Jesus Cried Over Lazarus’s death (John 11:35):But Why?

Christians know that Jesus is God in flesh.He has power over creation.He can defy nature at any moment. Because he is greater than anything and anyone.

Jesus cried

Jesus cried because of Lazarus death


Today’s biblical lesson from African Paradise World is from John 11 onwards. It is all about Lazarus’ sickness unto death.Jesus cried over his death because he really loved Lazarus.

Death is the most painful thing you could ever think of.If Jesus cried because of Lazarus’s death;then it shows how painful it is to lose a loved one.

Mary,whose sister was Lazarus sent a message to Jesus. This message was about Lazarus sickness. Jesus, being God knew everything under the sun.He knows what tomorrow brings:

” When Jesus heard [that], he said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified” (John 11:4 ).

He glorifies his name through people. Although Jesus cried,but he never let that consume him.Faith in God can move mountains. There is nothing so hard for him to do.

If you are Christian and think everything is over; Then you are making a big mistake. With men,it is impossible.But with God,it is possible.

Jesus is our saviour from sickness,death and all our problems.Before he raised Lazarus from death. He said to Martha:

“I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live”( John 11:25).

In verse  35,it says Jesus cried(wept).Because he grieved Lazarus’s death.Lazurus died for 4 days but Jesus brought him back to life.

For people to believe that he is the son of God.Jesus cried with a loud voice.And he that was dead came forth.This brought joy to all those grieving in the house.

Jesus is the only one who can wipe your tears.Trust in him and you will have everlasting life.

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Creating Jobs For The Homeless:The Greatest Step To Reduce Poverty

Creating jobs for the homeless is a major policy for many governments and individuals.Every country today frowns on unemployment and poverty.However, there are many ways for creating jobs for the homeless.

Creating jobs for the homeless

Creating jobs for the homeless can help eradicate poverty



Today, “African Paradise World” will share with you how creating jobs for the homeless can help an entire country. It would be unwise to suppress the less priveliged.Help them if you can.

Firstly,creating jobs for the poor may take in many forms.Know that,in life, when you are able to create jobs, it is better than searching for one.If you can create any job for yourself and others, go ahead.Create jobs and let people benefit from it.

The poor has no means of earning money to cater for himself/herself.We must think about them.The government in various countries around the world must think about them.We must all find happiness in working to live life successfully.

The poor will certainly accept any job you can create for him.Now,let’s think about some of the jobs you can create for the poor.You have a lot of money,just set up any business in your targeted area.An area where poor people will get jobs to do.A manufacturing company will do a great help to the poor and all kinds of people. Both the skilled labour and unskilled labour will get jobs to do.

Creating jobs for the homeless can also be an investment for you.All the returns will come to you.If you can establish a whole manufacturing company.You will help a lot of poor people. Actually,there are other ways too.Open a micro finance to employ a number of poor people.These poor people you employ will go out convincing people to save in your micro finance. They will collect money from customers in their houses, market places,towns etc.

Employ people who have experience in finance to handle your micro finance.The poor will work with you and earn a living

Other Ways For Creating Jobs For The Homeless

There are a lot of poor people looking for work to do.But they are not getting it.They need jobs. Many governments in the world today are unable to create enough jobs for their citizens.

As I continue with easy ways of creating jobs for the homeless;Let us consider a good job avenue like this; Opening a very big, supermarket or boutique. Here,you can make advertisements.Your advertisements will attract the attention of all the poor people looking for jobs or work to do.Give them the chance to take some of your products  out to sell.Tell them the percentage of their commission on  every sale made.

This will help you, the owner of the supermarket or the boutique.It is a very simple way of making good investment to help the poor. You will get a lot of returns. Your money will yield profit.

Creating jobs for the poor and homeless in Africa is not something difficult. Africa is well-known for having most of the poorest countries in the world. Creating jobs there will help a lot of poor to get jobs to do.

Africans are not lazy people.They work very hard.The problem is insufficient job opportunities.Poverty has become a hard thing to eradicate. So if you plan of creating jobs in Africa,then it is a good idea.

Africans in the Western,Central and Eastern part of Africa are predominantly into fishing and farming.The Chinese have already taken steps in creating jobs in Africa.They have trawlers catching fish and selling to people at the coast at affordable prices. The poor people retail the fish and sell them to other buyers. Women buy the fish,smoke it and send it to the market.

It is a long chain of generating income. It has helped a lot of people in some coastal areas of Africa. The Chinese knew very well that, creating jobs in Africa will help the poor and themselves as well.They have also established fish processing companies to employ the poor. The fish processing companies help to preserved the fish for future sales. They exports some of the fish to other countries.

Tips For Creating Jobs For The Homeless In Africa

Before you step out to create jobs in Africa;There are certain things you must consider.

Firstly, know that Africa has 54 countries. The poorest people are found in part of Western, Central and Eastern Africa.Choose the country you would like to make investment in.

Visit the country, If you really want to create bigger companies or jobs. See the ministries taking care of trade and industries to discuss your plans with them.

If your business is not huge enough. Ask the local authorities of the region you will stay.The local authorities include government officials and chiefs of the land.They can give you land for you to set up your business. Creating jobs in Africa is as simple as that.

The local authority will give you an insight.You will know about the kind of goods and services the local people demand most.This will help you to know the kind of job you should create.

You can set up a guest house or a hotel to employ some of the poor people.They can work in the house keeping departments, maintenance department and so forth.

Creating Jobs For The Homeless In Farming Communities

For instance, a farming community that produces sugarcane will surely need sugar processing factory and brewery company.In the same way,a farming community that produces palm tree will need multiple factories that will use all the products of the palm tree.

Every part of the palm fruits  is useful. Apart from extracting alcohol from  the palm tree itself. You can create a lot of jobs for the poor people.

In summary, if you have passion for creating jobs for the homeless;Don’t hesitate, go ahead and you will benefit from your investments.You will also help a lot of poor people to make a living.

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Simple Ways To Help Orphans And Widows.Put Smiles On Their Faces And God Will Bless You Abundantly

There are many ways to help Orphans and widows.Giving to orphans and widows is one of the good things everyone must do.Once a while try to help orphans or widows. When you get money don’t forget them.

Ways to help Orphans

Ways to help orphans



You have worked for several years, earned huge amount of money. Don’t enjoy the money alone.There are people who need your help.

Now,who are orphans?.Orphans are the people whose parents are dead or cannot be traced. Who are widows?. Widows are women whose husbands have died and left them in solitude. They are mostly overburdened with financial constraints. They become the breadwinners, but it is hard to cater for themselves and their children.

In this post, you will find out,ways  to help orphans and widows in ife.Some give to orphans and widows because of religious beliefs. Others give to orphans and widows out of kindness . There are good reasons to give always.

The secret behind giving to orphans and widows is the blessings behind it. When you make the day of an orphan or a widow; God will bless you. And your work will be successful all the time.Everything you do will be successful.

Orphans  are mostly children. They either lost their parents or their parents rejected them.In every country, the government has orphanage centres to take care of such people. There are private orphanage centres that are also doing a great jobs.The aim is to give them hope, create a better future for them.

Most of the richest men we know today donate an amount of their hard-earned money to orphanage centres. They do help a lot of people who need help.This is a good practice everyone who works and earn money should do.

Don’t be selfish. Don’t enjoy all your monies and wealth alone.Don’t spend extravagantly. Remember that,giving to orphans and widows helps all lot.

Simple Ways Of Giving To Orphans And Widows.

Giving to orphans and widows is not all about money.Sometimes, you can gifts them anything that will help them survive. You can buy clothes for them,you can buy food items for them.You can donate anything at all that will help them survive and feel happy.Christmas is almost here with us again. Its time to gift and show love.

To a larger extend, you can buy them  a whole plot of land or build a larger orphanage centre for them.Your kindness should come from your heart. Just asses your ability and do what you can.Billionaires and millionaires do much greater things for orphans and widows.

In fact,there are many ways to help orphans and widows. For instance, you can apply to adopt one or two orphans from any credible orphanage centre. You can treat them as your own children.Buy them all their needs,pay for their school fees and a lot more.

The Importance Of Giving To Orphans And Widows

One day when that orphan grows, he/she might be a prominent person in your country or in this world.He/she may reciprocate your kindness. You will feel honored and blessed.

Giving to orphans reduces the amount of expenditure the government spends on them.If the orphanage center managed by private company, you will reduce their burden.Sharing is caring.

There are many benefits in giving to orphans.This post can’t cover all.But the most important thing in giving to orphans is the blessings.God will bless you abundantly. It is the same as giving to widows.They don’t work,they don’t have any helper. So your support is what keep them alive.

In life,it is a good idea to know ways to help orphans.Help to save them from hardship. It is your help that keep them alive.If nobody helps the orphans or widows what will happen?. They will all suffer and probably die.Please keep on giving to the orphans and widows. Because life is precious than anything. Life is precious than your wealth and all your money.Don’t sit there unconcerned.Bring Hope and happiness into their lives.

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How Can You Be Mentally Fit?:4 Tips To Help You Have Strong Mental Fitness

As a human being, how can you be mentally fit?.Good mentality is what help us to deal with daily situations. So if you are mentally fit,you will always be on top.It is advisable for everyone to know why mental fitness is good.

Mentally fit

Be mentally fit



The mind and the spine is responsible for coördination. To sum it all, it is the CNS(Central Nervous System) that helps us to think and move.

So,how can you be mentally fit as a person?.”African Paradise World”, will help you with basic facts to keep you mentally fit.This inspirational post answers the question, “how can you be mentally fit?”.The mind is the centre of reasoning. Scientists call the part responsible for reasoning; “Medulla Oblongata”.If you can train yourself or your brain to handle complex situations; You will be able to solve a lot of life problems. You will be able to deal with stressful situations. Above all,you will be able to withstand life pressures.

In life, you need a strong mind to rise above your problems. You need a strong mind to taste success.You can also read You must be mentally fit to have happiness in your life.It is a dangerous thing to live with weak mentality.

Doctors actually recommend that,everyone go for mental check up once a while. Yes!,we must see a psychiatrist to help us know our mental status.Some of us are mad but we don’t know.Madness is not all about wandering about or doing wired things.There are minor mental problems which are hard to see.Only a psychiatrist can figure out.

If You Want To Know How You Can Be Mentally Fit, Check Out The Following Tips

1. Nature has all the things we need in life.God never hid anything good from us.It is up to us to figure out and make good use of it.For you to gain mental fitness,there are certain food or fruits you must eat.A food source like honey opens the mind for you to think deeply. It is good for both children and adults. Honey helps students to remember things they have learnt. It boosts their brain functions.

There are other food items that help people become mentally fit. For a complete lists of those food items; Consult your doctor. He will help you with that and the right proportion for your mind.

2. Excercise:The second thing to help you find answer to “how can you become mentally fit?” is exercise. Exercise is good for your physical body and your mind. It boosts your brain functions. As circulation of blood increases,enough blood and oxygen enters your brain.This helps you to have a strong mind.

You don’t necessarily need a serious exercise to have good brain function.You can Just do little stretches, jogging, press ups etc.Do something to make you break sweat.This will circulate blood and oxygen into your brain to keep it healthy.

3. Think Positive:This is a very good inspiration tip I want you to note down. The mind is the limit, if you feed it with positive words;You will be mentally fit to handle any challenge in life.Think positively, say positive things to yourself.The mind will adopt that and help you gain control over any obstacle.If you are facing depression or stress,speak positivity into your mind.Your mentality will be strong.

4. Avoid Pessimists: For you to know how you can become mentally fit,avoid pessimists. Stay away from wet blankets. I mean don’t move with people who will put fear in you.People who will kill your positive mentality.Stay with friends or people who will help you become mentally fit.

In summary, for you enjoy good mentality or be mentally fit;You must eat fresh honey.You have to do exercise and speak positive words into your life.Positive words will inspire you to gain strong mentality.And finally,stay away from people who discourages you.You don’t need people who kill mental fitness.

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Great Reasons Why You Should Never give up:There Is No Excuse – Zero Reasons To Give Up.

When life starts pushing you beyond your limit,know the reasons why you should never give up.

Why you should never give up

Know why you should never give up

Know why you should never give up.There is something interesting about life that everyone must know about.It is very simple and understandable. There is no need for you to stress so much about your life and anything that tries to steal your happiness. “African Paradise World” is here to help you understand how life offers dynamic ways of living a successful life.This post will let you reorganize yourself and step up your game.

Before I begin,I would like to ask you;”Do you feel like giving up in life?”.If your answer is,”Yes ” ,then on the contrary, this very post will explain to you why you should never give up in life.

First and foremost, you should never give up in life because; Many people have set exemplary lives for us to follow.You must know why you should never give up in life.Let us take Thomas Edison for instance.He tried 1,000 times to develop a successful light bulb.The light bulb you and I are enjoying today.Do you think he could have made the light bulb if he ever gave up in the 2nd to 100th,….999th times?.He never gave up.He found the inspiration to continue trying.

This alone must convince you enough to know why you should never give up in life.He actually faced a lot of challenges in his life but he never gave up.His teacher demoralised him by saying; He was “too stupid to learn anything”.Again his Boss fired him from his first job.

The First Thing You Must Do About Yourself To Move Forward

In fact,for you to learn about all the reasons why you should never give up in life;You must psych yourself up.Understand that, difficult times are normal.Be a man enough to fight forward.Because, maybe you are almost close to the end point of the tunnel where you will see the sunshine.If your mindset is really to move forward, then surely,you will conquer.Never fear.

There is a popular saying that goes like, “No pain no gain”. Those in the gym use it as their motivational message. This very saying is not for those in the gym alone.You can also use it as your inspiration to move ahead in life.Pains are temporal, it will strengthen you to enjoy something sweet ahead.What at all is so big that you cannot get over?.Is it depression, broken heart, lost of job, death anxiety ,failure,disappointment or what?.Find good reasons to know why you should never give up in life.It is true,what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The devil has always been and enemy of progress.Your enemies too might look out for your downfall.It is up to you to prove them wrong. Smile often,wake up as many times as you fall down.Be unbreakable.Let your focus or mindset be on possibilities not impossibilities.If Thomas Edison, the inventor of light bulb ever gave up on his challenges, he wouldn’t have been a great inventor.The world know remember him. There is something strong in you, it is up to you to unleash it.Say to yourself always, ” Yes I can”.

Practical tips to help you to never Give Up

For you to understand more on why you should never give up,lists all the challenges that seems to break you.Write down the date, along with that very problem that is pushing you to give up in life.Again,write your “Yes I can” mindset(your positive target) and work tirelessly toward it.Believe me,your persistence will make you a conquerer.No matter how long it will take.

There is this very tip I would like you to take note of.It will be the best way to offer inspiration for you always.It will make know why you should never give up in life.Although you may face all kind of challenges from your friends, family,coworkers, spouse and all the personal challenges in your life.

Set lofty goals to put you in focus. Yes,if you want to get your first degree,do all the necessary things it takes to achieve it.If you want to get a particular job,or any kind of success;Let your goal be the code or the rules governing you to keep on moving forward in life.That will always be a reminder for you to know why you should never give up in life.

Let all those who want to see you fail in life be ashamed. Never give up.Stay strong, because you hold the final say about your life. It doesn’t mean a thing if your friends or enemies ridicule you for your downfall. Stand up on your feet.Clean the dirt and start again. Keep on doing it 1,000th times like Thomas Edison, and you will see success smile to you like the morning sun.

If you learn about all the reasons why you should never give up;Every challenge in your life will be like a baby bird for you.Find inspiration in places like “African Paradise World”.Inspirational books or TV programs that can inspire you to know why you should never give up.When you fail something, it is part of the journey to success. Keep moving forward and surely, your resilience will make you successful in life.Never give up.

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How To Deal With Your Enemies.Find Out The Best Way To Keep Things Clean

Have you ever thought of knowing the best on how to deal with your enemies?. There are 2 simple ways you must know about. Your enemies are not God.They can’t harm you if you deal with them in the right way.

how to deal with your enemies

how to deal with your enemies

Know how to deal with your enemies appropriately.In life, we all seem to have enemies.Enemies who discloses themselves and enemies who don’t show themselves.The funniest part is; No matter how good or righteousness you are,you will have enemies.They will hate you for many reasons. You can’t say as for you,you have no enemies. You might be making a big mistake if you think that way.

They will hate you,but smile with you always.All what your enemies want from you is your downfall. Their pleasure is to see you suffer and fall into the lowest pit.Your progress or success is a treat to them.For this reason,you must know the best way to deal with your enemies.

One Best Way To Know how to deal with your enemies is to allow them do their things

It might sound hard for some people to allow their enemies do their things. May be you don’t agree to this one.But surely, it works.As far as you can’t figure out all your enemies, let them grow together along your loved ones.Let them do their things. But keep an eye on them so that they don’t cross the border line.They have their limits.Confronting them when they cross the borderline wouldn’t be a problem.Let everyone know your boundary line.

For this reason both your enemies and loved ones wouldn’t cross.You will always stay safe from harm.When all their schemes fail,they will feel very bad.Their jealousy will increase, but they can’t cross over to harm you.

How can you even set your borderline?.It is very simple.Let everyone know what you like and dislikes. This will be your most serious boundary. Who dare crosses becomes  a treat to you.Believe me,most of your enemies will cross.Because it is only when they cross the borderline that they can have access to you.

If they are within their on borderline,don’t mind them.Let them do their thing.Let them  do whatever they like.You just have to turn deaf ears on their conspiracies and noises.Keep an eye on your borderline.The one who crosses disposes himself/herself as a real enemy.Keep them away from you.

The second Best Way To Deal With Enemies Is To Mind Your Own Business

As you define a borderline for your enemies,you must mind your own business too.There is no good reason to cross over your enemies zone. Do your own thing. Keep on with whatever makes you happy. Your job and your own life  should be your first priority.If you live your life without minding what people say; You will surely come out with greater output.

Invest in your self,make good use of your time.But not interfering with your enemies in the form of litigation,quarreling etc.Concentrate on your success and your enemy will burst out of jealousy.

How long can your enemies hate you, as your keep on becoming successful. His/her grieve will increase whiles your happiness increases. Your decisions,smile,laughter, walks,talk, and everything will be thorns for your enemies. Leave them uncomfortable whiles you mind your business in a grand style.

If your enemy is wasting his/her time planning on you and  thinking about you,use your time to plan for a better future.

This is the best way to deal with enemies.Just give it a try and you will always be on top of your enemies. No need to fight or hate them back.It is like a mind game. Be wise enough to let your life and success be your focus. As you mind your own business, you will become happy. Despite all the conspiracies of your enemies, you will succeed.

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Inspirational Person:Simple Ways To Find Inspiration From Them

Sometimes it is hard to find an inspirational person.When life bogs us down,we all thirst for inspiration. That is the only way we can find ourselves again and smile.

inspirational person

In life, it is good to stay close to anyone who can inspire you

Today, African Paradise World will share with you,how an inspirational person is important. At least we have all become downhearted before. Time heals,but slower.An inspirational person heals faster than you can imagine.Few simple words from an inspirational person can heal your emotional problems.Even if it is not emotional problem,you will still find comfort.

Who is an inspirational person?.Someone is is an inspirational person has the natural ability to cheer people up. Anyone who is able to put smile on people who are down hearted is an inspirational person.It doesn’t rake any educational qualification to be such kind of person.Most at times people are gifted to inspire other people.It is a gift. Someone can choose to learn how to inspire people and it will work perfectly.

If you ever find an inspiration person, you would always like to stay close to him. Because they are people who can help you conquer your fears.They have the ability to make you believe fear is illusional.An inspirational person will also make you understand that to “err is human”.Imperfection resides in mankind, so you have no good reason to lose hope.

Life challenges will put many people down.They need someone to tell them,hey its OK.It shall be well.Whenever you fave trials or life challenges bear in mind;You are not the only one facing that trouble.There is nothing new under the sun.Don’t harm yourself because you feel like all hope is good.If you have life,it means there is hope. If you can’t inspire yourself,find an inspirational person.How can you even find an inspirational person.

Simple Ways To Find Inspirational Person

A genuine person is not common.So if you ever come across any,hold him tight.We are different people with different abilities.We have friends,families,loved ones strangers.

When you encounter a friend who is full of positivity, the person is an inspirational person.Look around you,which of your friends are full of positivities or possibilities?.Find him/her and surely you will smile and get over all your problems.If you ever keep that grievances or pains in you,you might die early.Yes too much emotional pains(depression can kill you).

Sell your sickness(problems) to any genuine person and you will feel relieved.

Another simple way you can find such person is through the media. You see,the media is too broad.And there are uncountable motivational speakers. Some have gained international recognition others too are rarely known.When you use search engines like Google you will get such kind of person.There is this motivational speaker called Nick Vujicic. He is an Australian evangelist with no arms no feet.But he is one of the best kind of inspirational person you could ever have.

Occasionally, you can find such kind of person in the street or anywhere at all.Although these people are strangers,but with little conversation with them;You can find them inspiring enough to help you feel motivated.

Do not let any challenges you are going through put you down.Don’t do anything silly like committing suicide. Know about the scary reasons why you should not commit suicide.Be positive minded.

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What Makes A Good Friend?.The Best Way To Know Why Good Friends Are Important

What makes a good friend?.There are good reasons for everyone to know why good friends are important in our lives. They are sometimes more than a family, and are always ready to help.Do you even know what makes a good friend?. As you read along,you will find.

what makes a good frined

What makes a good friend

In life, everybody want good things to happen to him/her.Goodness brings happiness.This post will let you know what makes a good friend.A good friend is very important in our lives.Some friends are good to the extend that; They are more than a family.Before you expect to know how important good friends are;

– Make sure you avoid bad friends and stay in touch with the good ones.

Here Is What Makes A Good Friend: How To Know Your Good Friends

If you really want to know why good friends are important; Share your problems with them. We all have problems but to trade it with the right friends is the best.There are certain secrets or problems you can not share so easily with your family. But sharing that very problem with your good friends becomes very easy.Good friends understand each other very well.The moment you share your problem with them,they will give you good advice.Their advice may vary though.But each will offer you the best alternatives to choose.

Let’s say,you want to buy something. Something like bicycle,car,phone or anything at all.But you become skeptical on the one which is quality. Making the right choice would be hard for you alone. Here is where your good friend come in to help.Maybe your friend has used that kind of item Before. This will make him give a better assesment.He will recommend the best product for you.A good friend would always want good things for you.

There are many ways to help you know what makes a good friend.Undoubtedly, a good friend is supportive.If you need financial help and you have a lot of good friends….You wouldn’t worry much. Just pick your phone and make a call; “Hello Mike,can you help me with $$$…”.”Oh sure,come for it”,he replies.There is nothing sweeter than having a good friend of such kind. They are very real so hold them very tight.Keep on living life together as if you are one family with the same bloodline.If you have good friends, money wouldn’t be a problem. Financial help can come from all angels.They can even contribute money to support you on a project you want to do.

When you move with good friends always,it helps a lot.You wouldn’t bother to look out for “what makes a good friend?”.Because you already know it.It is right under your nose.A good friend will make you feel and see his importance each day.You cannot live life without such person.When he sees you doing something good in life, he will push you to move ahead.His encouraging words will always put smiles on your face.

Reasons That Make A Good Friend Important Than A Family

When we are talking about good friends and their importance in our lives. We can go deeper to analyse their impacts.We can compare that with some family members.I prefer to use “some” family members. Because in the real sense,it is not all your family members who would be ungrateful to you.Should if your family rejects or devalues you.The only people who will make you happy are your good friends.They will let you know that, you have a caring family somewhere. They can help you with all your needs,defend you from enemies and any harm.

Good friends are not in bloodline.But how their intimacy,understanding, interest unites them,make them inseparable. They actually do everything together.The feeling of seeing each other everyday could make them forget about their real families.These good friends interact with each other in adorable ways.It makes life easy and beautiful for them.Do you know some people can travel to stay with their friends for many years and never miss home?.Yes,because their good friends become their new family and everything works good for them.

The Most Exceptional Reason For You To Know What Makes A Good In Life

To value good friends and know their importance,know that; Certain crucial moments reveal their true importance. When the most unfortunate thing happens to you,they could be a great source of help.Let’s say you are dying of blood shortage because of accident, childbirth or any kind of situation. A situation that makes you lose blood. Your good friends wouldn’t sit there and watch you die.They will sacrifice to save you.

Even if their help couldn’t be enough to save you from death and you die. They will still remember you.They will do everything they could to offer some amount of money for your funeral. Their eulogies about you,will inspire others.Your goodness and hard work will be an everlasting memory in their hearts.They will take active part in giving you a befitting burial.It is only death that can separate good friends apart.

The above reasons are enough for you to know what makes a good friend in life.They are hard to come by.So, if you have any,appreciate him/her and be faithful to that a person.Always remember that; “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, and two heads are always better than one.

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Human Experience Meaning:Find Out How It Helps People Live Successful Life.

Everyone must understand human experience meaning in life.Those who have experience on certain things in life do not have any difficulties to handle particular problems of that sort. That is why people say experience is the best teacher

human experience meaning

You must know about human experience meaning and how it affects you.Today’s inspiration topic is, “human experience meaning”.Experience in life is very important.Others might say dexterity. For people to gain experience in life, they must do something.Yes,something has to happen before anyone can acquire experience in a particular field of life.

The Human Experience meaning You Should Know About

For us to understand human experience meaning ,let us separate the two meanings. For anyone to say he has experience in something, it means he has undertaken a particular action on something in life situation or work.When you hold a hot metal,it will teach you a lesson.That lesson gives you an experience. So next time you will not repeat that mistake.This is why people say experience is the best teacher.

Human Experience Meaning And How It Operates

Now,let us learn from how this kind of human experience meaning operates.Let us know how it has taught a lot of people lessons in life.It is about those who don’t listen to advice and make choices or decisions without a second thought. And also, those who accidentally fall into bad situations.They all gain experience from that very incidence. This is one good human experience meaning you should take note of.

Again if you keep on doing something you really like, you easily gain experience. A boxer,footballer, teacher, doctor, engineer who has worked on his field of work for long will surely gain a lot of experience in life.His experience makes him potent and expensive. They become expensive, because their services are high in quality. They will charge you a lot of money if you call for their services.You can’t cheat anyone who has gained a lot of experience in something. Just like the saying; “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks”.

A blogger who has blogged for several years has probably gained a lot of experience to coach newbies who have started blogging. Those having all the experience in blogging are the grandmasters of blogs.They know everything about blogs.That is another human experience meaning you should take note of.

Failure Brings About Human Experience

When the ignorant falls into a pit,he also gains an experience in life.When you are trying something for the first time and you fail what happens?. You also gain experience.
In this case, nobody has to fear failure. It has the benefit of teaching you good lessons in life.The more you fail,the more you get closer to success.Approach your challenges with different methods. At the end,you will become an experienced gentleman.You will handle such kind of situations so easily.Experience is the best teacher and it only takes failure before you can gain experience to face that very situation. Then you can make it possible according to your preference.

How Those Who Understand Human Experience Meaning Gain Benefits And Increase Their Dexterity As Well.

Gaining experience doesn’t cost anything, it comes naturally. Just keep on doing whatever you like and in years to come, you will gain a lot of experience. If you want someone or an institution to train you on a particular subject to gain experience,that one too is fine.Because many companies are looking for people who have experience in particular field of work or services.As you gain experience,you will live a happy life by avoiding many dangers that can harm you,your work or reputation.

Other Human Experience Meaning You Should Know About

As for the other human experience meaning; You simply have to go through a situation to find out how it looks /feels like. You get a first touch of something and become familiar with it.Something like eating a particular food for the first time.It doesn’t go deep like the human experience meaning of the first one I talked about. This one is the surface kind of experience which doesn’t go deep into professionalism.

The first kind of experience helps people to earn money out of it.In deed, experience is the best teacher all the time.

The one who hasn’t tasted or experienced anything before simply becomes a stranger to that particular thing.It is good for everyone to try different things all the time to gain experience and profit from it.You can invest in any business you like and as a first timer, you will find things difficult. Unless you stay in that business for long.Understand human experience meaning and put it into action. This will make your value increase as your experience also increases.People will need your services and pay you handsome amount of Money.

To summarize it all,we have human experience meaning that talks about someone’s professionals; And how potent he can offer help or services to others.The second kind of human experience meaning is about having a taste of something. Or how something works for you.It helps to know how to approach it.It is not for professionalism, but a handy knowledge to help you have a general understanding on that.
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The Value Of Human Life:Know How Precious It Is?

Have you ever thought of knowing about the value of human life?.If you want to know the cost of life.Read this article to get the simplest meaning about the value of human life .

The value of human life

The Value of human life is priceless

The value of human life cannot be measured.To exist is very expensive, but many people don’t know.They ask; “What is the value of human life?”. This inspirational message will let you know about how to value life.You simply have to know your value and understand that you deserve the best.

I always keep on telling my readers that life is precious. Everyone must value it.This post will explain to you about how to value life and live happily. Life is what makes everything possible. When you value life, you become happy with whom you are.

Life is what makes people see you as a human being. No matter your circumstances. Whether you are blind,crippled, healthy, sick,mad etc.So far as you breath,be grateful in life and know how to value life.Life is immeasurable, and priceless. No amount of money or wealth can buy it.There is a saying that goes like this: ” If you have life,you have everything”.This is true. Because when you find yourself breathing everyday, it means there are possibilities to achieve anything.

How To Make The Value Of Human Life A Priority Over Wealth

If you are a rich man,never let your money be your backbone. Instead let the breath in you be your back bone.Because when you give up your breath, all your wealth will be useless. Your money,cars,mansions, wives,husbands,concubines and everything you own will be useless.

When you value your life over richness , you become wise enough to deal with any problem. Life speaks louder than money and wealth.If you are a poor man or have very little money,be grateful.The meaning is simple;You have the most expensive thing in the world.This thing that you own is “life”.The richest man in life today cannot buy it.No amount of money or wealth can buy it.So value it.

Everyone must know the value of human life and how it can yield plenty fruits.If you are a man and you know how to value life,you are likely to succeed in life.Life will be fair to you.Because you value it.

There is no second chance or alternative for life.This is one special reason life is expensive.Those who refuse to value life are at higher risk of losing it.If you are negligent to your own life,you will easily lose it.There is no second chance for it.

You must find good means to protect your precious life. Don’t joke with your health.If you are healthy, your life becomes beautiful.You can go in for life insurance to avoid huge medical bills.

Simple Ways To know The Value Of Human Life And How To Protect It

Everyone has to put good measures in place. Measures that will help protect your precious life.

Don’t do anything to hurt your life. Say no to suicide and anything that threatens your life. The moment you get to know how to value life,you will deal appropriately with anyone or anything that threatens your life. If someone pushes your life into danger report him to the cops.

If you are in a an addicted habit like drunkenness, smoking and suchlike, just stop.These practices endanger certain vital parts of your body. Your lungs and liver will be in real danger.I don’t think you want to kill yourself and end your precious life.But to smoke or drink excessively is a dangerous thing for your health.My dear reader,know how the value of human life is expensive.So, live accordingly.

In summary, I want everyone to know that, life is precious than money, cars and mansions.Including all the properties you could ever think of.If you learn about how to value life, you will live long.

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