The Trend Of The World Richest Men To Today

In each generation, there arise a noble class with a huge amount of money and wealth. He is termed as the world’s richest man. This 21st century has produced such kind of people. There are many lessons we can learn from their lifestyles

Who is the world richest man today?

Generation Of Rich Men Never Ceases

World richest man in the world today is who?. Since mankind taped into the world of civilization, there has been an unstoppable driving force “money & wealth“. No one ever gets satisfied. Don’t panic when you hear of the huge amount of money people earn today. There has been something greater than that.

When we talk about the world’s richest man, it is not all about admiring their financial status but learning valuable lessons from their successful lives. They have been working hard to earn such kind of monies. We too can learn something about them. I mean something that will guide us to enjoy some level of financial freedom. They do not hide all the secrets to success from us.

Long before this 21st century, there have been distinguished rich men whose legacies are still in memories. It is not encouraging to hear people talk about the world’s richest man today without looking back into history.

It is our generation today, but a time will come this generation will be odd in the future. History plays a major role in mankind’s civilization.

Why Is The ‘World Richest Man’ A Topic Of Interest To Millions?

In this post, I will talk about the world’s richest man alive today(2018) and relate it to a few others in history.

Look around, people are striving hard to earn a huge amount of monies without getting fed up. Competitions for money and wealth become tight every now and then. We all want money, we all want to be happy, but few people are filthy rich, compared to the rest of the population in this world. Don’t even think too much about it. Life is sometimes not fair to us.

There Is Nothing New About Ascertaining Rich Men

Remembered By Their Legacies

Just as we know, there is nothing new under the sun. Today we look out for the richest man in the world and Forbes, Bloomberg and other Business giants will tell us.

I want to make it known to you that the greatest of rich men have come and gone. Their wealth surpasses our modern-day rich men. This is the more reason why we should not forget when talking about the wealthiest man. He is not an extraordinary person.

King Solomon And His Riches

According to the Bible, King Solomon received blessings from the Lord and became the richest man ever to live.

“Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred sixty-six talents of gold.” ( 1 King 10: 14).

This amount of gold(666 talents) is ideal from royalties and other wealth available to him. He adorned himself in gold, even his footstool was gold. No wonder he said money answers everything. And I believe he has a good point.

In today’s conversion, a talent of gold is 34.3 kilograms and its value is worth $ 1,641,000. So roughly, each year Solomon receives $1,165,766,400 worth of gold.

He ruled Israel for 40 years and all these years the net worth of all his asset will be more than $2 Trillion. Who in the world has ever achieved this?.

I know this has been resulting in arguments concerning King Solomon and Mansa Musa I, but this is what I have for you. share your thoughts with me as well.

Before I talk about the richest man in the world today, there is another historical figure to consider. The reason I am emphasizing on these people is that the richest men we see today will be a history someday.

We hardly hear of someone like Mansa Musah I. The names of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and the likes are no much for Mansa Musa I.

Despite the fact that we are living in the most civilized and business generation in human history, no one has ever reached the level of Mansa Musa in terms of wealth.

Who Is Mansa Musa I of Mali?

He is known as the wealthiest man in history. He lived from 1280 A.D. – 1337 A.D. As an emperor, he was fond of giving alms in gold. Historians assert that Mansa Musah worth $400 billion. Read quick facts about Mansa Musa I from ATI.

Since this is not the major topic, I will make it brief for you to know something about the richest men whose legacies are still in memories.

Who Is The World Richest Man Today (2018)?.

We have often known Bill Gates, the Microsoft Boss as the richest man on earth. But just recently, things have changed. According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos ( $112 Billion) who is the CEO of Amazon is the richest man in the world, followed by Bill Gates ( $90 Billion) and Warren Buffet ($81 Billion).
There are more new people falling into the Billionaire lists. It is all about running a successful business venture. Source: Forbes.

Name Net Worth Source(s) Of Income
Jeff Bezos $112 Billion Amazon
Bill Gates $90 Billion Microsoft
Warren Buffet $81 Billion Berkshire Hathaway

Bear in mind that these figures change often as they run their business along the way. I think we are now in the age of Jeff Bezos. Currently, he is the richest man and he seems impeccable.

When these men were young, they never knew they will become Billionaires but their productive lives have rewarded them. You too can make a difference in your life. God has better plans for everyone, use your brainpower well, and respond to time factor because time is money.

The Current Trend in 2020

Jeff Bezos still tops the lists. It has been very competitive these days for the rich guys on our planet to show off their investment power. Unlike the previous years that Bill Gates successfully became the world richest man. Today he is being challenged by less known billionaires such as Bernard Arnault (France billionaire magnate).

He May Remain The World’s Richest Man For Years.

As new billionaires show up and get lost from the race of the world’s richest men; Jeff Bezos has cemented his name beyond anyone on earth at this moment.

According to Forbes; Bezos has been able to amass a $200 billion fortune. This is a historical achievement. Despite the coronavirus pandemic collapsing businesses; some of these tech gurus are increasing their fortunes.

As we reach the last few months of 2020; the world’s richest man has increased the gap between him and the 2nd richest man(Bill Gates) by $90 billion.

He even went through the most expensive divorce last year. This ex-wife MacKenzie Scott took 25% of the Amazon stake. Yet Bezos is still in the lead of the wealthiest men in our world today. I do like him because he was able to give out more than $1 Billion charitable gifts.

And I believe this man will stay on the tops for a very long time.
I could, therefore, sense that the reign of Bill Gates in the list of the richest men in the world is coming to an end. He is a great man that deserves a lot of respect. I admire him a lot for especially his philanthropic deeds. He is truly helping to make the world a better place.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or not. Don’t be surprised to see teenage billionaires making headlines everywhere. Proper planning of your life, investment, and expenditure can make you taste success. How old is Mark Zuckerberg?. 33 years and he ranks 5th with a net worth of $71 Billion.

It’s obvious, we are yet to see newcomers climbing to the top list. How do they make so much money… Finding the best answer can help you know how to make money work for you — instead of stressing yourself working for money.

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