5 Simple Ways That Inspires People Dealing With Broken Heart To Smile

God is love and love is beautiful,but when a loved one is gone, it leaves a devastating moment in the lives of people.Dealing with broken heart shouldn’t be a difficult thing anymore after reading this post.

dealing with broken heart
In dealing with broken heart,you need a positive mindset before you can take any further step.

As we live our normal lives daily, we must know that tomorrow is not promised. Anything can happen at anytime.

Today, the inspirational topic from African Paradise World is to inspire anyone dealing with broken heart. Have you been broken-hearted?. Don’t worry much.You are not alone. A survey from eHarmony shows that 8,000,000 people in UK alone suffer from broken heart from the last 12 months.

Before,I go ahead to inspire anyone dealing with broken heart;Let us first understand something interesting about it.

The term broken heart was coined about 3000 years ago.The meaning is associated with both emotional and physical pains.Normally, the outcome of death or romantic breakup bring about broken heart. In severity, it becomes “Broken heart syndrome” which looks a little like heart attack.It leaves people with emotional trauma which can cause death very easily.

Anyone who has gone through broken heart before will understand the excruciating pains people have to go through.The symptoms are numerous. Dealing with broken heart is not a joke.

The pain of broken heart has sent many to their graves. At least, let me give you some inspiration to overcome your pains.Broken heart pains are mostly known to come from lost of spouse or relationship break up.

Simple Steps To Help Anyone Dealing With Broken Hearth

1. Reset Your Mind
The first thing to do is about re-engineering your mind. Yes!, the mind processes all the emotional and physical pains.When you are in love, a chemical called dopamine floods your brain to make you happy. It reduces when you get broken-hearted.

The mind is the limit so if you are able to show positive vibes to your brain through positive mindset engineering, you will rise above your pains. “Feel good hormones” will flow through your brains.

2.Accept The Situation
What you have to do is to accept the situation. Did your lover break up with you?.Did death lay its icy hand on your loved one?.Don’t run away from this challenge. Face it and move ahead.There is nothing good in crying over spilt milk.And as a matter of fact, you can’t change the past.Yesterday is gone,bury all the bitter experiences and set yourself ready for tomorrow.Accepting your situation solves half of your predicament.

3. Use Encouraging Words Daily
In dealing with broken heart, you must adopt the habit of saying encouraging words to yourself daily. Be positive over your challenge.You might not get anyone to give you inspiration so inspire yourself with positive words,especially when you are about to sleep.If the broken heart has left you with insomnia,you can overcome it. You can have sound sleep and wake up with hope the following day.Oh! YES you can!.

4. Believe In Finding Someone Else
In addition, believe that everything is not over.Your life hasn’t come to an end.There are 7 billion people in this world and many of them are ready to make you happy. Believe in yourself that you will find someone to replace whatever you have lost.

5. Let God Take The Wheel
Since there is a lovable God who comforts us in times of trouble; Dealing with broken heart should be a thing of the past.God delights in our happiness. Pray to him to comfort you.He will help you spiritually and emotionally to become strong.All your physical pains will vanish miraculously.

“The Lord is near the broken-hearted; he is the saviour of those whose spirits are crushed down”(Psalms 34:18).

“He heals the brokenhearted, and bandages their wounds.”(Psalms 147:3)

Surely, God is closer to you,he will comfort you and replace everything you have lost.Have faith in God and pray daily.

The Most Special And Practical Way To Help You Deal With Broken Heart

A break up or lose of a spouse is one of the most painful things in life.It can leave painful everlasting memories.

Change Your Lifestyle
In a Situation like this, you have to change your lifestyle.I mean,forgo anything that reminds you of your ex or lose spouse.

If it’s some kind of music that reminds you of your ex,quit. If it is a kind of gift(like love cards, birthday cards,jewelries etc.) that remind you of the past, stop using them.

Break free from anything that sends instance memory of your ex.Rearrange your room settings and change anything that reflects on the relationship you had together.

Looking at your old photographs might worsen your emotional pains. Why not hide them somewhere. Live life like it never happened.

Socialise to reduce loneliness and over thinking. Dealing with broken heart is similar to dealing with depression. But depression is one of the symptoms of Broken heart. You can also read my post on the 6 ways to deal with depression. Depression alone kills millions of people. Don’t fall victim.

Don’t try to drink or smoke to deal with your broken heart.Be a man enough to face it and you will overcome it.Alcohol will worsen your feelings if it leaves your body.

The Bottom line On Dealing With Broken heart

Broken heart is not all about the death of someone you love. It is not also all about romantic love breakup. Sometimes other things like disappointment, bad news etc. can result in broken heart.

Being in a relationship which is not based on true love is likely to end painfully. It is up to you to find out whether you are in fake relationship or not. Falling in love is normal but to fall for the wrong person is abnormal.

In the event of death, it is very unfortunate. Because death is incurable. The best thing you can do is to look at the brighter side of death. This will make you know that, death is not the end.There is still hope.

Remember that you are not alone. Those who are bold enough to fight their challenges are the real champs. Be one today.

Did you find this post helpful?. If “Yes”, then don’t forget to share with friends, families and loved ones. I welcome your comments,contributions and feedback.

Staying With Friends That Are Like Brothers

Have you ever had friends that are like brothers before?.They are precious like diamond and rare like the Siberian tiger.

friends that are like brothers
Living life together with friends that are like brothers make life simple and beautiful.

Life is beautiful if you have friends that are like brothers. There are many types of friends we relate to.There are friends that are like brothers. Such friends are very rare.Brothers are not always people you share the same blood with.There are friends who are like brothers or more than brothers. Be grateful if you ever get one.Know about the things that make a friend special.

Friends come into our lives naturally. It is not a big deal to make friends,but it is a big deal to make friends that are like brothers.Anything good doesn’t come easily.Simply because, there are too many fake people surrounding us.

However, there are proficient ways to know,if your friends are really good friends or not.Can they be trusted?,Can they hold your back?,can they help you in terms of hardships?.Do they have good thoughts about you?.Do they give you good advice?

Your answers to the above questions can help you determine friends that are like brothers and vise-versa.I will go a little further to explain in the next paragraphs. Just be vigilant because good friends are expensive to have.

Friendship begins in just a single day.Each and everyone has friends, although some might say; “I have no friend”.Literally,that cannot he true.Think about that.We start life from our houses,live with our families.Then the extension or exposure sets in.

The next immediate place to meet friends is your community followed by school,work place,church etc.Strangers or acquaintances easily end up being our friends.

Here Are Things To Expect From Friends That Are Like Brothers.

It is not all about your childhood friends but about friends who show genuine concern about you.Consider the following:

1. Trust Issues:Honestly, it is not advisable to trust soo much. If you can, don’t trust people.Let your trust be hard for people to earn. You can read into details my post on knowing about the 4 reasons why you should not trust anybody.

Friends that are like brothers are trustworthy people, not 100% though. It will take quite a long time to know if that friend could be trusted in a way or not.

Anyone who has friends that are like brothers wouldn’t have to worry much about giving them their room keys.Let’s say,you have stayed with these friends in your room for a period of time.Surely,these friends will often visit you in the house.In a case like this, you can leave your room keys with them.

They are like a family to you so they will certainly take care of every property in your room.

2. Concern About Your Well Being: Here is another important thing to find in friends that are like brothers.A true brother with the same bloodline with you might not care about your life;But a friend or some friends might care.

Talking about friends concern about you depends on many factors.Factors such as;Your health,future, plans,life challenges, and almost everything in your daily routines. Do you think you have such kind of friend?.

Anyways,let me clarify this; friends that are like brothers could be people of the opposite sex.If they have brotherly mindset toward you, then they are part of your family.

Friends who are compassionate about you worth more than brothers who are “care-free”.(they don’t care about anything).

It is not always the bloodline that makes someone a brother but the worth of that person in your life.You can feel proud to call your friend “brother”.

3. Friendship With Fun:Friends who are like brothers share common interest together. Someone might call them peers.They are very influential. If you have good friends who will live socially acceptable life,you will always be respected.

Fun is something that strengthens friendships.Here you are having friends that are like brothers; Why not occasionally go out to have fun. Weekend fun with friends has a lot of benefits. A little pranks,laughter,party etc. with brotherly friends is always phenomenal.You can read about some of the best ways to prank you friends right here.

4. A Piece Of Advise: Since these brotherly friends show much concern about your well-being; They will never hold back reprimanding you when you do anything wrong or silly.If you are about to make bad choices, they will not sit there unconcerned.You are part of their lives in terms of relationships not bloodline.If you make it right, they will feel proud, if you mess up, they will feel awkward. The connection between you guys is so strong.

The Beautiful Life Of Birds And How They Teach Us Good Lessons In Life

Did you know the life of birds teach us a whole lot of life lessons?.Birds are lovable creatures with many awesome abilities.They compliment nature and make it look beautiful for mankind.

Life of birds
There is nothing beautiful than learning lessons from the life of birds

Birds are amazing creatures just like ants. They give us a lot of lessons in life;But most of us haven’t payed attention to that.It is time we do so.Nature is simply beautiful.

Jesus Christ cited birds as an example of how God values mankind above all creatures on earth.

” See the birds of the sky, that they do not sow, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, and your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of much more value than they?”(Matthew 6:26).

Anyone who has stayed in a forest area or a place where trees and birds are common would know exactly what I’m talking about.The Life of birds in the singing group compliment nature in a grand style.

Some birds that are well-known globally in terms of singing includes;

-Nightingale – This bird produces impressive whistles,trills and gurgles.
– Mockingbird
– Veery
– Malabar Whistling Thrush
– The Asian Koel

Some Lessons From The Life Of Birds

1.The life of birds teaches us to be grateful in life.
Since I was a kid I have admired birds and how they live happily. There is nothing beautiful than,waking up to the beautiful morning sun;And hearing the melodies of birds.

2.These birds above and many others are good at producing different sounds of music.Some could sing for several hours whiles they jump from one branch of tree to the other. Singing starts from dawn.Everything shows clearly that;they are happy for a beautiful morning and so they are grateful to God.

3.Favoured by God:If God has been so kind to birds in a marvelous way;Why not human beings learn from the favour birds enjoy from God?.Just like what the bible says;They don’t sow nor reap yet they never sleep on empty stomach.

4.Talking of the life of birds,I cannot forget about the eagle.The eagle is strong and wise enough to live an amazing life.

The eagle will surely teach you a lesson not to be lazy if you can do more than enough. Aim high and work hard towards it.We are the images of God and multi-cellular organisms with immense abilities.

The eagle knows how to deal with life challenges. For example, during heavy rains, it flies beyond the clouds to avoid the rains.

Anyone who has good vision or target in the future is like an eagle. Work hard with all your might and surely you will meet your target.You can read about my post on the 3 life lessons from the eagle to live a successful life.

Challenges will come, but a little inspiration from yourself and people will psych you up for success.

However, there are a lot of information about the abilities of eagle that are not true.These are heresy without any prove.Examples are;the eagle debeaking itself or shedding its feathers.So we mustn’t take that literally.

I know some birds teach us lessons about true love.There are these particular birds I’m finding it difficult to know their name.These birds are brownish in color.They look like sparrows but a little lager.

You will usually see them move in pairs; a male and female. They move together,do everything together. I believe they portray how beautiful true love is.Just as we know,finding a GOOD future partner is precious like gold.

In this world,the life of birds show the magnificent and glorious nature of God. As the bible said;God has manifested himself in nature. And nature is full of love and beautiful things.

Back Online: Getting Hacked Is Not Joke

A blogger or an internet user hardly becomes safe from these notorious hackers. They never want to leave us alone.But there is no need of giving up because of them.They are sicknesses and diseases, they need cure.

Hacked website


Hello World, warmest greetings from African Paradise to you all. Last 3 days was a bad day for this blog.

In the first place,let me apologise to all my readers. It was very unfortunate that this blog got hacked. But thank God we are back online and everything is fine.I pray it doesn’t happen again.Anyone whose blog has been hacked before know exactly what I’m talking about.

Blogging is a beautiful thing, but to fall in the hands of these hackers is a tragedy. It will surprise you to know that; Each day 30,000 websites get hacked. Meaning, almost every website is at risk. Hackers don’t mind if it’s  http or https website.They look too sophisticated to break it.

As I lament about my bitter experience;Just last Tuesday, the twitter accounts of two former Fox News Hosts(Eric Bolling & Greta Van Susteren) got hacked. They then used  their accounts for something silly.They succeeded in using the accounts of Susteren to send a propaganda message to Donald Trump/(According to Yahoo news).

So they never want to make blogging a safe place.Nobody want to see his online account hacked.What can we do then?.There are many security measures we can take to stay safe from these sons of bitches.

Getting hacked is not a joked. Hates to see them hovering around like Hawks. The truth is;If you take down African Paradise World 10 times, we will bounce back 11 times.

What inspire them to work so hard to bring down websites through hacking?. They are agents of Satan,they lie,steal and destroy. Evil has filled their hearts.They never give up,we will also never give up.But a wicked man will never escape the consequences and repercussions of his evil deeds.

They excel  themselves in cyber crime, steal from innocent people’s accounts, banks,institutions etc.Some just do it for fun,some want to steal money and others too have different agendas.

The world is  ruining faster and hackers are the number culprits.It is like building a whole house or city and someone evil comes in to bring it down.You would never understand why mankind could be so wicked in causing harm to other people and their properties,lest you find out Satan’s enmity against goodness or righteousness.They are agents of Satan.

Leave us alone Mr. Hacker.

What Motivates You In Life?

The biggest question of the day is; “what motivates you in life”.There is nothing like “challenge-free” life.Difficult situations will arise.You cannot hide from them but how to face it is the real issue. Seven billion people living on earth today have various and different challenges in life to deal with.

what motivates you in life
Time to share with the world; What motivates you in life.

Hello out there,can you tell the world what motivates you in life?Life is full of challenges. No one, I mean no single person on earth has no challenges. In this case, there is no need to complain too much.

Surely,everyone might have a way of motivating himself/herself when things become hard.You in person, what motivates you in life?If you have nothing to motivate you, then it is time to find one.

Today,I will share with you some of the things that motivates me and many people.Yes!,some share the same motivational stuffs with me.Motivation or inspiration feeds the “can do spirits” in us.It revitalizes our energies to take positive actions.

Things that can motivate you in life lies within you..Living without inspiration makes you fragile.Your challenges or enemies can break you easily.

Things That Motivate Most People In Life Including Me

First and foremost,we cannot live without the help of God.This is for anyone who believes in the bible.Nothing inspires than the bible.If you read the bible,you will find true wisdom and an unending inspiration.

“If I take the wings of the dawn, and settle in the uttermost parts of the sea;Even there your hand will lead me, and your right hand will hold me”(Psalms 139:9-10).

The wisest man ever to live on earth( King Solomon) wrote books that are full of wisdom and inspiration. Likewise his father,David.

God himself has declared his love for us, call on him in times of trouble and he will listen.He will become your refuge. Those you believe in God get protection and motivation from the Holy Spirit.Indeed,we do not fight against flesh and blood but spiritual powers,rulers of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12).

The Holy Spirit strengthens us in our weaknesses. Some of the challenges we face are spiritual.To be a conquerer, you must rely on God’s word.All spiritual,physical challenges and conspiracies against you will be broken.What motivates you in life?. God’s word?.If “Yes”, then you are one step ahead of your breakthrough.

Secondly, what motivates someone like me in life is “breath of life”.Being alive is one of the greatest thing on earth.Thousands to millions of people die each day.So why not be grateful if you wake up each morning?. Why not feel motivated if the morning sun smiles at you always?.Life is expensive than gold and jewelries. Learn how to value it.

If you have life,everything is possible. You can become whom you want to be.You can work hard toward your dreams and see it come true. A surprise help or success can come your way.

What motivates you in life?. If you haven’t got one,what do you think about waking up this morning whiles others couldn’t?. Let this alone motivate you to step forward. Life is beautiful.

Another thing that motivates Some of us lies in certain people.Yes,the life of certain people can motivate us.We normally call these people “role models“.There are others who are inspirational inspirational people.Having a role model will always motivate you to move forward in life.Role models are already at the top.So you can learn their ways to be like them.

Just like the amazing ways of an inspirational person.This person can put you on your feet when life challenges cripples you.Even if the whole world turns on you,an inspirational person can light up the beauty in you.Inspirational words alone can have a lot of positive impact on anyone who feels down.

The Bottom-line

What motivates you in life?.Have you thought of finding any inspirational person?.If you can’t motivate yourself in life,an inspirational person can help you.There are many ways people use to motivate themselves.The main thing is about having a positive mind-set.Tell yourself:, “YES I CAN“.If you don’t know how to say encouraging words to yourself daily,learn it here.