The Truth Behind Why Everything Happens For A Reason

Take a look around, things are happening very fast in life.And Everything that happens has a reason or reasons for that. It could be a normal or natural reason, scientific reason or technical reason.Sometimes it is a mystery and you will never understand,appreciate it anyway There is a reason behind every person,a reason they are […]

The Most Important Secret To Happiness In Life Revealed

Revealing the secret to happiness in life could help you rise above your problems.Life comes with simple principles of success. The one who is smart enough embraces it with positive energy. You are the epitome of success so don’t trade it for failure nor anything worthless. Something must be done in your life before you […]

5 Things That Shorten Life Span:Don’t Be A victim Any More

In our 21st century,there are many things that shorten life span.We are often not aware of it,but it is killing us slowly. We all like to enjoy life to the fullest, but there are certain things that shorten our life span.Many of us haven’t taken notice of’s like a slow poison. Today, I will […]

Why God Punished This Evil Couple ‘Ahab and Jezebel’

Ahab and Jezebel together represented evil in Israel during the time of Prophet Elijah.Thier wickedness against God’s children ended them horribly. The Bible story of Ahab and Jezebel has good lessons for all those who despise the authority of God.This story is in the book of Kings. This two couple(Ahab and Jezebel) had a very […]