5 Simple Ways That Inspires People Dealing With Broken Heart To Smile

God is love and love is beautiful,but when a loved one is gone, it leaves a devastating moment in the lives of people.Dealing with broken heart shouldn’t be a difficult thing anymore after reading this post.

dealing with broken heart
In dealing with broken heart,you need a positive mindset before you can take any further step.

As we live our normal lives daily, we must know that tomorrow is not promised. Anything can happen at anytime.

Today, the inspirational topic from African Paradise World is to inspire anyone dealing with broken heart. Have you been broken-hearted?. Don’t worry much.You are not alone. A survey from eHarmony shows that 8,000,000 people in UK alone suffer from broken heart from the last 12 months.

Before,I go ahead to inspire anyone dealing with broken heart;Let us first understand something interesting about it.

The term broken heart was coined about 3000 years ago.The meaning is associated with both emotional and physical pains.Normally, the outcome of death or romantic breakup bring about broken heart. In severity, it becomes “Broken heart syndrome” which looks a little like heart attack.It leaves people with emotional trauma which can cause death very easily.

Anyone who has gone through broken heart before will understand the excruciating pains people have to go through.The symptoms are numerous. Dealing with broken heart is not a joke.

The pain of broken heart has sent many to their graves. At least, let me give you some inspiration to overcome your pains.Broken heart pains are mostly known to come from lost of spouse or relationship break up.

Simple Steps To Help Anyone Dealing With Broken Hearth

1. Reset Your Mind
The first thing to do is about re-engineering your mind. Yes!, the mind processes all the emotional and physical pains.When you are in love, a chemical called dopamine floods your brain to make you happy. It reduces when you get broken-hearted.

The mind is the limit so if you are able to show positive vibes to your brain through positive mindset engineering, you will rise above your pains. “Feel good hormones” will flow through your brains.

2.Accept The Situation
What you have to do is to accept the situation. Did your lover break up with you?.Did death lay its icy hand on your loved one?.Don’t run away from this challenge. Face it and move ahead.There is nothing good in crying over spilt milk.And as a matter of fact, you can’t change the past.Yesterday is gone,bury all the bitter experiences and set yourself ready for tomorrow.Accepting your situation solves half of your predicament.

3. Use Encouraging Words Daily
In dealing with broken heart, you must adopt the habit of saying encouraging words to yourself daily. Be positive over your challenge.You might not get anyone to give you inspiration so inspire yourself with positive words,especially when you are about to sleep.If the broken heart has left you with insomnia,you can overcome it. You can have sound sleep and wake up with hope the following day.Oh! YES you can!.

4. Believe In Finding Someone Else
In addition, believe that everything is not over.Your life hasn’t come to an end.There are 7 billion people in this world and many of them are ready to make you happy. Believe in yourself that you will find someone to replace whatever you have lost.

5. Let God Take The Wheel
Since there is a lovable God who comforts us in times of trouble; Dealing with broken heart should be a thing of the past.God delights in our happiness. Pray to him to comfort you.He will help you spiritually and emotionally to become strong.All your physical pains will vanish miraculously.

“The Lord is near the broken-hearted; he is the saviour of those whose spirits are crushed down”(Psalms 34:18).

“He heals the brokenhearted, and bandages their wounds.”(Psalms 147:3)

Surely, God is closer to you,he will comfort you and replace everything you have lost.Have faith in God and pray daily.

The Most Special And Practical Way To Help You Deal With Broken Heart

A break up or lose of a spouse is one of the most painful things in life.It can leave painful everlasting memories.

Change Your Lifestyle
In a Situation like this, you have to change your lifestyle.I mean,forgo anything that reminds you of your ex or lose spouse.

If it’s some kind of music that reminds you of your ex,quit. If it is a kind of gift(like love cards, birthday cards,jewelries etc.) that remind you of the past, stop using them.

Break free from anything that sends instance memory of your ex.Rearrange your room settings and change anything that reflects on the relationship you had together.

Looking at your old photographs might worsen your emotional pains. Why not hide them somewhere. Live life like it never happened.

Socialise to reduce loneliness and over thinking. Dealing with broken heart is similar to dealing with depression. But depression is one of the symptoms of Broken heart. You can also read my post on the 6 ways to deal with depression. Depression alone kills millions of people. Don’t fall victim.

Don’t try to drink or smoke to deal with your broken heart.Be a man enough to face it and you will overcome it.Alcohol will worsen your feelings if it leaves your body.

The Bottom line On Dealing With Broken heart

Broken heart is not all about the death of someone you love. It is not also all about romantic love breakup. Sometimes other things like disappointment, bad news etc. can result in broken heart.

Being in a relationship which is not based on true love is likely to end painfully. It is up to you to find out whether you are in fake relationship or not. Falling in love is normal but to fall for the wrong person is abnormal.

In the event of death, it is very unfortunate. Because death is incurable. The best thing you can do is to look at the brighter side of death. This will make you know that, death is not the end.There is still hope.

Remember that you are not alone. Those who are bold enough to fight their challenges are the real champs. Be one today.

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Why People Dislike You

Have you ever been hated or discriminated before?.There are crazy reasons why people dislike you.People will also hate you for “NO”reasons.This make a lot of people paranoid.But in the real sense, there shouldn’t be any cause of alarm.They lament, but you decide.

why people dislike you
Why people dislike you

Can you really understand why people dislike you?.It is hard to understand how people can make you feel worthless for all the good things you have done in life.They will dislike you for NO reason or for unimportant reasons.

Honestly speaking,whatever you do in life, some people will hate you, others too will like you. Always appreciate it when people dislike you.Yes!,Some people will surely dislike you and there is no need stressing over that.No need to worry about it trying to figure out why people dislike you.

Sometime ago, I published about ” the beautiful smile of your enemy“.Reading this will enhance your understanding on why people dislike you.

Could it be possible that there is one man on earth that everybody like?Hell No!, that’s impossible.The sinless man(Jesus Christ) ever to live on earth even had haters and still have haters.He knows why people dislike him anyway. But that never discourage him.

Who are those who dislike you?.They might be your friends,coworkers, family members, enemies or anyone else.Their dissaproval shouldn’t worry you a bit.Instead, smile to it and move forward.

Succumbing to their ill-treatment or comments about you will make you a virtual prisoner to them.That is mind control.Break free and live your life.

Possible Reasons Why They Dislike You

Well,let’s try to figure out some of the reasons why people dislike you.
1.Appearance:God created us with different genetics with different abilities. How you appear to others might be a reason why they hate you.Although you have no control over your natural outlook.

They dislike you because they THINK you are weird. They dislike you because they think you are far from being awesome.If you give attention to these psychopaths negaholics you might go in for plastic surgery or use any means necessary to alter your outlook.

Nature is nature,and it is beautiful. Don’t let people who dislike you influence you to do something silly to your body. If they dislike you because you are short,tall,fat,dark,white, etc. that isn’t anything to stress about.

The only best thing you can do is to embrace you God-given nature, harness it in a natural environment. I mean embrace what you can’t change and work out on what you can change., i.e. if you are too fat, you can work-out,ensure proper dietary for your own benefit.But not to impress anyone.This is about exercising healthy measures for your own sake.

2. Uniqueness: In life,there is nobody who can be exactly you.You are unique in appearance, character and beliefs. This difference might trigger hatred from people. Maybe you have special talents or spiritual gifts they envy.Maybe they dislike you because you outsmart them in everything..Maybe they dislike you because you appear too dull,smart,strong, weak,wise,foolish etc. to them.

They will likely tell you what or who you are.But should you fall for all these assertions?. Not at all.Define yourself and forget about them describing who you are.They know nothing about you.Don’t relinquish your authenticity. If they wouldn’t mind their own businesses, mind your own business.

3. Your Rise And Fall:One funny thing about life is, if you become successful,people will hate you;If you become unsuccessful too, people will hate you.You will then find yourself in dilemma, trying to understand why people dislike you.

4. Your Mistakes And Perfection:
There is nothing like 100% goodness in life .People dislike you because you make mistakes that appalls them. People dislike you because you are almost right in everything you do or say.

Considering Other Side Of The Coin On Why People Dislike You

To avoid being bias,let’s face the BITTER truth.Honestly speaking,there are certain appalling attitudes from people who make others dislike them.Nobody will like the greedy,annoying people,gossipers,back-bitters,arrogant etc.

It’s all about behavioral patterns.You can mess up with your life.And this will let people dislike you.People will lose trust or interest in you.It’s human nature.To avoid stepping on people’s toes to dislike you, you must:

1.Respect yourself
2.Comport yourself
3.Apologize and reconcile with people you have pissed off

The Bottom line Of Why People Dislike You

Never stress asking why people dislike you.Because they wouldn’t honestly tell you the truth. Your success is why they dislike you,they way you talk, walk,dress etc. is why they dislike you.

People will dislike you for no reason.Others will dislike you for certain reasons like I have talked about.They are not far from being your enemies. Never mind them and their crazy reasons why they dislike you.

If you want to stay on top of all those who hate you;Then learn about the best ways to deal with enemies.

Have you got different ideas?.Feel free to share in the comment box.Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones.I welcome your feedback as well.

Too Short Life Is Too Short – A True Story

Believers should keep praying hard for “too short life is too short. Day and day out death takes our loved ones away with its forklift. This is not the will of our heavenly father. God want us to live long to worship him and enjoy the fruits of our labour.But why are we dying off too early?

too short life is too short
Saying goodbye:Too short life is too short

Too short life is too short:A man’s lifespan used to reach 500 years and over in ancient days.But,today as new generation emerges, lifespan of mankind has shortened. We barely reach 70 years in this 21st century.Too short life is short to allow us fulfill our dreams.

I dedicate this post to anyone who has lost loved ones from 2017 to the beginning of this year(2018).Death is undoubtedly, the saddest thing on earth. It is death that made Jesus Christ weep.He has power over death so he brought the dead man(Lazarus) back to life.

In the same way will he bring back our loved ones to life when he comes back.May the comforter, the Holy Spirit comfort any bereaved family and all those going through death anxieties.The lose of a loved one is so painful.So painful that Jesus himself wepft for Lazarus’s death.

There are many cases that cause our deaths.We can control some of the causes.Eg.,negligence,accidents,diseases and sickness etc. We need not to let it become an oversight.

However, there is no way mankind can find antidote to death. We can only prolong our lifespan through proper nutrition, self care, and avoid other preventable causes that are getting out of hands.

The Focus Point – The Shocking Story

Too short life is too short.Sometimes, people like me sit down with great thoughts about death and how cruel it is.There is one thing that has pricked me to share my feelings with the world.

Already, I have published a number of posts about death, good side of death and why you shouldn’t be afraid of death.

Just before the beginning of this year,I scheduled to meet a friend’s son on something personal. The boy is about 16yrs old.He was looking great when we met.

Just in a week time,the father called on the phone saying; ” His son has passed away”.Ah ah!, how possible?.A mysterious death, a beautiful soul is gone. It was so hard for me to believe….too short life is too short.

Inquiring about his death, the father said; His son had some rushes on the skin. So he took him to the hospital. He was given some injection and not for a long time the son passed away.

This doesn’t sound logical to me and many others. So death can take any of us away any moment?.

This boy’s death was unbelievable. Should we blame the Doctor or the devil?.

The devil doesn’t have anything good for us.He has been yearning for our pains and sorrows. But with Christ in the vessel, we will never fear.

Prayer can do us a lot of good.Prayers can break any unforeseen calamities that our enemies have conspired against us.In view of this I’m urging believers not to cease praying, for “too short life is too short”.

Thank God each day you wake up.For his grace,blessings and love has brought you this far.

The Beauty Of Talent Development

Finding a better talent development platform to unearth what is in you:We all have talents.Talents that varies from singing,writing,dancing and other forms of creativities.They are God-given to help us live a happy life and enjoy many benefits out of it.

Talent development
An African kid displaying his talent in a singing Band.

Talent development:God has given us different talents as part of our well-being. But how to unearth and harness it becomes a problem for many of us.

However, there are constructive talent development platforms available. Never put your hands in your lap with question mark on your face.Don’t let your talent a wastage.
Its time to find the best talent development option.

Many of us believe that we are born with talents.Yes,each one of us.But sometimes, to figure out that talent and develop it becomes a problem.

Talent is not sold anywhere. There are many talents associated
with everyone living on earth. This is one of the NATURAL gifts God has given us.Anything from God is good.Those who make good use of their talents are second to none.

This whole post is about talent development. But before I talk about it, how can you know your talent?.I mean how can you uncover your talent and develop it?.Have you discovered your talent yet?.

What Is Talent?

Before,I talk about talent development strategies;Let’s first learn some basics of talents.Talent is the natural endowments of a person’s ability or skill.It is the ability and power bestowed on man on NATURAL environment.Please don’t confuse talent with spiritual gifts.They are two different things altogether.In my next post,I will talk about “SPIRITUAL GIFTS” and how it differs from talents.

In most cases, talents are passed on from parents to children. It becomes a special ability in the bloodline. It is inherited. Both the believer and non-believer posseses talents.

Talents help us in many ways.Your talent can make you famous, earn huge money, receive promotions etc.

Discovering Your Talent

As we all begin life as infants, toddlers, children to adults. That unique talent will send us many signals. These signals are what will help you discover and accept your talent.

The time of discovering talent might differ. Some might discover theirs whiles they are kids.Others will discover their talents when they grow up into adults.Certain factors accounts for that. It could be individual difference or environmental difference.

Some of the talents available and common for people to discover are;singing, dancing,painting,sports,comedy and other forms of creativities.

Talented people are better in their field of talents. Unlike those who learn it simply because they have passion for it.Talents,when developed becomes the source of income to the person in question.

For you to discover your talent is not anything difficult. It is natural so it will unveil itself to you.You will make use of that without any stress.

If your talent is “singing”;your tenacity of singing will be superb. Your natural ability to sing will be outstanding as if you have gone through singing classes.

Same thing applies to anyone who has different talent. If yours is football, drawing, dancing etc.you will execute it without any stress.

One thing you will realise is;You will be outstanding among your contemporaries. You will do it better than almost everyone. This should tell you that;That particular thing you are good at is your talent.

You didn’t need anyone to teach you.God gave it to you for free. It is up to you to look out for talent development platforms to be the best of your kind.

Look around, some of the celebrities doing great in their profession were born with it.They started it all from their childhood.

Talent Development Strategies You Should Adopt

1.Practise:In order to properly harness your talents;You must put it into practise.As the saying goes; “practice makes perfect”.You must put your talent into action. Develop passion for it and work it out often.This is the first talent development strategy you must embrace.

2. Mentor/Inspirational Person/Role Model:For a better result, you will need a mentor. As you find your talent, you will surely have a life role model. This role model has to be someone experienced in the field of your talent. He might be a celebrity or someone you really admire.

An inspirational person can help prepare your mind for success.You must take your talent to the next level.

Life is full of challenges, so having someone to psych you up will make you unbeatable. You will never give up when challenges come on your way. This person’s inspiration will give you strength to compete to the top.

3.Involvement In Competition:Here is the most interesting talent development platform. You can compete with yourself on regular basis. Wait,how can one compete with himself?.

To compete with yourself takes the form of bettering your best performance.If you can do better than you did yesterday; It shows personal development. Before you realise, you had been the best version of yourself in your talent.

To a larger extend, you can join talent show competitions. Here you will meet people with equal talents as yours.With this kind of talent development, you will face the greatest challenge. If you perform well,you will win the biggest prize.

Don’t feel awkward if you get eliminated early. It is part of the challenges. You must never give up. Keep on working on your talent. And at the appropriate time, you will come out with flying colors.

This platform will give you popularity in your community, country or in the world.It will depend on the organizational structure of the competition.

Eliminate Your Fear And Carry Yourself Through The Road To Success

The road to success is not as smooth as you might think.It has too many obstructions. Those who are bold enough complete their journey to success.Anyone who hates the pain of success Pierce himself with grief and misery.Realers love the pains on the road to success.The pains and scars become the hall-mark of victory.

road to success
Get ready to take the road to success without any doubt.

Here is another wake up call to all my readers. After sharing with you about the 7 Steps to success;I would like to remind you about the road to success. How you can conquer yourself and your challenges.

Those who never give up complete their journey on the road to success. This journey is not for sissies, it is not a one mile journey but and expedition.
Before anyone begins to pass through the road to success; He must have feasible dreams. Dreams backed by strong mindset.The dreams become the focus point. All distractions shouldn’t be a matter of concern.
On the road to success, you will meet a lot of challenges.If you are afraid of challenges you wouldn’t make it through. Lest you break the rules and face the consequences. There is no legal short cut to success.
It is a new year.Eeryone has good dreams.Dreams we want to see materialise before the end of the year.Before you pass through the road to success as a victor; You must conquer:
1. Yourself
4.Any other obstruction

Taking Full Action On The Road To Success

The above lists are some of the unwelcomed guests you will meet on the road to success.You have no other choice than to triumph over all these challenges.
You are the person in question. You must be willing to take the first step.As you find the will power,you can move ahead. Be poised to sacrifice your entire energy to move on the road to success.
Just like I keep on saying, fear is not real.It is “danger” that is real.So there is no need to fear anything when you your journeying to the promised land.Off course you have to promise yourself of the land of honey and milk.
No one will promise you and fulfill it better than yourself.Your promise is the goals you set.And it is only at the end of the journey.
Drive away every fear in you.This will help you to face reality.Remember that fear is illusional. Don’t let it ¬†scare the good dreams you are fighting for.
Pessimmists/negaholics are the real and greatest challenges.Why would you pay heed to pessimists or negaholics?.Dare not make that mistake.Always,override their negativities. Let it flow over your ears like water.Pessimists/negaholics could be your friends, family, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone close to you.Sometimes you  might fall into the hands of strangers who fall into this class.
As you stay away from pessimists/negaholics, you should get close to inspirational people. I mean people who are futuristics. People who are full of positive mindsets.They are the best kind of people to stay close to on the journey to success.
The Last kind of thing to conquer as listed in this article is “Any other obstruction”.There could be unknown challenges but you must be willing to endure any pain it inflicts on you.
It would be good if you sustain pains that will leave scars on you.This will remind you of how you conquered all your challenges on the way to success. It will make you a great warrior and a teacher.
Your experience will help you give inspiration to others.You will be the god-father of the next generation.
Many people are yearning for success but lack the know how. Even with the right tools,they fear to begin the journey to success.
Success embrace those who value it with all their might. It is not a fantasy but real.And only real hard working people pass through the road to success without any complain.The pains worth enduring.Success will make the noise at the end of this journey.