman so he stood on a story building, jumped off to fly but what happened was sad,he crashed to the ground and died. Just like when we were kids,after watching Chinese movies, we begin to share the characters among ourselves, fight each other with fake kind of kung-fu moves.OMG!,how funny kids could be.I just missed my childhood days. After watching American movies, we have to prepare fake guns and shoot ourselves with it.The dangers of knocking each other, chasing each other,were treacherous to our lives,unnecessary  bruises and all forms of injuries angers our parents.Recently,reports indicated that, while shooting Mission Impossible 8 Tom Cruise  jumped a long distance gap and broke his ankles.I actually watched the replay and it was heart breaking. I felt sorry for him,but he is a man enough to bounce back. When they finally première it, you will see him jumped over the same gap neatly. My friends don’t try that at home,it is not a good thing to copy.Movies are full of editing so anytime you are watching movies be open-minded to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

The News Room/Commentary:
I also call this one “time bomb room”.Here when they broadcast anything like gossips or false news, it spread faster than light or the comic movie star “The flash”.They could sometimes prank us on the death of certain people to the extend that if you have BP, you will faint and die.When you are listening to football commentary, the articulations and the emotional exaggerations could break your heart when your team is about  to concede a goal  but when you are at the stadium yourself, you wouldn’t feel that emotional burden.When there is any incidence of slander or libel against you, it would be very hard to break free.Bad news always spread faster than good news.The media has announced the death of certain  celebrities  but they still live.How would you feel if you grieve over the death of someone you really cherish and just to find out that it was a lie?.Dont just believe anything you hear from the media especially social media.The social media is the haven of all sorts of gossips. Whatever they say is easily accepted  by a lot of people.Misinformation on natural disasters put people into fear and panic,so-called men of God are given air-time to prophesy the end of the world causing fear and panic.Many pastors have prophesied the end of the world making people sell their properties and do other silly things but here we are but the world has never ended.

In summary the media has done us a lot of harm which shouldn’t happen, many of them run in a way as if there are no laws to check them.Even if there are no laws,does that guarantee any media  to put us into fear and panic?, make us copy fake people?, and learn bad practiceses?.However, we must know that the media is not hundred percent reliable, sometimes they are  driven into situations where the truth becomes compromised for money sake.Children are fast learners so we must help them understand the lies behind movies and other video clips for them to face any challenge of that sort.And please do not be too quick to judge what you read online because there are a lot of satirical sites around, they might make you believe in what is untrue.

Is It A Sin For Christians To Use Digital Bibles?

Digital bible usage has made  millions of Christians forget about the physical bible, and is it doing us any good?

Is it a sin to use digital bible?

Is is a sin to use digital bible?

Civilization has reached a point that technology has covered almost every part of  human aspect ranging from what we eat,wear,see and so forth. Now, the Holy Bible being the word of God has also being digitized.Today, there are over millions of digital bible apps available for Christians world wide.It is sometimes called e-bible.It is gradually taking over the physical(book) bible we already know.In this article I would like you to stay with me whiles I share my thoughts about the usage of digital bible in Christiandom.Is it good for Christians to use digital bible?.This very question is hard to answer but from my point of view I would prefer we consider the advantages and the disadvantages of using digital bible, and to be honest with you;I will prefer all Christians to spend more time on the physical bible than the digital bible.We all use digital Bibles because we find it:

 1.Easy to carry along(portability)
 2. Easy to search for biblical keywords
 3. Easy user interface
 4. Fast in searching for topics
 5. Easy bookmarks and reference
 6. Easy to share with friends via text,emails and social media

I believe there are other reasons that people prefer digital bible to the physical bible.If I did not mention,feel to share with me in the comment box.Honestly, I have much interest in the digital bible and I use it often than the physical bible due to the above reasons, but sometimes I feel like I am using the word of God in the wrong way.The physical bible is most often ideal on my table.I believe many Christians are in the same canoe.Even some of the great pastors we now use digital bibles on their Iphones,IPads, tablets and other phones.Some even read sermons from the phone to their congregations.

Fast to the main points, I want all Christians to know that the devil is very crafty but not wise.He has already used technology to distract us from having proper time with our Lord Jesus Christ,through TV’s and their telenovelas, computers, movies,mobile phones,game consoles, etc. The average man uses technological gadgets than seeking for God.We can’t spend just 30 mins or 1 hour with God  a day but we can spend the day watching telenovelas or browse on our phones. Almost all Christians today fall short in this.

At least we all know that there is power in the bible we use,but my question to all Christians is that;Is there any power in the DIGITAL BIBLE ON YOUR PHONE?????.When the devil want to attack you in your room and sees your mobile phone, can the phone drive the devil away because you have a digital bible on it?.Hell “No”,because the mobile itself is a worldly invention, it belongs to the beauties of the world and the devil is in control of that.Your true Bible must be the physical bible. It is that, the holy Spirit can live in it but not your mobile phone. I hope you get me right here.Do not nullify the word of God with technology or traditions.

“Making the word of God of no effect by your rule,which you have given;and a number of other such things you do”(Mark 7:13).

Why Would You Use Digital Bible At Church?.Christians go to Church with their big mobile phones and iPad leaving the physical bible in the house because they believe they have digital Bible on their phones. How pity and funny it sounds.A pastor will be preaching to his congregation and wonder if they are reading from their digital Bibles or checking Facebook profiles. Let us consider some of the disadvantages of using digital bibles or the so-called e-bibles.

 1. when the phone breaks down your bible too has broken down.Without the phone,there is no bible.

2. While reading from your bible pop-ups like advertisement will show to distract you.

 3. You might be tempted to check your Facebook notifications or slip to any social media network.If you don’t take care you might forget that you are at church and do active chat with friends. Are you really serving God at church?I’ve once chat with a friend on Whataspp, and after asking her about where she is she told me she is at church. Can you imagine this?.

4.Digital bibles could be altered easily because the owner has direct access to the app and so can remove or add new words to the bible. It is very easy to alter it unlike the printed bible or the physical bible.

 5.Incoming calls or messages can distract you from reading the Bible to understand it properly.

Desperate Christians will then ask, “So is it a sin to use digital bible?”.I do not see it as sin and I am not the one to define what sin is.The bible has made it clear that we have the freedom to do anything but not everything we do is right. Why would you send digital bible to church and leave your physical bible in the house. Christians today feel lazy to take time to go through the physical bible page by page.Because we find it old-fashioned and boring. There is power in the word of God,the “book”, but not the phone.

I remember watching a video of a certain woman who said God has revealed to her to tell all Christians that they should refrain from digital bible. It was a heart-touching video and as I watched I felt convicted. There is no power in the digital Bible we have used and still using.Let us turn to the real book of God.

In conclusion, I would prefer all Christians to try their  best to spend more time on the physical Bible than the digital bible or the so-called e-bible. I do not condemn the usage of digital Bibles but I believe minimising its usage for the printed bible would be a good idea.Many Christians feel ashamed to go to church along with their physical bibles so they choose to go to church with their big and expensive mobile phones,tablets, iPhones and other screened gadgets. Please, leave your digital bibles behind and go along with the physical bible to have full concentration on the word of God.The phone itself distract us from having smooth relationships with God.I for instance, I often switch off my phone when I am about to pray.One single call can disrupt the communication link between me and my God.Let us all learn how to use our mobile phones effectively in other not to draw us back from God.

I am very hopeful you have learnt good lessons from this article. May God bless you. Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment box and don’t forget to share with your Christian friends.

How To Overcome Inferiority Complex – Boost Your Confidence

Many people living today have lost their self-identity because of inferiority complex. It has stolen their happiness in life.

How to deal with inferiority complex

Know how to overcome inferiority complex

If you are a kind of person finding it difficult to deal with inferiority complex,you are at the right place. Read through to find out some of the ways you can use to overcome it.

Inferiority complex is a challenge most of us go trough in life.It is actually normal but how to understand yourself and overcome  the problem is what becomes difficult for most of us..Inferiority complex is not triggered by cognitive skills but our emotions.When  someone feels insecure in a particle trend of life that person tends to lose focus of whom he or she really is.In this post I will share with you my thoughts on inferiority complex and help you understand how you can deal with it effectively.

In one way or the other we have all felt weird at a point in our lives.We compare ourselves to celebrities, friends,politicians, rich men,beauty pageants, coworkers,strangers etc. because we think there is something special about them that we don’t have but we need it.Instead of us to learn something good from the person who is different from us,we tend to compare ourselves to them and that is where the inferiority complex sets in.It makes the person in question lose hope in himself or herself. In view of this he or she has to  hid behind the scene, be someone he or she is not, and that is a dangerous kind of game.Be honest with yourself.

Appreciate yourself and know that you are unique in the eyes of God.When you discover yourself,you will understand what makes you unique to those people you feel inferior to.Let’s say you are a footballer,you play very well in the same championship that world-class players like  Messi and Ronaldo are in,you don’t have to compare yourself to them because the traits they have is different from yours.We can never be equal on earth. If you find Ronaldo or Messi so skillful,agile and fast on the field,that doesn’t mean you should feel inferior just because you can not show those skills.What you have to do is learn from them and be yourself. You are best in you.Maybe you are also good at  defending, go do it best and be contend with your ability and uniqueness.

For you to over inferiority complex,first find where you feel inadequate and deal with it. Is it  beauty, fame,money, power or what?.Know that If you are a girl and you watch Miss World or Beauty Contests and feel inferior, you are making a big mistake. I understand some girls watch Miss World and feel inferior to the extend that they cry.My dear look into the mirror, see your reflection. Do you really think you are ugly?.Don’t tell me “Yes”, because I will not buy that. You are comparing yourself to the wrong people at the wrong level.You are beautiful when you are with your contemporaries. That is your comfort zone so stick to that and you will find yourself beautiful. Believe in yourself with positive mind.

Love your self because, no matter how you feel about yourself or how people feel about you,you are still the same person.Understand  the passion you have for your self and smile to your self that you are you.Nobody can love you than you love your self.because in life  he who wears the  shoes knows where it pinches.Your boyfriend, girlfriend, parent can not love you more than yourself. Apart from the one who created you,there is no one who can love you better. I do love myself very much and so I don’t allow people to bog me down with demeaning words or situations. I love myself to the extend that people sometimes call me narcissist.We’ll I don’t have problem with that. Self love is a kind of perfect love.Love the total appearance of yourself, love your abilities,strengths and understand your weakness.Don’t let them make you hate your self. Someone could boldly say, “I hate myself”, why? and why? again .You can’t be anyone so make sure you find a way of loving yourself. Life is all about you.

Know your limit. We are different from each other because nature gifts us with many different outlooks and abilities. If you meet a friend who can run for 100km per hour and you can’t, it is not necessary to push yourself beyond your limit to equalise with your friend if you can’t. Accept that he or she is different and you are also different.If you can’t run 100km per hour,whatever distance your strength can take you to is what you should appreciate and gradually work on it to better yourself. Smile to your own abilities because that is what makes you special. If you dare go beyond your limit you may collapse on the way, all because you wanted to be equal with somebody. Know your limit.If the school  your friend is taking you through is too high for you change it and find what best suits you.

Find the right people. When you are with the right friends who accept you the way you are, it will make you feel good.Friends are very influential so be with friends who are positive minded and can inspire you to move ahead in life.Avoid friends who are self-conceited,arrogant and fun of using derogatory words.Avoid them completely.This will elevate your self-confidence to express yourself without being intimidated because people in your friend circle really understand you,love you and want to see you smile always.

Be brave enough to sell your self out. Don’t lose your self-esteem. Be proud that you are what you are; tall,short,slim,fat,dark,fair…. but in the case of health problems like obese being the result of unhealthy dietary, see your doctor for medical attention on learn how to stay healthy. Apart from health disorder that you can work on to correct the effects I don’t see any other thing about you that is natural that you should worry about to make you feel inferior.What if your sickness is chronic?. Oh uh,there is no need crying over spilt milk.You are not the only one fighting against chronic disease in life,there are millions of people.They all matter. If you want spiritual healing before you get over inferiority complex, then I will tell you to take it to God.Pray hard,meditate on his word, have faith and surely you  will receive your healing right in front of your eyes.Understand that you are not the worse person on earth.You are simply different and special.

Try your best to put a stop to all bad emotional memories.We all make mistakes but that mistake shouldn’t be taken into the future.Forget about them,forget how people mistreated you,talked against you. Forget about a terrible mistake you made in the past and don’t allow it to haunt you.

Read motivational books or blogs like this one  to get inspired. As you keep on reading and finding positive ways of overcoming inferiority complex, put them into practice, if possible see a psychologist occasionally to psych you up.Feed your brain with positivity and nothing will push you to look down on yourself.

In summary, after you have discovered yourself, your abilities  and inabilities, the kind of friends to keep in your inner circle, knowing your limit developing mental positivity and ensuring other positive ways of defining your true identity, inferiority complex will vanish from your life. Never mind what people say about you.clear them from your memories as soon as possible.When you listen to the bad comments from people and their reactions toward you,you become a slave to them. Don’t mind whatever they say.You know yourself better than anyone so whatever you say to your self is final.

Did you find it helpful? If so share to help a friend who is also dealing with inferiority complex, and don’t forget to share your comments contributions and feedbacks with me.I would be glad yo read them.

How To Obtain Wisdom From God

Wisdom is precious than silver and gold,those who seek for it wholeheartedly find it.

How to obtain wisdom from God

How to obtain wisdom from God

Wisdom is available for all of us,but not all of us have obtained it.Wisdom is very precious and those who value it get it.Wisdom is not taught nor learned. You don’t have to expect getting wisdom from school, or any educational institution. There is difference between school knowledge and godly knowledge which is true wisdom from God.God has not hid wisdom from us,those who want it get it.In this Post, I will talk about how you can get wisdom from God and how it can manifest in your life.We need wisdom to handle difficult situations and make right choices all the time to bring success and happiness to us.True wisdom is from above but not the craftiness of men with earthly knowledge.

“But the wisdom that  is from above is first pure, then peaceable,gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of  mercy and good fruits,without partiality and hypocrisy”(2 Peter 3:15).

The search for wisdom is to get happiness in life but if you search for it at the wrong place, you will never meet it.The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom(Proverbs 9:10).So for any of us who have made it a good point of obtaining wisdom from God as a serious matter, we must fear him by obeying his command and carry our cross and follow him because it is him wisdom emanates and he gives it freely to anyone who ask for it deligently.We must listen to the word of God,read the word of God and put it into action. Humble yourself and God will raise you higher with heavenly wisdom.

Solomon has been known as the wisest man ever to live. His wisdom surpassed every knowledge of men.This attracted many people like the Queen of Sheba to  visit Solomon and test him with difficult question to see,if truly he was full of wisdom.

“And she said to the King,it was a true report that I heard in my own land of thy act and thy wisdom”(1 Kings 10:6).

King Solomon demonstrated the wisdom in him by answering difficult questions and judging wisely. A very good example was when two prostitutes approached him over a dispute about their babies.They sleep together in the same room with their babies. The Bible indicates that they all gave birth at the same day.Few days later,One woman’s baby died, she exchanged her dead baby with the other woman’s living baby during the midnight. When she woke up in the morning to breast feed her baby she realised that baby wasn’t her’s, the other woman has exchanged her dead baby with hers.As they  presented their case to King Solomon, he ordered for a sword.

“And the King said, divide the living child in  two and give half to one woman and half to the other woman”(1 King 3:25).

The moment the real mother of the baby heard the command,she pleaded that they shouldn’t kill the baby, instead they should give it to the other woman. The other woman also said,thy should divide the baby so that none of them get the baby alive.The king found out that the passionate woman was the real mother of the child and so he ordered that the baby should be given to her. His judgement spread through Israel and people marveled at his immense wisdom.

Now let me share with you how you can Obtain Wisdom from God.

The first thing is to fear God and then as you get close to him open your heart for him to come and live with you.God is awesome and all-powerful. If you give him all your attention by glorifying his greatness, he will bless you before you even ask for it.The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Be hungry  for the word of God day and night,value it with humility,ask and it shall be given unto you.Solomon asked for wisdom and God listened to his prayers by giving him wisdom through dream.(1 Kings 3:11).King Solomon was a mere man just like you and I but when he diligently sought for wisdom from God he got it.He was not born with wisdom, he took the step and truly he obtained it.”If any of you lacks wisdom let him ask God(James 1:5).

The word of God is full of wisdom, Jesus is the wisdom of God and God created the universe with wisdom.When you make reading of the bible a habit, automatically you are acquiring wisdom. But you have to be dedicative by meditating on it day and night, let it be a lamp unto your feet and unto your path.

To get wisdom of God, get close to Jesus, the son of God. He is the essence of wisdom.He is where wisdom emanates.Many traveled far away to witness the wisdom of Solomon. He was full of wisdom, but the greatest wisdom is Jesus Christ himself.”…..and behold a greater than Solomon is here”.(Matthew 12:42).In proverbs chapter 8 going,the bible gives the attributes and power of  wisdom.When you read through, you will find out that this wisdom the bible is talking about is not Jesus him self. Here the bible personified wisdom. This kind of  wisdom is what God gave to Solomon when he asked for it in prayers. If you find it difficult to understand,just ask me in the comment box and I will explain it to your basic understanding. By the way,the above picture is a silhouette of myself. Hope you like it, feel free to share.

In summary, wisdom is a heavenly gift that God is ready to give to anyone who diligently seek for it. If you want wisdom, fear God,ask him,read the bible and get close to Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and life, if you get close to him you will never fail.You will get wisdom to live a successful and a happy life.But please use your wisdom wisely, do not cheat, else God will bring you down because he hates hypocrisy.Wisdom doesn’t follow any instructions,it manifests itself in people without being so hard on themselves. It is clear to see from the way they talk and make decisions. Pray to God today and everyday and he will make you wise. Who doesn’t want wisdom?.We all want, so let’s put God first in everything we do and we would be one-step ahead of obtaining wisdom. Amen.