The Truth Behind Why Everything Happens For A Reason

Take a look around, things are happening very fast in life.And Everything that happens has a reason or reasons for that. It could be a normal or natural reason, scientific reason or technical reason.Sometimes it is a mystery and you will never understand,appreciate it anyway

understanding why everything happens for a reason in life

There is a reason behind every person,a reason they are the way they are.Appreciate yourself and accept things happening around you with POSITIVE energy.

We often hear the statement “everything happens for a reason“.But is it really true?.Things unfold in our lives for various reasons. Reasons we may understand or not understand. Sometimes we even attribute certain things happening in our lives to supernatural powers.Marilyn Monroe once said:

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
— Marilyn Monroe

The Challenge Surrounding Why Everything Happens For A Reason

Uncertainties are often bad times we never want to welcome. But they happen in our lives any moment at anytime.

Imagine hearing a heart breaking news and you need to convince yourself that everything happens for a reason. It would sound insane to the one who is heavily aggrieved by the demise of a loved one.

Not that alone,there are many more awkward situations we find ourselves in. It could be disappointments,failure,physical and emotional pains etc.

Do you actually remember a moment you felt so bad about something but needs to convince yourself that everything happens for a reason?.The truth is that, it takes braveness to be your own inspirational person.Forget about all bad experiences and keep on moving forward.

Since we know, there is time for everything,we must also embrace the facts that everything happens for a reason.

Understanding The Involvement Of Super Natural Forces On Things Happening Around Us

There are two opposing forces moving around this world.i.e.:

1. The Spirit Of God
2. Evil Forces

God can destroy, kill, save, heal etc. the Devil too can kill,save, destroy heal etc.The difference is God is all-powerful and his actions are right with no string attached. The opposite is how the Devil operates.

These forces are very real but we can’t see them. They may have greater or lesser influences on us.Just like I talked about how guardian angels interact with us.

You Must Embrace It With Positive Mindset

Whether a situation is pleasant or unpleasant there are reasons behind that. Let’s take for example,someone who took $50 to buy a necklace.
As he moves to the shop he realised he has lost this money. That is very painful right?.Yes offcourse.Somewhere along the line somebody will find the money.And it is likely that money would do something greater in the lucky person’s life.It could be a tremendous life changing moment for the finder of the money.

The one who lost his money felt very bad.And here is the case the lost of someone’s money has done a great change in the life of someone else.I hope you understand the scenario here.

Situations similar to this happen often in our lives. There is no need to complain too much.Your wife/husband can break your heart but that could open a new door for you to get someone far better and befitting for you.

People get fired from work places, people, fall sick,get accident die etc.It is up to us to embrace the fact that, everything happens for a reason. Although we cannot explain everything good or unpleasant happening around us.

If it has happened, it is in the past,be courageous, look for a better day ahead. When happiness comes celebrate with cautiousness because one day sadness will become an uninvited guest in your life.

5 Things That Shorten Life Span:Don’t Be A victim Any More

In our 21st century,there are many things that shorten life span.We are often not aware of it,but it is killing us slowly.

There are certain things that shorten life span.Example is mobile phone radiation.
Your life is precious.Let every minute of it count. Apply safety measures to live long.Don’t overlook at the little things that drain your life to be in your grave faster than usual.Stay safe.

We all like to enjoy life to the fullest, but there are certain things that shorten our life span.Many of us haven’t taken notice of’s like a slow poison.

Today, I will share with you some jaw dropping things that kill us slowly. Death is inevitable, but to dig your own grave faster than what nature has for you is quite sad.

Intense sensitisation on the dangers of these things can help reduce mortality rate in life.

Notable Things That Shorten Life Span

1.Mobile Phone
Our mobile phones have been our closest friends. Many of us can’t take one step outside our house without our mobile phones.Phones have become inseparable friends.

How does mobile phone shorten life span?!.Phones use invisible rays of lights for communication. It makes the phone generate certain amount of radiation which is harmful to our health.

According to the “American Cancer Society” phone radiation causes cancer. A research group in Sweden also reported an increased risk of tumors on the side of the head where the phone is held.

There is evidence that, long time cell phone usage affects brain tissue in a negative way.
Bear in mind that radiation becomes high when the phone’s battery is very low.

In other to protect yourself,you would need anti-radiation sticker or solution to protect your life.Earpiece usage decreases the amount of RF waves that reach the head.

2.Sitting Down For Longer hours
Health experts have made us aware that improper sitting poster has health problems on our spiral cords. Aside that ,sitting down for long increases the risk of death.

Sitting down for more than 3 hours a day cuts off 2 years of your life span.

Researchers from Australia published that even regular exercise can’t prevent negative effects of sitting down for longer hours. That sound weird right?.But it is factual.It is up to you to manage how to overcome this problem.can we prevent this practice from shortening our lives?.

3.Too Much Television
It is hard to believe that watching too much television is one of the things that shorten life span. The rich men know about this secret, that is why they don’t spend several hours watching television. We can learn some of these practices from rich men and other billionaires.Watching 2 hours of television a day increases the risk of dying early.

Eating too much unhealthy food accelerate your death.It’s unfortunate the stores and markets in our generation is polluted with chemical food items that are killing us slowly.Know which food items are made up of chemicals.Learn how to stay safe from chemical food to live longer.

Diets which are high in red meat and in processed meat shorten life span.It could cause Alzheimer’s diseases, stomach ulcers and cardiovascular diseases.Meat contains many carcinogens as well as saturated fat, which increases mortality rate.

Too much sleep or less sleep also shortens life span. The recommended sleep hours for everyone is “8 hours a day”Lack of sleep can cause health problems such us weight lose,memory problems,cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

You might be interested in my article on “why sleep is good for you”.It gives further insight on the importance of sleep and how to enjoy its benefit.

Find Out If You Have The Behavioural Pattern of a confident person

The behaviours of a confident person is always noticeable. It bears fruits of success and happiness in life. Find out if you have the behavioral patterns of a confident person.

behaviours of a confident person
Time to notice the behaviours of a confident person

Naturally, we are characterized by different behaviours.Today, I would like to talk about the behaviours of a confident person and how to distinguish them.

People who are confident in life often get what they want. They are always proactive to see things unfold in their own discretion.

Who is a confident person?
He is someone who is sure of himself; having no uncertainty about his own abilities, correctness, successfulness, etc.

Notable Behaviours of a confident person

A confident person has some remarkable attitudes.If you haven’t noticed that, I will share some with you.

There are many behaviours of a confident person and the first one is about their smartness. They are fast enough to deduce,if something is wrong within their reach.You can’t look straight into their eyes if you happen to be lying about something.

One glance into their eyeballs will tell you all about how smart and confident that person is.You can’t outsmart a confident person so easily.

2.Speech & Expression
The articulation of a confident person is often full of wisdom. They know what they say or talk about. It is not about arrogance but the natural gift of words full of inspiration .

In short, a confident person has good articulation skills.He looks convincing in all his speeches. This makes them very influential.

Anyone who is a confident person is certain on his choices. If he says “No”, that is all.If he says “Yes”, that is all.They are responsible for their choices and so you can’t make choices for them.They are independent in decision-making.

4.They Never Give Up
Since confident people believe in their intuitions and dreams, they never throw in the towel.He is a man enough to keep moving forward no matter how people try to bring him down. He is always focused in life to achieve whatever he has planned.They don’t retreat nor surrender.

5.Risk Taking
Since risk taking is one of the secrets to success,a confident person simply delights in taking risk. He sees some kind of beauty in risk taking. Nothing scares him.If it takes to risk his own life to achieve his lofty aims,he wouldn’t opt out. Forward ever, backward never.

The Bottom-line On The Behaviours Of A Confident Person

You can copy the above behaviours of a confident person and it will do you a great help. You can always take the bull by the horns to breakthrough any life challenges.

Don’t mistake a confident person as a paranoid or arrogant person.It takes confidence to step forward to achieve whatever dreams you have. It is all about positivities.Copy some of these positive behaviours of a confident person to stay on top of your enemies.

At Least Reserve Some Love For Yourself To Feel Happy In Life

Showing love for yourself has many benefits in your life.When everyone rejects you,you need to accept who you are.Love yourself always,no matter your circumstances.

show love for yourself
Developing love for yourself is the best feeling to make you happy in life.It is about knowing your value.

Love For Yourself

Showing love for yourself is one of the best feelings you could ever have.Except the unfailing love of God, there is none better than showing love for yourself.

In life, whatever you do people will talk about it.You can’t please everyone and you can’t be loved by everyone. But surely you can show love for yourself all the time without hurting your intuition. Be aware of enemies who wear beautiful smiles.

Your friends, families, co-workers etc. will tell you they love you.Yes they do but not as much as you can develop love for yourself.This is simple. Because you know yourself far better than anyone around you.

It doesn’t make you a narcissist if you choose to love yourself. The world is full of negaholics who don’t see anything better in whatever you do.

I love this very quote:

“You can lie down for people to walk on you and they will still complain that you’re not flat enough”

Live your life.
– Mature Gambino

The above quote sounds funny but it sends a very important message to us.Show love for yourself and love your life with a free mind.

Let the insults and criticism about your life flow over your ears like water.Should if anyone tries to make you feel inferior, tell him/her to mind his/her own business.

Keep on doing what makes you happy in life. It will certainly help you live a happy life. A life that will fence you against people who may pollute your beautiful lifestyle with toxic comments and all forms of defamation.

Never be a prisoner to people simply because they publicize your weakness. We are all not perfect. Accepting this fact makes you live a life free of inferiority complex.

If You Don’t Have Love For Yourself How Can You Love Others?

It is advisable for you to accept yourself just the way you are.You look tall,short, fat,black, white etc.If it is a poor health condition, try your best to fix it.If it is incurable, never lose hope.That has already been part of your life. Embrace it and manage it.

If you believe in miracles like what Christians do,then pray and have faith in the Lord.Your healing is just around the corner.

The moment you lose love for yourself, you open portals for your enemies to control your life. You can’t see how beautiful and valuable you are so your enemies will degrade your authenticity and reputation.

Why not learn about how to value yourself through self love?.However,developing extreme love for yourself might make you paranoid or make you show some narcissistic behaviours.

In this case as you show yourself some love, don’t forget to show love and kindness to others. The most important thing here is to be vigilant. Don’t listen to what people say.They don’t know anything better about you than yourself.



Beautiful Things In Nature

Have you considered some of the beautiful things in nature?. God made it beautiful to help you enjoy the best in life, even if you have no money. Nature offers free beautiful things for your pleasure.

Island is one of the beautiful things in nature

There are many beautiful things in nature that make us feel good.Simply looking at nature’s gift make us feel happy. The maker(God) knew it would be good for us.

Nature is the physical or material things we see around us.It is often generalised as a blend of geology and wildlife.Science asserts that,plants on our planet have exsisted for about 400 million years.How accurate could that be?.Anyway,God created plants and all other things before man.

Today,let us consider some of the beautiful things in nature and how it affect us.The beautiful things in nature have been depicted in arts,photography,poetry etc.

It has been known that landscape art began in China during the Tang Dynasty(618 – 907).In the bible, the book of Psalms and Job highly talked about the beautiful things in nature.

Getting Enthused By Some Beautiful Things In Nature

Nature has many species of animals, some are not yet discovered. There are always new things coming up into the knowledge of mankind.

Wild animals look fascinating and awesome when we see them in the zoo.They give us a lot of pleasure in life.Not all of us can go into the wild to haunt or tame wild animals.

It is adorable to have a field trip once a while to see some of these wild animals in the zoo.

The benefit includes:

– Reduction of stress
– Fun & a Happy moment
– Exploration of the beauty in the wild
– Acquisition of knowledge on the nature and life of these amazing creatures of God.

Right after the wild,we have move onto domestic animals(Pets) to keep us happy in life.

Pets are good companions for mankind. God in his own knowledge gave us pets to stay in our homes. Pets can cheer us up when we feel down.

Pets are part of the beautiful things in nature

I recently saw a brilliant quote equating the compassion and friendliness of God to dogs.The message makes it clear by turning the spellings “D O G” to “G O D“.because of the seeming likeness in nature; faithfulness, kindness,friendliness and loving.

It’s a brilliant idea but personally, I wasn’t much pleased with that.Because its ambiguous and sounds a little inappropriate.

Cats for instance are tender pets that make us appreciate the beautiful things in nature. They can perform awesome stunts for you to laugh and crack your ribs.However, experts say they spend 66% of their lives SLEEPING and I totally agree to that.

The Natural environment

Here is about the inanimate things we see around. Most of them are beautiful right?.Consider all the famous and beautiful landscapes you could ever think of.

beautiful things in nature

It offers the best of life activities and happiness.The rocks, oceans,streams, rivers, volcanoes, mountains, forest etc. offers the best of sight-seeing which is full of pleasure.

Travel nerds and hikers often enjoy the beautiful things in nature by visiting some of these landscapes on earth.

There are great and awesome natural environment that authenticates the beauty in nature. For instance the Great Barrier Reef in Australia which is the world’s largest reef system attracts a lot of people worldwide.The Amazon forest(South America) can’t be left alone when talking about the beautiful things in life.

Sunset depicting one of the beautifull things in nature

There are beautiful landscapes in Africa too.Not forgeting the Nile river, and the Sahara desert.

In Amazon, you would be awed by nature’s largest rainforest.You can find gaint water lilies that grow over 6 feet in diameter.There are many species of trees as well.

Additionally, you can explore the beauty of nature right from your house. Nature compliments life and make it beautiful.

When you wake up in the morning, look at how the sun rises from the East.Take photographs of it.Is it not beautiful?.Again, watch how the sun sets.Is it not beautiful?.

Once a while you can visit the beach to enjoy the breeze, have fun,meditate, or think about yourself.The beach is a good place to enjoy the panorama of the sea,horizon,sand and the beauty of the tides.Why not go to the beach now and explore its beauty?.

Look around, there are many beautiful flowers with sweet-scented smell.Ornamental plants are ideally the beautiful clothes for our environment.

The Bottom-line

In summary,these beautiful things in nature came from a master planner (God).We should give him thanks and praise. Nature offers more than it’s beautification. We get herbal medicine and oxygen from plants.Our pets can even be our best friends. That is the beauty of nature.

Why not take time off your busy schedule and explore some of the beautiful things nature offers us?.

Did you find this post helpful?.I would love to hear from you.Don’t forget to share with friends, families and loved ones.