Effects Of Negative Emotions And Why You Must Avoid It

Being emotional at times is normal,but to let negative emotions control your life is dangerous.Many of us haven’t yet realized the effects of negative emotions on our health.

Effects of negative emotions on health could destroy your beautiful life.So learn about the best ways to deal with negative emotions.
It kills slowly, if you allow it to control your life, you will have complicated health problems without knowing about it.

Effects of negative emotions always drain the positive energies in us. Emotions are strong enough to break a person’s health down.Our emotions are connected to various organs in our bodies. So, there are strong correlation between them. If you are addicted to a particular negative emotions, it is time to change for the better.

This article will explain to you some of the effects of negative emotions on health and why you must avoid it.In one of my recent posts, I published on 5 things that shorten life span. Apparently, this is an extension of what destroys the beautiful lives we have. Many haven’t noticed it.In this case, you must embrace the positive side of life always.

Understanding The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Health

Anger is one popular negative emotions many people find it difficult to control. The quick-tempered thinks its normal and so nothing is harmful about it.Uh oh,you got it wrong.Why?.Anger is normal but failure to control it is dangerous to your health.Scientists have made us aware that anger is connected to the liver.Don’t stress it too much with unstable emotions.

We all grief at times,but too much of it has negative effects on your lungs. In Chinese medicine, it appears that many lung disorders develop through a disturbed lung meridian. This very meridian is weakened by old grief.Why would you grief so much to put your lungs in danger?. Learn how to let go what belongs to the past and live in the future with positive vibes.

Stress has made millions of people incapacitated for work and other normal routines.Stress is one of the serious effects of negative emotions that affects your brain and heart.Stress differs from persons to persons. It might be work overload,relationship issues,financial problems, etc.

Behaviours out of situations normally have direct effects on the heart. Someone who overeat elevates high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.But how?.People who are anxious or feel discomfort in a situation tend to comfort themselves with fast foods,smoking and drinking.It results in artery damage that causes heart attack and stroke.

Most often, I condemn fear,why?.Because it is not real;It is illusional. You have to stay real;Face your challenges with positive mindset.Intense fear or anyone petrifies by the smallest challenge in life puts his/her kidneys in danger. The kidney does a whole lot of work like detoxification to make you stay healthy.

Don’t be surprised to find out that kidney disease symptoms happen due to issues related to fear.It often happens because of emotional insecurity or instability.But how?. Because the adrenal glands are located at the upper part of the kidneys which produces adrenaline in response to the fear being experienced by the person, which is then released into the blood stream.

How To Deal With The Effects Of Negative Emotions

All the effects of negative emotions on health above are controllable. There is no need to sit there with your hands in your lap for things to worsen or take your life.You must take a step now.

Life is short indeed,but you don’t have to make it shorter than usual.Negative emotions are like toxics that kill slowly. This is because people haven’t noticed it.

Well,how can we know the effective ways to deal with negative emotions of such kind?.It appears that,I have once talked about the best ways to deal with all these negative emotions in my old posts. So what I will do is to share the links below to help you have an in-dept knowledge on how to deal with them.

– How to deal effectively with anger(Anger management)
– Effective ways to deal with anxieties(death)
Dealing with depression(6 ways)
– Why You must not fear to fall in life

I hope this article has helped you. Learn to control your negative emotions. It is one of the secrets of living a longer and happy life.Your comments,contributions and feedbacks are welcomed. Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones.

3 Reasons On How To Believe You Are A Winner Over Life Challenges

Many at times,most of you fail to recognize your winning potentials. A true winner never quits. It is hi time you learn about how to believe you are a winner in all folds of life.The fact is;you only need a reminder which is full of inspiration to propel you to success

Good reasons to learn how to believe you are a winner
Life throws challenges at you every now and then,but literally you are in no competition with anyone.You are in competition with yourself.Conquer yourself each day and you will become the best in life.Success will always be yours.

It is very unfortunate that many people are ignorant about their winning power.Would you believe if I tell you; “You have been a winner always and will always be?.”You cannot live life without facing any challenge. Challenges is what makes you stronger and successful in life.

Today, I want to remind you on how to believe you are a winner.Yes! you are.It is not just a wish but literally you are a winner,you have won many times in life.Your problem is; You haven’t realized it.

Fact File On How To Believe You Are A Winner

1.A Winner At Conception
Where does life begin?. Right after fertilization in the womb, isn’t it?.You first won as a single sperm being able to fertilize the egg.How did you do that?.Consider this fact:

♦.God knew you before you were born.

♦.He(God) has purposed your life for something greater.There is a purpose for your life,don’t live on empty life nor dreams.

Back to how you won your first life challenge.Out of about 14 million sperms,you were the ONLY ONE who made it to the Fallopian tube. You won your first life challenge. Why not find inspiration and continue your winning agenda.

You must know how you started winning right when you were a sperm cell.
Photo:Illustration of a sperm(in a form of man)fertilizing an egg in the Fallopian tube. Before you became an embryo in your mother’s womb,you won as that special single sperm to fertilize the egg.You are indeed purposed for greatness.You won so never stop winning.Let it be your hallmark.

If you believe,there is a reason for everything, then the reason for you to reach the Fallopian tube shows you deserve to live;You deserve greatness.

What happened to your contemporaries?. They were either knocking on the wrong door of the fallopian tube or lost energy to swim further. You won!

2. You Are Still Alive As A winner
The second most important thing on how to believe you are a winner is about your survival to date. Should if you don’t know;

→There is an estimation that, in every hour 6,316 people die.

→And in each day 151,600 people die.

This should inspire you to be grateful in life.You are constantly winning in life. Remember that,you are no better than those who die each hour and each day. It is simply because there are greater things purposed for you.You need to keep moving forward.There is a saying that goes like this:

“So far as you have life you have everything.”

3.You Dare Not Give Up
Apparently, you have all what it takes to live a happy life.How much does happiness cost?.Not a dime.Try searching for the cost($$$) of happiness and you would be astounded by the price.Giving up in life might be your greatest mistake.

Remember, you began life as a winner not a loser.So far as you have lofty aims to achieve, keep working toward it.As it is said; ”

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

Dreams come true, so when you dream,dream big. Never ever give up.You do no have to be afraid of failure,if your plans or dreams hit the rock;Your courage must increase. Perseverance is what I am talking about right now. Let’s take this scenario for example.

There are 8 different paths leaving you in dilemma.Only one of these paths leads to the treasure you are looking for.What if each path is 200km away.Yes!,never expect the journey to success to be easy.Now,you tracked down on the first path to the end.You found nothing.Exhausted and disappointed,will you give up?Hell No!.

Would you give up simply because your first choice yielded nothing?. I hope you will say “No”.Good to hear that. What if the second to the 7th path also yielded nothing?.

Bear in mind, the more you fail,the more you get closer to success. In one of my oldest posts,I talked about the “beauty in failure.”

Now it is left with only two paths.One difinitely holds the treasure you need.There is no need to give up.If ONLY YOU DON’T GIVE UP,you will FIND the treasure. It is as simple as that.

Did you find this article helpful?.If Yes,remember, sharing is caring.Together we can make the world better place.Dare not give up on your dreams.I tell you the truth;DREAMS COME TRUE.

The Most Amazing Insight On How To Save For Future Success

Who doesn’t like money?. Everyone does, but how to take good care of money to increase is a big problem.

 how to save future success
Money is like a seed,if you plant it in a good soil you will have bumper harvest.If you save for the future, you will have a lot of money,

This post will remind you of one important thing you have ignored. You want to be successful but you never put an eagle eye on your monies. It is time to do some personal savings now. Never forget that,time is money.Learn how to save for future success.

The Idea or the approach is the most important thing for seeing success.I always like to share this quote:

“The American Dream is still alive out there, and hard work will get you there. You don’t necessarily need to have an Ivy League education or to have millions of dollars startup money. It can be done with an idea, hard work and determination.”

– Bill Rancic

When we talk about savings,many people think about Banks, Credit Unions and such likes. But that is not all.There are many other ways you can save for future success. I will share with you one good personal saving strategy to enjoy your own money at large.This method of saving  can help you pay yourself each month.You can always use it to buy something you can’t afford at ago.

I call it the “Vault Savings”.Why,because it deals with commitment, sacrifice and strong mindset.I used this method of savings to buy my first mobile phone when I was a teenager. I was just a student but I was able to buy my first phone within 4 months.

Who Should Make use Of This Method Of Savings?

This is a personal saving strategy for future success so there is no boundary. If you only want, you can.But I recommend to Children,students,entrepreneurs and those who earn meagre income.If you are rich already, keep reading; You will gain some inspiration to keep moving forward.

Parents can also use it for their own benefits or their Children’s benefits.Teach your children how to save for future success. It is all about making good use of money, putting down some amount of money everyday.There is a saying that, little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Let’s go ahead and “cultivate” money to reproduce like we are into large-scale farming.

This is for anyone who spends money each day on things. It could be food,clothing and other basic needs. So far as money passes through your hands, you are eligible to make use of “The Vault Savings“.

Preparing To Learn How To Save For Future Success Using “The Vault Savings” Method.

This is not for lazy people, but those who really want to enjoy their monies on things they need but can’t buy at a go.

Things you will need:

♦ Pen
♦ Notebook
♦ Ruler
♦ Something you can save the money into eg. piggy bank

After getting the above items,open your book.Rule vertical lines on each page to get three columns. The rows should contain dates on which you save.eg. 1st January,2nd Jenuary….up to the last date of the month.Start from the first page. If it becomes full then you turn over. It’s a gradual process with full commitment.

If you begin in the middle of the month,don’t worry.Just do it for the month to end and continue with the new month.

Let the first column be the “DATE ” you will save.The Second column should be the “AMOUNT DEPOSITED “.The last column should be the “SUCCESSIVE AMOUNT” of money each day. Then at the button of the second column should be the TOTAL of your savings for that very month.This should reflect the amount in the third column.The third column give you a visual amount of how much you have saved so far.

Getting Poised To Make Use Of The Vault Method Of Savings

Before you begin to save for future success, set a goal. Ask your self, what do I need so badly that I can’t buy at a go?,what will I need in the coming years.The “Vault Saving Method” works best if the price or cost of your target is not too expensive. The reason is,you will keep all the monies with your self. If you get something better to hold your huge money then no problem. Don’t worry, Drug Lord Pablo Escobar saved his million dollars in his room.

After you have a goal, dare to do it with all your might. Motivate yourself. Even if it is for five or ten years, you can achieve your target.

When I first used the “Vault Savings” method, I found great inspiration from one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s qoutes:

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”

Write it down somewhere at the end of the page. Any time you set your eyes one this quote;Believe me,you will be willing to save more for future success.

Now,the next thing you have to do is visit www.futureme.org.Here is where you will put the target of your savings into writings that will challenge your seriousness to succeed in the future.

The moment you open this homepage; You will see “Dear FutureMe”.Continue by writing a letter to your self in the future.If you are saving to buy a phone, laptop, car, machinery or even wed your boyfriend/girlfriend write it down.

Choose the specific date you want that letter delivered to you.It could be in a year or more.You will be required to add your email for delivery of your future letter.See, it is not so hard to be a futurist.

Executing The “Vault Savings” Method

First consider your income level and do the saving. Decide on the minimum amount of money you will put down daily. Please be committed to yourself. It is for your own good. Don’t be enstraged by it.There is a saying I like so much; “No pain no gain”.

Make it a must do thing. I mean,let it be compulsory to put some amount of money down. Let’s say in the 1st day of January 2018, you put down $2.Write it down.The following day $1.Write it down. Should if the 3rd you couldn’t put down any money,put dash(–) there.Surely, a day will come that you will multiply your savings power.

how to save for future success
The above photo gives an illustration on how you will do your personal savings using the vault savings method.This is for the month of January.

Practical Example Of Using The “Vault Saving” Method.

Let’s say a washing machine is what you need. You don’t have bulk Money for that. What you have to do is economize your daily expenditure to get some for savings. Avoid impulse buying and unnecessary usage of money.

Remember, you have written a future letter to yourself on this target. Don’t let your future letter put you into Shame.Instead fulfill the target and smile when the future letter arrives in your inbox.There is nothing beautiful than fulfilling your own dream.

Let’s say the washing machine cost $240.All other things being equal, if you put $2 down each day;Within four month you will get $240 to buy it.It works according to your income level and your savings ability. You can use this method to buy anything you can’t afford in the future.

Don’t forget to keep proper record of your savings. At the end of each month. Use calculator to sum up what you have saved.

When it is time to retrieve, add the  total of each month and count the money. It should tally with what you have written.

Tips On Vault Saving Method

You can faithfully do this kind of savings with the little money passing through your hands and not coming back.At the end of the month, calculate what you got,use it to pay yourself. There is nothing sweater than this.

The Bottom Line

We spend money almost everyday.Money spent never comeback, but money saved is already with you. Learn how to avoid spending on unimportant things if you REALLY want to buy or do something you can’t afford now. You see snacks on the road side, and you are tempted to buy.

Don’t buy it, instead use that very amount you had wanted to use to buy the snacks for savings.This shows that you are making use of economic principles to achieve your dream.

It means you value your needs more than your wants.This is one of the best practices to help you save for future success.

Did you find this article helpful?,”If “Yes” then don’t forget to share with friends, families and loved ones. Feel free to comment, contribute or give feedback.

NB:It doesn’t mean you should be stingy because you are committed to your savings. Give when is is absolutely necessary.

Did You Know Somebody Thinks About You Without Your Knowledge?

Life is always full of surprises.Just the way you are,somebody thinks about you.You will hardly see that person but his/her thoughts toward you are full of blessings.

Understanding The Basic Reasons Why Somebody Thinks About You

People might feel dejected in life at times. They think nobody loves them or nobody cares for them.This is never true.As you sit there quite contemplating on your sorrows, someone has seen you, wishing you all the best in life.

At least there is someone somewhere who has your photograph on his phone,computer,photo album.A photograph that reminds him/her how awesome you are.Don’t be surprised, life is full of mysteries.It is likely you are in somebody’s prayers every now and then;It is likely you are in someone’s thoughts every now and then…Why?.Because the person want the best of you.He/she want to see you happy.

Believe or not,somebody thinks about you.Don’t stress yourself trying to figure out who that person is.It could be more than just one person for sure.It is not all those who love you or cares for you will say it right in front of you,but deep inside them they care.If you are smart enough,you will be able to figure out those who genuinely have positive thoughts about you.

Nothing would be sweeter than knowing by surprise the person who thinks about you.Apparently,there are a number of reasons someone will think about you.

Who And Why Would Anyone Think About You?

♦.Secret Admirer
The person who thinks about you is often incognito. He or she likes certain things about you.It could be your awesomeness,confidence,intelligence, humor etc.

As you move day in and out, that person values you.But it is unfortunate he is just keeping his or her admiration for you in secret.

Remember that no matter how you look like,what you look like;somebody thinks about you.A secret admirer could be a potential husband or wife in the near future.Pray that that very person unveils himself/herself and bet me, you would feel happy like never before.

♦.The Compassionate One
Sometimes we face many challenges in life.We need someone to hold our hands to climb the ladder of success. We see no one around.

The truth is;there is someone who thinks about you.The person would hardly come forth for you to see him/her but deep inside this person is full of “good wishes” for you.

People who are compassionate are always genuine people.They feel very bad when they see you suffer or unhappy.On the other hand,they feel happy for you when you are happy.

Someone might say such kind of person might be a guardian angel who always want to see you happy.They can occasionally show up to help when you are in need.

♦.The Supreme Ruler
There is someone up there who thinks of you too.He is the creator of heaven and earth.He loves you more than you love yourself.You might find it difficult to believe it,but that is the fact.
God has purposed your life for something greater. All you have to do is to be obedient. Pay heed to his instructions and enjoy all the special gifts he has prepared for you.

2 Reasons Why Everyone Is Thinking About The Future

People are always thinking about the future for various reasons. Life is full of mysteries that scares the hell out of both the hard-working and the lazy.Nothing is 100% assured but with hope and big dreams people smile to their future.

In life,people thinking about the future in a positive way can bring about success

There is something in front of you but you can’t see it.This thing I am talking about is the future.Exceptionally, the futurist can plan on how future technology would be like.Your jaw will drop if you ever find out about how future technology is going to be like.They(futurists) dream big and so you must also DREAM BIG.However, nothing is guaranteed because tomorrow is never promised.

“No matter who we are, thoughts that could become the future flashes into our mind everyday. It is our duty to filter the thoughts into those we don’t want and those we do.Cling to the thoughts that can make us (and others) happy.
-Chad Grills, The Happy Life

Today,I will share with you some of the reasons why everyone is thinking about the future. We all have a future. Yes off course.Even tress and animals have a future.Someone’s future might be tomorrow,other’s might be 2,3,4…years time.

The most important question is, “Do you have a brighter future?. One’s future may end tragically, others will see the beautiful sunlight shine for them in the future.

2 Reasons Why Everyone Is Thinking About The Future

1.It Is Unpredictable
No one can be absolutely sure about what tomorrow brings, lest it is a prophecy from God.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
― Corrie ten Boom

There are three things that could happen to you in the future.

i. You might stand exactly where you are(adamant) in terms of your social or living standard.

ii. With hard work,you might see a tremendous change in your life, hence high social and living standard(success).

iii.You might be a total failure in the future. This is something most people get scared of.They are afraid of the future because it is unpredictable.How you work hard today and invest your time wisely can yield something better in the future, so no need to fret.Unless you choose to be dumb in life. Failure will surely be your reward.

2.It Holds The Treasure You Are Looking For

Honestly we are all thinking about the future for something better. I would be shocked if any sane person would think of calamity for himself in the future.

Remember that you can’t get gold straight away from the ground. You must dig and refine before you get your gold.The future is unknown but if you work very hard towards your dream, you shall see a brighter future.

Your long-looking treasure is hidden in the future.Keep working hard.Never give up and you will taste success sooner or later.

To conclude it all,I want you to know that you have the right to define your life.You also have the power to achieve greater things in life.If you are thinking about the future,let all your thoughts be positive.You definitely need to read about the 7 steps to success. This can be your manual for a beautiful future.