5 Simple Ways To Find Happiness In A Post Pandemic World

5 Simple Ways To Find Happiness In A Post Pandemic World

Take a look a few years back—you will realize we have gone through a lot of challenges. Maintaining good and positive thoughts in this world would help you enjoy this post-pandemic life without any fears.

Women in a post-pandemic life

It’s been a tough situation for many people around the world to get their heads above water. The world has been in chaos for some time now due to the emergence of the COVID-19 virus. A nightmare that everyone wants to forget about and move forward. But has that been easy? Feels like a vicious cycle but hopefully, it will break soon.

Let’s find out some of the consequences of this dreadful experience of going through a global health crisis. The hope of many is said to have already arrived. Oh Yes! I’m talking about the COVID vaccine.

But there are too many questions that need to be answered to appease those of us who are skeptical about certain absurd conditions such as mandatory vaccination.

On record, there has been a drastic decrease in the spread of this deadly virus and that is a positive sign that our world is surely getting back to normal. We can enjoy a bit more outdoor activities now. Huh… Smile.

Uh oh and then again, here comes the new variants like the omicron sparking new fears in people —pushing them back into their basement with barricades around….travel restrictions.

Whatever the case might be; together with love, we can give out a good fight against this virus which has been going through a mutation —changing its color like chameleon.

We need our social lives back, we want to see the economy stand on its feet. We want to enjoy our normal lifestyles.

Together we can make the world better

Even if everything we had has been crippled —there is a healing process going on. And eventually, we will bounce back to a normal life.

Life At The Work Place During Post Pandemic

Why would some of us be compelled to take the jab even if it goes against our choices or religious beliefs? This seems unfair to many public servants and other workers in various workplaces.

This has been a very challenging situation in a post-pandemic world. Fear and panic are now boiling out from different points we never thought of.

People are so confused that they are torn between safeguarding their jobs or losing them. The most disturbing situation happens to be on government workers; Someone has to compromise his/her beliefs no matter how strong or binding that could be. America for instance has recorded the 10th job lose as COVID vaccine refusal in 2021.

We can’t simply get out of the workplace without securing an alternative way of making a living. So the nagging questions about how to stay employed and make a living go unanswered.

In the event of post-pandemic life, we are told to “lose your job for refusing the jab” or “receive the jab and stay employed.” Uh oh, this doesn’t augur well to many of us.

It is one major reason why Andrew Torba of gab is advocating for a parallel economy. He has a grand plan of creating that world to safeguard the beliefs and doctrines of Christians whose religious beliefs have been disregarded by certain governments and the big Techs.

We need the job to make money, pay rent, bills, buy food, take care of our children, etc, Getting fired from the workplace isn’t a good option in a broken economy like this.

This situation is giving mental stress to thousands to millions of people around the world. It seems our own rights to make decisions willingly have been restricted.

Going through this post-pandemic life hasn’t been easy. It feels like the world is coming to an end sooner than one could expect. And Yes! I actually talked about how this pandemic gives us a sign of the return of the Messiah.

Honestly, we hate seeing this pandemic making headlines on any topic or conversation. We wish it had already been in the past. But here we are still cleaning the mess.

Dealing With Mental Stress

Combating the fear of losing jobs, dying to COVID, losing loved ones, insolvency in business, etc puts much stress on the brain. Many went through intense trauma during the worse days of coronavirus. They haven’t fully recovered yet.

In order to clear our minds from any kind of mental stress —we must feed our brains with thoughts that can inspire us to stay positive and motivated.

Instead of allowing your fears to control your life —be prepared to face them with confidence. You may need to feed your mind with helpful emotional quotes that will calm down any fluctuations in your feelings. Prepare your mind to feel good, hopeful, and fearless.

Train up the mind in a way that you see the good side of any troubling situation in your life.

Things To Help You Enjoy A Post Pandemic Life

Irrespective of the world’s situation —you can still choose to be happy. Why? Because happiness is a state of mind and it’s a choice as well. Do some of these things below if you find life in post-pandemic stressful.

1. Listen to good music

It could be any inspirational or motivational song. Music is very good therapy for stress release. The mind will trigger your happy hormones if you stimulate them with your favorite songs. That nostalgic feeling is indescribable.

2. You Are A Social Being By Nature

Call your good friends or families on the phone if you can’t reach them personally. You can use social messaging apps for conference calls…

Share your fears or feelings with your friends or people who play significant roles in your life. The more you share, the more you release those toxic feelings.

3. Have fun

If it’s safe to attend a public gathering like watching football matches or being at the sunny beach, have a small party —you can go ahead while you observed the necessary COVID-19 protocols. All work and no play surely make Jack a dull boy.

Cruising during post-pandemic

If you can afford to travel from one place to the other —then go ahead and enjoy the health benefits of temporary changing environment through traveling.

4. Think, Plan, And Work Hard

You can’t sit there, place your hands in your lap, and expect a change or progress to take place in your life. Put your brain at work. Think about how you can solve the problems barring you from making and progress.

If you fail to think, plan and work hard you will see nothing good today or tomorrow.

There are hardships left on parents, companies, individuals, agencies, governments, and other stakeholders.

Worrying too much about the mess or complaining too much wouldn’t be a wise thing to do. Let’s fix our brokenness by taking the right action. This is a brilliant idea of living a post-pandemic life. Believe that you will find your feet back.

5. The God Factor

Letting go and letting God take control of everything you are doing is a praiseworthy idea. As darkness keep on rising and getting thicker in this world, you will always need Christ Jesus who is the Light of the world to brighten your path so that you do not stumble and fall.

Talk to the Creator of this universe, with faith in God —new doors of opportunities would be opened. You would find peace in your heart and be assured of a successful future.

The day of beholding our pre-pandemic life is at hand. May we collectively help ensure peace, share love and kindness among ourselves.

Together, we can conquer the darkness the Devil and his agents are using to kill, steal and destroy innocent souls. May God help us in all our endeavors to make this world worthy of living.

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