Each Day Is A Blessing

Feeling blessed each day shows how opened-minded and  positive you are in life.It takes little things like this to feel happy

Feeling blessed each is one of the greatest feelings ever
You are blessed

Feeling Blessed Each Day Glorifies God

Each moring tell yourself, you are feeling blessed. Each day is a blessing for anyone who wakes up alive . It is a gift and a blessing for you to enjoy life, even if you are sad, you still have to appreciate your existences.

Life is beautiful and priceless; no amount of money can buy it. You are valuable than anything in life so far as you are a living soul. You become useless only when you die so, so far as you are alive enjoy that as a special blessing from God.

He wants you alive to accomplish all your future goals. Just thank him each time you wake up in the morning. Check your pulse every morning and smile to yourself.

The moment you learn to appreciate each day and accept it as a blessing, the more you feel happy and successful in life. We are in the last but one month to end the year, Christmas is here again and next year soon will be 2018. I pray we all see the new year in peace.

Never Be Ungrateful

Tell yourself often that you are feeling blessed. Sometimes it is good to sit down and contemplate on how life has been fair or unfair to you since January.

Life wouldn’t always rain milk and honey for you to enjoy, the road to success is not straight and easy, so embrace all challenges and let your existence be your biggest inspiration. Feel the blessing of being alive. For where there is life, there you will find hope.

Many didn’t see today, they slept last night, hoping to wake up in the morning to continue their normal work but the most unfortunate and inevitable thing (death) has silenced them.

We are no better than our friends, families and loved ones who have died. Never be ungrateful to yourself, never be ungrateful to live because you have the best in life at this very moment, and the best is to be alive.

I believe all readers of African Paradise World are alive and kicking with much gratefulness for life. Yes!, you have the best in life so never feel disappointed or ungrateful. When you always fight for happiness, you wouldn’t always get it, some days will come and your trap wouldn’t get you any game for soup. Hard times and Happy times altogether make life beautiful.

Right now, as you read this article, I don’t know your mood, but I am hopeful you will find this piece of inspiration very helpful. Understand that you are blessed and so begin each day with a fresh mind. Say you are feeling blessed and let everyone know about it for God to be glorified. Stay blessed.

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