Why Do People Curse Through The Names OF Gods Or Evil Forces?

Life has so many mind-blowing occurrences that becomes hard to fathom with our finite minds. A curse is as real as supernatural powers are real.Why do people curse?.Let’s find out now.

why do people curse

Life is full of mysteries.Why do people curse?.Today, African Paradise World will share with you one mystery about “why people curse”.We normal hear people,curse. Does it work?,How do they curse?.Why do people curse?.

In the first place, let us define “curse”.It is “a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.”

From the above definition, we can understand that, it involves supernatural powers.Mankind has many ways of making use of supernatural powers.These powers emanate from somewhere.Curses are fulfilled in mysterious ways. It is something we should not take lightly.

In bible times, curses worked miraculously by putting people into destructions.

In our days too,curses work miraculously. A curse from a god is more powerful than a curse from an ordinary man.In Africa for instance,traditionalists believe the gods can curse an entire community if they do abominable things against them.

It is the same goods people evoke to render curses on people. Now,the biggest question is why do people curse.

Uncovering The Fact Behind Why People Curse.

There is a saying that “everything happens for a reason’. There are many forces surrounding us.We can’t see them with our naked eyes.Most of these forces delight in having relationships with mankind.

They are very fierce. Whether you believe in these gods or not; The fact is, they exist.They are real and can give instant justice in favour of the righteous contender.

Below are some reasons answering the question “Why do people curse?”.

Anger can do a lot of harm to the person in question and other people.Just like what scientists have said;An angry man is like a mad man.When anger sets in,the person might curse the one or people who made him angry.

Let’s,go a little further to dissipate this. Anger doesn’t come for no reason.Even “Hulk” gets angry for reasons.

1. Stealing
2. False witness
3. Provocations for whatever reason
4. Betrayal
5. Injustice

There are many other reasons why people get angry and curse. But this post will only cover the above lists.You will realize that,the above lists are all negative things or feelings.It brings bitterness into the person who curses.Let’s talk about it in a quick way.

Stealing:Covetousness may bring about curses. Nobody will Ever feel happy if his/her property is stolen from him/her.Imagine someone who has worked hard to establish a store or supermarket.And one day some one breaks in to steal as many as he can.How would the person feel?.Angry!.Which might follow with curses.

In the same way,someone can break into your house, steal your money or kill a resident. How would you feel?.Sad and angry which might follow with curses.

Giving false witness against someone is something very painful and heartbreaking. “You did nothing wrong”, but someone has testified that you are guilty.Your innocence might not set you free. You could end up in prison for an offense you have not committed.

Moreover,provocations can make someone barrage curses on the provoker.”I don’t like harassments”,”I hate being disgraced with my weakness,infirmity etc”.You say all these but someone or people will test your patience. If you are quick-tempered,you might curse.

As millions of people are searching for “why do people curse?”;They forget about why they disappoint, betray people and above all break their hearts.

Someone promised to marry you, but turned you down for no reason to marry someone else.Many people wouldn’t let the trespasser go free.

Lack of fairness might make people resent with curses.If someone feels like he has been treated unfairly, he might evoke the gods to demand justice.

How To Stop Cursing

A curse is usually taken up by supernatural forces. They constantly interact with human beings.For someone to curse with a mere mouth is not so serious than someone evoking the name of a god and cursing through that.

To the best of my knowledge, curses are reversible. It is all about appeasing the god holding that curse.Most of my points here are from African perspective veiew, remember that.

People should be enlightened on the dangers of cursing.They must learn how to stop cursing.Our future generation shouldn’t be exposed to know how to curse. Parents, teachers and the society have this responsibility.

A god holding a curse might demand for certain items(goats, fowl, schnapps,) before he stops himself from executing that curse.The animal is then slaughtered to appease him.There is life in the blood so they are interested in the spillage of blood.

And those of you who curse with your mere lips must watch out. There is power in the tongue. When we are finding out about possible answers to the question , ” why do people curse?“, there is nothing to joke about.

A curse might not manifest earlier but someday in the future. You cannot easily run away from a curse. Lest you learn how to stop it.You have to let the person who did the cursing reverse it.

Important Things To Notice As We Are Answering The Question, “Why Do People Curse”

I have known how Africans evoke gods and curse potential offenders. There are curses with mere lips and curses that goes with rituals. Ritualistic curses are very fierce.

Sometimes, you wouldn’t understand it.I mean you can think about it the whole day but would never understand why people can’t let go.Why people could be heartless to curse with lightning and thunderstorm.

Should if anyone curses you to the god’s for something you are innocent about;That curse will not materialize. The god’s also believe in justice. But some are notorious to the extend that;Whether you are guilty or not, they will execute the curse.

If you have the Spirit of God in you;Any unreasonable curse on you will never materialise.The reason I used the word, ” unreasonable” is because; If you leave life any how by sining against God,you open portals for any curses on you to happen.Let’s say you covet someone’s wife….if the person curses, you will likely face the consequences.

The angry man/woman doesn’t mind cursing a fellow to die.As I write this post.I hate curses.I also hate swearing. In this case I don’t encourage anyone to ever do that.

God said, vengeance belongs to him. He can deal appropriately with those who conspire against you.Learn how to control your temper. Pray and ask God to give you patience.

The Bottom line of why people curse

I have seen people die out of curses. I have seen and known people go mad out of curses. It is not a joke.Let’s stop the habit of cursing and leave our grievances to the righteous judge(God).Don’t fight back,let’s God do it.

A curse without a cause will not come true.Keep your hands clean from sin and the Spirit of God will always stay with you.He will bless you and make you prosperous.

What’s Wrong With These African Spiritualists(Juju Men) And Their Spiritual Money Agenda?

The intent of this article is to share with you my obsession with these African spiritualists messaging and sending me friend requests.I don’t need your money nor help. Children of God don’t need your money.You are Supposed to sit at home for those who need your help come and ask for it.Now, things have changed, these African spiritualists are rather soliciting.

African spiritualists
Questioning African Spiritualists:

First and foremost,I know if you are an African spiritualist (Juju man),this article wouldn’t be pleasant to you.You can keep on reading anyway.

21s century,a generation full of surprises and uncertainties. As technology advances, evil forces and evil doers also increases. It is true, the devil is roaring like a lion looking for someone to devour.

Today, what I’m I driving at, at African spiritualists(Juju men)?.I seldom talk about them.Unlike criticsing and uncovering fake prophets and their prophecies.

In our world today,the secret behind every move in life is “money”.And African spiritualists are good in conjuring it with their super natural powers. They are working for the father of lies,luring people into spiritual poverty but abundance of physical wealth.Many believe money is everything,but that’s never true.

The question people will ask is; “What prompted me to write about African spiritualists?”.Well, the reason is simple.These “Juju men” exasperate me when they try to get in touch with me via the media(social media).

I’ve turned a blind eye on a couple of them who tried to lure me.But they seem not to stop hustling. Hates to see them send me messages and friend requests. Ah ah!, what is the world heading to?.

These African spiritualists are enticing the youths with their spiritual money online. Yes!, they are rather soliciting people to come for money.To EXCHANGE their SOULS for MONEY.I repeat, “Money”.We all like it but not in a weird way like this.

You Know What They Say?:

“I am Nana this and that,I can help you with money,love spells,favour,promotions etc.”With wad of money displayed in front of them.

Funny enough, if you have a lot of money why don’t you spend it on luxuries.Or offer them to the millions of poor living in this world.These African spiritualists enticing people for spiritual money appear poorer than anything. And the question is why?.I will answer this in latter part of this post.

Honestly, speaking from African perspective view. These spiritualists possess supernatural powers. Yes, if you know nothing about Africa and how spirituality is looming every now and then,then I think this will be an eye opener for you.

They can indeed charm for money,they can perform certain rituals to call for money.We don’t doubt them.Personally,I know they can charm money.But I don’t a give a damn about it.If you are so real like your forefathers stay at home.Let the interested persons approach you with their needs.Don’t be like a virus infecting people everywhere.

Wait a minute,since there are fake pastors among us, so as there are fake Juju men among themselves,Some are brilliant scammers pretending to be Juju men.

The Biggest Question Surrounding African Spiritualists(Juju men) Today.


A Funny JuJu man(spiritualist) once said to me, they take nothing serious apart from goat,fowl or the human hair.Others charge for little money.These whole thing sound ridiculous.

Satan will never give you anything for free,those who have fallen prey to these unscrupulous people have regretted. We hear their confessions often. Just like what the bible said;” The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil“.They have pierced themselves with grief.Maybe if I had written this article earlier for them to read;they wouldn’t have made that terrible mistake.Some even killed for their monies.Can you imagine that?; “SOUL for MONEY“.

Just as these African spiritualists have been annoying me online,I believe many of you are seeing the same thing. Be vigilant, don’t let them imprison your beautiful soul in eternal darkness. Come to Christ Jesus and stay under his love and mercy.

I know they have spiritual powers.
Yes!, they are possessed with a high spirit and they are working hard to draw souls for SATAN( The father of lies).As for us,we will keep on wining souls for Christ, no matter where we find ourselves. Amen.

I have been exposing some fake pastors,prophets,their false doctrines and prophecies for long.And now these African spiritualists are on the front line. Do you think we should keep mute and allow them win souls for Satan?.Hell no!.I hope non of them crosses my borderline again.

Why African Spiritualists Offer Money And Wealth To People But Look Poorer

They can’t spend the money they charm for. Why?.The money is tainted with evil fortune.If someone can charm money to enrich himself why not do it massively and compete with world billionaires like Bill gates who earns more than $30 million a day?.

The devil and his agents have nothing good for mankind. Why would these African spiritualists ask for something in return?.Leave my inbox clean.I hate seeing your friend requests and any effort to get my attention.I’m busy reading my bible,blogging and doing other important staffs.

Your soul is precious than money and riches. Value it,don’t chase money and fall into temptation.

Don’t forget to share this post with friends,families and loved ones if you find it helpful.
I welcome your comments,contributions and feedback. Stay blessed.

Getting Tired?:Here Is Why Sleep Is Good For You

It is time to know why sleep is good for you.We are working all day but we need proper sleep to make sound decisions and feel good.

Why sleep is good

Never refuse to embrace the good reasons why sleep is good for you.God in his own wisdom added sleep to our human nature and we must make good use of it.Contradiction to this has a lot of negative effects on our health.We can’t be working all day and forget about our health. Simple sleep is a medicine for our bodies.

We do work a lot,we get tired and sometimes have inadequate sleep.Our health should be something valuable to us just like our jobs.It is time you understand about why sleep is good.

Blogging frequently alone is tiresome. Many of us compliment blogging to our real jobs and that strains us a lot. In this case, we must have enough rest through sleep.Yes!, enough sleep.

Health practitioners recommended at least 6 to 7 hours sleep for everyone. How many of us really get enough sleep.The body is like a machine, it goes through wear and tear.

It is good to work hard for money. But letting your work take over your sleep hours will have serious adverse effects on you.This is why you should know why sleep is good for you.

To feel sleepy or “sleep” part of human nature. It has many benefits for our entire body.

Reasons Why Sleep Is Good For You

Below are some of the notable reasons why sleep is good for you.

Studies indicates that sleep increases brain functions. Whenever you sleep, the brain gets ample time for the bodyto prepare you for the next day. Your brain will enhance your learning and decision making abilities.

If you are a blogger for instance, waking up in the morning from a good sleep will make you creative.Your thinking abilities will be refreshed as well.

On the other hand, if you have insufficient sleep;You will have problem making good decisions or solving problems.

In addition, sleep also help our physical health to increase.Those who know why sleep is good, normally Sleep enough to allow their hearts and blood vessels go through healing and repairs.

During sleep, growth hormones functions properly in your body.These hormones repairs broken tissues and cells in the body.

Your immune system work well when you are asleep.They fight against infections. Termination of an ongoing sleep might result in common infections getting out of hands.

These are some of the reasons why sleep is good for you.Sleep enough and wake up in the morning afresh to continue your daily activities without any downtime.Suffering from insomnia?.See your doctor.

Combating Child Labour: – A Matter Of Concern

Today, people are understanding child labour as serious treat to our future generation.It is time we join the campaign for eliminating this treat.Children are gifts from God and we must give them the best of treatment.Combating child labour has been a major challenge for long.You and I have a role to play.

combating child labour
Photo:Left; A young girl who is a street hawker in Africa.

In our 21st century,child labour has become prevalence in certain countries.Combating child labour hasn’t been an easy challenge. There are a lot of pitiful reasons why children go through such situations. The worst of it all is when young girls are prostituted. Combating child labour hasn’t been so easy for human right activists.

Some of our future children are not receiving the best of care in certain parts of the world.
This post will help you understand the prevalence of child labour today. In addition, I will explain to you why combating child labour has been so hard. Children are gifts from God.It should be our concern to help them,protect them and give them a better future.

In the first place,let’s understand what child labour is:It is using children(5 – 17 yrs) to do hazardous work that might have adverse effects on their health and education.In latter part of this post,I will talk about some of the controversies surrounding this.

We need not to sit down unconcerned. African Paradise World want to raise the awareness of child labour. We all have a role to play.

Child labour is prevalent in many developing countries. In Africa, it is very common in Sub-Saharan countries. In the poorest communities there is 1 out of 4 children facing child labour.

According to UN statistics released in last year(2017),there are 40 million children facing child labour worldwide.In previous years,the estimated number was around 168 million.This huge number makes combating child labour a difficult task.Out of the 40 million, Asia and the Pacific records 25 million out of it.This makes them the highest ground of child labour.

Combating Child Labour Has Been Hard Due To Some Of These Controversies

Contextually, I will base on African view of making combating child labour difficult.

Traditional Africans have strong ties to their culture. They believe in passing on a parent’s career to his children.

In view of this,a farmer will take his children to the farm. A fisherman will take his children to the sea.A sculpture will work along with his children.A gold miner will work with his children.A famer will cultivate/harvest crops with his children. A hunter will hunt game with his children. And so on and so fort.

Now this trend has cropped up into our modern world. A child helping his father to hunt for game and carry woods home is seen as “child labour?”.It doesn’t sound good to the parent.Bow How can we make such person understand the risk he is putting his children through?

Here, I want all my readers to note;These kind of jobs the children do don’t normally alter any physical harm on them. For instance, in Sub-Saharan African countries, many children are street hawkers.They sell many different items to help their families.

How can you classify this as child labour and make it understandable to their parents?.They would never stop sending their children to hawk on the streets.I am yet to find out the criteria UN uses to classify child labour and its degree of seriousness.These challenges are making any effort put in place in combating child labour worthless or ineffective.

Now,there is a controversial problem of classifying certain jobs children are doing as ” child labour”.Simply because, they sell items or work to support their parents financially.And this has positive outcome without any physical harm on the child.

The issue of calling children hawing in the street, lorry stations,public places etc “child labour” exasperates many parents in African cities.Not in the villages.In villages is where things look worse. Many children work like adults. They farm,herd cattle etc. at the expense of their education.

What Causes Child Labour?

As there is a saying; ” everything happens for a reason.The major cause of child labour is poverty.Poverty has taken over the lives of many people in rural areas.Most of them spend less than $2.90 a day.

Children are forced to work hard to earn money and cater for themselves.Sometimes, they are taken away to work for money.They need money to feed themselves and help their families.I believe, should if poverty is eliminated,minimized child labour wouldn’t exist anymore.

If human right activists,government officials and concerned international bodies are eradicating poverty; Combating child labour wouldn’t be a difficult task.

Effective Measures To Help In Combating Child Labour

Honestly, there are extreme form of child labour that is ruining the future of many children. Example is children treated as slaves.Along the inhuman treatment,little girls are prostituted.Some are forced into slavery and drug trafficking.This is the “worse” part of child labour.

Anyone who forces a child into prostitution or illicit activities will one day face the wrath of God.The Bible said this in Matthew 18:6 :

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

I suggest, the best way is to enact binding laws.Laws to punish potential offenders. UN,UNICEF and many human rights activists are doing their best in combating child labour. I and you also have responsibilities to think about the future generation.

Secondly,there should be enough sensitization on the dangers of child labour. There must be intensive education in regions where child labour is prevalent.

This will help them change for the best. Education will help them deter from straining their children.

We all wish child labour has been stopped by now. But it has been a ceaseless battle.

Before I end it all,we must not be concerned about ourselves alone. Let’s contribute to make the world a better place for all children.

I hope this post has been helpful to you.Don’t forget to share with the world. I welcome your comments, contributions and feedback.

Relaxing At The Beach: – Nature’s Haven For Leisure Time

God in his own wisdom made beautiful beaches along the coastal areas of the planet.He separated the waters from land.Created beautiful boundaries between the land and the sea.This is what we see as beaches.Most of us love to be there for different reasons.

relaxing at the beach
People who enjoy relaxing at the beach gain a lot of benefits from nature.

Those who enjoy relaxing at the beach are hiding the benefits from us.It is time we all find out the secret behind.Nature is beautiful and it offers the best kind of relationship with humanity.We work a lot,we get tired or bored at times.The panorama of many beaches give us a relieving moment of joy.

Before I begin it all,let me send my warmest greetings to all my WordPress followers.It’s been a couple of months since you received notifications from African Paradise World.This blog has gone through a lot of updates.We are back together as one community.

Now, back to the topic of the moment.Some of the well known beaches today include Durban beach in South Africa,Miami beach in the States.Durban beach normally welcomes 1,000’s of people in the New Year celebration.Don’t be surprised if world compares Durban beach to Miami beach.

You can find some of the best beaches in Seychelles, Pemba Island and Archipelago. All in Africa. If you are a beach nerd like me,you would love to be there for some holidays.

Relaxing at the beach is not all about finding the big beaches. The little shores around us also offer good and beautiful views of beaches.It is nature’s gift and you can find as many as you want.

Talking about,relaxing at the beach as something beneficial for humankind; I can’t forget about Australia as it holds the highest number of beaches in the world.

What benefits Does Relaxing At The Beach Give Us

Relaxing at the beach has a lot of benefits for us.
Think about its beauty, the breeze,the waves and the sunlight.

1. If you ever find yourself relaxing at the beach,you will enjoy absolute peace of mind. In a lonely beach,you will have the time to think about your life.If there is too much noise or troubles in the house; Run away to the lonely beach.Sit there and think about your life with peace of mind.

2.Relaxing at the beach can help you meditate or pray to God.The beach is a good place to talk to God,read your bible and meditate on it.Some of us like having quite time at the beach.You can have full concentration on God as that place looks calm and quite.You wouldn’t hear any noise or any form of disturbance like car horns,music, etc. at the lonely beach.

3. Students also find the beach a good place to study.Since there is enough silence, learning becomes easy. Everything you ponder on get stack into your head easily.Here too,there is no one to distract you.

4. One of the most popular things people do by finding themselves relaxing at the beach is fun.They can have fun with their friends.Some might go there with their family or together with the public. Friends can choose to have their own beach,they can also decide to join a public beach which normally happens on special occasions/weekends.

Fun at the beach helps to release stress, depression and kills loneliness as well(i.e. if you are there with friends,family etc.)

5. Those who swim at the beach enjoy the benefits of physical fitness. Swimming is an excersise.Occasionally you can visit the beach to swim just to get fit.Exercise makes you fit and healthy to live long.

Other Benefits We Get From Relaxing At The Beach

Other benefits from relaxing at the beach include;the body’s absorption of vitamin D from the sunlight. Refreshing of the body by the sea breeze and beautiful panorama view.It makes you enjoy some of the true gifts of nature.

Spending time at the beach doesn’t cost any money.But it offers us a wide range of benefits.We must unload some of our stress by visiting the beach for relaxation.