3 Reasons To Burn Bridges With People Without A second Thought

Burning bridges with people who have nothing good to do in your life is highly recommended

Good to burn bridges
Burn bridges that lead to nothing

Why Is It Good To Burn Bridges?

As human beings, we live in different social circles which changes as time changes. Friends, co-workers, schoolmates and family members all play particular roles in our lives at certain points.

Some roles they play ceases to exist with us when the time changes. Many at times, we hear burning bridges is not good. For sure? I don’t think so. Sometimes burning bridges in life is very good.

When we are born, we grow along those we see in our inner circles but when we grow it becomes hard to remember some of them because they haven’t shown up for years. Maybe they traveled and found themselves in a different environment or you yourself traveled elsewhere to live a  new life and made new friends. Just be attentive as I share with you some of the good reasons to burn bridges. Yes, burn bridges if you find any of the following experiences below in your life.

In-depth Reasons Why It Is Good To Burn Bridges

1.when they have nothing good for your life:
If you find out the very people you have been with throughout your life or a period of your life has got no help for you, don’t hesitate to burn bridges with them. When they don’t have any good advice for you or are not ready to support when they can remember to isolate your self from their selfishness.

Some people in life are self-conceited and so they will draw attention to themselves, spend, their wealth and everything with themselves. When you ask for a piece of their bread, they can tell you, their dogs haven’t eaten…So he or she will give it to the dog in the house.

Your need will never be his concern and this person will tell you it is not his responsibility to offer such kind of help but he would like to smile with you.

Do you think someone like this deserves your friendship?. I don’t think so, just burn bridges with him or her. If you don’t take care and you move with such people for long, your life would be ruined. When they see you climbing the ladder of life they will never push you to go higher because they have no good plans for you.

2.A nagging former boss or ex-employee:
When you find your self in a situation where your ex-employee who failed to lay down good working conditions for you later tries to help you after you have quit the job never allow him or her to interfere with your current work issues.

Let’s say he promises to offer you good working conditions so you should go back to him. Kindly forget about him, because he never valued your hard work and dedication.

He is not a trustworthy person and doesn’t deserve your attention a bit. Burn bridges with him, enjoy your new job and socialize with new friends to feel happy to forget about past working setbacks.

Maybe you were bitterly sacked from your former job without any good reason or zero tolerance for a simple mistake you made. This is about your life and your future don’t let anyone play with it.

3.Ex-lover drama:
Ex-girlfriends and boyfriends sometimes try to resurrect a “dead love”. A love that has decayed for them. Why would you go back to someone who showed no genuine love for you? someone who often assaulted you? someone who cheated on you? someone who disrespected your humility by mistaking it as your weakness?.

Bear in mind that when the relationship is over, it is over. The golden moment is when you are together if he or she had loved you enough he or she wouldn’t have treated you like that.

What would be the assurance that when you reconcile with him or her things would be better?.There is a proverb that says “once bitten, twice shy”.Don’t compromise your life or happiness on any unscrupulous person.

Move ahead in life let your “ex” know that he or she belongs to your past, not your future .Burn bridges and go on with your normal life.Don’t be afraid to live a single life for a while for it would be better that way than being in and unproductive relationship that would also give you pains.

There is someone somewhere waiting to marry you and treat your like a royal. Just stay cool and see the miracle of a genuine love coming your way.

If you think you can go back and change the bad character of your ex and live together again then I’m sorry for you. You might fall into a trap that would be worse than before. Why I’m I saying this?.

People don’t really change because character is inherent, if you find it compatible to yours, fine. Then there wouldn’t be much troubles to deal with in your relationship.

If it is not compatible with yours, forget about making any effort to mould him or her to your preference. That is a dangerous thing. It is like taming a lion to live with you in the same house. Don’t expect to have peace all year round. One day it would be disastrous for you like never before.

The little advise I will add to this is, burn bridges but do not harbour hatred against your ex in your heart. When you meet her or him you can exchange pleasantries but know your boundaries and don’t go beyond that. Im giving this advise for humanity sake and for God’s sake. Be professional.

In life burning, Bridges have a lot of benefits in our lives. But if you are someone who finds it difficult to burn bridges, you can travel to a different environment, make new friends, find a new job and make a living. All those people who gave you pains or had nothing good to do in your life would be out of your mind.

The Bottomline Of Why It Is Good To Burn Bridges

There are 7 billion people in this world so if someone feels too important to the extend of stealing your happiness prove him or her wrong by burning bridges and some of the benefits you will get is peace of mind, self-freedom, out of drama zone and depression. There is no need to feel guilty after you have burnt bridges because, in life, some people are just passengers in our lives.

They have to alight for the ones who will be with us for the rest of our lives to stay. I do like burning bridges and the relief I get is beyond measure. That nagging person becomes something like shackles around my wrist, ankles and neck. I need to break free from anything or anyone that threatens my life or my future.

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