The Cost $$$ Of Knowledge Vs Fashion

Do you like to spend on knowledge at all?.Find out why you should invest in knowledge more than fashionable clothes.

Knowledge is power
Knowledge is power

Are you the type that spend $0 on knowledge and $500 on fashionable clothes?, hope you are not.We all know knowledge is power, knowledge is the key to success so if you live life without finding time to spend a dime on knowledge, then you are a lost folk in reality.You have actually made yourself a dummy and everyone will mock your unintelligence.

You can buy books,magazines,graphics at very low prices to increase your knowledge in many fields of life. Spending on  knowledge is not all about money, but your time to read and learn new things always.

Honestly,the type of knowledge you want to acquire depends on your choice,if it is for professional reason you will certainly pay higher.

This very post is mainly about book knowledge. When you search for knowledge you will get it.Each day offers us new opportunities to learn something new by impacting knowledge into our lives.It is good to get lost and find yourself again in the quest for knowledge. When you find yourself again you automatically increase your dexterity in life.It takes knowledge to make wise decisions, in the house, in your family,in school,at work and many places.

It would be a pity if you easily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on clothes, shoes, jewelries and other fashionable things and spend $0 on knowledge.God has said in the bible that, “lack  of knowledge my people perish”.

There is a saying that goes like, “If you think education is expensive try ignorance”.Everyone must be willing to invest in knowledge because it is knowledge that will help you to manage your business very well for maximum production, it is knowledge that will keep you safe from unnecessary problems.

Knowledge is good,that is why parents send their children to schools,pay for their school fees for their teachers to impact knowledge in them. The  result of investing in knowledge more than fashionable things is much greater for a better or prosperous life. Value knowledge more than expensive clothes and jewelries. Although we can’t see knowledge but it is important and beautiful than any expensive clothe you could ever think of.There is this very quote I like so much, “common sense is not common to common people”.When you acquire knowledge, your value in life becomes more expensive than fashionable clothes you wear.

What is appalling than walking around with $500 clothes $200 watch $700 necklace,$20 hat and $0 knowledge?.That sounds very ridiculous and funny. Oh Yes, you look cute in your fashionable clothes but you are like an empty barrel or cymbal brass. There is nothing better in your head.

The lifestyle of spending extravagantly on fashion forgetting about knowledge is a deviation in life,everyone must avoid it.Spend more money or time on knowledge than fashionable clothes.To acquire knowledge is not free of charge that is why college fees are always rising. It is better to invest in it than to spend all your $$$ on fashion. Here is  knowledge and fashionable clothes/luxuries,which one will you spend on ?.Knowledge is power.A word to a wise is enough.

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