Photo Of The Day – “African Ostrich”

Ostriches Can Sprint Over 45 Miles an Hour.As well as being the largest bird on Earth, the ostrich is also the fastest two-legged runner in the Animal Kingdom.

 On average, ostriches can sprint at speeds of up to 45 mph/ 72 kmph, while records show that the fastest ostriches can achieve short bursts of up to 60 mph/ 96.6 kmph. They are also the world’s strongest bird. An ostrich can easily support the weight of a man, and their enormous eggs are capable of withstanding great pressure.

 In some areas of Africa, ostriches are used for racing. You can experience this for yourself inOudtshoorn , an ostrich-farming town in South Africa ‘s Karoo desert. Be careful though – ostriches have famously volatile temperaments, and are capable of inflicting serious damage. An ostrich can easily kick a grown man to death – an ability often used on predators in the wild.

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