Prank Your Friends:Fun Time – All Work And No Play Make Jack A Dull Boy

Try To Prank your friends occasionally.It helps to strengthen friendships. It is a way of entertaining yourselves. After the pranks,it leaves you with laughter. Remember that laughter is a medicine after all.

This post will let you know some simple means you can use to prank your friends. When pranking your friends, you have to make sure it is not too extreme to cause harm.Some pranks are very risky.Example of such risky pranks are;digging a whole and covering it with leaves or anything lighter. Just to see your friend walk over it to fall in.Actually, this is not called a prank.It is a trap and it is very dangerous.

Prank your friends
Prank your friends occasionally to bring happiness in friendships

Another dangerous thing you shouldn’t  use to prank your friends include; Knifes, guns and any sharp objects. Don’t use them.Because anything bad can happen.

Now,I will share with you some simple ways which are good to use in pranking your friends.You can use pranks to put lazy friendson their toes.The aim of every prank is to tease or make fun and create laughter. So let’s start making fun of our friends.

Imagine, walking with your friends in town.Your friends know you very well that you are afraid of insects. They can prank you by saying; ” Hey look, there is an insect in your hair”.The drama he or she will show you people in the street will make you laugh till you break your ribs.

It is not only things that your friends are afraid of.You can simply say;”Hey, look there is a leaf in your hair”.He will sweep his hand over his head.Tell him again it is there and he will do it again.As more you tell him,as more he moves his hand over his head to get that thing off.After you have made him look like a fool.Tell him it was a joke.

The Best Way To Prank Your Friends Car

Pranking your friend’s car is another funny and interesting thing you can do.Let’s say your friend is “security conscious”. So he has set alarm in his car.The moment anyone touches the car, the alarm goes off.Well,pranking him is very simple.

Occasionally, just ask him out for dinner. Let him park his car outside whiles you enter the restaurant, cafeteria or whatever. You can pre-arrange this very prank with some kids staying around. Give the kids some money and tell them when they see you inter the cafeteria; They should touch the car and run away quickly.

If you can’t pre-arrange to prank your friends car;Just get out without telling them,(they might be more than one friend).As you move outside, look for anyone you think can help you in the deal.You have to tip that person or people.

Get into the cafeteria again. All of a sudden, all you guys will hear is cars sounding alarms. What do you think will be their reaction?. they will leave their food behind and rush to the car.”They saw nothing”,”they checked the car and there was no single scratch”. As they come in again to continue to eat;The car sounds alarm again…. You have to tell them afterwards that it was a prank.

Pranking your friend’s car can also be possible if you are crafty. I mean if you are good at Photoshop and your friend trust you. Just take a photograph of the car from its usual parking place. Use your Photoshop editor to remove the tail light, door or any part of the car.Please do it nicely and call on your friend.When you know he is not close to his car that very moment. Show him the photo. Tell him you saw people doing that to his car and the moment you reached there, they run away.

After your friend sees that photo, what do you think will be his reaction?.He will run quickly to his car.Funny to find out there was nothing wrong with the car.

Scary Games For Pranking Your Friends

Pranking your friends using scary methods are sometimes heart breaking. So don’t go too extreme.

You can pretend that you had an accident.And that accident affected your thumb. You can either choose your right thumb or left thumb. Bandage it nicely to look like you have no thumb. Tell them to come over to see you.

They will feel very sorry for you when they see it.Convince them to believe you by pretending to go through intense pains.

Just before their departure, call them back. Gradually remove the bandage. They will watch you with big surprise on their faces. When you remove all the bandage, what will happen right there?….

To prank your friends help to stir up happiness in friendships. Let leave smiles and laughter on everyone’s face.Give it a try. Go ahead prank your friends with some of these tricks in this post.

Just give it a try.Give  me the feedback right here. I would like to hear from you.Don’t forget to share with with friends.

Did your find these methods of pranking your friends helpful. Let me know from you.Don’t forget to share to keep the fun in friendship going.

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