Why People Dislike You

Have you ever been hated or discriminated before?.There are crazy reasons why people dislike you.People will also hate you for “NO”reasons.This make a lot of people paranoid.But in the real sense, there shouldn’t be any cause of alarm.They lament, but you decide.

why people dislike you
Why people dislike you

Can you really understand why people dislike you?.It is hard to understand how people can make you feel worthless for all the good things you have done in life.They will dislike you for NO reason or for unimportant reasons.

Honestly speaking,whatever you do in life, some people will hate you, others too will like you. Always appreciate it when people dislike you.Yes!,Some people will surely dislike you and there is no need stressing over that.No need to worry about it trying to figure out why people dislike you.

Sometime ago, I published about ” the beautiful smile of your enemy“.Reading this will enhance your understanding on why people dislike you.

Could it be possible that there is one man on earth that everybody like?Hell No!, that’s impossible.The sinless man(Jesus Christ) ever to live on earth even had haters and still have haters.He knows why people dislike him anyway. But that never discourage him.

Who are those who dislike you?.They might be your friends,coworkers, family members, enemies or anyone else.Their dissaproval shouldn’t worry you a bit.Instead, smile to it and move forward.

Succumbing to their ill-treatment or comments about you will make you a virtual prisoner to them.That is mind control.Break free and live your life.

Possible Reasons Why They Dislike You

Well,let’s try to figure out some of the reasons why people dislike you.
1.Appearance:God created us with different genetics with different abilities. How you appear to others might be a reason why they hate you.Although you have no control over your natural outlook.

They dislike you because they THINK you are weird. They dislike you because they think you are far from being awesome.If you give attention to these psychopaths negaholics you might go in for plastic surgery or use any means necessary to alter your outlook.

Nature is nature,and it is beautiful. Don’t let people who dislike you influence you to do something silly to your body. If they dislike you because you are short,tall,fat,dark,white, etc. that isn’t anything to stress about.

The only best thing you can do is to embrace you God-given nature, harness it in a natural environment. I mean embrace what you can’t change and work out on what you can change., i.e. if you are too fat, you can work-out,ensure proper dietary for your own benefit.But not to impress anyone.This is about exercising healthy measures for your own sake.

2. Uniqueness: In life,there is nobody who can be exactly you.You are unique in appearance, character and beliefs. This difference might trigger hatred from people. Maybe you have special talents or spiritual gifts they envy.Maybe they dislike you because you outsmart them in everything..Maybe they dislike you because you appear too dull,smart,strong, weak,wise,foolish etc. to them.

They will likely tell you what or who you are.But should you fall for all these assertions?. Not at all.Define yourself and forget about them describing who you are.They know nothing about you.Don’t relinquish your authenticity. If they wouldn’t mind their own businesses, mind your own business.

3. Your Rise And Fall:One funny thing about life is, if you become successful,people will hate you;If you become unsuccessful too, people will hate you.You will then find yourself in dilemma, trying to understand why people dislike you.

4. Your Mistakes And Perfection:
There is nothing like 100% goodness in life .People dislike you because you make mistakes that appalls them. People dislike you because you are almost right in everything you do or say.

Considering Other Side Of The Coin On Why People Dislike You

To avoid being bias,let’s face the BITTER truth.Honestly speaking,there are certain appalling attitudes from people who make others dislike them.Nobody will like the greedy,annoying people,gossipers,back-bitters,arrogant etc.

It’s all about behavioral patterns.You can mess up with your life.And this will let people dislike you.People will lose trust or interest in you.It’s human nature.To avoid stepping on people’s toes to dislike you, you must:

1.Respect yourself
2.Comport yourself
3.Apologize and reconcile with people you have pissed off

The Bottom line Of Why People Dislike You

Never stress asking why people dislike you.Because they wouldn’t honestly tell you the truth. Your success is why they dislike you,they way you talk, walk,dress etc. is why they dislike you.

People will dislike you for no reason.Others will dislike you for certain reasons like I have talked about.They are not far from being your enemies. Never mind them and their crazy reasons why they dislike you.

If you want to stay on top of all those who hate you;Then learn about the best ways to deal with enemies.

Have you got different ideas?.Feel free to share in the comment box.Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones.I welcome your feedback as well.

God’s Hand Will Hold You – Psalms 139:9-10

Bible quote of the day

God Will hold you
God’s hand will hold you

“If I were to fly away on the wings of the dawn, and settle down on the other side of the sea,

even there your hand would guide me, your right hand would grab hold of me”.(Psalms 139:9-10)

Don’t Let Them Belittle Your Ambitions – Dream Big

Inspirational quote of the day

Bigger ambitions
Dream big as the oceans

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”

– Mark Twain

What’s Wrong With These African Spiritualists(Juju Men) And Their Spiritual Money Agenda?

The intent of this article is to share with you my obsession with these African spiritualists messaging and sending me friend requests.I don’t need your money nor help. Children of God don’t need your money.You are Supposed to sit at home for those who need your help come and ask for it.Now, things have changed, these African spiritualists are rather soliciting.

African spiritualists
Questioning African Spiritualists:

First and foremost,I know if you are an African spiritualist (Juju man),this article wouldn’t be pleasant to you.You can keep on reading anyway.

21s century,a generation full of surprises and uncertainties. As technology advances, evil forces and evil doers also increases. It is true, the devil is roaring like a lion looking for someone to devour.

Today, what I’m I driving at, at African spiritualists(Juju men)?.I seldom talk about them.Unlike criticsing and uncovering fake prophets and their prophecies.

In our world today,the secret behind every move in life is “money”.And African spiritualists are good in conjuring it with their super natural powers. They are working for the father of lies,luring people into spiritual poverty but abundance of physical wealth.Many believe money is everything,but that’s never true.

The question people will ask is; “What prompted me to write about African spiritualists?”.Well, the reason is simple.These “Juju men” exasperate me when they try to get in touch with me via the media(social media).

I’ve turned a blind eye on a couple of them who tried to lure me.But they seem not to stop hustling. Hates to see them send me messages and friend requests. Ah ah!, what is the world heading to?.

These African spiritualists are enticing the youths with their spiritual money online. Yes!, they are rather soliciting people to come for money.To EXCHANGE their SOULS for MONEY.I repeat, “Money”.We all like it but not in a weird way like this.

You Know What They Say?:

“I am Nana this and that,I can help you with money,love spells,favour,promotions etc.”With wad of money displayed in front of them.

Funny enough, if you have a lot of money why don’t you spend it on luxuries.Or offer them to the millions of poor living in this world.These African spiritualists enticing people for spiritual money appear poorer than anything. And the question is why?.I will answer this in latter part of this post.

Honestly, speaking from African perspective view. These spiritualists possess supernatural powers. Yes, if you know nothing about Africa and how spirituality is looming every now and then,then I think this will be an eye opener for you.

They can indeed charm for money,they can perform certain rituals to call for money.We don’t doubt them.Personally,I know they can charm money.But I don’t a give a damn about it.If you are so real like your forefathers stay at home.Let the interested persons approach you with their needs.Don’t be like a virus infecting people everywhere.

Wait a minute,since there are fake pastors among us, so as there are fake Juju men among themselves,Some are brilliant scammers pretending to be Juju men.

The Biggest Question Surrounding African Spiritualists(Juju men) Today.


A Funny JuJu man(spiritualist) once said to me, they take nothing serious apart from goat,fowl or the human hair.Others charge for little money.These whole thing sound ridiculous.

Satan will never give you anything for free,those who have fallen prey to these unscrupulous people have regretted. We hear their confessions often. Just like what the bible said;” The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil“.They have pierced themselves with grief.Maybe if I had written this article earlier for them to read;they wouldn’t have made that terrible mistake.Some even killed for their monies.Can you imagine that?; “SOUL for MONEY“.

Just as these African spiritualists have been annoying me online,I believe many of you are seeing the same thing. Be vigilant, don’t let them imprison your beautiful soul in eternal darkness. Come to Christ Jesus and stay under his love and mercy.

I know they have spiritual powers.
Yes!, they are possessed with a high spirit and they are working hard to draw souls for SATAN( The father of lies).As for us,we will keep on wining souls for Christ, no matter where we find ourselves. Amen.

I have been exposing some fake pastors,prophets,their false doctrines and prophecies for long.And now these African spiritualists are on the front line. Do you think we should keep mute and allow them win souls for Satan?.Hell no!.I hope non of them crosses my borderline again.

Why African Spiritualists Offer Money And Wealth To People But Look Poorer

They can’t spend the money they charm for. Why?.The money is tainted with evil fortune.If someone can charm money to enrich himself why not do it massively and compete with world billionaires like Bill gates who earns more than $30 million a day?.

The devil and his agents have nothing good for mankind. Why would these African spiritualists ask for something in return?.Leave my inbox clean.I hate seeing your friend requests and any effort to get my attention.I’m busy reading my bible,blogging and doing other important staffs.

Your soul is precious than money and riches. Value it,don’t chase money and fall into temptation.

Don’t forget to share this post with friends,families and loved ones if you find it helpful.
I welcome your comments,contributions and feedback. Stay blessed.

Getting Tired?:Here Is Why Sleep Is Good For You

It is time to know why sleep is good for you.We are working all day but we need proper sleep to make sound decisions and feel good.

Why sleep is good

Never refuse to embrace the good reasons why sleep is good for you.God in his own wisdom added sleep to our human nature and we must make good use of it.Contradiction to this has a lot of negative effects on our health.We can’t be working all day and forget about our health. Simple sleep is a medicine for our bodies.

We do work a lot,we get tired and sometimes have inadequate sleep.Our health should be something valuable to us just like our jobs.It is time you understand about why sleep is good.

Blogging frequently alone is tiresome. Many of us compliment blogging to our real jobs and that strains us a lot. In this case, we must have enough rest through sleep.Yes!, enough sleep.

Health practitioners recommended at least 6 to 7 hours sleep for everyone. How many of us really get enough sleep.The body is like a machine, it goes through wear and tear.

It is good to work hard for money. But letting your work take over your sleep hours will have serious adverse effects on you.This is why you should know why sleep is good for you.

To feel sleepy or “sleep” part of human nature. It has many benefits for our entire body.

Reasons Why Sleep Is Good For You

Below are some of the notable reasons why sleep is good for you.

Studies indicates that sleep increases brain functions. Whenever you sleep, the brain gets ample time for the bodyto prepare you for the next day. Your brain will enhance your learning and decision making abilities.

If you are a blogger for instance, waking up in the morning from a good sleep will make you creative.Your thinking abilities will be refreshed as well.

On the other hand, if you have insufficient sleep;You will have problem making good decisions or solving problems.

In addition, sleep also help our physical health to increase.Those who know why sleep is good, normally Sleep enough to allow their hearts and blood vessels go through healing and repairs.

During sleep, growth hormones functions properly in your body.These hormones repairs broken tissues and cells in the body.

Your immune system work well when you are asleep.They fight against infections. Termination of an ongoing sleep might result in common infections getting out of hands.

These are some of the reasons why sleep is good for you.Sleep enough and wake up in the morning afresh to continue your daily activities without any downtime.Suffering from insomnia?.See your doctor.