The Reward Of Patience And Honesty In Life

Little Drops Of Water Make A mighty Ocean(Patience and Honesty).To enjoy success in life never neglect these two.Find out why… This very quote “little drops of water make a mighty ocean“, is a popular quote to hear from people;it is always popular to hear people say “Patience”,”Honesty”.Well said,but do we really carry out what these two sayings […]

Scary Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide

My dear,you should not commit suicide.Committing suicide in life would let you face the bitter consequences and repercussions.The big radar has caught you.Read to know why. Situations will arise in our lives,but everyone must know the most proper way to deal with it without getting your hands soaked with dirt.No one is free from life challenges so […]

Learning From Grandparents In A Grand Style

The Life of any grandparent  has a genuine lesson for our youths today. God has blessed them with long life to enjoy on earth.If you love your grandparents find out about some interesting things to learn from them Looking at the aged(grandparents) in your house what comes into your mind?;Life is a journey, life is […]