Are You Afraid Of Rejection? Learn Why You Should Not Fear

Are You Afraid Of Rejection? Learn Why You Should Not Fear

Rejection is part of the journey to success. It hurts a lot, but that shouldn’t bog you down. There are many good reasons for you to get used to failure of any kind. Learn why should not fear rejection and stay hopeful.

why you should not fear rejection
Never fear rejection in life. “No” too is an answer.

Rejection comes in many different forms but they all leave behind valuable lessons. Some are even blessings in disguise. Don’t hit your head into a wall if someone rejects you. Just understand why you should not be afraid of rejection by being very positive, confident and hopeful. You can simply turn your failure to success by transforming that negative energy into something positive and worthy.


Time to know why you should not fear rejection. Oh, wait! did you propose to a girl and she rejected you? Or applied for a job and got rejected? Your friends and family are rejecting you? Don’t worry.

In this post, I will share with you why you should not fear rejection, the good side of it and how to turn things around with success.

What Is The Name For Rejection?

Rejection is a common word with no specific term but fits into ‘Athazagoraphobia’ which is the fear of forgetting someone or something or being forgotten.

What Does If Feel To Fear Rejection?

Being afraid of rejection feels like trying to please everyone, even your enemies who don’t care about you. Already, they like nothing about you. So why stress it? Just forget about them and their hateful remarks.

If you think, you are fed up with being rejected, then wait until you hear the story of Jack Ma. He went through the worst before becoming a world billionaire. He is one inspiring person you should learn from his exemplary life.

Jack Ma was rejected about 10 times when he wanted admission school at Howard University in the US.

Again after struggling to find a college to graduate, he applied for 30 jobs in his home city of Hangzhou, China. All his applications got rejected.

He explained his other rejection experiences through an interview by saying At KFC, 24 people applied for the job, says Ma, and while 23 were hired — he got rejected!

The moment you become afraid of rejection; You make one of the biggest mistakes. That is to fit into everywhere and everything. You try to please everyone around you. (people pleaser) This undoubtedly makes you a prisoner to those you want to please. Hey, there are better things left unexplored in your life, go out there and find them!

If you are afraid of rejection it means you are not on your own and you don’t know your value. Your situation becomes a puppet for people to control your feelings.

Your life choices and actions may become the reflections of people’s thoughts. In this case, you end up becoming a fake.

Certain instances show being rejected for whatever reason is not the end of your life or reputation.

Good Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Rejection

Let me inspire you today to be a confident person who never trades his value for awful momentary life experiences.

Rejection quote

“The biggest hurdle is rejection. Any business you start, be ready for it. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the successful people do all the things the unsuccessful people don’t want to do. When 10 doors are slammed in your face, go to door number 11 enthusiastically, with a smile on your face.” —John Paul DeJoria

Rejection is a form of redirection to the right place. For example, let’s say you apply for a job in a particular company. This company rejects your application for its own reasons. This shouldn’t be a thing to worry about.

The lesson from such rejection indicates that; you are not seeking the right place. In other words, that place or person doesn’t need your service. Remember, that this world is so big, so don’t limit yourself to one or two places. Explore and explore life like a sailor on the sea.

That rejection gives you the advantage to apply for a job in another place. You must apply for the job you want at all other places. Keep searching and going until you find what you want or get accepted into what you have been dreaming of.

Bear in mind that, those who reject you automatically narrow your query. They then redirect you to the most appropriate place that needs your services. This should be a good reason for you to know why you should not fear rejection.

After redirection from rejection, you become open to new opportunities. You might gain a higher position and other promotions at your new place. It is not only about working in the most appropriate place after rejection.

Sometimes, it is applied to human interactions too. Your friends, family, and loved ones might even reject you. You might be an outcast in your friends or family for a mistake you made, a successful move you made, etc, Hatred for no good cause is very common among us.

People will stay away from you. If that happens, don’t worry, don’t try to hurt yourself. Be calm and do your own thing.

Their rejection will lead you to new friends and other loving friends. Just like a rejected job application can lead you to the most appropriate job vacancy for you.

It’s said, everything happens for a reason. I don’t know your situation of “rejection” at this moment. But whatever it is, don’t give up. Don’t be a slave to other people’s thoughts. Be yourself and know what is good for you. Find good reasons to understand why you should not be afraid of rejection.

Rejection is simply “No” to you and your query. In this case, it gives you the opportunity to find the “Yes” from the right place for your life and needs.

Without rejection, you wouldn’t know how one place you never thought of could be so accommodating.

Practical Example Of Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Rejection

Let’s say there are 12 oranges in a basket. These oranges are having a mixture of sweet and bitter tastes. They look equally good outside.

You need one sweet orange to clear your throat. What if the first pick tasted sour?What if the second pick also tasted sour? Here it is redirecting you to the right orange. Those picks become useless to you. So you have to put them aside.

The more bitter oranges you pick, the closer you get to the right one. Surely, all the bitter oranges will redirect you to the sweetest orange. That will be your last stop. It literally works like going through a lot of failures in life before you finally become successful. Rejection is one common example of failure, you must get used to it like Jack Ma, the Alibaba Company CEO.

In, life rejection always leads to something better. So anytime you get rejected, smile and find the right thing, person, or place. Don’t change your life to suit someone’s preference. Else you will end up being fake and that has awful consequences. Don’t go there.

I believe this article has helped you to understand, why you should not fear rejection. It is almost the same as not being afraid of failure.

You can turn any failure to success. Just stay positive and motivated at all times. The future indeed belongs to those who are bold enough to fight their way out.

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