Watch Kanye West Say ‘God Sent Him On Earth’ For Greater Purpose

Watch Kanye West Say ‘God Sent Him On Earth’ For Greater Purpose

Kanye West says God sent him In his official trilogy video

Kanye West never ceases to make headlines in the news. He is about to do something again —a three-week global event.

Of late I have been very busy with something else, so for a very long time, I haven’t been active in publishing content on this blog. Don’t be surprised that I’m covering news about Kanye West here at African Paradise World.

I have been busy doing that on my new Christian news site. You can check it out. I may talk more about it later.

Kanye has been a sensational Christian rapper with a whole lot of controversial issues. The 44-year-old rapper says there is more to his story.

He is releasing a documentary: Jeen-yus — A Kanye Trilogy.

In the official trailer of his new documentary Jeen-yus he said:

“When I first put the camera on this up-and-coming producer back in 1998, I knew he was destined for greatness,” a voiceover begins the trailer. “The goal was to see how far his dreams would take him, but I had no idea where life would take us next. It felt like the bigger Kanye got, the farther we grew apart. But there was more to Kanye’s story that I needed to tell.”

Again, in the short official trailer, Kanye West added an old interview of himself saying his success “was God’s plan.” This is what he believes:

“I think he just has me here for a reason, that I have something to say,” West says in the trailer. “There’s people that might be better programmers, better rappers, [but] the way I think I really won is I had the heart. If I do what I’m supposed to do, people [are] gonna look back like, ‘Man, remember dude used to just make beats for people?'”

You can watch the video trailer below:

Fans can’t wait to experience the three-week global event which is known as jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy beginning February 16th. Netflix would cover that on their screens.

Before it appears on Netflix, Kanye’s trilogy will be in theaters on Feb. 10. The world is waiting to see what he’s got under his sleeves this time.

NB: To all my regular readers, occasionally, I will be covering related news on this blog.

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