How To Live Life Like Tomorrow Will Never Come

How To Live Life Like Tomorrow Will Never Come

Nobody can promise you tomorrow with surety except God. Forget about fortune tellers and those who practice witchcraft. All you have is this hour or moment to do something reasonably good.

You have the choice to live life like there is no tomorrow

We often hear this statement “live life like there’s no tomorrow.” This may sound lovely to most of us but as sweet as it sounds, it is very controversial. Life tomorrow is unpredictable unless the Spirit of God reveals or there is a prophecy from God. To face the fact, we need not live our daily normal lives on prophecies.

Many people don’t care about whatever may happen tomorrow. In view of that, they live a careless life. I hope you are not one of them. You see, the very life you have today is priceless. I mean nothing can buy it. So take very good care of yourself while you are having your wild parties and other activities.

It Is already rolling out. Look at the sunshine giving us a beautiful morning and hope of a lovely day. Being alive is simply awesome. It is one of the greatest gifts anyone could have. So be happy and enjoy that life.

Whoever coined this statement that you should live life like tomorrow will never come has some good reasons to justify his claims but I don’t recommend just living life like there is no tomorrow.

Oh well, it is about enjoying the present as if that is everything you have. However, there are things that prove that tomorrow is not promised. So don’t be so sure of tomorrow; it doesn’t belong to you.

I think the main point here is to help you forget about your pains, suffering, and worries. It makes sense that way. Release some happy hormones and be in a good mood.

In this post, I would like to discuss with you why you must be very vigilant spending the 24hrs you spend in a day. You can’t pretend tomorrow will never come so you will drink all the little water in your “water bottle” whiles you are on an expedition.

Oh yes, it is good to enjoy life and be part of the thousands to millions of people who are spending some time on fun and relaxation. Just be wise and know that you are causing any harm to your future.

Or perhaps spend all your monies partying and having fun. This very point of view brings us to the differential concepts between HOPE, FAITH, and CONFIDENCE.

Live life like theres no tomorrow quote

“Let today be the day you stop being haunted by the ghost of yesterday. Holding a grudge & harboring anger/resentment is poison to the soul. Get even with people…but not those who have hurt us, forget them, instead get even with those who have helped us.”
—Steve Maraboli

Tomorrow will come but not a promise to anyone. Taking this into consideration the concept of LIVING LIFE LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW is justified. How?. None of us knows exactly what will happen tomorrow: I mean from the first hour to the 24th hour.

All your plans could go wrong. So if you have today why not enjoy the best out of it and make the best of it with CAUTIOUSNESS.

JUSTIFICATION: Tomorrow Might Be Too Late

To live life like there’s no tomorrow must be embraced by those who most believe they have the privilege to make a difference in their lives. That is, in a way that will:

1. Heal their Pains:

Pains could be physical or psychological. There are a couple of therapeutic ways to ease your emotional discomfort. It could be a broken heart, disappointment, stress, anxiety, etc.

Yes, to kill your worrying instantly you need to have fun, enjoy your favorite hobby like nobody’s business. It doesn’t guarantee you to go extreme to maximize your sorrows. Life is simple and surely you have the right to enjoy each moment.

2. Fulfill their faith/beliefs:

It’s very unfortunate a number of people who belong to certain cults have been brainwashed to believe that there is nothing like “afterlife” and “judgment.”

This breeds a life full of immorality, lawlessness, and perversions. They have nothing to worry about accounting for their actions powered by their carnal minds. Heaven is right here on earth now, they say to themselves.

So the moment they hear ” live life like there’s no tomorrow: their desire to continue killing the day with their carnal minds is fueled up.

Can You Live Life Like There’s No Tomorrow?

The answer is “Yes” and then “No.” I don’t intend to confuse you but this question needs to be tackled contextually. Let me break them down for each and everyone’s basic understanding.

Facts To Remember

1. Live life today with full happiness

2. You can’t live tomorrow’s life today because you are not yet there.

3. You have no control over tomorrow

4. Life is not a comic movie to be born from the future/tomorrow.

The Best Kind Of Life Anyone Could Live

Without any controversy, handling today’s affairs is the most important step to the next day or generation. Here, to live life like there is no tomorrow you need to be productive and very useful within the time frame of the day.

A happy child picking flowers

You may be interested to read about some of the simple things that make you happy. Even in times of trouble, you should be able to switch yourself to a happy mood. Be in control of your emotions and choices.

Experts have made it clear that the number of days, months, or years doesn’t really matter. What matters is the legacies you leave behind. With the exception of infants and kids who know nothing about “good” and “bad” “wickedness” and “righteousness.”

Your daily life must be worthy enough to make others happy. Live a happy life irrespective of the challenges you face out there. Tomorrow is not here with us. The Bible throws more light on this by saying: “Let tomorrow worry about itself.”

“So then, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.” ( Matthew 6:34)

Don’t think about what to eat, wear, or sleep tomorrow. Following the Bible, it is clear enough to live life like there’s no tomorrow (With vigilance).

Other Reasons Why People Live Life Like There Is No Tomorrow

The intermediary and most acceptable reasons are simple. This world is full of fakes and annoying people.

♦. The drama is too much to bear
♦. Those who claim to love us are the same people who hurt us.
♦. No one seems to care
♦. No one can make you happier than yourself.
♦. Whatever you do they will talk about you: tell them to mind their own business.

The Biggest Reminder

There is something in front of you yet you can’t see. What is it?. I am talking about the FUTURE? You may then be interested in reading my post about “The 2 reasons why everyone is thinking about the future.”

The second reminder here is “death.” It may lay its icy hand on you any moment from now. We started the year with a number of loved ones but in the latter days, we can’t find them anywhere. They are dead and gone.

So at this moment, you have breath within you, make the best out life. Yes, you can live life like there’s no tomorrow with shrewdness.

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