Time To Know Why The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Poor Poorer

Here we are,trying to understand why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. The driving force here is “money”.We all want it,but few people seem to enjoy it at the expense of many.

why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer
There are many rich men in the world today.They never get satisfied with their wealth.Life has been unfair to millions of people.Understanding why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer shouldn’t be anything difficult.There are good and bad reasons to consider

Why The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Poor Poorer???.It sounds like a mystery to many of us why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Money seems to rule the world today. Who doesn’t like money?.Sarcastically, not a day old baby will even say “No”.

Before anything else, do you think God created everyone to become rich?.Hell No!.This is the first thing you should understand. Then,you must also know this;There is no need to complain about life if you have something to eat, a place to sleep,something to wear.My dear learn how to be grateful.

Additionally if you have basic amenities in your house and live peacefully, don’t stress much.Be grateful in life.

After you have learnt how to be grateful, then you can pursue a higher goal. Remember ,it is not mandatory for every one of us to become rich.

It is time,we properly understand why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. In this post I will highlight and explain why the rich man is always enjoying at the expense of poor people.

To get rich is not on a silver platter.With the exception of those “born spoon in the mouth”.Using a genuine way to earn money has never been easy.So sometimes we must show a lot of respect to those kind of people(the rich).

Some rich men who have strived to the top are well-known worldwide. Some of them include Bill Gates,Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs etc.

These people are always getting rich although they use some percentage of their monies for charity.

Actually there are many more rich men in our various societies.We need to talk about them.We need to understand why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer in our communities.

It doesn’t matter how bad your situation is;you can break free from the cycle of poverty.

Some Positive And Notable Reasons Why The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Poor Poorer

1.Hard Work:Money is the payment for work.If you work hard,you will surely earn money.Considering the positive side of;Why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, we must understand that, you can’t earn money freely.You have to work for it.Lazy people are susceptible to poverty.

Just like what the bible has said; “A lazy hand would not eat”.There is no need to feel awkward if people are earning money from their hard work.

Some rich men actually worked for their wealth. And they deserve it.You therefore need not to question their “breakthrough”.Because you don’t know how difficult their “been-through” was.

One of the secrets behind such people’s breakthrough is perseverance. Yes!, they never gave up.Don’t sit there, and think the road to success is as smooth as you envision. That would be a fantasy,so face reality.Bill Gate once said:

“It’s fine to celebrate success,but it is more important to heed the lesson of failure.”

If you would have time to inquire about their beginning you would understand their success.They have failed and suffered before. Don’t envy them.You must also work hard.

2. Investment: Money is like a seed,if you plant it in a good soil;it will grow and multiply.This is what the rich are doing. They invest in huge companies. They invest in banks and other business. At the end of the month or the year,they will accrue a lot of profits.This should make you understand why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.

Bill Gates for instance will sleep and wake up to more than $30,000,000 in the morning. Why?.Because his investment is working for him..According to “The Sun – UK”, Based on Gates’ estimated net worth, he’s tipped to make more than $240 million (approximately £187 million) a day this year.

Actually,this year has almost ended and you could have a grasp of how much money Bill earns in a single day.

It is not always about the top gurus. Some rich men in our communities are doing the same thing. That is why they are always looking richer.They multiply their seed(money).

Some rich men don’t mind taking their money minded ideas to forex trading. This could be a big boom for them within a twinkle of an eye.

3.Charity:This seems like a custom to anyone who has money.Many of the rich people we know are into charity giving. They give certain percentage to orphans,widows and the needy. The secret behind this is;God blesses a cheerful giver.In doing so,God will replenish their wealth.He will bless them always.This is another reason why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.

The rich might change the economic life of many poor people through charity and personal benevolence. His benefits are the blessings from the Lord.So he will always look richer. If you are a poor man and you receive donations or help from the rich;It is up to you to use it appropriately, else you will keep on being poor.

Some Negative And Notable Reasons Why The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Poor Poorer

1.Greed:Money can easily entice people to lust for it.This is about bad character formation.Our societies are full of greedy people. Covetousness has filled their hearts. They don’t care about the poor.It is always about them and their families. They wouldn’t mind taking the little pennies from the poor to their multi million dollars.

There is a popular verse in the bible that says;” The love of money is the root of all kind of evil“.The love of money has made millions lose their moral values.

Since money can do a whole lot of things, people use any means necessary to get it.Till they get to know money isn’t everything then it had been too late for them.

2. Dishonesty:Here is one major way people use to amass wealth for themselves. In this 21st century, those who speak the truth become enemies. But those with lieing tongues become lovable. The question is why?.

Telling Lies have been a way to success. Its been happening in our various work places and even in the government.They use dishonest means through the power of their pens.Indeed, “the pen is mightier than sword”.

Changing monetary figures with pen is so easy for certain privileged people. Managers and other people holding higher positions at work places can steal through dishonest means.

To the highest level, it becomes corruption. Many government officials are corrupt.They have money but never feel satisfied. This is why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.

We Want Peace Not As The World Gives But Who?.Find Out Now.

There is only one true peace and that is peace not as the world gives.It is peace from the everlasting and loving father. The creator of this universe.He is about to judge the world and establish his peaceful kingdom for those who love him.

peace not as the world gives
How would the world be,if there is love and unity among us?.This has been a mere wish.But there is someone who can give us absolute peace.He is the creator of heaven and earth.

Peace Not As The World Gives:

Only Jesus can give the perfect peace the world needs.He said:

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you; I do not give it to you as the world does. Do not let your hearts be distressed or lacking in courage”(John 14:27).

Understanding The World Today

Do we have peacemakers in our world today?.Yes, but very few.Genuine love for one another brings peace. Unfortunately,there is too much hatred in the world.”Peace” has become a foreign language to many.

The world today is crying out for peace. Peace not as the world gives,but a true kind of peace.How can we find it?.People’s cry seem to fall on deaf ears.Since sin entered this world,true peace hasn’t existed among humanity.

The problem begins in the house.”Charity begins at home”.People grow up with hate,greed with antagonistic behaviours from the house. They become extremists and cause havoc.

The devil love such kind of people.They are good tools for killing innocent people and causing mass destruction. Satan is the author of war.He is God’s greatest enemy and will always be.Untill God destroys him in the end. God is the author of peace and those who love him must love peace.

“For God is not [the author] of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints”. (1Corinthians 14:33)

The Trend Of Living In Peace

God want us to love peace.For he has reward for those people.

“Blessed [are] the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”( Mat 5:9).

He is a peaceful God.And his children must love peace.When we are talking about true peace;It is peace from God not man.

The Battle Of Finding Peace

We all want peace in our lives,but the world is so corrupted that there is hatred in our various houses.Exceptionally,there are evil people who hate peace.Sometimes, we hear the world super powers, noble men government officials etc. say;They will ensure peace among humanity.They say they will bring peace to our door steps but non has been able to do that entirely.

Well, collectively, we can promote peace but that ain’t going to be sufficient.

Even if they bring peace to certain people, how quality is that peace?.There is something missen and that thing is what I what us to find in this post.Actually, I talked about the missen link in the beginning of this article. This link is “Jesus Christ“.

We can find true peace.Peace not as the world gives.It is peace from the peaceful father.World leaders can’t give us true peace. There is hatred everywhere. If racism,hatred, greed, envy etc. ain’t going to stop, then true peace is far from reach.

Remember the prophesies in the bible.God said, in the end time nation will rise against nation…..this is what we see now.No human can end it.The peace that can wipe out every tears and heal every wound is peace not as the world gives.It is not sufficient.

The devil(the father of lies) knows his time is near,so he will incite people to cause more harm.Satan is the mastermind behind the wars rising in our world. There are too much divisions in humanity.No one can bring absolute peace to the seven billion people living in the world today.

Till hatred jealousy, racism, envy etc. is eradicated. Mankind would never succeed in bringing absolute peace to this world.

The Biggest Question

Why is production of nuclear weapons on the rise?. Are the world super powers playing around us?.

The purpose of this is to cause massive destruction against enemies.It would shock you to know the cost of weaponry production.If you find out about the amount of money many countries are channeling into nuclear weapons; You would be shocked.It cost some $80 billion to develop and build 21 of these planes, or $4 billion per B2 bomber, and the current life extension(refurbishment) program will cost $10 billion. How much does peace cost?.Absolutely nothing.What is the future of this world?.

Poverty is swallowing millions of people. There isn’t or inadequate supply of food and water. According to “The Hunger Project”, 815 million people do not have enough food to eat.767 million people live on $1.90 a day. Where is the world heading to?.The saddest thing is, when there is explosion, poor people suffer most.

Today,it is Iraq, Syria,North Korea. Tomorrow it is Libya, Somalia,Afghanistan etc.Innocent souls are taken haphazardly and no one is ending it.It ain’t getting better but worse each day.

“Peace Not As The World Gives” Biblical Quotes To Help You Live In Peace With God.

In bible times,the fig tree represented peace.(Micah 4:4, Zachariah 6:10).God is peaceful.He dwells in peace and want his Children to dwell in peace too.

If there exist true love among mankind;”War” should be a foreign language instead.”Peace” shouldn’t be.

“Salt [is] good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.” (Mar 9:50 ).

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you; I do not give it to you as the world does. Do not let your hearts be distressed or lacking in courage.”(John 14:27).

” I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage – I have conquered the world.”(John 16:33)

Did you find this article helpful?. if so,then don’t forget to share.I welcome your comments, contributions and feedbacks. Stay in peace with the Lord.Amen.

Staying Away From Bad Influences: What’s The Best Way To Achieve This?.Find Out Now.

Staying away from bad influences can help you a lot.It is mainly about peer pressure. Yes!,peer pressure has altered the lifestyle of many people.It is time to know the best way to stay away from bad influences.

staying away from bad influences
Staying away from bad influences can help you in many ways

Staying away from bad influences:

How does this even happen?.Peer pressure is prevalent in teenagers and youths. All the guys are doing that.You feel odd so you join. This is how it all begins.

In one of my older post, I talked about character formation. That is how we are characterized by different behaviours.We can never be on equal grounds in terms of abilities,choices and many more.Staying away from bad influences may become difficult if you are addicted to that situation or thing.

It is time to break free from bad influences. if you are the kind that staying away from bad influences has become a tug of war for you;Then stay close,I will suggest effective measures to help you break-free from that cycle of mind control.

In one way or the other,we have all been tempted to adopt something we really don’t like.It is a great challenge to oppose something enticing but disastrous.Bad influences will always lead you to complicated problems.

What Are Some Of The Things People Influence Us To Do?

Generally, there are many ways that people can influence you to do.Friends,coworkers, employers,government officials, wealthy men etc. are some of the culprits who influence people badly.

Money and power is behind their drive of controlling people’s mind.

At the work place, your Boss can influence you to do the wrong thing. He can intimate you to fluctuate expenditure or payment of the company.You will certainly find yourself in dilemma.Are you going to object and lose your job or agree to soak your hands with dirt(corruption)?Here you will realize, staying away from bad influences is not an easy thing.

Talking about bad influences from the workplace;Let’s not forget about how some unscrupulous managers use their positions to demand for sex from women before employment. If you are a decent woman/married woman;You would understand how difficult it is.

Any stupid arrogant Boss can have his way out in certain ladies panties. Simply because he is the Boss.”Do it and get a job”,”do it and get your promotion”….

In addition, our friends also play a major role in our life choices. If you are having bad friends, it is likely you become one.No wonder, “birds of the same feathers flock together”.

Having relationship with friends who are lawless, thieves, murderers will make you one.They will have all the good reasons to justify what is wrong. There you will find yourself in their grip.Here is the power of mind control and manipulation.

Steps In Staying Away From Bad Influences

1.Be Discreet in your choice: You are the ruler of your life choices. You have the “gift of free will” to make any choice you want.You have to grow deep roots in your stance.If people decide to influence you badly;Let your “No” be “No” and “Yes” be “Yes”.

Someone who is trying to persuade you to do something terrible wouldn’t tempt you once. This is why you have to reset your mind on positive thoughts.

2. Avoid Known Bad people who are manipulative.Tell them to stay away from you. For your own safety;Stay away from people who are full of evil thoughts. Staying away from bad influences in a way like this wouldn’t be difficult.Never mind if the person is your friend family member,coworker etc.Don’t stay too close to them,don’t share your ideas with them.They are already corrupted, and their minds are full of darkness.

3. Expose the Transgressor: If anyone tries to influence you to do evil,you can uncover him.Maybe doing that straight away will be a little difficult for you.If you make use of “step 2′ and the person is persistent; You have only one good choice.And that is report him to his superiors or the police.

Finally, if you know your human rights, you will never let anyone trample upon it.If you have a focused life with good dreams, staying away from bad influences wouldn’t be a worrisome problem for you.

The life you are living is yours.You choose who to stay and who to leave. Don’t play small for anyone to manipulate you. Being a victim to bad influential people can end you in jail.You might even lose your life as part of the consequences and repercussions.

If you find this post helpful,you can share with friends and loved ones.I welcome your comments and feedback.

No Need To Worry Much:Did You Know God Created You For A Purpose?

God created you for a purpose. He has made his purpose for mankind clear in his word. Never think you are worthless, for God’s purpose for you is greater than anything.

God created you for a purpose
God created you for a purpose, there is no need to worry much

God Created You For A Purpose

Have you lost hope in life?. Do you think nobody loves you?.Do you think you are useless?.Never think that way because God created you for a purpose.

He has your hair numbered, he knew you before you were even born. God in his own wisdom and power made you for a reason. Yes!, God created you for a purpose.

Even,there is reason for being alive up to this day.Be thankful always for God created you for a purpose. And this purpose is to worship him and let him glorify himself through you.

There is nothing God cannot do.He created the heavens and earth. He has purposed all his creation.Sun to give us light in the day,moon and stars to give us light in the night.

” And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: [he made] the stars also(Genesis 1:16).”

He has made mankind to benefit from his creation. The Bible states that God made man in his own image.He delights in our happiness.Therefore he has given us everything we need for a happy life free of charge.

He made you to worship and adore him.He want you to pay heed to his instructions. God already knows your need,but he want you to give your life to him first. I mean he want you to love him above anything and anyone.

For in doing so he will fulfill your heart desire.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Mat 6:33 ).

The emphasis is on praising and worshiping God. This is what you should do as a believer. We can’t draw this from “why God created us”.

Surely,God created you for a reason. He has made that reason clear in his word. That is to worship him,praise and love him above all things.Now the question is;have you been fulfilling this propose?.Have you been praising him?.This is the purpose you should not fail to do.

What if you fail to do his purpose?. Well, he said if you will hold his praise, stones will praise him(Luke 19:40).

Does God Has Any Purpose For You?

Yes!, off course,God has purposed to save you from damnation. This is why he sent his only begotten son to come and die for you and I.He want you to have eternal life.God never want to destroy you,but if you choose to reject him, he will also reject you.

Never forget that God created you for a reason. Not just you alone,but all his creation. You only have to worship him with all your heart. By doing so,he will open the floodgate of heaven and bless you abundantly.No one can fathom God’s greatness,so praise him always.

He want you to become rich spiritually. He also delight in your success, so trust him with your life.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About In Welcoming 2018

In welcoming 2018, many people cast away all their problems with the hope of finding solutions to them in the new year.That is a plausible idea.It’s almost time to say good-bye to 2017.Few days to end the 365 days.

Welcoming 2018
The world is welcoming 2018 in a grand style.It is almost here.Stay blessed.

Welcoming 2018:We are all putting good things in place in welcoming 2018.I believe you have dreams you wanna see fulfilled in next year.Yes!, that’s great. Positivity,hard work and perseverance is all you need to see your dreams come through in 2018.

Many people are welcoming 2018 with parties and celebrations. That is a cool thing. The Christmas fever is everywhere. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not,you can smell the feelings miles apart.

In the past week “African Paradise World has reminded everyone to put protective measures in place. Why?.Simply because last days are dangerous.

Thieves, evil forces and enemies will rise to steal and destroy.As welcoming 2018 has been something important to you,let your safety be important as well.

Don’t celebrate the coming of new year without taking good care of yourself. Don’t break the rules. Remember,there is cause and effect. Your actions pay you back.

2018 has never happened before, just like today has never happened before. Just take this little ADVICE before I continue. Don’t value the coming of new year(2018) than today.If you are welcoming 2018 in a grand style, you must learn how to welcome and value each day.

Each day has 24 hrs.Anything can happen to you any moment from now.So don’t forget to value today.Today will never come again. It is very special so treat it as you want to treat the new year.

Since many of you have started celebrating and partying ahead of the new year;Don’t forget some of your divine responsibilities.That is taking care of the poor,widows,sick and the aged. Open your arms to reach them.

If you throw the biggest party in welcoming 2018 without thinking about the needy.You have done nothing.Cos 90.Does it feel good to eat,drink,celebrate and smile to see your fellow human cry, look weary,cry and starve to death?. Hell no, don’t be inhuman.

Many people show their human nature or divine responsibilities by giving out Christmas gifts to the needy.

There is much blessing in showing kindness. The best moment to do is now, as welcoming 2018 is
all about happiness, let them feel loved. Put smiles on their faces.

Finally,be thankful for being alive up to date.With God in the vessel,you will surely see 2018.Amen.