The Good Samaritan Lesson

The Good Samaritan has the message of genuine love toward our fellow humans.It teaches us about hospitality.Read to find out why we must learn from this parable. This story is one of the most popular parables in the Bible.It actually explains the basics of what Christianity entails(love).Many of us got to know about the Good […]

Here Is Why It Is Not Good To Tell Lies

The issue of telling lies has been  debatable for years but read this article to find out some interesting truth about telling lies. Hello beautiful people, once again we are to learn something interesting and this time it is about “telling lies”.Do everyone tell lies? and is it good to tell lies?In this article I […]

Productive Ways Of Getting Over Death Anxiety

It awaits us all and so there is no need to find it difficult forgetting over death Anxiety In life,there is nothing mysterious than death.It could knock on anyone’s door at any moment and lay its icy hand on him.  Death has been people’s enemy since God cursed the first man(Adam)  to death.Actually there is physical death […]

How Christians Can Always Have Quite Time Ideas With God

Every Christian must know about Quite time ideas with God in order to elevate the spiritual encountering power between you and God Quite time is often preached to us but most often believers lack the true understanding of a Quite time.Some just lack Quite time ideas to spend with God. In a world were there are thousands of Christian denominations.Quite […]