Why Bill Gates Has Made A Step To End World Poverty:Giving Away $90 Billion

Let Bill Gates end poverty in the lives of millions as he has pledged.And God will never let his benevolence be in vain.He always blesses the cheerful giver.Why not the world billionaires join to make it simple and faster? Can Bill Gates end poverty with $90 billion fortune?   Most often we get scared by […]

Why Do People Curse Through The Names OF Gods Or Evil Forces?

Life has so many mind-blowing occurrences that becomes hard to fathom with our finite minds. A curse is as real as supernatural powers are real.Why do people curse?.Let’s find out now. Life is full of mysteries.Why do people curse?.Today, African Paradise World will share with you one mystery about “why people curse”.We normal hear people,curse. […]

Getting Tired?:Here Is Why Sleep Is Good For You

It is time to know why sleep is good for you.We are working all day but we need proper sleep to make sound decisions and feel good. Never refuse to embrace the good reasons why sleep is good for you.God in his own wisdom added sleep to our human nature and we must make good […]

Combating Child Labour: – A Matter Of Concern

Today, people are understanding child labour as serious treat to our future generation.It is time we join the campaign for eliminating this treat.Children are gifts from God and we must give them the best of treatment.Combating child labour has been a major challenge for long.You and I have a role to play. In our 21st […]