Know The Reasons Why It Is Good To Smile

Have you smiled today?Smile is one of the basic human expressions that has a lot of benefits without stress

Why it is good to smile
A beautiful smile

This is the second time I am writing about  “why it is good to smile” since I started blogging and this time around I would like to go into details for everyone to know how precious that little and simple thing “😃” is.Let me ask again; have you smiled today?.Scientists have said it takes 17 muscles to smile and 42 muscles to frown. Although these figures have been debatable but whatever the case is, it takes less muscles to put up a simple and beautiful smile compared to frown which takes much more. There are different types of smiles that ranges from mild(grin) to an intensive one(laughter). Here in this article I will discuss with you why it  is good to smile.

The most beautiful  smile  come from people with dimples just like the one in the photograph above. If you have dimples too,thumps up for you.Kindly smile back as an appreciation for my little compliment 😃. Smile has the magical abilities to start conversation with friends and even with strangers. Seeing someone smile back to you becomes a platform for conversations that could become serious and end in intim😃cy. Some people simply got their boos through smile exchange.A smile😇 therefore gives you the go ahead to  say 😀😊 “Hi”, followed by whatever you have in mind but please don’t be ridiculous to talk about unimportant things that would turn the smile into frown and ruin everything.

Girls are mostly known for their abilities to smile easily and for that kind of charming smiles they put on I second to that with my last cent.Naturally girls are often shy to start conversations especially when they admire a particular guy, secret admirer is what I’m talking about so if you are a smart guy you would understand that gesture of the girl puting on “smile”.When you see anything like that go ahead,talk to her.You can compliment or flatter her first  and she will blow your mind with super intense smile 😀 .lol.I don’t think any woman would get annoyed by responding to her smile with conversation. They would love to hear your compliments,humours and chit chats.

Smile doesn’t cost a dime but it is one of the most beautiful things about humans,even animals too.The messages a smile sends to people is like a light bulb that glows in the dark.It is simply beautiful.People get attracted to it and it shows how friendly and humane you are.On the other hand , people who frown always are like light bulbs that has lost its filament,it doesn’t shine and when they smile it is like a light bulb shining  under the Sun. You will never see the beauty of it because they have frowned all their lives. No matter how beautiful you are if you do not smile,your beauty becomes shrouded and people wouldn’t like to get close to you.Frowns drive people away,especially if you are a trader and you hardly welcomes your customers with smiles, it is likely that you will lose most of your costumers because a smile is like an invisible language that sends information to people about you.Who wouldn’t like to talk to people who always smile?

Another important reason why it is good to smile is,the benefits of being loved by almost everyone to the extend that your smiles alone can help you get employment when you go for any crucial interview. Keep on smiling and opportunities would come your way.

Refusing to smile can also get you into trouble somewhere in your life journey because it already doesn’t send a good message about you to people around you.People would be saying at your back “Ah this guy hardly smiles,he will be very wicked”.Your inability to smile had already sold you out as a bad person so should if there is  an armed robbery,theft, hooliganism or any form of crime that surrounds you,you could be a suspect  culprit maybe you are innocent too.That is one major result of refusing to smile. The reason is about the kind of  information your facial expression (frown) sends to the public.If you are  like that please start learning how to smile and enjoy all the benefit it offers.

Smile mostly goes along with greetings which together starts friendly conversations between strangers. In the event where someone forgets or refuses to greet, he or she can cover that up with a beautiful smile which shows how friendly they are, although  this very person refused to greet.

Why do people smile?.Many people smile for various reasons. Someone can smile for simply being happy about something and that thing could be a good idea that came into his or her mind.Actually, there are reasons for every smile, even fake smiles have reasons too.

Others too smile for simply seeing something beautiful or attractive, and that thing could be a beautiful mind-blowing house, a beautiful girl, a handsome guy,a beautiful flower, a fascinating event and such likes. Here you could see smiles begin by something interesting or beautiful and so it always sends positive messages to people around. Someone could just wake up in the morning and smile, there is no  way that smile would mean something unpleasant.

In fact there are many more good reasons why it is good to smile.And did you know smile kills pains?.When you are facing life challenges, try to smile very often  and at least it would help you to suppress your sorrows. Smiles have the power to cover emotional pains and make it invisible for people to see,but if you don’t smile to your pains,your facial expression  would be sad and your pains might be aggravated.Smiling to your pains is like crying in the rains,nobody will see that because you are sending out a positive message that would awe your enemies to wonder the kind of person you are.”You will find that life is still worthwhile if you smile” – Charlie Chaplin.I really like this man,he was always found smiling in his movies, with his masterpiece comedy you will smile and break into uncontrollable laughter and right there if you have any pains it would vanish.

It is advisable for everyone to learn about how to smile and I believe this article has made you smile enough. If you enjoyed its contents then don’t forget to share to put a 😀 on someone’s face now.I welcome all comments and contributions, including feedbacks. Smile 😃.

8 Reasons Why Music Is Good For You

Music has a lot of benefits in our lives so it worths for everyone to know and make it a hobby

Music is good for you
Music is good for you

Who doesn’t like music?.I guess almost everyone reading this article likes music. If you are a music nerd then stay cool and read this piece of information revealing why music is good  you.

In the first place,there are many types of music  and all these music are food to the brain.Whether jazz,hip-hop,reggae,country, R&B,Soul,Blues or whatever, so far as it sounds good into your ears it is music.Your music preference is what actually drives you crazy.You could ignore the world by puting on your headset with your favourite tunes.

For a very long time,I have heard that even snakes like music and they prefer getting close to music, that’s quite strange anyway. What about birds?. oh yes!,they can compose beautiful songs.Anyone living close to places where tress could be found are likely to hear the beautiful songs of birds.There is nothing beautiful than waking up by the beautiful songs of birds in the morning.

Now let’s find out some of the reasons why music is good for you.Music in general has a lot of health benefits starting from reduction of stress and anxiety,reduction of pains,improvement in immune functioning by boosting blood flow,increasing memories and so forth.

I would prefer to explain in details how music is capable of boosting memories first. Assuming you find your self listening to a particular music that you used to hear several years ago.The moment the music hits you,then almost every memories in your past resurfaces. It could be a romantic moment you had with your ex,an event that happened,something interesting that happened to you,your friends,family or school mates etc.The reminiscence could be so strong that you would miss those moments and prefer the music never ends.

Music can also help you learn and recall information you came across.When you learn with very soft music, it keeps the brain alert and entertain it to absorb everything you are reading with full concentration.

Music revitalize the immune system by boosting the blood flow in your body.Circulation of blood increases to help your immune system  function well by fighting diseases effectively.

Music therapy is scientifically known to cut pain in cancer patients better than the regular treatments.

When you listen to music you can find out that it is capable of reducing stress in the sense that anytime you find yourself listening to music, the healing power of that music helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol in you body. If you haven’t experienced that yet,you can give it a try.After a hard day work, play your favourite music,relax and you will feel the healing power of music driving away your stress.

Music helps patients before and after surgery by reducing anxieties. It is also good for people suffering from insomnia.Some friends of mine would always put the music on when they are about to sleep and as the music plays they will simply doze off.In the afternoon many people prefer soft music like jazz,blues and soul at places like cafeterias, hotels,pubs, and honestly you can take a nap right there and wake up afresh within some few minutes.

Music is also known to enhance running performance.Runners who train by listening to soft or motivational music  are known to do better because the music distract the mind from sending fatigue signal to your body,thereby reducing the tiredness to help you move extra miles ahead.So if you ever see an athlete training with his earpiece in his ears,that is his secret.You can also try to enjoy this amazing benefit of music.

Moreover, music has the potency of putting a grieving person into a positive mood.Anyone who is sad can listen to  inspirational music to feel motivated. Music has words,and when those words are touchy, anyone who is sad for any kind of reason would feel some sense of happiness by taking the person’s attention off the sorrows. In funeral ceremonies for example, there are a number life motivational music played to  console the bereaved family and sympathizers.

Finally, the above reasons are very practical and you can try almost all of them and know why music is good for you.Sometimes we could find ourselves listening to music we do not understand.This shouldn’t be a problem so far as the music has pleasant beats to the ears and the mind it is music.I believe understanding of music is not really important because we don’t even understand the songs of birds,yet we say they sing beautiful songs.On the other hand if the music has profanities then it becomes questionable. I wouldn’t recommend such music to anyone, although that particular music would be someone’s favourite. Yes!, that is taste of  preference, everyone has a choice.By the way you can tell me your favourite type of music in the comment box.Don’t forget to share this message.

Why Marriage Divorce?

Marriage divorce is a guest that finds itself in marriages uninvited. Read this article to find out the major causes of marriage breakdowns.

Why marriage divorce

God first instituted marriage in the garden of Eden and since then marriage has been a natural institution that follows certain ways and governed by simple rules.Marriage is the union between a man and a woman who have gone through all the laid down rules and are legally, religiously and culturally regarded as husband and wife.However marriage rites differs from countries to countries,cultures to cultures and other differential beliefs.Divorce on the other hand could be defined as the official  end or termination of marriage with  both couples being aware through the court or the local assembly.

In our world today,there are rampant divorce cases and people are asking why  divorce?. Marriage is one of the happiest things in life and almost everyone aspires to reach such status by being  Mr. or Mrs.Marriage begins from relationship or courtship before it finally and officially becomes “marriage”.The journey between courtship and marriage is to study each other to know the likes and dislikes,strengths and weakness,do’s and don’ts of each couple and in the long run every couple prepares himself or herself with much knowledge about each other, but the question here is why marriage divorce?.

Nobody dreams of  having his or her marriage divorced after vowing to live together by saying “till death do us apart”.In one of my recent articles I talked about why it is not good to never make a promise and it actually coincide with divorce cases we see around today. In divorce, the happiest thing (marriage) becomes the most “painful thing” in the  couple’s life.In most cases one partner could call for divorce if he/she  thinks there is something wrong and the accusation could range from infidelity,bareness/infertility,strange behaviours, peer pressure,financial constraint,assaults/physical abuse,unnecessary family interference and so forth.

Now let’s delve into some of the reasons that answers the question “why marriage divorce?”.The first one could be infidelity.Here the man or the woman could be the culprit and it is the only legitimate reason for divorcing a partner, lest the one cheated on decides to opt out for divorce.For me to distinguish between which partners are the most unfaithful people in marriages I can’t, but I do know each of the couple is able and capable of cheating at any moment.It is the most heart-breaking part of  marriage that mostly results in divorce. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to see your love one having sex with someone else on your matrimonial bed.Oh uh,that’s too crazy!.

The second cause of divorce I would like to talk about is bareness and infertility.Almost everyone who enters marriage has plans for raising kids to make a complete family,without kids in marriage  the family seems incomplete. Children are precious and beautiful gifts from God so in cases where the woman finds it difficult taking seed, it becomes a crucial moment and makes both couples stranded and impatient. Women have early child-bearing limitations than men because of menopause so any woman who fails to give birth within the childbearing age becomes frustrated all the time.The man can decide to end the marriage officially or find a different woman just to give him children.Men are hardly cut down  by age in terms of child-bearing. A sixty year old man could easily give birth unlike women, lest it takes some super natural intervention(miracle). Some men too find themselves being infertile,it could become chronic which would force his desperate wife find a different man who is potent enough to help her have her own children.

In furtherance,unusual behaviours  could be a signal of marriage divorce. There is reason for everything that happens in our lives but to find the exact reason of certain things becomes an undefined mystery beyond our capabilities unless the person in question reveals the motive behind his/her unusual behaviour, but if you are a smart guy you could figure things out yourself.Maybe your partner has found a different lover who is super beautiful or handsome than you,richer, sexier,caring and loving than you so to piss you off he/she would portray that annoying behaviours and the moment you give up by filing a divorce, oh hallelujah!, you have fulfilled his/her wish. The wish that she/he couldn’t tell you right on your face.Then when divorce proceeds one finds it very much comfortable than the other who was faithful. You can read more about human behaviours in my article entitled “Here is why we are characterized by different behaviours”.

Peer pressure is another disturbing reason for divorce but it seems people haven’t taken note of that properly. A marriage man or woman who normally finds himself or herself in bad companies of friends faces the risks of marriage breakdown. What kind of good marriage advice or influence could bad friends give you.They can easily pollute your mind, maybe they envy your marriage, they might smile with you,share everything together with you but inwardly they are like wolves ready to attack and destroy.Taking marriage advice from bad friends is like learning how to Cook from the baddest cook in the kitchen. Always your marriage would be salty instead of tasting like honey. Nobody likes salty food so there, a change of food would be good and that is divorce. 

Financial constraint always waters marriage divorce in the sense that many women can’t simply live without money.I mean,they always want to see money yielding  big like yam or pawpaw.Situations of financial challenges could set in marriages any moment and it takes understanding and coöperation from both couples to solve it amicably. Marriage journey wouldn’t always taste sweet.There is an African proverb that says “if money were to grow on trees,women would marry monkeys”.I actually don’t blame the women alone,but some men too are lazy,some are also stingy.That is funny anyway.When financial crisis becomes a problem for long, any of the couple could opt out for marriage.The person could even travel far away to find a financial breakthrough without the knowledge of the other partner.

Last but not the least, physical abuse and to some level,verbal abuse like insults and all forms of derogatory words that sends chills into the bones. Men who normally excercise absolute control in marriages are likely to abuse their wives physically when they feel there is something wrong, sometimes when there is nothing wrong they could still beat their wives making the women lose the sweet taste of marriage.Honestly,some husbands are monsters and their children and wives fear them, even to a larger extend their communities. They become known as “Mr.Brutal” instead of “Mr.Right”.But this doesn’t end here,some women too beat their husbands. Oh yes!,though that rarely happens but it weakens the strength and happiness of marriages which could break down at any point.

The last cause of marriage divorce in this article is unnecessary family inteferance.Some in-laws are a menace to their children’s marriage by sniffing and involving themselves in almost every decision-making in the marriage. Some of them are witches and wizards who could fight against the marriage spiritually and physically. In Africa,evil in-laws could make bareness set in  marriages or cause impotency in men.When marriage couples take every little problem that brings misunderstanding to their in-laws without solving it amicably, it opens the gateway for them to have unnecessary interferences in the marriage which could result in divorce.

Before I talk about some basic solutions to the above named causes of marriage divorce, let’s know some of the effects on the people and the society as well.So what are the effects of marriage divorce?.In the first place I don’t think any religious leader who blesses any kind of marriage would be happy to see its break down.The grievances will actually start from him because he blessed the marriage using the holy Bible, quoting “let no man separate what God has joined together”.

The next effect would be on the couples in question and here one has to bear greater emotional pains than the other. Yes!, the one who was unfaithful wouldn’t be much grieved than the faithful couple. And when the emotional pains becomes intense the person could go mad outright. I believe marriage divorce is the second most painful thing  on earth aside death.I haven’t tasted some yet and I pray I shouldnt.The psychiatric hospitals around us today are full of broken-hearted people.May God have mercy on them.However, it seems recovery rate from mental disorder through marriage divorce is highly assured.

The next effect would be on children, if there is any.The moment marriage break-down surges, it affects the children,parents and communities directly in these ways:

 1. Parental control becomes very weak and poor which can force the children join bad friends and involve themselves in social vices such us armed robbery, prostitution,pickpocketing and other unhealthy practices like alcoholism, smoking and sorcery.

2. The children could be a big burden on the society and the government as well.The society would have to face the dangerous behaviours like disobedience, burglary, and smoking.In cases where they find themselves in prostitution they can spread STD like HIV/AIDS like wild-fire.Shaping the outrageous behaviours of such children become a huge burden on the community. 

The next effect of marriage divorce in this article is dishonor to parents.This is one of the immediate effects, and this happens to send bad messages to parents of both couple especially that of the woman.In one way or the other the woman’s mother would feel disgraced in the event where her daughter was found seeking extra marital sex elsewhere and I believe the same thing applies to that of the man but not so serious because men are able to marry more than one, especially in the Islāmic religion and some  Christians too, although the bible doesn’t support that.

Quickly, let’s find out some of the solutions to the marriage divorce cases raised in this article. What are the solutions to marriage divorce?.The most effective solution in the long run is reunion. Here the couple in question hold the key to their future reunion if they still like each other. Normally after several years of divorce and staying single for long,the tendency of missing something special about your ex-wife or ex-husband is very high and in this case you will find yourself reminiscing how certain things made you feel happy, forgetting about the negative side that resulted in the divorce. The old wood could be set ablaze again.Moreover,maybe there are children who are full of life and so need the companionship of both couple to raise them  up properly.The children could be the medium of marriage divorce reunion.

The next possible solution about infidelity, bareness,financial constraints,strange behaviours, assaults/physical abuse and unnecessary family interference, I will recommend you see a marriage counsellor or any credible man of God.

For peer pressure, the best thing to do is disassociate yourself from them and if you find it difficult taking that step then it would be necessary to keep your marital problems or issues from them.It is always advisable not to trust human and so every married couple should be very careful when communicating with friends and all those they believe are good as well.

In conclusion marriage has been the oldest human institution in our world and it is very complex that a lot of preparations are needed before going in for it,if you make the wrong choice of a marriage partner you will find yourself in hell,if you make the right choice,you will certainly find yourself in heaven but honey wouldn’t flow into your mouth everyday. Marriage divorce is happening everywhere haphazardly starting from celebrities who are  the role models of millions of people. Oh Yes!,many celebrities are falling apart in their marriages and here I don’t want to mention names because it would sound like I’m gossiping, lol.I pray that everyone reading this article finds peace and happiness in his/her marriage and those looking for marriage or getting ready for marriage feel  the Lord in every aspect of their marriage journey.Mutual agreement between a wife and a husband is one of the greatest secrets of a happy marriage. “Can two walk together except they be agreed?”(Amos 3:3).

Thank you for spending your time with me but don’t forget to share this message as it would help someone facing marital divorce. I welcome all comments,contributions and feedbacks.

Here Is Why It Is Not Good To Tell Lies

The issue of telling lies has been  debatable for years but read this article to find out some interesting truth about telling lies.

Not telling lies

Hello beautiful people, once again we are to learn something interesting and this time it is about “telling lies”.Do everyone tell lies? and is it good to tell lies?In this article I will let us consider some of the pros and cons of telling lies with further explanations
In the first place what is lies?.Lies can be defined as an intentionally false statement  of decieving.Is it good to tell lies?Read this article as I take you through some of the life challenges that make us tell lies but my quick answer to the question above is “No”, it is not good to tell lies.In the bible, Satan is the father of lies so in this case all liars are children of Satan.Wow!,how satirical it sounds.I don’t think there is a single person on earth who hasn’t told lies before, even your pastor is not an  exception, neither me.I have almost accused everyone as telling lies before, but please if you are exception drop your comment in the comment box at the end of this article.Situations arises in our lives and we are to tell lies to cover things up.But the secret is every lies told would be under the limelight someday.There are two risks involved in telling lies:

 1. To be caught,feel disgraced in  life.

2. Either you surpass being caught and disgraced in life but move around with guilty conscience, and that could haunt you for a very long time.

Now let us consider some basic examples of telling lies.Someone could falsify a certificate to get job at the cost of those who meet all the qualifications. Yes that lies would make you enjoy your new job but remember the risk you have taken,its consequences and repercussions.What “if” you get exposed?. How would you feel?.Now I wouldn’t like anyone who finds himself in a situation like this to complain when caught because falsification of documents is like making a deal with the devil, you agreed to the terms and conditions.The negative result of this could end you in prison and the positive side is you would enjoy doing a kind of job you don’t qualify for. For me to cite an example I would prefer using and immediate and recent one that happened in Ghana.The IT boss of  SSNIT(Social Security And National Insurance Trust) in the person of Dr. Caleb Afaglo used falsified first degree certificate to get his job.Now he has been dismissed. He may have to return all the salaries paid to him by the Trust.

Others too are brilliant enough to tell lies through the power of their pens especially those working in financial institutions. They can just add zeros to certain about of monies to inflate it to their advantage.In fact telling lies is like borrowing from someone and that thing you borrowed would be in your possesion but it is never yours.You have to pay back and that is how the devil is.He will never give you anything for free, he being the father of lies would incite you with ideas of making a successful lies to gain whatever you want but as you enjoy remember there is pay back time.

But some people would argue that it is not all lies that are harmful and so they call it “white lies”.Such a wonderful name to prove telling lies.Is it good to tell white lies?Well, let me share my thoughts with you, indeed every lie is a lie but as a proud Christian like me if I find myself in a situation where telling lies would let someone escape an instant death I will do so simply because God values life more than anything. Let’s consider a critical situation like this; an angry man who has chased his wife with machete, forces  the wife to come to  your house to find solace.The wife then asks you to protect her.Then all of a sudden the husband appears from nowhere with his branded cutlass asking aggressively for her wife.And looking at a scenario like this if you tell the truth a life would be lost in a brutal manner so this situation would call for the so-called “white lies”.And honestly I will tell lies to the husband that I haven’t seen her wife.Would there be any heartless homo sapiens to expose that pathetic woman?.But if you could sacrifice your life for that pathetic woman to make her safe it would be a heroic moment for honoring you. You died for your neighbour and God will reward you for that. This is the greatest kind of love anyone can show in life. On the other hand there is a challenging situation that takes spiritual strength from above to avoid telling lies.I am directing this one to all Christians especially. Jesus Christ told Peter that “before the cock crows  you will deny me three times”.Peter said to Jesus, “I will never deny you”, he even swore but what happened when the Roman soldiers arrested Jesus?.Peter denied knowing Jesus three times as Jesus had said.Peter told lies that he knew nothing about Jesus. How funny it is.After telling  lies he remembered what Jesus had said so he felt guilty, wept and confessed through prayers(Matthew 26:34 and Matthew 26:69 – 75).Adding to this,for every Christian our foundation is Jesus Christ so to deny him is one of the greatest sin on earth.Jesus said if you deny him on earth he will also deny you in heaven.In this case I don’t recommend telling lies by denying Jesus, if it happens that telling lies about Jesus would prevent you from  being killed or tortured then you would be making a big mistake as a believer.Almost all the disciples of Jesus died by telling the truth about Jesus. Yes they chose to die for the sake of Jeusus.This is what every believer must do.At least I know somewhere in Iraq Christian are choosing death for the sake of Jesus. They know how terrible it is to deny Jesus by telling lies. We should remember all those in that situation in prayers.Amen.

Telling lies could be in many forms and another one is impersonation.And for all my life the most common ones I know happens between twin sisters. differentiating between identical twins is hard like separating fine salt from sugar.When jealousy arises one can steal the other one’s husband,job,or any kind of property without being exposed in the short run….Greed also plunges people into situations that make them find themselves telling lies to have access to something they could never acquire in their life.

Many often, telling lies in relationships or marriages become a norm in certain people’s lives.And this has raised a number of debates; “men and women who tell the most lies?”.This very question is very hard for me to judge personally because I know both sides are capable and good at telling lies.It sounds funny anyway.I learnt that to outsmart a liar just ask him/her a pressing question and as the person answers stare at him or her directly with all seriousness and there you will notice clichés,and stammering from the answer given.This could show that this very person is telling lies.When he or she flows with the answer then probably this very  person is not telling lies but the truth.Honestly, telling lies is very sweet but the sweetness doesn’t last long just like I said earlier,it is like borrowing and you must pay back.To accuse someone of adultery or fornication you would need to prove to authenticate it without any denial.Some people are good at defending lies by swearing or puting their hands in fire unless you catch them red-handed.

Another interesting thing I have found about telling lies is that, lies has never been logical that is why it is easy to investigate and find the truth about a supposed crime that happened between or within a group of people.Investigating between two people of a crime by asking them the same questions separately would bring out the truth. Assuming a woman accused me of raping her by reporting me to the police.For the police to find out the truth the woman in question could be asked about how I have positioned my home equipment or appliances and the colours of those items.I hope you get what I mean?.Say when you enter my room you will see that I have positioned my bed in the left corner  but the woman answers that my bed is on the right side to a question about my bed’s place. She would then be found a liar and this is one legitimate thing about the illogical aspects of telling lies.When it is blue,you say red,when it is two you say three.You are exposed, bam!.

Finally, considering the pros and the cons of telling lies,we could see that sometimes it is necessary,exceptionally when it is to save life.One lie can save a life and one lie can make lose a life.If you ask me; “is it good to tell lies?”.My answer would be “No” but if  your answer is to save life or get a life lost then I will recommend you tell lies because there is nothing precious than life.Apart from that I don’t see any good reason to prove the so-called “white lies”.Millions of dollars cannot buy one life and in the bible Jesus demonstrated how important it is to choose saving life over breaking sabbath laws which in the days of Moses was punishable by instant justice by stoning the culprit to death. Choose wisely but don’t be a fun of lies because it is very harmful in the long run.Share your contributions,comments and feedbacks with me below.

Here Is Why It Is Not Good To Never Make A Promise

Can we actually live life without making a promise to anyone?.

Never make a promise

In one way or the other everyone has made a promise before but in this article I would like to share with you why I think it is not good to make a promise no matter the reason.
Firstly,situation arises in our lives and these situations could be pleasant or unpleasant.I remember reading a proverb that says “never make a promise when you are happy”.And the explanation goes like; when you are happy you lose focus of reality or what is happening around you,out of joy you can do anything silly and it is similar to someone who is drank.Almost everything he sees or says is full of illusion.Someone who promises out of situational happiness is likely to fail fulfilling  his promise.He might promise today and finds it difficult to honour that promise because the following day had been a different moody moment,maybe a bad situation would crop up in his life and it could be marital problems,work
problem,depression, or any form of bad news.Each day has a story for us and since tomorrow is not assured it is advisable to get away with promises but rather hope for the best with prayers.It is therefore advisable to use the statement “God willing” than making a promise straight away.Failure to fulfill a promise could be harmful to the person you failed to impress as you had thought earlier.

 In my view,I believe avoiding
promises no matter your mood would be a great thing in life.
Let us consider the fact that sometimes we even fail to fulfill promises made to ourselves.I do hate promises although in all my life I have tried my best to fulfill every kind of promise I make to people close to me or far away and that hadn’t been easy.After realising the tendencies of failing a promise and its effects of failure is very huge and serious I decided to get away with promises.Never make a promise.

Assuming you have a workload to get it done as soon as possible and
so you promise yourself to get it done by tomorrow morning.Fatigue could set in,and in this case you would have to stop and rest or you could be interrupted by something far more important than what you have promised to do.Remember you cannot manipulate time to your own advantage so the
following morning will come and you would still be working in what you thought you could finish earlier before.Again you could promise your self to support someone financially and at the end deducting that amount you promised from your capital could become a tug of war.You could also fail your own promises in may ways and so why then would you promise a third person whiles sometimes you do fail yourself.It is a dangerous thing to make someone reckon on you.

Some people also find themselves making a promise with blood and that is one of the most serious promises anyone can make.Here the promise becomes a covenant which ties both of you spiritually and physically. It is popularly known as “blood covenant”, and anyone who does that is ;

1. Exposed to direct Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD s).

 2. Making an everlasting spiritual ties with the one you made a blood promise with, and usually this kind of promise would take a lot of spiritual cleansing methods to break it completely.

In the event when the relationship that ushered you into blood promise breaks it becomes a burden on both couple.”A broken promise” which will never make the spiritual ties break.It is as strong  as sexual energies which intertwines two or more spirits together.It is therefore a risky step to take because no one can tell what tomorrow brings and human beings are unpredictable and so fully trusting in a human being is a dangerous thing.I don’t advice that,it would be good to fully trust in God.The consequences of broken promises made in relationships could be madness or death.Oh yes!, many of the broken-hearted women end up being mad from a supposed kind of love, and the dangerous one as I always say is making a promise with blood.

However,some people are also discreet enough to honor promises but since they are humans, imperfection is part of their lives and so it is not all promises that they can honor. It would be good then for such people to make  possible promises but not biting what they can’t chew.

I believe as time unfolds, anything  for you would surely be on your side and you shouldn’t make a mistake by promising.I wouldn’t ever reckon on any promise made to me but to live my normal life each day without expectation of anything from anyone.This is one of the secrets that makes me happy.William Shakespeare said ” I always feel happy.”You know why?”.Because I don’t expect anything from anyone!.Expectations always hurts…”. Indeed expectation hurts and so why would you give someone all your trust and expect him to hold you always from falling. This person could make a promise with blood that he would never let you fall apart,but a time would come this same person would feel tired and leave you to fall.So, now there is a problem we all need to try finding a lasting solution to.Believe or not,it is not a good idea to make a promise or reckon on a promise made to you. Making a promise is just by mere words so I don’t draw my attention to that.In this case when someone honors or dishonors a promise  it wouldn’t have any great impact in  my life although it would sound tremendous for someone fulfilling a huge promise made to you.Action speaks louder than words.In the course of the promise, it is advisable to live your normal life without that expectation so should if that promise fails to materialise then it wouldn’t have great impact on you that could send you to the hospital bed or the psychiatric hospital.

Enjoy life each day as nature bestows on you and know that everything happens for a reason so you have to embrace it.It is natural but to embrace a promise with all your heart is unnatural and dreadful.You can’t assure a promise you made to yourself 100% because time changes, event changes, people changes so never expect a 100% fulfilment of any promise made to you.When you take your mind off that promise you wouldn’t feel hurt when the promise materialise or not,although you would be the happiest person on earth the moment that promise becomes a reality but it is not something guaranteed for you.Never make a promise.