Insightful Reasons Why You Should Invest In Yourself First Before Anything Else

Why would you dare chase things in the future without working for it?. You can’t cheat nature so be calm, self-disciplined, sore and you will fly high like the eagle. It is time to learn how to invest in yourself to attain success in the near future. You can make it if you really follow your intuition without giving up.

Finding the most appropriate ways to invest in youself
You are the greatest asset to invest in. Turn yourself into a default machine that never gets exhausted producing happiness.

A World Of Possibilities For Positive-minded People

Today, I feel the need to share with you some of the best ways on how to invest in yourself to be successful in life. I will further explain how your choices, together with your investment correlates with natural laws that affect every one of us.

Look around you, in this hectic world, everyone seems busy moving here and there. There is one common motive behind their movements; “HAPPINESS or SUCCESS.”

Early in the morning mankind begins a journey of 24 hours of which each second, minute, an hour is irreversible.

Unnecessary Pressure From People

It is common to hear people ask;

are you married?

what’s your profession?

do you have a car?

do you have kids?.

If you reply “No”, this fellow will make you think you are lacking behind. They ask as if life is a grocery store where you go and pick whatever you want and pay. Uh oh, it doesn’t work like that. Never get frustrated for not having all these but you can have them if you take the right steps.

Many often, our youth today invest in unreasonable and unimportant things. The stupidest of all is a young guy investing so much in a girl with the hope of marrying her in the future but things turn out to be what it was not supposed to be; break up, emotional pains, regrets, lose of money, time, energy, suicide etc. Don’t compromise your values for short-term happiness.

Indeed, there is time for everything and everything happens for a reason. Dare not eat dessert before dinner. I mean don’t focus or invest in unimportant things which adds no value to your life. Instead pay attention to what is really necessary, “your wants.”Find all the good ideas on how to invest in yourself.

There are several occasions guys fall into such dreadful situation. It is time to wise up. Know when, how and best ways of investing in important things.

Your Personality

Remember, you are responsible for every step you take. Nature is not bias, you have all that it takes to achieve success. But the biggest question here is; “Are you doing proper self-investment or you are investing in something unimportant?.”

“Invest in yourself first. Expect nothing from no one and be willing to work for everything. ” – Tony Gaskins

No one will be responsible for your mischiefs, you choose the path for yourself and make decisions on your own. You are yourself, the steering wheel of your life is in your own hands. People who ensure self-discipline towards their goals are always one step ahead.

Building A Solid Foundation That Leads To Success

The first thing every successful minded person does is to build a strong foundation in life. It is about establishing yourself well before you incorporate third parties. Be the source of your happiness and don’t let anything or anyone be the source of your happiness.

Mankind cannot be trusted. Learn how to invest in yourself to solidify your reputation, health, career etc. This is more like implementing Marlow’s law of need which starts with safety need. Are you safe enough to protect someone else?…. A strong foundation last longer. In case of misfortunes or insolvency, you can bounce back quickly to your state without much stress.

The Natural Laws That Affects People’s Life Journey To Success

The law of cause and effects States that “for every effect, there is a specific cause or series of a cause.”

The “law of sowing and reaping” is a biblical concept which is a variation of the “law of cause and effects.”

The Bible States ” Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”(Galatians 6:7)

Be mindful, it is not anything at all you should invest in. After you have invested in yourself, paid the full price and let yourself off the hook of life distress like poverty, disgrace, enemies and their schemes. Then you can go further to invest in other things like your desire career or anything you are passionate about and Worthy of investment.

Just like I said, you are the default machine of success. Your intelligence, skills, knowledge, passion, perseverance, hard work, virtues, values etc. all accounts for this.

This goes a long way of reminding us that how you spend your money, time, energy and everything would result into something. The main point I want to bring in your mind is about making a proper self-investment. The productive use of time, money and energy will result in something beneficial.

It is not about spending more hours watching television, gambling, having fun, gossiping, womanizing, etc. It is about channeling your resources into something worthy. You are the “default machine of success.”

Know how to invest in yourself, spend time reading life-changing books, learn about the secrets of successful men like Bill Gate, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk etc.

Do you want to achieve success? then learn how to invest in yourself, do what successful people do and do it and do it again. Surely you will also be successful.

Be Part Of The Long Term-Thinkers

Perhaps the most successful people are those who could look into the future with feasible dreams. In order to enjoy a never-ending happiness, you must think ahead of time. Have a long-term plan for your life, career, relationships, marriage. Be a futurist.

It is not a long time since I published an article about “why everyone is thinking about the future.” There are two major reasons behind and you must know about them.

learning how to invest in yourself could help you become successful in life
The best kind of investment that yields greater output begins with you. It includes sacrificing your time, energy, health, career, etc.

Successful people make a proper self-investment before they extend it to other third parties. They make sure they do what they are passionate about consistently in the short run which results in long-term profits.

The major secret here is “Sacrifice“.Yes!, they have to do everything in their power to pursue their goals until they finally reach the promised land which is full of milk and honey.

My dear, long-term thinkers never give up to their challenges. They lay down a proper foundation for their future. They would have to spend more hours or years studying, preparing, investing, upgrading their skills to make themselves valuable at every point of their lives.

Succesful people would never sacrifice most of their time socializing or having fun which has less or no value for them. Remember that, time is money and so never waste your time on less important or unimportant things.

Think twice before you spend your time, money, energy on anything. There is nothing free on earth. Always you have to give something out to gain something.

Successful people know about this secret so they never hesitate to give out something. They mostly give out (invest) their time, money, etc. It doesn’t matter how much it will cost them.

Even if they can’t pay in full, they will pay in halves. Forget about the so-called “quick money” offers and invest in yourself, talent, career or anything worthy of your time.

A friend of mine used to say;
A fish bait is used to catch a fish.

Meaning you have to invest money to get money. However, you are worth more than money. That is why you should find all the possible ways to know how to invest in yourself.

The Truth Behind Short Term Gain And Its Long-Term Pain

The Saddest Truth
It is good to yearn for success but not in a crafty way. Shortcuts won’t lead you to anywhere. It would rather bring you irreparable brokenness.

Here there are two different laws that affect you.

1. The Law Of Unintended Consequences

This law states that ” the unintended consequences of an action can be far worse than the intended consequences of that behavior because of lack of long-term thinking.”

2. The Law Of Perverse Consequences

This law also states that ” a short-term action aimed at immediate gratification can lead to perverse or the opposite, consequences from those at which it was aimed.”

Let me expatiate the second law a little. If you make an investment using your money, energy, time, etc. with the intention of deriving happiness out of this but things to totally wrong. It means you weren’t careful when taking that step. The result of your investment would be worse(deficit).

In view of this, it would be better off, if you did not make any investment. For example, a young guy who works so hard but invested his money in a girl, taking care of her feeding, clothing, school fees etc. and finally the girl turns down on him. Making the gentleman’s investment worthless.

The Final Advise

To end it all, long-term thinkers are the real gurus of success. They never forgot the power of self-investment. You must know how to invest in yourself to get a beautiful future. You and I could be one of these billionaires out there.

Don’t complain too much. Start doing something you are passionate about, set lofty aims. You have any talent, develop it into a career. Sacrifice and work tirelessly toward your goals. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

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