6 Encouraging Words You Should Use In Your Daily Life 

Encouraging words feed our mind and soul so make use of them everyday.

Use encouraging words daily in your life
Use encouraging words daily in your life

When you wake up from bed in the morning what do you say to yourself?. Are they positive words or negative words?.The tongue is a weapon and so everyone must use it wisely.You are all yourself,you don’t embody to any one else.Even if you are a married man or woman you wake up separately.It is advisable that you say encouraging words to your self daily and surely everything will be succesful with you.In this article I will share with you some of the encouraging words you should use daily.Try it and it will help you.

1. “I Am Blessed”:
Do you even have any idea  what blessings mean?.When people like me talk about blessings,it is not always about material things,but the very life within you making you a living being.You slept last night like a  dead person,but thank God you have woke up early looking good like morning dew.Many people didn’t get this kind of favour from God.It is estimated that 151,600 people die daily.If you are not part of these thousands of people, why don’t you say encouraging words to your self?.I tell you the fact, God has blessed you.God has blessed you  not because you are important than those who have died,but because God has bestowed his grace on you, so be grateful.The very moment you wake up to a beautiful day, say these encouraging words, ” I Am Blessed”.Yes indeed you God has blessed you, because when you slept in the night you were like a dead man.Anything could have happened to you.Imagine sleeping and a poisonous creäture finds itself into your room and unto your bed…..you were like a dead man so you wouldn’t be able to drive it away or kill it.If that poisonous creäture want to harm you it would. Some people would sleep with their mouth opened,any insect can find it way there. Don’t think as for you,you don’t open your mouth whiles asleep so you will not say any encouraging words to your self by proclaiming that “I Am Blessed”.If that is your thought then you have gotten it wrong. What about your nose?,can’t any incest enter there ?.In the spiritual realm, many forces have surrounded us, some are destructive and so can harm us whiles asleep.But thank God you and I always wake up each morning without any harm.This is why you should say encouraging words such as “I Am Blessed” everyday you wake up from bed.As you encourage yourself that you are blessed, don’t  forget to thank God for taking care of you throughout the  night and granting you a beautiful day that many didn’t get.Whiles asleep any misfortune can happen, so be grateful and bold enough to declare your blessings.

2. “I will make it”:
This is a very  good positive vibe to rekindle your ability to undertake any work or task ahead of you for the day.Such encouraging words are  there to psych your mind up that whatever it takes to have a beautiful day, you will sail through.Even if you are to cross hundreds of rivers or climb thousands of mountains,so far as the mind affirms that you will make it, then surely you will make it.Do not forget to use this very encouraging words to start you day.When you use these encouraging words, you have to take them serious and  let it be a reminder in your mind that you have said to your self to make it for the day.This will help you to ward away any lackadaisical attitudes that you might show at work,school or anywhere you will find your self.Preprogram your mind to make it possible for finishing any task that would come your way.If you fail to let that saying “I will make it” ginger you,you might be unproductive for the day.

3. “It Is Possible”:
Here the mind pushes you to work just like the encouraging words  “I will make it”.In the morning say to your self  “it is possible”, and you can keep on repeating it to yourself during the day, should if you might forget.The bible says with God all things are possible. It is possible  to succeed in life only if you say these encouraging words to yourself. It has positive energy for your brain and muscles. Maybe you have a multi task schedule at the work place,or your own schedule is busy that you become frustrated and  tired of all the workload.That job is earning you money and so if you misuse the time period by giving up then you lose a lot of income because you didn’t embeds that on your heart and in your mind that “it is possible”. You can kill two birds at the same time with one stone so go ahead and use encouraging works to spice your daily activities. Work hard by making the things people think it is impossible become possible. If you are a Christian, you can back that with prayers and God will do miracles in your life by making it possible for you  to live a happy life according to the encouraging words that has come from your own mouth.

4. “I Am A conquerer”:
Living life is like being at the battle field,you have to make yourself a courageous person to fight hard against any challenges that might come your way.But before you step out of your house in the morning, say these encouraging words, “I am a conquerer”. The moment you say this, every fear that has hidden itself in you will fly away.You have to tackle every work or obstacle that will come on your way  with perseverance and surely you will conquer,never fear.The devil has always been our adversary and with the mindset of a warrior in the morning,surely you will be a conquerer.Defeat your fears,defeat your enemies and any challenge that will show up on your way.

5.”I will be the head not the tell”:
This encouraging words has it that you choose the good omen over the bad omen.You will be the first person chosen  among many when you apply for a job,admission or for any kind of help.When you say these encouraging words,you will succeed in your family,country and wherever you find yourself. That words has to ignite  the ability to work hard to enjoy promotion at work or be the epitome of something beneficial.If there is a competition in anything,you would feel assured and happy  as the number one  because you have made use of encouraging words.Maybe your enemies have conspired against you.When you  wake up in the morning say that “I will be the head not the tail”,then surely you will be ahead of your competitors.Even if your friends, family members,co-workers or anyone tries to bring you down to the bottom to be the tail it shall not happen,because you have prophesized into your life in the morning by using the encouraging words “I will be the head not the tail”.

6. “No weapon  formed against me shall prosper”:
Here you have already condemned  any obstruction that will come your way for the day.Encouraging words  like this prepares your mind,soul and body to battle against all enemies, both in the physical and the spiritual world.The devil and your enemies would always conspire against you by making use of destructive ways to bring you down but when you encourage yourself with these words God will be your redeemer and be with you spiritually to fight against any weapon your enemies will bring on you.

I end by letting you know words are powerful,don’t misuse it, say something positive into your life every morning before you go out to your daily activities. The power of words can have greater impact on you and people than physical action.That is why someone can use derogatory words on a friend and make him cry,although he has not assaulted him physically. Our souls feed on words,so encouraging words like the ones I have  listed above would be good for you.The bible is a perfect book to get more encouraging words from. There are more encouraging words such as “I am a winner”,”I am fearless”,”I am perfectly made”,”today will be good” etc.Thank you for spending time with me.Stay blessed.

How To Overcome Laziness: – 9 Simple Strategies.

Laziness is like a sickness that affects our daily lives and destroys the benefits of effective use of time.Overcome it with simple steps.

How to overcome laziness
Know how to overcome laziness

Do you sometimes feel lazy to wakeup from bed,sweep,wash,work or even brush your teeth or any thing as such?If your answer is Yes, then this article will help you a lot.Stay with me as I share with you some of the strategies to use to overcome laziness.In life, laziness is normal and so forms part of or daily lives but how to overcome it by turning it into something productive is the problem.Here I will explain some of the steps to help you overcome laziness. We all feel lazy sometimes but the approach to it differs, some might feel overwhelmed by it all day and night.Laziness is sweet isn’t it? Oh yes it is.I always tell my friends laziness is sweet but it pays back bitterly.Imagine you are on bed feeling sleepy,you have you home appliances on and instead of you to wake up and unplug everything you keep on staying on bed.What if you sleep and there is an electrical problem? What if that problem sets your entire house ablaze?.Now,you will regret for enjoying a bit of laziness that has paid you  back by destroying your property.

Before I begin,first what is laziness?.Laziness is defined as the quality of being unwilling to use energy which makes one enjoy idleness.So for us to deal with that idleness that pays us back bitterly, the following strategies would work:

For you to overcome laziness, inspire yourself with positive words like “I will do it”,”I can do it”,I will finish it” “It is easy”.Be passionate about the particular work you would be doing, make sure you psych your self up.Feed your mind with positivity and surely you will overcome laziness without feeling stressed up. You can make it fun like saying to your self  that “When I  finish this work I will buy myself pizza”.So that pizza becomes a prize for your task. Who doesn’t like pizza?.Come on kill the job and win the trophy(pizza).

2.Excercise to overcome laziness:
When you sit  and work for long hours, it is likely you will feel bored so the moment you feel that laziness is about to set you apart,stand on your feet,do some stretches,walk around or possibly jog to awake your dull mind and muscles. Go back to work and continue your work with that revitalized energy.

3.Division of  labour:
 When you have a lot of work to do,for you to find it easy working things out perfectly without lapses, you can divide your work load in to different stages or leverage some to  your workmates.Let’s say you are a seamstress and you have to sew 30 clothes a day.Looking at the number and the time limit you would lose interest in sewing it all but when you divide it into stages  like measuring and cutting 5 clothes at a time,you would end up having  6 separate  clothes divisions each containing 5 half finished clothes for you completed. With this, the number wouldn’t scare you as thinking about sewing 30 clothes at a go. The mind is the power of manipulation so when it envisions that it is possible  then it will surely be so. You can also leverage some of the workload to your work mate if he or she is not occupied.The secret here is to break down the scaring number into a small number to boost your ability.

4.Division of task:
This uses the same method as division of labour. Here you have to divide  any task ahead of you and complete it bit by bit.Let’s say  you have a bunch of clothes to iron or wash and because it is too plenty you feel lazy.Divide the clothes into two or three groups wash or iron the one you needed most and continue with the rest in few hours time or the following day.It would be better this way than making the entire quantity of clothes  scare you into a world of laziness. You will end up being unproductive for the day.

5.Preferential tasking:
Here,when laziness sets in,make sure you choose the most pressing things in your life first and executes it.It is all about  scale of preference and choice making. If you accommodate things that are less important in your day or life in addition to the most important things in your life it becomes like a big ocean for you to cross with a canoe. Laziness will swallow you up.You can make a list of all the activities you would be doing for the day and you will realise that certainly some would be important than the others. The most important activities are the ones you should place at the top and the less important ones should follow.Make sure you execute your scale of preference so that the less important ones doesn’t steal your energy and time for you to feel lazy.You don’t have to watch television whiles you know there is a meeting to attend or a project to present.So be wise enough to use your energy on most  important things so that if you feel tired or lazy you don’t lose something  beneficial in your life but continue with the rest the following day.Prioritize every thing you want to do always.

6.A nap:
Feeling tired and lazy at your workplace?. Find a proper time to take a nap for about 15 to 30 minutes to relax your brain and muscles.Believe me you will wake up with fresh energy and enthusiasm to continue your work by wading away that uninvited guest (laziness).I have tried that a couple of times and it has helped me,you too can give it a try. If you are  working in a strict environment that, taking a nap  would be impossible at least you can divide your lunch time,use half for a  quick nap and the half for your food.To avoid breach of time-factor, set your alarm clock and there you go.Scientifically, sleep is a medicine that helps us to regain energy lost so if you can use enough time to sleep and wake up afresh to continue your work without any complain, why not do that?.Our bodies are like machines, it gets tired when overused and sleep is one quick and natural remedy for overcoming laziness.When you are in the house  and laziness engulfs you,you would have to sleep for about 4 to 6 hours or more to let your body regain its lost energy.

7.Avoidance of procrastination:
When there is a job ahead of you,do it quick. Avoid postponing to different days.At least half a loaf of bread is better than none.So do half of it, if you think it is too big so you feel lazy.When you postpone, it is like borrowing money from a friend or contracting loan from the bank,no matter what you will pay for it.So why try running away from the job you ought to do?.Remember time and tide waits for no man so if you squander time because of laziness you will pay for it,so do your work now and be free.

8.Self Discipline
When you are able to control yourself and the activities surrounding you, it would be easier for you to overcome laziness. Draw boundaries for the time you want to spend on every single activity you do during the day and be committed to it.If you govern yourself with simple defined rules, you will always be on top of laziness. We all know a town or a country of lawlessness is always full of chaos. So discipline your self to your daily tasks. Don’t break the rules.

9.Setting Target:
Laziness could set in your life any moment  of the day,but if you have a target or goal  that you want to meet for the day then you will find yourself focused on achieving that goal.For instance if  you are someone building a house and your target is to use 3 bags of cement, you will always be prompted to your feet no matter how much boring it would be,because the target is what will earn you money so you won’t feel lazy and let the day pass without reaching your target.

If you apply any of the above strategies in the proper way,I am pretty sure you will overcome laziness. I would like to read your comments, contributions and feed backs.And don’t forget to share if you find it helpful.

The Prize For People Who Work in silence Is The Noise Of Success

Anyone who works in silence has the peace and favour of being successful in life

Work in silence and let success make the noise
Work in silence to sucess

Today,when I woke up,I got fascinated by this very saying “work in silence and let success make the noise“.This seems to send a very interesting message to every human being on earth.As you read along,I will uncover almost  all the truths and meaning surrounding this popular saying. Before I begin let me ask;who doesn’t want to be successful in life?.What came into your mind right after reading my question?.There is no way,you will tell me you don’t want to be successful in life.And if you dare tell me,then you are at the wrong place.Quit reading and find your way home.Even if a truncated tree is hopeful of succeeding in growing again then I don’t see the essence of any living being wishing or hoping for his own downfall.

I recommend this article  to successful minded people not visionless and lifeless people like inanimate things.Life is not ment for sissies but for those who are hungary for genuine success.

In the first place before you let silence work for you to succeed in life discover your self. What I mean by that is to know your strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, passion,likes,dislikes and more importantly your purpose or target in life.God in his own knowledge gifted everyone some talents, it could be one,two or more.It is up to you to discover them and work on them.Self-discovery isn’t difficult as you might think.Let me give you some clear examples; look at some of the big musicians who are making hits in the airways and getting international recognition,they discovered their talents and worked towards it.When someone is young and could sing very well, that person is talented in singing and is likely to become a good musician in future.Most musicians actually started singing when they were young, example is Michael Jackson. He discovered his talent at a younger age and became the king of Pop in the world. Some of the talents you can discover include footballing,sports in general,painting,leadership,creativity,pastorals, entrepreneurship,comedy(eg.Mr.Bean,Charlie Chaplin) etc.Someone may discover his or hers at an early age and some too can discover his or hers when he grows. Talent is something natural and so as you go around with your daily routine you will surely discover it.Let’s say you are able to solve home problems like fixing broken pipes, creating toy cars from waste materials,designing buildings from had papers etc.This kind of talent will lead you to become an engineer in the future. It is up to you to work on it,develop a passion for it and explore by attending engineering school.In case you couldn’t further your education you can still come out of something. Don’t let your mind be dull, be creative always,who knows?.You can invent something beneficial to your country and the world.This is how the world most popular inventors began.If you discover yourself and improve upon it there wouldn’t be anyone to reach your calibre. You will become a genius. Some people too learn their skills or profession from someone(a mentor) or school but yet they are able to succeed in life because thy have great passion for it.The best thing is when you are born with it.In school,you will always see some students showing great skills or talents in drawing,sketching and painting far better than many.Here the person has already discovered his talent as an architect,tattooist, or artist in the future. The only thing is for the person to harness his talent to the future. He is to avoid feeling boastful as the best student in drawing but would be good for him to be silent and let his work or success make the most noise.

After discovering yourself,the next thing to do is be committed and productive by working hard in silence, avoid, bragging even if you can do it better than anyone. The power of silence will sail you through the mob of  haters,pessimists and all backbitters.But if you dare brag for everyone to know you are good at something in particular then jealousy and hatred will fill their hearts. In this case,they will decide to do whatever it takes to bring you down even if it takes to end your life,they will do because you are a treat to them.For this reason, it is advisable to ensure silence and let success make the most noise. Always,make sure you say positive words to your self and avoid all doubts.Move ahead into the cave you are afraid to enter and that will be your point of breakthrough by harnessing your talent for the future generation.

Your road to success wouldn’t be easy for you.There would be challenges and all forms of setbacks but with commitment and perseverance you can conquer. You shouldn’t ever give up when this become difficult because you hold something precious that you should adore and protect to your destination (future).Avoid bad friends,for they  wouldn’t inspire you to pursue your talent before you become successful.

After you have reached your self-actualization point, still it is a advisable to show silence because the moment you become noisy like  and empty barrel you draw your haters attention always. It will obsessed them to attack you physically and spiritually and if you don’t take care all your success would be destroyed.Silence is golden,silence cannot be misinterpreted so all your good plans should be in your mind.You have to know the kind of people to trust,the kind of people who deserve your attention and help and know the kind of friends or people trying to take advantage of you.

After all you will end up running a successful business without any intimidation. Remember that you still have to be silent and your successful business will make the noise for you to get customers, investors,partners, promotions and huge income. And if you are a Christian ,you have to pray for yourself and your business to be successful always.Every weapon formed against you would not prosper. God will use his strong right arm to protect you from all haters and demons.For those who want to read about work in silence bible verses read proverbs 17: 28 which says “Even a fool who remains silent is considered wise,and one who holds his tongue is deemed discerning.You might also like to read 1 Thessalonians 4:11 which states that “to aspire to live a quite life, to attend to your own business, and to work with your own hands as we recommend you”.The Bible specifically endorses the importance of keeping silent to allow your success speak for you.Stay calm always and work hard. As you work, just focus on the success of your business without being anxious for profits.The benefits will come afterwards knocking at your door.

I hope this piece of information has taught you a lesson to keep silent in life.That is the greatest way to avoid haters from  working against your success.Bear in mind that self recommendation is of no use,let your success recommend you to people.And also never blow your own trumpet let your work or success blow it for you. Feel free to drop your comments,contributions and feedbacks in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share to inspire a friend today.

Effective Ways To Help You Know How to deal with loneliness

Loneliness can knock on anyone’s door at anytime to steal your happiness. But everything depends on you and how to cope with it.
How to deal with loneliness

Before I begin lets know the meaning of loneliness.Loneliness is the state of being unhappy as a result of  living without the companionship of others. In this article I would like to highlight and explain some of the types of loneliness people face in their lives .I would additionally explain a little further to help you understand them and know how to deal with them.

Honestly, everyone has faced a loneliness in life before and  it is not pleasant  at all.In this article, for you to know how to deal with loneliness in general you must have a positive mindset.The mind has always been the greatest weapon of man,when used well it can help you conquer any kind of loneliness you face.Loneliness could set in anyone’s life ,it could be the result of death anxiety, marriage divorce,lack of friends and so forth. The very minutes,hours,days or months you feel lonely is very crucial, if you don’t take care you will do something silly  and regret afterwards.Instead of doing anything silly you can use those moments wisely by doing something profitable like learning new things in life.You can learn how to sing your favourite songs by getting the lyrics beside you,learn how to play  guitar,how to cook a particular food,learn how to dance etc.It is a matter of using that time period to develop your talent or enjoy your hobbies.For example I easily kill my boredom with music and movies.It could keep me busy the day if I have nothing to do.I also prefer speaking my mind through my this very blog site and others. I feel too occupied to allow loneliness to steal my happiness. If you have a wife  or husband you can talk to him or her about interesting topics.Just make good use of the very moment you will be feeling lonely. To help you  know how to deal with loneliness I will talk about;

 1. How to deal with loneliness at night

 2. How to deal with loneliness in a marriage

 3. How to deal with loneliness after a divorce

 4. How to deal with loneliness as a single Christian

Starting from the first one which is how to deal with loneliness at night; The night is a moment in which every kind of work and other activities  end or calms down, paving way for a resting time.The night is ment for sleeping,so after a hard day work you can relax on your bed till sleep takes over you but in a situation whereby you feel lonely in a sleepless night,you first have to find the reason you feel lonely.If it is a general loneliness but not non of the  reasons I listed above then you would need to keep yourself occupied by developing a strong mindset of wading away that uninvited loneliness in the night.I recommend to you to listen to any kind of music you like because music is a special kind of food to the brain.It also has the healing power to cut stress.You can make use of any of your favourite hobbies,it could be reading,painting,drawing,chatting online etc.If you have anything like movies, you can watch,even if it is  old movies watch them and as you watch, that feeling of loneliness will go away,you will feel sleepy and your mind that has been active during the night making you have uncomfortable loneliness will become dull and let you sleep.But please,the moment your eyelids become heavy switch off your TV set and any electrical appliance and sleep. You will wake up afresh in the morning to go ahead with your daily routines.

The next one is how to deal with loneliness in a marriage.Marriage is the companionship of two couple so why would you even feel lonely?.Is there a problem misunderstanding and so you don’t talk to each other?.If only you haven’t divorced then there is no need to feel lonely.Maybe your  partner has traveled and you feel lonely.Well,in this case it wouldn’t be a good idea to commit adultery, control your self and wait till your partner returns.Whenever loneliness sets in, you can call her or him on the phone,talk for hours and all these hours your mind would be filled with happiness making you forget about your loneliness.Communication is very vital in marriage  so if you are distant away from each other one good and lovely communication can drive away that loneliness away.Right after the call your mind would become sweetened and make you contemplate on all the good words or topics you talked about and that could last in your memory till your partner returns.When you have frequent communication it becomes a sign that  you are in  a safe environment.In a case where you stay together in the same house there is no good reason for you to feel lonely, if there is something you don’t like about your partner pinpoint it and together solve it amicably. Mutual understanding can solve all problems and sometimes you can compromise to make sure peace, love and happiness to exist between you.

For anyone who want to know how to deal with loneliness after a divorce,the first thing you have to do is to see a marriage counsellor to help you deal effectively with any challenges you will face after the marriage divorce.Divorce is likely to affect one couple much than the other partner because divorce normally begins when one partner feels fed up or finds out something unpleasant he or she doesn’t like.In terms of cheating the one who felt cheated can file for divorce and that step would certainly hurt the unfaithful lover very much.In the short run everyone would feel the  negative effect.The immediate effect would be emotional pains followed by loneliness.If you are a Christian pray to have comfort from the Lord,tell him exactly how you want him to help you,trust him and he will answer your prayers.

The last one is about how to deal with loneliness as a Christian. The bible has all the bbegged g answers a single Christian would need to get rid of loneliness. R bible says, leave  the marriage bed undefiled meaning stay away from fornication. If you are searching for your partner pray over it and allow God g make the perfect choice for you.He instituted marriage in the Garden of  Eden and so he knows what is best for you,Don’t move ahead of God but let God move ahead of you by telling him that you need a potential and God-fearing partner and believe me he will do it,no matter how long it will take.Just know that God’s time is the best.God sees through everyone’s hearts and minds so he knows who deserves your love and who doesn’ t.Your finite mind can’t see through the future and the minds of people so leave everything to him.Stay away from bad friends because they can influence you to sin against God.The devil always use  carnal minded people to execute his plans.He is full of lies and deceit.Listen to gospel songs that will uplift your life in God anytime you feel lonely. Share the bible verses and stories you read with your friends through the internet,SMS,call your friends to share the word,find a place where you will have your Quite time,visit friends in their houses occasionally to talk about important life matters and all these hours or moments will set your mind off the loneliness you are going through.You can read Christian blogs or motivational blogs like this one online to keep you busy from feeling lonely.

When you go to church you can join youth groups and other christian groups to extend the boundaries of your friendship. Socialize to meet new friends in your church, work-place or even in the house, but make sure you choose good ftiends.I don’t advice to trust human beings because they are not perfect. Trust in God always for when he becomes your rock you will never fall down.Amen.

Some Good Lessons For You To Know How To Be Grateful In Life

Nobody actually has a good reason not be grateful in life.Find out some  of the basic reasons why life has been so good to you but you fail to appreciate.
How to be grateful in life
Grateful in life

It’s a world of seven billion people who are all trying to make good living but nature has much influence on all of us.Whether you like it or not the air is always blowing supplying us with oxygen. We actually didn’t work for that .Someone(God) loving and caring made it for us free of charge. If scientists are to produce oxygen to supply the world it would cost them billions of dollars which wouldn’t be even enough for us.So for anyone who doesn’t know how important it is to be grateful for life journey, he or she must first consider the air we breath.It is amazing,and its presence around our entire body is good, when we feel hot and sweaty it is  simply refreshing and awesome, especially when you find your self sitting under shady tree or find your self at the beach, how does the breeze feels?.Perfect.

After considering the air we breath let’s have a thought of how we wake up in the morning after we have slept like dead people in the night.People sometimes find it difficult to be grateful for life when they wake wake up alive.Let me tell you the truth; World Birth & Death Rate estimates that 55.3 million people die each year, 151,000 people die each day and 6,316 people die each hour.And all these people have once been loved by their families and fiends but they never had the opportunity you have enjoyed today so when you wake up in the morning be grateful for life.Understand that you do not worth than those who die each hour and there is nothing precious than being alive even if you have nothing to eat, be grateful for being called a “living being” with breath. So far as you are alive you must let that motivate you to move ahead in life.There is a saying that goes like “when you are alive you have everything”.Today you would be talking to a friend,a family member or anyone you know then few minutes,hours or days you will hear this person is dead.How on earth could death be wicked like this?.As you are still alive,please know how to be grateful in life,do not complain much.

Do you eat and drink everyday before sunset?. If your answer is “Yes”, then I will tell you, “you should be grateful for life”, because it has been good to you.We are all human beings with flesh and blood. Nobody chose a birthplace or where to be born.Some were born into a poor family,others too were born into  a rich family or country. It is just a privilege for someone to come from  a well to do family.For you to learn how to be grateful in life consider this; in places where famine occurs,they become extremely poor to the extend that many of them die out of malnutrition. It would therefore sadden you to see human beings sharing the same water bodies with animals and these water bodies are streams and rivers polluted with dirt and animal excrements. Do you get me now?.If you live on earth and you get food to eat each day,drink each day,you are far better than millions of people in this world.And if you have TV,fridge,microwave, and other home appliances then you are a super rich man compared to millions who are dying of hunger.They need help to get rid of poverty, UNICEF is  doing their best. Recently, Beyoncé teamed up with UNICEF to give clean water to children in Burundi – East Africa.Poverty is striking part of Africa,Asia,Latin America And Caribbean Oceana.

You must know how to be grateful in life, because there are people who wish they were you.Example is people who were born blind,deaf,crippled,dumb and with all other forms of disabilities.Some too weren’t born with disabilities but as life unfolds on their sides, they meet accidents and it result in their deformities. Some of these people look pity and sometimes I could see a deformed person who walks with both hands and feets like and animal and my eyes would be filled with tears.They are human beings with souls just like me and you so if today you have  two legs,two hands with all parts of your body looking intact then you must know how to be grateful in life because somebody somewhere wishes to have your bad days.Don’t complain you have few cloths,few slippers,footwear blablabla.If you appreciate the little you have then God also blesses you with more. It is advisable for everyone to never be envy or greedy,just the way you are love yourself.Nick Vujicic, an Australian evangelist, and motivational speaker was born without arms and legs but he has acknowledged how important it is to know how to be grateful  in life.He has the tenacity to inspire people and his disability hasn’t been his limitations.He could have a lot of fun by playing soccer, swim and involve himself in other healthy activities. He has a happy family too.With no legs,no arms,yet he is grateful for life why someone like you with full legs and hands not be happy.

As I am speaking now,there are  people living in harsh conditions that makes life unbearable for them but yet they appreciate how grateful it is to be alive.Sometimes I will sometimes watch documentaries about typical village-life in some parts of Africa and I will feel sorry for them.These villages lack good water,proper housing,social amenities and other utilities needed in the house.Children would have to travel in canoes, cross rivers before they can attend school at nearby towns.Pregnant women die rampantly because of lack of health centers and before that very pregnant woman receives medical attention she has to sit in a canoe to be sent to nearby clinics and that isn’t a short journey evenly.

Somebody somewhere is in sick-bed feeling very uncomfortable and finding it difficult to recover. This person could be in sick-bed for a very long time and probably die along.At least we have all been sick before and so we know exactly how it feels.But lucky for us we regained our health and moved ahead with our daily routines. This alone is a good reason for us to learn how to be grateful in life.Sickness and diseases hurts our being and nobody would like to fall sick but for us, even when we become sick we fight back to life fully fit again.Someone is still on bed now wishing he could just wake up and take few steps to the balcony to view the sky and feel the air around but it has become a tug of war in his life.I pray for people who are in sick-bed now for the Holy Spirit  to  touch them. May God give them instant healing in Jesus name.Amen.

And to all my fellow Christians, when you feel that life has been unfair to you, remember what the bible says in Matthew 6:27,28, “and which of you by worrying can add one hour to his life?.Why do you worry about clothing?.Think about how the flower of the field grow; they do not work nor spin. Verse 34 says, so then,do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.Today has enough trouble of its own.

In life it would be good to learn and know about the lifestyles of other people and appreciate the little that you have.People are really suffering more than you.You have legs to take you to where ever you want,someone too has no legs but he isn’t crying instead, you having two legs is crying.Its a shame unless you get to understand “life”.Bear in mind that we can never be equal in life just like how our fingers are not equal.So far as you get something to eat and a place to sleep every day,there is no need of complaining. You have to know how to be grateful in life.Some people envy their friends because they feel so jealous that they don’t have or own what their friends are having at their disposal. Do you even have any idea what that person you envy did to reach that position?.If you fail to acknowledge how necessary it is to be grateful in life,you would hardly see anything better in your life  because you are not pleased with what you have and so nothing would be able to satisfy your greedy stomach.Life is too short for bad vibes Take care.Be grateful.