There are quite a number of things happening around us. We may find it difficult embracing them. Think about natural laws and how they affect you. You are therefore compelled to have a deep thought about certain complicated and mysterious events in your life. Has anyone drawn your attention toContinue Reading

Don’t let anyone deceive you that life is EASY. It’s not like a pie that you can even close your eyes and eat. No, you need to sweat, scream, cry, soar before you can see success and happiness. It doesn’t matter how serious you need something. If you don’t obtainContinue Reading

Life is simple, amazing and full of mysteries. There are 7 billion people in this world and each person is unique in his own way. But we can all decide to live a simple life. Yes, it’s a choice, irrespective of your money… To live a simple life saves money,Continue Reading

Life is not a movie that will require scripts and rehearsals to act. It is about tapping into reality with a strong vision. Although you have no idea what tomorrow brings, you can be determined to achieve whatever goal you have. There is nothing to stop you from finding yourContinue Reading

Has anyone cautioned you to change your life for whatever reason?. The person might be right or wrong about you. You first have to put your conscience at work.    Why Change? Time To Learn how to change your entire life for the best?. Often anyone who will inform youContinue Reading