Learning The Hard Way Of Life | 9 Lessons To Inspire You

Learning The Hard Way Of Life | 9 Lessons To Inspire You

Life is like a rollercoaster with ups and downs. It wickedly throws lemons at us but learning the hard way could help turn them into tasty lemonade. This holds one of the key to your restoration, hopefulness, success and happiness.

Let me pinch you for a few seconds and draw your attention to some of the painful truths in life. It might be hurtful though but the truth is what will set you free. You might ignore them or give unnecessary excuses. Learning the hard way hasn’t ever been pleasant but today I believe you would be inspired to go all out like a warrior wanting progress, victory, happiness and peace. All these come through a working process that involves a series of ups and downs. Now, brace yourself up for something bigger… Be careful; because the road to success has always been crooked.

Economists say our resources are limited and so can’t satisfy our numerous wants. The problems are prevalent… Think of them; financial constraints, marital problems, dying dreams, fear, abuse, trauma, depression, failure, joblessness, injustice etc, Some of these challenges will crop up on our way but knowing how to deal with them would bring happiness into your lives.

What Does To Learn The Hard Way Mean?

Learning the hard way simply means getting yourself acquainted with things necessary for success and happiness through the pains of failure, mistakes and other negative experiences.

This phrase could easily draw your mind to academics. However, without denying the fact that it cuts across all social lives, being studious in school is part of learning the hard way.

Do you remember the kid whose mum told him to learn very hard in school? He took this piece of advice seriously but unfortunately, he didn’t understand the meaning and how to apply it in school. This guy sat in class all day idle —hardening himself like a chanting kung-fu master while lessons were in progress.

During final exams too he sat behind his papers hardening himself starring at the questions… The results came and he had failed woefully. Misunderstanding idioms, motivation and words of wisdom could be very worrisome and destructive. That’s just a joke by the way.

Real life is lived outside classrooms and lecture halls. Knowledge is infinite and so it is advisable to learn new things wherever you go. Those who fail to learn life lessons often become woeful failures.

“Sometimes there’s not a better way. Sometimes there’s only the hard way.” —Mary E. Pearson

Now I believe you have grasped the meaning of learning the hard. Let me continue by matching it with reality and how to make things work out for you in the next paragraphs.

Life Lessons To Learn The Hard Way

In this hectic world, nothing good comes on a silver platter. Before anyone could succeed in anything he has to undergo tests and trials; I main painful experiences to learn the best ways to soar like an eagle and reach higher heights.

Learning the hard way quote

“Life is like a sport, facing obstacles and learning from them. Every time we fall we get back up and try again until we finish what has been started! We try and try never to quit, because what’s life without trying.” —Anonymous

There are several ways life teaches us lessons about learning the hard way. A life governed by natural laws presents to us with a series of stages to reach the top of the ladder of success. Never think of cutting corners if you want genuine and lasting success in your education, career, business, marriage and other relationships. It is imperative and beneficial to learn the hard way to a successful future —unlike using shady means like how the lazybones do. Below are some of the lessons that can help you to learn the hard ways in life.

1. Say Goodbye To Laziness

Since laziness produces nothing better, you must erase it from your life. In order to achieve your goals —you must be prepared to work hard and wisely. It is painful to endure the challenges life takes us through. But in the long run, you would be proud you went through all that crazy stuff.

Whatever work you are doing —do it with all your might. This is a piece of valuable advice recorded in the Bible. If you are afraid of sweating before you eat, you will be a burden to your parents and society —hence being an unproductive person. The major result of this is loss of respect. Ask any successful person if he ever entertained laziness in his struggles and the answer would be a direct “No.”

2. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Being in your comfort zone is one of the bad habits making a lot of people useless in life. The comfort zone is the disguised pleasant heaven that kills dreams and goals. Sadly a person who falls within the first point could be seen in this category as well. Having cheap food, entertainment and consistent stimulation will force any lazy person to throw his ambitions away like garbage.

3. Be Ready To Be A Loner

If you are afraid of being a loner, then you might not be able to move forward. Loneliness doesn’t mean idleness. Even in your pain of loneliness, you can turn things around by doing something productive.

A lonely and idle man

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you that even some guys in prison dedicate part of their time to learning new trades and skills or taking educational courses. Such a place would be boring and lonely but it doesn’t have to be darkness in their goals or ambition —unless maybe they are never coming out or are on death penalty.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison but that never dawned on his dream of becoming a president. He faced harsh conditions but never gave up. This man is a good example of a leader who learned the hard way of living life. He achieved his greatest goal of being the first black president of South Africa; he liberated his people from the pains of inequality.

Sometimes it is necessary to be in isolation to reflect on your life, set goals and solve problems arising in your life. If you can’t face the pain of letting go of fake friends and relationships you would end up regretting your unwise decisions and mistakes throughout the rest of your natural life on Earth.

Experts say, in solitude —new ideas are born. It is a situation that helped many great inventors like Isaac Newton who came up with the law of motion. He is known as the loneliest genius.

4. Be Different

Today, we live in a world full of fake people and lifestyles. Society wants everyone to fit into the so-called “normal life.” It is time to learn the hard way of life by not following the masses. Stay true to yourself and never mirror the lives of others.

Even if you have nothing or very little, even if you are not all that attractive or whatsoever —don’t trade your authenticity for people’s approval. You were not born to please people. This is one of the hardest ways of living life but it helps a lot by creating value in you.

Learn the hard way

As I talk about embracing your uniqueness —let me chip in this; don’t dare compare yourself with others or try to compete with your predecessors or contemporaries. Work on yourself and your goals to be better each day.

5. Don’t Fear Rejection

Sometimes you have to endure the pains of rejection just like Jack Ma the CEO of Alibaba. This billionaire has one of the highest records of rejection when searching for jobs and other opportunities to make ends meet. He never gave up or thought of himself as a complete failure. If you want to be successful in your education, business, marriage, etc, then brace yourself to learn the hard way or overcoming rejection.

6. Failure Is A Blessing

It’s hard to fail and it’s hard to succeed. Among these two “hards” —one gives negative feelings and the other positive feelings. Very often, people reject the good lessons failure teaches us and focus only on success. Remember that it takes rain or bad weather to know the joy of sunshine or good weather. Life situations aren’t permanent.

Life is hard quote

Failure is part of the process of making a greater achievement. It helps to restrategize our plans. Going through the challenge of failure isn’t a joke but when faced with hope, courage and a positive mindset you would be successful in your pursuit and tell your story by encouraging others like Tyler Perry, Jack Ma, Oprah Winfrey, etc,

7. The Pains Of Relationships

When talking about relationships it cuts across friendships, courtship, marriage and even other social interactions with people in the workplace, church, etc, As humans, we are naturally meant to live in social groups. Unfortunately, there is the tendency of having grudges, fights, misunderstandings, jealousy, separations, etc, within ourselves.

In dealing with death anxieties, marriage divorce or broken relationships you must accept the situation, treat it as past and move forward with a strong positive mindset. This emotional distress is a disheartening situation many can’t bear. But you can make a difference with a positive outcome.

If you are facing such kind of painful experience; you must look at the good side and stay hopeful. Don’t hit your head in a wall because as long as you breathe then there is hope.

All you need is endurance, hope, patience and a positive mindset. Negative emotions are part of the life journey we are all undertaking. Nothing happening to you is unprecedented. Gather some courage while you read this article about learning the hard way. Yeah, it’s hard, we already know but your response to that situation is what makes a difference.

Don’t be a babbling fool who trumpets all his problems to the public and desires of committing suicide: This isn’t the best solution. It’s better you go to rehab.

Some weak, uninspired and emotionally drained people always think about the negative impact of their hardships and do something silly to themselves. Don’t be as such. The sun will surely smile at you because we all know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

8. The Power Of Patience

When there are hurtful situations hovering over us like a hawk we ought to be patient while we find lasting solutions. Sometimes we can’t handle it alone. Seek help from reliable people and other relevant institutions like counselling centers. In all the process of overcoming our negative emotions or any problem —patience is necessary.

Before your wound heals completely, it would take a reasonable amount of time. Why would you rush in your endeavors? Impatience has caused havoc in marriages, businesses and relationships.

All our lofty goals could be likened to a seed. From the day you sow, you must nurture it for some time before you can reap. The process will cost you your money, time, energy, knowledge and other resources.

There is no need to complain because your sacrifice, diligence, hard work and patience will lead you to a bumper harvest. The hard way is part of the road to success and greater achievement so always learn to embrace it with a smile.

9. Persistence

Persistence is one of the greatest secrets of success and happiness. Since when has the impossible ever stopped you? With God all things are possible. There is a saying that inspires me a lot and it goes like —the devil himself doesn’t know what to do with those who never give up.

To enjoy the benefits of learning the hard way, you must keep on chasing your dreams or doing what you have in mind with passion. Your target would be reached no matter how big or far it seems to you to today. Truly, a journey of thousand miles begins with a step.

So never give up on your lofty goals. Being persistent in prayers as a Christian believer myself has helped me a lot. Again, continually chasing my goals has helped me see progress and that lights up my hope for the future.

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