How Did Jehoahaz And Jehoash Influence Israel?

How Did Jehoahaz And Jehoash Influence Israel?

The Kings of Israel had a significant impact on the lives of their subjects. Interestingly, some of these kings are less known… How did Jehoahaz And Jehoash influence Israel? Let’s take some lessons from the Bible.

The entire existence of the Israelites called for the need for kings and rulers. As stubborn as they were, the love of God and His mercies still helped them survive the atrocities of their enemies who often appeared stronger than them. When talking about notable kings and rulers, Christians today barely know much about how Jehoahaz And Jehoash influenced Israel. These two kings played a significant role in the lives of their people.

Today, I feel compelled to share a Bible lesson about the said kings. But before I talked about how Jehoahaz And Jehoash influenced Israel —let’s learn something brief about them.

Who Was Jehoahaz in the Bible?

Jehoahaz was the son and successor of Jehu —king of Israel around B. C. 856. He reigned in Samaria for seventeen years.

Jehoahaz ascended to the throne during the beginning of the twenty-third year of Joash. He ruled for seventeen years: fourteen as the only king and three more years with his son Joash.

His Remarkable Influence

Jehoahaz’s sins and that of his people brought about severe punishment when God left them in the hands of the enemy.

During his reign, their enemies; the Syrians led by Hazael and Benhadad invaded Israel and caused great havoc that nearly brought them to extinction —had it not been for the love, grace and mercy of God.

Jehoahaz felt remorseful and humbled himself before God. Then his people got delivered through the hands of his son called Joash. We can read this from 2 Kings 13:19 and 25.

Now, after knowing something brief about Jehoahaz, let’s find out what the Bible recorded about his son Jehoash.

Who Was Jehoash?

Jehoash was the son and successor of Jehoahaz, king of Israel, B. C. 840-825.

His Remarkable Influence

This ruler, Jehoash had a great reverence for prophet Elisha. According to the Bible, he visited the prophet on his deathbed. He knew Elisha as a true man of God who carries great anointing and influence on Israel’s future.

During his visit to the prophet, he got assured by a divine oracle of three victories over their enemies —the Syrians.

Again, Jehoash became a conqueror when forced to give battle to Amaziah king of Judah. He is known as one of the best kings Israel has had.

More Biblical Knowledge About Jehoash

The name Jehoash was given to several others in the Bible. But in this respect, we are talking about the king who had a great influence on Israel in the last days of prophet Elisha.

I have been searching all over to understand the difference in the names while reading the books of Judges, Kings and Chronicles. It’s a little confusing when reading and studying these names.

I would be glad to read your contribution and feedback in the comment section. Feel free to share knowledge with me as well.

Thankfully, I have gotten to know that the Bible uses Jehoash or Joash in its shorter form. We can take some references from Judges 6:29-31 and 1 Chronicles 4:22.

What’s The Different Between Them?

In order to save your confusing mind from wandering far away, the most important thing to acknowledge is; these two kings ruled during the time of the separation of the kingdom into two, one over Judah and the other over Israel.

To avoid any further confusion Jehoash of Judah is often referred to as Joash.

I believe everything is crystal clear now for your understanding. I will then continue by answering the nagging question most of my readers are asking; How did Jehoahaz and Jehoash Influence Israel?

How Jehoahaz and Jehoash Played Significant Roles In Israel

We can read about them from the book of 2 Kings 13:1-25. These verses together with verse 41 reveal the history of the fall of Israel.

The History And Story Surrounding Jehoahaz and Jehoash

When the anti-Baal revolution was brought to an end Jehu’s son Jehoahaz sadly followed the abominable acts of the earlier Israelite kings. Being a leader and lacking the fear of God made his people also sin against God.

Through the help of Elisha who foresaw, the impending punishment and invasion of the Syrian army, God had compassion for the Israelites. He, therefore, intervened to save them from possible extinction because He had a solemn covenant with their ancestors —Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Jehoash, being the next king got closer to Elisha and had the assurance of having three victories over the enemy. Jehoash’s lack of faith caused him to win only three battles which would have been more than that.

“The prophet got angry at him and said, “If you had struck the ground five or six times, you would have annihilated Syria! But now, you will defeat Syria only three times.” (2 Kings 13:19)

Looking at verses 10 to 19 —he was supposed to shoot the arrow of the Lord which is the arrow of deliverance several times on the ground to aid him to have a complete victory over the enemies.

Elisha said, “Open the east window,” and he did so. Elisha said, “Shoot!” and he did so. Elisha said, “This arrow symbolizes the victory the LORD will give you over Syria. You will annihilate Syria in Aphek!” (2 Kings 13:17)

Deliverance From The Hands Of The King Of Syria

The Bible says King Hazael of Syria barraged great oppression on Israel throughout the reign of Jehoahaz.

When it was time for divine intervention, the prophet told king Jehoash —the successor of Jehoahaz to open the eastward window which was in the direction of the country beyond Jordan, which king Hazael had taken from the Israelites.

The Significance Of The Arrow of Deliverance

As surely as the arrow of God is shot towards the land of Israel that the enemy (Syrians) had extended their conquest —it would be recovered and restored to Israel.

Here one might wonder why the arrows were shot to the ground through the eastern window. It’s an ancient custom! Yes, this is a sign of a commencement of hostility. Sometimes a dart or spear is used to strike the ground in which an army intends to invade.

Historically, it has been known that Alexander the Great observed this kind of custom when he arrived on the coasts of Iona. He is said to have thrown a dart into the country of the Persians.

The Death Of Elisha

During the reign of King Jehoash —Elisha died. The prophet became angry when Jehoash failed to strike the land several times with the arrows. He did that trice and so won three battles as Elisha had foretold. This helped him recapture some of Israel’s lost territory.

After the murder of his father Joash, Amaziah ascended to the throne of Judah. When he was in full power he avenged his father. He executed his father’s murderers (2 Kings 14:1-6).

A Dead Man Brought To Life

Elisha’s death did not cease the power of God to operate through him. Even his rotten bones brought a dead man back to life. Such a jaw-dropping miracle proved that the God of Israel is still alive.

The Bible accounts that a group of men was burying a dead man but when they spotted a raiding party; they threw the body on Elisha’s tomb. When the body touched Elisha’s bones, the dead man came to life and stood on his feet. (2 Kings 13:21)

Highlights Of Major Events In 2 Kings 13

In summary, I have highlighted most of the pressing events that took place between Jehoahaz, Jehoash and Elisah and how the Lord’s intervention saved the Israelites from further destruction.

• King Jehoahaz ruled over Israel for seventeen years. The LORD was furious with him and the people of Israel because of their sins so He handed them over to King Hazael of Syria.

• Jehoahaz entered into wars with the Syrians. He was oppressed by the king of Syria but God relieved him after saying some prayers for help.

• He died, and his son Joash succeeded him. Joash reigned in Samaria for sixteen years but unfortunately did evil things in the sight of the Lord.

• While Elisha was on a sickbed he foretold a three-fold defeat of the Syrians before he died. This prophecy got fulfilled.

• A dead man was brought back to life by touching the bones of Elisha.

• Hazael finally died after oppressing Israel for a very long time. On the other hand, Jehoash recovered many lost cities from the hands of Ben-hadad, his successor, and defeated him three times as prophesized by Elisha.

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