Staying With Friends That Are Like Brothers

Have you ever had friends that are like brothers before?.They are precious like diamond and rare like the Siberian tiger.

friends that are like brothers
Living life together with friends that are like brothers make life simple and beautiful.

Life is beautiful if you have friends that are like brothers. There are many types of friends we relate to.There are friends that are like brothers. Such friends are very rare.Brothers are not always people you share the same blood with.There are friends who are like brothers or more than brothers. Be grateful if you ever get one.Know about the things that make a friend special.

Friends come into our lives naturally. It is not a big deal to make friends,but it is a big deal to make friends that are like brothers.Anything good doesn’t come easily.Simply because, there are too many fake people surrounding us.

However, there are proficient ways to know,if your friends are really good friends or not.Can they be trusted?,Can they hold your back?,can they help you in terms of hardships?.Do they have good thoughts about you?.Do they give you good advice?

Your answers to the above questions can help you determine friends that are like brothers and vise-versa.I will go a little further to explain in the next paragraphs. Just be vigilant because good friends are expensive to have.

Friendship begins in just a single day.Each and everyone has friends, although some might say; “I have no friend”.Literally,that cannot he true.Think about that.We start life from our houses,live with our families.Then the extension or exposure sets in.

The next immediate place to meet friends is your community followed by school,work place,church etc.Strangers or acquaintances easily end up being our friends.

Here Are Things To Expect From Friends That Are Like Brothers.

It is not all about your childhood friends but about friends who show genuine concern about you.Consider the following:

1. Trust Issues:Honestly, it is not advisable to trust soo much. If you can, don’t trust people.Let your trust be hard for people to earn. You can read into details my post on knowing about the 4 reasons why you should not trust anybody.

Friends that are like brothers are trustworthy people, not 100% though. It will take quite a long time to know if that friend could be trusted in a way or not.

Anyone who has friends that are like brothers wouldn’t have to worry much about giving them their room keys.Let’s say,you have stayed with these friends in your room for a period of time.Surely,these friends will often visit you in the house.In a case like this, you can leave your room keys with them.

They are like a family to you so they will certainly take care of every property in your room.

2. Concern About Your Well Being: Here is another important thing to find in friends that are like brothers.A true brother with the same bloodline with you might not care about your life;But a friend or some friends might care.

Talking about friends concern about you depends on many factors.Factors such as;Your health,future, plans,life challenges, and almost everything in your daily routines. Do you think you have such kind of friend?.

Anyways,let me clarify this; friends that are like brothers could be people of the opposite sex.If they have brotherly mindset toward you, then they are part of your family.

Friends who are compassionate about you worth more than brothers who are “care-free”.(they don’t care about anything).

It is not always the bloodline that makes someone a brother but the worth of that person in your life.You can feel proud to call your friend “brother”.

3. Friendship With Fun:Friends who are like brothers share common interest together. Someone might call them peers.They are very influential. If you have good friends who will live socially acceptable life,you will always be respected.

Fun is something that strengthens friendships.Here you are having friends that are like brothers; Why not occasionally go out to have fun. Weekend fun with friends has a lot of benefits. A little pranks,laughter,party etc. with brotherly friends is always phenomenal.You can read about some of the best ways to prank you friends right here.

4. A Piece Of Advise: Since these brotherly friends show much concern about your well-being; They will never hold back reprimanding you when you do anything wrong or silly.If you are about to make bad choices, they will not sit there unconcerned.You are part of their lives in terms of relationships not bloodline.If you make it right, they will feel proud, if you mess up, they will feel awkward. The connection between you guys is so strong.

The Beautiful Life Of Birds And How They Teach Us Good Lessons In Life

Did you know the life of birds teach us a whole lot of life lessons?.Birds are lovable creatures with many awesome abilities.They compliment nature and make it look beautiful for mankind.

Life of birds
There is nothing beautiful than learning lessons from the life of birds

Birds are amazing creatures just like ants. They give us a lot of lessons in life;But most of us haven’t payed attention to that.It is time we do so.Nature is simply beautiful.

Jesus Christ cited birds as an example of how God values mankind above all creatures on earth.

” See the birds of the sky, that they do not sow, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, and your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of much more value than they?”(Matthew 6:26).

Anyone who has stayed in a forest area or a place where trees and birds are common would know exactly what I’m talking about.The Life of birds in the singing group compliment nature in a grand style.

Some birds that are well-known globally in terms of singing includes;

-Nightingale – This bird produces impressive whistles,trills and gurgles.
– Mockingbird
– Veery
– Malabar Whistling Thrush
– The Asian Koel

Some Lessons From The Life Of Birds

1.The life of birds teaches us to be grateful in life.
Since I was a kid I have admired birds and how they live happily. There is nothing beautiful than,waking up to the beautiful morning sun;And hearing the melodies of birds.

2.These birds above and many others are good at producing different sounds of music.Some could sing for several hours whiles they jump from one branch of tree to the other. Singing starts from dawn.Everything shows clearly that;they are happy for a beautiful morning and so they are grateful to God.

3.Favoured by God:If God has been so kind to birds in a marvelous way;Why not human beings learn from the favour birds enjoy from God?.Just like what the bible says;They don’t sow nor reap yet they never sleep on empty stomach.

4.Talking of the life of birds,I cannot forget about the eagle.The eagle is strong and wise enough to live an amazing life.

The eagle will surely teach you a lesson not to be lazy if you can do more than enough. Aim high and work hard towards it.We are the images of God and multi-cellular organisms with immense abilities.

The eagle knows how to deal with life challenges. For example, during heavy rains, it flies beyond the clouds to avoid the rains.

Anyone who has good vision or target in the future is like an eagle. Work hard with all your might and surely you will meet your target.You can read about my post on the 3 life lessons from the eagle to live a successful life.

Challenges will come, but a little inspiration from yourself and people will psych you up for success.

However, there are a lot of information about the abilities of eagle that are not true.These are heresy without any prove.Examples are;the eagle debeaking itself or shedding its feathers.So we mustn’t take that literally.

I know some birds teach us lessons about true love.There are these particular birds I’m finding it difficult to know their name.These birds are brownish in color.They look like sparrows but a little lager.

You will usually see them move in pairs; a male and female. They move together,do everything together. I believe they portray how beautiful true love is.Just as we know,finding a GOOD future partner is precious like gold.

In this world,the life of birds show the magnificent and glorious nature of God. As the bible said;God has manifested himself in nature. And nature is full of love and beautiful things.

The Two Greatest Misconceptions About Life You Should Never Miss

People’s thoughts are not always right. Perceptions sometimes shrouds the truth we are seeking for.There are too many misconceptions about life.Let me share with you a couple of them and the facts behind.

misconceptions about life
Do not let misconceptions about life lead you astray.Find the truth behind and share with everyone.Remember,knowledge is power.

Hersey and many misconceptions about life spread faster than the truth. This is because people love lies more than truth. Lies tickles their ears and make them fall for it.

Some misconceptions about life has existed several years ago. It has cropped up into our modern generation and people still believe.We must face reality rather than fantasies,lies and heresy.

Some Interesting Misconceptions About Life

1. Money is everything:Most often we hear people say “money is everything”.But is this really true?.Money is the driving force making people wander from places to places.It is the driving force making people work hard for it.Again,money is the driving force making people lose their integrity.

Everyone likes money for sure. We all like money, even the pastor likes money. We spend money on almost everything we do. That is factual. But to dissipate this very well;We will notice that money is not everything.

The misconceptions about life pertaining to money has made millions use every means necessary to get money.

Money is not everything in the sense that, it can not buy:

– Wisdom
– Life
– Happiness
– Love
– Knowledge
– Integrity

There are other things money cannot afford to buy.The rich man can use his money to prolong his life.He would be able to buy all the expensive medications but his money cannot buy “Life”.

Should if life is for sale ,millionaires and billionaires will buy to enjoy immortality. But thank God he has made life free of charge and by his grace he sustains us.

Death is there for anyone.The rich can’t bribe death and stay alive forever. Albert Einstein once said:

“I want to go when I want.It is tasteless to prolong life artificially.I have done my share.It is time to go.I will do it elegantly.”

He refused to go under surgery to prolong his life. This man was full of wisdom and the world will never forget his legacy.

Money has zero role to play when talking about life. It is free of charge. The poor and the rich enjoy it both.

It is oxygen that we take in to survive and God has given it to us free of charge. We don’t pay a dime.

In addition ,money is no where to be found when we are talking about wisdom,love,integrity etc.”Money is everything” is one of the biggest misconceptions about life.

2.The Earth Is Flat: This is also one of the biggest misconceptions about life.The bible said the earth hangs on nothing(Job 26:7).Many ancient cultures such as the Greece believed in flat earth cosmography.

Today, the Flat Earth society are promoting this misconception. The society is based in England. They have a Facebook page of over 150k.The flat earth society emerged in the middle of the 20th century. And now in 21st century they still hold their agenda.

They believe the bible said,the earth is flat so it is.Is that really from the Bible?.I don’t think they have read the bible well.Let’s read from Isaiah 40:22;

“It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.”

They are free thinkers and you know we all have freedom of speech, choice etc. But the baddest thing is they are brainwashing our future generation.

All photos from NASA or aerospace show a spherical earth.What other proofs do people need to believe in the truth?.

Summary Of These Misconceptions About Life

Today,there are many misconceptions about life. This article only covered two out of the numerous. I am hopeful to continue in a different post.

There is no truth in the “Flat Earth” Agenda.If these people really claim their inspiration and facts come from the bible; Then they must relook into the bible and rethink about it.

Did you find this article helpful?. If “Yes” then don’t forget to share with friends, families and loved ones. Help spread the truth in love.Let people get rid of these misconceptions about life.I welcome your comments,contributions and feedback as well.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About In Welcoming 2018

In welcoming 2018, many people cast away all their problems with the hope of finding solutions to them in the new year.That is a plausible idea.It’s almost time to say good-bye to 2017.Few days to end the 365 days.

Welcoming 2018
The world is welcoming 2018 in a grand style.It is almost here.Stay blessed.

Welcoming 2018:We are all putting good things in place in welcoming 2018.I believe you have dreams you wanna see fulfilled in next year.Yes!, that’s great. Positivity,hard work and perseverance is all you need to see your dreams come through in 2018.

Many people are welcoming 2018 with parties and celebrations. That is a cool thing. The Christmas fever is everywhere. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not,you can smell the feelings miles apart.

In the past week “African Paradise World has reminded everyone to put protective measures in place. Why?.Simply because last days are dangerous.

Thieves, evil forces and enemies will rise to steal and destroy.As welcoming 2018 has been something important to you,let your safety be important as well.

Don’t celebrate the coming of new year without taking good care of yourself. Don’t break the rules. Remember,there is cause and effect. Your actions pay you back.

2018 has never happened before, just like today has never happened before. Just take this little ADVICE before I continue. Don’t value the coming of new year(2018) than today.If you are welcoming 2018 in a grand style, you must learn how to welcome and value each day.

Each day has 24 hrs.Anything can happen to you any moment from now.So don’t forget to value today.Today will never come again. It is very special so treat it as you want to treat the new year.

Since many of you have started celebrating and partying ahead of the new year;Don’t forget some of your divine responsibilities.That is taking care of the poor,widows,sick and the aged. Open your arms to reach them.

If you throw the biggest party in welcoming 2018 without thinking about the needy.You have done nothing.Cos 90.Does it feel good to eat,drink,celebrate and smile to see your fellow human cry, look weary,cry and starve to death?. Hell no, don’t be inhuman.

Many people show their human nature or divine responsibilities by giving out Christmas gifts to the needy.

There is much blessing in showing kindness. The best moment to do is now, as welcoming 2018 is
all about happiness, let them feel loved. Put smiles on their faces.

Finally,be thankful for being alive up to date.With God in the vessel,you will surely see 2018.Amen.

Money Isn’t Everything: Did You Know?

Many people claim money is everything.What’s your thoughts on that?.Money can do a lot of things but not everything.You can live a happy life without money.Don’t stress yourself too much.

Did you know money isn't everything?
Know that money isn’t everything so don’t worry much about it.There are far more important things in life to seek after.Life is simple and beautiful.

Money isn’t everything as some people claim.Yes off course, everyone want money,but money can’t do everything as some speculate. The rich man says “cash” with broad smile.Yes, money brings smiles on the faces on those who really have it.

But remember that money can’t buy :smile”, that is why the poor also smiles. Not because of money but the amazing grace of God.The grace of making the poor see the beautiful sunlight every morning.

Today,the inspiration African Paradise World want to give you is; To make you understand that money isn’t everything. Indeed, money can do a lot of things. But have you thoughts of some precious things that renders money useless?.

Money has become the eye of many people today,especially the youth.They strive to get money by any means necessary. Because someone says money is everything. Because they envy those who have money.Their lust for money doesn’t profit them at the end.This shows that money isn’t everything as they thoughts .

Some Reasons Why money isn’t everything

Money is legal tender used for buying goods and services and settlement of debt.It is accepted by everyone as a means of transaction of goods and services.The following are things that outclass money.

1.Peace:What is beautiful than having peace of mind.The poor always live in peace. If it takes money to leave in peace, then the poor would be in a hell of trouble. Thank God it doesn’t take money to have a peace of mind. Peace to think about yourself,family,friends,loved ones and all the beautiful things in life.

2. Love is the greatest part of humanity. Love exceeds everything, including money. True love doesn’t need money to survive. That is why poor people also enjoy love.Even better than those who live luxurious life.Money only buys “sex” but not “true love”.Whether romantic love or agape love,money is useless for it.Money isn’t everything, so don’t be misled.

3.Wisdom:Anyone who lives without wisdom is less important than many animals. God deprived them wisdom. He has given us the ability to acquire wisdom and increase it.It doesn’t take money for someone to be wise.Remember that the ant has wisdom.If you want to know how wisdom works; Go to the ant.

Wisdom is free of charge and it proves that money isn’t everything. Having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee you to have a lot of wisdom. Someone might be rich,but a fool.His money can’t buy him wisdom.God is the giver of wisdom.He gives it freely to his children,Just like he gave it to King Solomon.

To make good choices in life,it takes wisdom.Wisdom helps to keep people safe from danger. Decide rightly on life situations, it takes wisdom not money.This should make you know that money isn’t everything.