Why Taking Your Responsibilities Wisely Could Make You Happy And Productive

The moment you were born into this world; there was a level of expectations put in place by nature to abide by. The moment you begin to know what is good and bad then you become answerable to your actions and words.

Taking responsibilities for your actions in life could make you a better person

I think this is a very crucial topic that needs to be made known to everyone; especially those who mess around with the lives of innocent ones. When we talk about taking responsibilities, it goes beyond what we basically think of: “a responsible parent.”; When a kid is able to know right from wrong then he becomes responsible for his decisions.

Nature has assigned to us many different tasks that we have to undertake to live a better life. As homo sapiens with so many weakness, our imperfections causes us a lot of troubles.  We are surrounded by so many natural laws such as the law of nature, law of cause and effects and the law of karma coupled with manmade laws. Therefore you can’t run away with your questionable deeds.

Sometimes when an amiss hears about “you can’t cheat nature“, “you reap what you sow” there happens to be a great discomfort. Why? Because the conscience within the head of the person in question begins to ring a bell.

There are consequences and repercussions to any evil deed you do on this planet. Actually, there are two many phrases that highlight this kind of behavior.  Some simply call it the “law of karma.”
If you are the kind of guy who loves to deceive or be crafty like the Devil himself then it’s time you allow this post to cause a change in your life.

There is no need to try running away from your shadow. On the other hand, there is no need to run away from your fears. Be Courageous all the time and you would find divine favor on your side; that is if you do it rightly.

In this article, you will find out why people fail to take responsibilities for their actions. In addition, you would know the deadly part of such kind of negligence. Have you refused to accept something awful you did?; Reconsider your decisions to appease whomever or whatever you have offended or destroyed.

When And Why Taking Responsibilities Become A Matter Of Concern

Your words and actions have the power to cause a negative effect on something or in Someone’s life.  So far as you did it or said that should be your concern. People become responsible for an incidence when:

1. They did or said something intentionally
2. They did or said something unintentionally

“Saying I’m sorry may not solve the havoc you caused. But it’s better than letting arrogance persuade you into a life full of doom. I felt ashamed for what I had done. I don’t have any excuses. I did what I did. I take full responsibility for myself and my actions. I wouldn’t pawn this off on anybody. I’m sorry it happened. And I hurt people.” —Louie Anderson

Sometimes after taking responsibility for your inactions brings about peace, understanding, and forgiveness.

A wife, husband and children may undertake their responsibilities diligently to make a happy family.
Responsibilities differ from a mother to a father, children, friends, etc. By doing it diligently makes you a real man. You gain people’s trust and respect. Nature will reward you with heavenly knowledge and blessings. Woe betides you if you run away from what you are responsible for…


Cowardice  Is  A Mere Mental Sickness That Could Be Blown Out

I would like to draw your attention to this simple fact. The fear of being humiliated, judged, rejected, etc may cause people to refuse taking responsibilities of their actions. Like I usually say; fear is not real — it is a kind of illusion that resides in the mind.

Let’s take for example:

• a gentleman who has impregnated his girlfriend and vehemently denying that wasn’t him…

• a waiter who accidentally broke a wine glass and denied his fault when his Boss interrogated him.

Now the two scenarios depict an intentional action and an unintentional action.
Both of them need to take responsibilities. But because of  “fear“, they both denied. I understand how sometimes it becomes difficult to say the truth but it is the best remedy to wipe clean your mess and rejuvenate your Spirit.

That lies could hunt you for years. Your conscience will judge you all the time because you failed to make peace with your mischievous behavior. The intensity of your damage will also determine the intensity of the consequences and repercussions you would face. It is better to confess your evil deeds or mistakes and be reprimanded than be moving about with an unstable conscience.

Taking Responsibility Inside The Jury Box

The first thing that will judge you rightly is your conscience. Just as we know, judgment awaits all someday. But before God judges us at the end of this world – our actions might end us in the courtroom.
When your irresponsibilities end you in the law court — you either accept your accusations or deny it once again.

By accepting your responsibility of something wrong you did — the judge might be lenient with you.
Your punishment would likely be reduced for simply proving guilty. The vice versa would be aggravating.

Taking Responsibilities  Aftermath — It Is Not Too Late

You may have reconsidered your decision to make amends. I believe so far as you are alive and kicking — it is not too late. Without being a notorious offender let that sense of guilt cause you to confess your wrongful deeds. Even if mankind is not ready to forgive you — God is ever ready.

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