What I Wish Everyone Knew About In Welcoming 2018

In welcoming 2018, many people cast away all their problems with the hope of finding solutions to them in the new year.That is a plausible idea.It’s almost time to say good-bye to 2017.Few days to end the 365 days.

Welcoming 2018
The world is welcoming 2018 in a grand style.It is almost here.Stay blessed.

Welcoming 2018:We are all putting good things in place in welcoming 2018.I believe you have dreams you wanna see fulfilled in next year.Yes!, that’s great. Positivity,hard work and perseverance is all you need to see your dreams come through in 2018.

Many people are welcoming 2018 with parties and celebrations. That is a cool thing. The Christmas fever is everywhere. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not,you can smell the feelings miles apart.

In the past week “African Paradise World has reminded everyone to put protective measures in place. Why?.Simply because last days are dangerous.

Thieves, evil forces and enemies will rise to steal and destroy.As welcoming 2018 has been something important to you,let your safety be important as well.

Don’t celebrate the coming of new year without taking good care of yourself. Don’t break the rules. Remember,there is cause and effect. Your actions pay you back.

2018 has never happened before, just like today has never happened before. Just take this little ADVICE before I continue. Don’t value the coming of new year(2018) than today.If you are welcoming 2018 in a grand style, you must learn how to welcome and value each day.

Each day has 24 hrs.Anything can happen to you any moment from now.So don’t forget to value today.Today will never come again. It is very special so treat it as you want to treat the new year.

Since many of you have started celebrating and partying ahead of the new year;Don’t forget some of your divine responsibilities.That is taking care of the poor,widows,sick and the aged. Open your arms to reach them.

If you throw the biggest party in welcoming 2018 without thinking about the needy.You have done nothing.Cos 90.Does it feel good to eat,drink,celebrate and smile to see your fellow human cry, look weary,cry and starve to death?. Hell no, don’t be inhuman.

Many people show their human nature or divine responsibilities by giving out Christmas gifts to the needy.

There is much blessing in showing kindness. The best moment to do is now, as welcoming 2018 is
all about happiness, let them feel loved. Put smiles on their faces.

Finally,be thankful for being alive up to date.With God in the vessel,you will surely see 2018.Amen.

How To Look Awesome: 3 Tips You Should Never Miss

Life sometimes take different trend in which people find the wrong ways to satisfy their wishes and frustrations.Just to look appealing and pleasing to everyone. Here is why you you should know the simplest way on how to look Awesome

how to look awesome
How to look awesome:The best way on how to look awesome is to groom yourself well in a natural environment.

How to look awesome:Sometimes, some people awe us with their looks.They really look voluptuous. We might feel like being like that awesome person or thing.Is there any means you can also look awesome?.Yes, off course there are many ways you can look awesome.

This post will help you to learn how to look awesome without any stress.
Nature has gifted us with many beautiful things.Each of us is unique in many ways.There is no need to envy someone’s beauty or awesomeness.Learning how to look awesome in your own way is a good step.

People appreciate things that are catchy.Awesomeness is not all about outlook.Your inner beauty can also make you awesome. Inner beauty include the way you talk.Are you humble,respectful, kind and lovable?.If Yes,then you are a step ahead of awesomeness.

Beauty makes one look awesome outwardly but that isn’t enough.If you have inner beauty like good manners,you are a step ahead of awesomeness.

How to look awesome is not about the expensive clothes you wear.It’s unfortunate,some people spend too much money on luxurious goods just to look awesome.They then forget to search for knowledge. You don’t have to spend too much $$$ on your outlook to appear gorgeous without or with less knowledge.

Spend money to acquire knowledge and outside beautify together.This is the best way to learn how to look awesome.After considering this,there are other basic things to help you know how to look awesome.

Simple Ways To Know How To Look Awesome Without Much Stress

1.Respect: Want to find out how to look awesome?.If “Yes”, then show respect.First, respect yourself. Second, respect those around you and everyone.Respect is reciprocal, so the more you give,the more you receive. It is as simple as that.

Everyone who truly looks awesome is respectful. He will give respect to everyone.No matter your age,gender, or outlook.Respecting yourself makes you awesome.

Don’t mess around to lose respect from people.Here,respecting yourself is not about self conceitedness.It is about letting people know your value.Does your life cost higher than gold and richness?.If your answer is “Yes”, then you are the best kind of awesome person on earth.

2.Appearance/Outlook:Talking about how to look awesome,we cannot ignore your outlook.Just as I talked about it earlier of this post.You must dress properly but not shabbily.Your good dressing will let people admire and respect you.This in no small way makes you awesome.

Your dresscode definds you everywhere you go.Don’t stress on wearing expensive clothes. Don’t imitate people like celebrities. Most of them appear extraordinary in magazines, television,graphics etc.But in reality, they are as normal and simple like you.

The media is about show business.Don’t let it mislead you.Be real and you will look awesome. The media have a lot of bad influence on us now a days.

If you prefer looking casual in your dressing, do it properly.If you prefer dressing in a fashion way,do it decently. Both kind of dressing can make you look awesome. It is all about knowing how to groom yourself

3. Character Formation: When we are talking about how to look awesome, we can’t ignore the person’s behavior. Do you think you will look awesome to people if you are lawless,quick-tempered, notorious, disrespectful, heartless etc.?.Hell No,Your character sends a lot of messages to people about you.You character might tell people that you are stupid and arrogant.

Those who have morally accepted character often look awesome.You can’t break the laws,bully people and expect to look awesome. Understand that looking fierce is different from looking awesome.

If you put fear into people to respect you,it doesn’t make you awesome. It makes you a monster.People will also get scared to associate with you.You will become an outcast in your family, at work place and everywhere you go.

Live a decent life,this is how to look awesome.Check your behaviour to know if you are stepping on people’s toes.Check your behaviour if you are puting fear in people. Change for the better and surely you will genuinely look awesome.

The Fact On How To Look Awesome In Natural Environment

Naturally, you will realise that, some people look awesome.Yes,they were born with it.From their appearance to the way they behave. Kids who know nothing about life may even look awesome. God has gifted them and you can’t take it away. Poor parenting might corrupt the awesomeness of that kid.

In a natural environment, you don’t have a choice on how to look.You can’t choose to look tall,short,dark,fair etc.But you can groom that to look awesome. It all depends on you.

If you feel like you don’t have the natural gift of awesomeness; Practise on the above tips on how to look awesome.Surely,you will look awesome as you want.But don’t make mistake of comparing yourself to people.Define yourself, develop on your weaknesses and see your confidence rise like the morning sun.

Don’t let people define you,because you know yourself better than anyone. If they tell you “you look awkward”,prove them wrong.Make use of the above tips on how to look awesome and people will respect your personality.

The Controversial Moment Of Looking Awesome In An Unnatural Environment

In this 21st century, do you know people go the extreme mile to look awesome?. They make use of extreme unnatural means to look awesome.Technology has developed to the extend of altering nature in many ways.

What do I mean by unnatural means of learning how to look awesome?. Doctors have made the world believe that, they can change the outlook of people outright. Here in the case of talking about how to look awesome; Interested persons go in for plastic surgery.

In our 21st century, someone has gone for surgery to reduce the number of her ribs. The question is why?.She claims she want to look awesome like a baby doll.She want to have a very small waist like a cartoon character she admires so much.

Though it cost a lot money,but people don’t mind paying to look awesome. Surgeons/dermatologists can transform the face and body of anyone who shows interest in it.

Today, the cost of average plastic surgery of;

facelift = $12,125
Eyelid = $4500
Chin Augmentation = $4,475
Lip implant = $2,475

These and other kinds of plastic surgery cost thousands of dollars.There are no good reason to spend a lot of money on surgery, JUST TO LOOK AWESOME. Are you going on for beauty contest with anyone?.Life is simple so don’t complicate yourself.

Just like I said earlier.Some celebrities we see looking extremely awesome in our televisions undergo such kind of surgery. Don’t look inferior to them.Don’t copy them,just be yourself.

Nature’s Lesson On Unnatural Way Of Looking Awesome

Let’s take it that, you have a kind of nose,ears,lips etc. you don’t like.You feel awkward anytime you look at yourself in the mirror. You want to change your looks to become awesome like other people you see around.

So you think the only way you can choose to alter your looks is surgery. You have money so it doesn’t border you.Here is another way people try to cheat nature with good reasons.

After a successful surgery,you will surely look awesome as you had wished. But my question is;”Have you thought of your offspring”?.They will come out with the same body features of yours.The features God has given you but you find it awkward.

Should your Children and grandchildren also go in for surgery?. I don’t think it would be possible.Your genes will flow in their blood.That looks you abhor will still exist.Learn how to appreciate nature. The best way on how to look awesome is embracing nature by taking good care of it.

Considering The Good Side Of Plastic Surgery Against How To Look Awesome

Talking about how to look awesome, plastic surgery might be a good remedy. There are few instances I believe plastic surgery will help.Let’s take health condition like cleft. This very kind of deformation is a problem to many.Unfortunately, those who suffer from it were born with it.

Usually, it happens when certain things go wrong during the development of the feutus.Some have grown with it. A situation like this can be solved with plastic surgery.

Again,there are other people who have gone through certain kind of accidents. It could be domestic or vehicular accident or something extreme.The effects might be scar, burns, or any kind of deformation. Here, plastic surgery can do a lot of help.

It is for a very good reason to correct the deformation.Nobody would like to move around with burnt face,cleft and other deformations.

To conclude everything,I wouldn’t and would never recommend my readers to go in for surgery just to look awesome.You can ask we “Why?” in the comment box and I would be glad to answer.

For anyone to find out the best way on “how to look awesome”,It takes simple things to make it possible. There is no need of going the extreme mile of spending too much money buying expensive clothes,jewelries etc. There is no need to spend money on plastic surgery to look awesome.Remember that, it doesn’t cost a dime to look awesome.

Money Isn’t Everything: Did You Know?

Many people claim money is everything.What’s your thoughts on that?.Money can do a lot of things but not everything.You can live a happy life without money.Don’t stress yourself too much.

Did you know money isn't everything?
Know that money isn’t everything so don’t worry much about it.There are far more important things in life to seek after.Life is simple and beautiful.

Money isn’t everything as some people claim.Yes off course, everyone want money,but money can’t do everything as some speculate. The rich man says “cash” with broad smile.Yes, money brings smiles on the faces on those who really have it.

But remember that money can’t buy :smile”, that is why the poor also smiles. Not because of money but the amazing grace of God.The grace of making the poor see the beautiful sunlight every morning.

Today,the inspiration African Paradise World want to give you is; To make you understand that money isn’t everything. Indeed, money can do a lot of things. But have you thoughts of some precious things that renders money useless?.

Money has become the eye of many people today,especially the youth.They strive to get money by any means necessary. Because someone says money is everything. Because they envy those who have money.Their lust for money doesn’t profit them at the end.This shows that money isn’t everything as they thoughts .

Some Reasons Why money isn’t everything

Money is legal tender used for buying goods and services and settlement of debt.It is accepted by everyone as a means of transaction of goods and services.The following are things that outclass money.

1.Peace:What is beautiful than having peace of mind.The poor always live in peace. If it takes money to leave in peace, then the poor would be in a hell of trouble. Thank God it doesn’t take money to have a peace of mind. Peace to think about yourself,family,friends,loved ones and all the beautiful things in life.

2. Love is the greatest part of humanity. Love exceeds everything, including money. True love doesn’t need money to survive. That is why poor people also enjoy love.Even better than those who live luxurious life.Money only buys “sex” but not “true love”.Whether romantic love or agape love,money is useless for it.Money isn’t everything, so don’t be misled.

3.Wisdom:Anyone who lives without wisdom is less important than many animals. God deprived them wisdom. He has given us the ability to acquire wisdom and increase it.It doesn’t take money for someone to be wise.Remember that the ant has wisdom.If you want to know how wisdom works; Go to the ant.

Wisdom is free of charge and it proves that money isn’t everything. Having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee you to have a lot of wisdom. Someone might be rich,but a fool.His money can’t buy him wisdom.God is the giver of wisdom.He gives it freely to his children,Just like he gave it to King Solomon.

To make good choices in life,it takes wisdom.Wisdom helps to keep people safe from danger. Decide rightly on life situations, it takes wisdom not money.This should make you know that money isn’t everything.

3 Importance Of single Life Against 3 Importance Of Married Life:The Interesting Facts About Single Vs Married Life

Time to know about the importance of single life and other related issues that affects you.Single or married life?.Where do you belong?.

Importance of single life
Time to know the importance of single life compared to married life.Which is the best?

Importance of single life:In a beautiful world like this with beautiful people. No one certainly want to be alone.But there are exceptions which we classify as normal.Relationships are part of human nature. We cannot ignore it.

In this post,you will find out about the importance of single life.You will also know about the importance of married life.Then the buttom-line of Single Vs Married. Believe me,you will fall within one of these categories. And that makes an interesting topic to talk about.

First and foremost, let us consider what nature has bestowed on us;The divine ability to choose a life partner.After God made the first man(Adam),he also made a companion (Eve) for him.This is were the generation of humanity began.

Now,in our world today,the population of females exceed males in many countries.China for instance has fought overpopulation for long due to high fertility rate.

Back to the main topic; “Importance of single life.What makes one single depends on;

1. Personal preference

2. Situational conditions

Taking it one by one can help us understand the importance of single life .In personal preference, the person in question decides what to do.Everyone has a free will to make a choice for himself/herself.

A young man or woman can decide to stay single temporary or permanently. It is not always necessary to inquire about that person’s choice.But in most cases, it could be for religious reasons(celibacy) or taste of preference.

In situational reasons;The person in question who want to enjoy the importance of single life might rely on past-history. A past history might be a rape case that petrified the victim.A bad relationship experience, broken heart, marriage divorce etc.

Importance Of Single Life

People who decide to live single life or falls in single life category, enjoys these benefits;

1. They have unlimited privacy; Anyone living a single life enjoys a wide range of privacy. There is no companion or spouse to explore your life with.Everything you do is for your own amusement and benefits.You don’t answer to anyone; Why you did not sleep on time,why you make too many calls,why you make too many friends..All these doesn’t concern anyone….

You can decide to travel anywhere for a number of days without answering to anyone.Because obviously, you are single so you answer to yourself. Whether your answer is tangible or not,there is no cause for alarm.Life goes on.

2.Economical: This is an exceptional importance of single life.Anyone living a single life knows that it is not expensive to live alone.On the contrary, it involves a lot of costs.A young man or woman who is single wouldn’t spend more than he/she needs to keep moving.

Your monthly salary ends up in your pocket without sharing any percentage with any one.This could be a platform for “Mr. Single” or “Mrs Single” to save a lot of money for the future.

Maybe that person can decide to use that money to marry at the end.Or when singleness becomes obsession.

Some singles get scared of married. Because money and marriage had been inseparable twins. The lay man will always run away from marriage because of the huge cost involved. This has given advantage to the rich.Yes!,they are snatching all the beautiful women on their sides.

3.Enjoy The Favour Of Time:Singles really respond to time factor very often. This is because; They have less responsibilities compared to married couples. Singles often attend school,meetings, work and other programmes on time.

After knowing about some of the importance of single life;Let’s talk about the importance of married life as well.

Getting married is the 3rd notable life transition stage people go through. It is a complicated journey to ride.Sure,there are a lot of benefits.

Importance Of Married Life

Looking at the importance of married life, what is marriage?.Before a man and woman becomes a couple; Let’s understand that, marriage is religiously/culturally and legally honored by distinctive people and other witnesses.

1. Companionship: companionship is what makes people run away from single life.Here,you have a companion to help you with all the burdens in life.

There is always someone to help you live life at home and outside. Your wife will cook for you,wash your clothes etc.Your husband will buy you all the material things you need as a woman.He will protect you from harm.Each other’s presence make the perfect love chemistry.

2. Sexual Gratification: Sex become legal only if you are a married couple. Unmarried and having sex?.You are considered to be a thief. Sex is one unique thing that spice up marriage. It brings mutual intimacy between the couples. This is what makes them one body.There is no need to worry about bad weather if you are a married couple.

3.Respect:In life,married couples derive a lot of respects from people. The woman especially feels honored when she has ring on her finger. This is the dream of many women today.They want to earn the title, “Mrs.”

After talking about the importance of single life and the importance of married life,what’s next?. Well, the next thing I want us to consider is the bottom-line.I mean the summary of single vs married life.

In one way or the other,everyone reading this post will fall into one of these categories. Are you part of the single life or married life?.You can share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Single Vs Married Life

The bottom line of Single vs married life shouldn’t raise any argument. Simply because, everyone has the right to make a choice. Again everyone has a reason for being single or getting married.

There is no need to denounce single life or celibacy, there is no need to denounce married too.It is not a crime to stay single nor a sin to stay single. It is not a crime nor a sin to get married. Just choose were you want to belong.

After considering the importance of single life and the importance of married life;(Single Vs Married Life),you can know what is best for you.

Did you find,this article helpful?.If Yes,then don’t forget to share with friends and people you care about.

Fact file:Know Why You Should Be Generous:The Hidden Blessings Behind Generosity

In a world of seven billion people.People with different, social and economic backgrounds. To understand your divine responsibility is to know why you should be generous.

Why you should be generous
Know why you should be generous to people and even animals

You must know why you should be generous to people and even animals
Why you should be generous.There is no one perfect and sufficient in life.We need each others help occasionally. This is why you should be generous to people.Your little help can make a sad soul smile with hope.

In life,there is something called “cause and effects”.This simply means whatever you do has some level of outcome.If you put a smile on someone’s face by being generous; A time will come that will  make you reap the fruits of your generosity. Just like in the saying, “what goes around comes around”.

Religiously, people learn the principles of giving and how it is necessary to show generosity. The reward attached to that is beyond measure.You will then learn about why you should be generous.

Showing kindness takes in many forms.It is not about only money.Generosity has no limit. If you have a big heart,you kindness will surely be huge.

Now,let’s face the truth. Our fingers are not the same.But they are all fingers and important to us.Some look taller than others. We need each other to live a comfortable life.Some people are lucky enough. They were born rich,talented and strong.These kind of people are those who should show much generosity. If you are one,know why you should be generous.

Help the weak,help the poor,show love and comfort those in distress.Occasionally, you can show random act of kindness.Let people feel your impact as a benevolent person.

When we talk about knowing why you should be generous;It is not only the rich and the strong. The poor should also show some level of generosity. How?.Remember,that “a smile” is also an act of kindness. Love and compassion are the greatest kind of benevolence in life.

If  You Know Why You Should Be Generous Then Try Doing These Acts.

There are seven billion people in this world. A lot of them need help from you.Be generous by visiting orphans and widows. At least you know their conditions and how sad it is.There are many orphanage centres around us.Donate to help cater for the needy.

Buy something for your friends or anyone at all.It necessarily doesn’t have to become anything big.Even just a bottle of water can bring a lot of happiness into someone’s life.

You can also show love to people in prisons. prisoners always have good stories to share.You can visit them personally to share heart touching messages with them.Donate to them in the form of goods.Goods like food stuff,clothes and other useful materials like soap, body creams etc.

The Benefits/Reasons Why You Should Be Generous To People

This normally has religious edification. There is much truth in giving. This one needs faith, understanding and willingness. The greatest reward for being generous is  blessings. Physical blessing and eternal blessing. Your blessings will become visible for everyone to see. That is, if you show love,compassion and kindness to your fellow human.

Your wealth and happiness will multiply. You will have abundant grace and blessings from God.Your job,family and your plans will be succesful.

In addition, your generosity, will help you to live long.You will enjoy long life with happiness.Life will always smile at you.Even in your old age.

One secret behind why you should be generous is;God made the rich,the poor and disabled.They all have souls and are equally important to God.You showing kindness to them is a responsibility with a lot of blessings.

You are blessed with strength. You have all your body parts functioning perfectly. Why not help the physically challenged?. Why not help the poor,sick,orphan,widows etc?.

You are privileged to help them.Be generous and you will always be the happiest person in life.